Saturday, November 11, 2006

Warning! Anger Here...

Nobody’s Opinion; Hey, I’m really pissed off today. It’s was veteran’s day, and there was only one little short clip on the President giving a speech to some Marines…most of the day was spent discussing just how fast we can get out of Iraq.

Oh… we must get out quickly! We MUST surrender, surrender like those Spanish cowards.

Please forgive us Iraq…Nancy Pelosi and the America people will now bow down to the great Al-Qaeda. Jimmy Carter will bring our surrender flag right over.

NO one mentions that bringing in that old cow George McGovern today to give advice to all the Democrats on the war seem beyond surreal….wasn’t just a little bit strange?

The man has one foot in the grave, and he is going to lead them? He’s not even elected!

Well, hey---call up Bob Dylan., put him on Jon Stewart.

He could sing:

“Come you Masters of War
You that build the big guns
You that build the death planes
You that build all the bombs
You that hide behind walls
You that hide behind desks
I just don’t want you to know I can see through your mask.”

That should get all the old hippies and new college drug addicts going.

Hey, it’s Vietnam, “Hell no. I won’t go…Hell no, I won’t go.”

Well, they did report the expected news that now; our enemies are so emboldened by the Democrats taking power that the whole world is celebrating.

Al-Qaeda, those “freedom fighters” have declared a “victory” and stated that they now, are coming for our White House.

Of course they want you to think that they just want George Bush.

And today, on Veterans Day, we hear that Rumsfeld is going to be prosecuted for the crime of not getting rid of Bill Clinton’s well placed woman general in charge of Abu grahib who probably helped choreograph the whole thing.

Yeah, you heard what I said.

If a man is capable of leaving dead bodies all over Arkansas and Washington D.C., of giving nuclear secrets to China, arming North Korea with nukes, of ignoring the capture of bin Laden (eight times) --- if he is capable of using scandals to get all his opponents out of office year after year.

He was certainly capable of arranging a “scandal” to destroy the chances for success in Iraq. He is a great planner. He is brilliant.

My proof? This woman general is going to testify against Rumsfeld. Maybe Clinton’s lawyer can take a break from defending Saddam Hussein and help out.

Are you people listening to this? We don’t see Clinton eat the cake, but he is always dripping with the crumbs.

Clinton has a reputation of finding psychological emotionally crippled woman (mostly lesbians) to do his dirty work.

What more do you want? A confession?

This must mean that they really want the White House destroyed, and then Bill and Hillary can build a new one somewhere else, or maybe they will just build a new United Nations building and both rule from there. Monica can still deliver pizza.

How better to start a new world order than to destroy Washington D.C? And all of its history and documents?

Maybe they will start with just a place in the Midwest to get the conservatives really scared, it depends on the blogs. The polls. And I guess just how well the propaganda machine is doing.

Hey, this isn’t funny. This is real. The only conspiracy here is the great “coup” happening in our own country, in order to bring down our Constitution, and our laws.

The Electoral College will be next. And that silly 22nd amendment. Then free speech and the right to bear arms. They already got red of Habeas Corpus and eminent domain.

Hillary has already been picked to be the next President. The Republicans will run John McCain so that that she can win.

The very few “non-globalists” were set to rest.

Katherine Harris and Rick Santorin did not stand a chance, their own Party saw to it.

Oh Joyanna, you say…relax, this has happened before, all through are history.

Has it?

Have you EVER seen a former President hang around so long…conspiring with other former Presidents? Working hard to get his WIFE elected? Have you ever seen a Congress act like such cowards when other countries are threatening annihilation?

People…this is not supposed to be a monarchy. If she rules, he rules. What ARE you thinking? Bill and Hillary I, George, Bill and Hillary II…

Did Truman hang around? Did anyone think that movie of Bush being assainatied was just the normal going for Hollywood?

You are going to hear this day in and day out as not the propaganda that it is, but “news” done in all kinds of creative and entertaining ways.

Hillary VS McCain…why bother to vote? Hillary vs. McCain…Hillary vs. McCain….get use to it, its called repetition is the best way to get us use to the thought of Hillary being President

Doug Powers wrote an excellent tribute to the soldiers yesterday, and he talked about his family, and the years of service. And here’s the problem, he got me thinking about my family’s service.

Everyone should do a genealogy search...I did.

Never mind the Adams’s, they are well recorded…on my mothers side is a story that today is just as worthy of tribute. The Harts---Patriotic Americans.

They came over on the same boat as the Adams’s from England, and settled down in Hartford CT. In fact, Hartford was named after John Hart, who had a farm on a river…and everyone would say “Just go down to Hart’s farm, and make a left” which became “just go down to Hart’s ford” …it sort of just morphed into Hartford.

John also helped start the first school, on which is now the breeding ground for all the New World Order leaders…Harvard.

I wish I could go back in time and say…John…don’t do it. Home school.

But, I counted among the Harts, who were so prolific they practically filled up half the country…just in my family…375 men killed in a war of some kind.

They were either preachers, or soldiers. Half of them died in the Revolutionary war, fighting the British. Some died fighting for the North in the Civil war. Many of them died from starvation in Confederate Prisons. Three died walking home from Confederate prisons.

One died because a mule kicked him in the head, walking home from a battlefield.

They all were descended from one young boy, who was off on another farm doing a chore in Connecticut, and when he came home, his whole family, mother, father, sisters, brothers, were slaughtered by Indians. Twelve were killed.

All those soldiers descended from that one young Hart. Brave Americans…men of valor.

Just like our soldiers now in Iraq, who are no less brave than their forefathers, but now left hanging by the country they thought was behind them.

My dad was a Seabee and served in Guam, his brother was killed at sea in WWII. My husband, a brave Seal. So I guess you could say, I am a little bias.

But I KNOW, there are millions and millions of Americans just like me. All of you have brave brothers and fathers and uncles, and now sisters and mothers, who believed in AMERICA, its strength, its truth...Where is the anger? Where?

And it doesn’t stop there. When the Mexicans say “This is our country, we built it.”

This nobody says; “Sorry, you’re forefathers did not fight for this country. Did not bravely go to war for this country.” Only our forefathers built this country, and gave their lives so that YOU could come here and live.

Mexicans working in America owe allegiance to the graves of our soldiers. Unless they join up and serve to fight for America too.

They should all be made to read 1776, by David McCullough, in English.

Our children have not been told about them, history and wars are being erased. They have been purposely filled with the brainwashing stuff of the New World Citizen Order.

But that doesn’t erase the history of all the lives, of all the wars fought by Americans that have not only freed our country, but freed Europe and the whole world.

And we have been protecting most of Europe for generations.

YOUR fathers…your grandfathers, your great-great grandfathers…it’s not too late to ask. It’s not too late to find out. Spend the time, get to know their stories. You’ll find out about yourself, and you will find the word lost to us all now, what our new leaders would call a dirty word…courage.

And what did we get on Veterans Day 2006? A great soldier who tried his best to defend a nation…fired.

Yes, this nobody is going to be pissed off for quite some time.

Not because the Republicans lost the elections, but because the ones that are in power have taken over, and plan to destroy our country.

The only question is when the next attack comes, and millions of American are killed in our own land…

Will Americans finally get angry?

Are we going to bow down like sheep and follow whatever the propaganda that is put on our TV’s.?

Or will some of us finally, finally think of all ancestors, and all the men and woman serving us right now…all the blood, all the courage and fortitude, all the sacrifice they are giving…and finally get pissed off?

Wars aren’t only fought on battlefields. They must be fought here at home too.

To repeat Savage, the enemy is within. It’s time for the adults to educate the younger ones about propaganda.

If you don’t, gemology will become an obsolete word.

Nobody’s’ Perfect; I did find two deserters in the Hart family. In fact, one guy got sent back to the front four times and he just kept leaving. He did not have a happy life.

Nobody Knows; I know getting ‘angry” is not politically or culturally correct, but I find all this pretending we all get along and really don’t care when other countries threaten us… really beyond belief.

Nobody Cares; The Democrats are going to be saying all kinds of “conservative” things like, “We need to protect American jobs.” And from now on in, you will find Hillary Clinton on all the channels giving her say on everything.

She is already President. And I’m pissed--- and I don’t care who knows it because this is not the America that our ancestors died for.

Friday, November 10, 2006

To Be Or Not To Be:2003-2006

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Nobody’s Opinion; Tonight I went to a “lecture” by Ridley Pearson, who is an first rate, top-notch, American Writer. I was so moved by his profound performance, which is really the only way to describe it, that I’m too deep in thought to write…okay…tell me you know what I’m talking about.

(All the guys are going…it’s about time Joyanna that you thought!)

I will need at least a day to digest it all. Which means I might even go out and look at the moon, or read the Thomas Register tonight for a couple of hours.

Anyway, my mind still being in Thailand.(You’d have to have been there.) I wanted to put something up---so after reading and looking through the other columnists on MND, I pulled up a piece I wrote in October of 2003…it’s about baseball, euthanasia, suicide, and the…what I felt to be, coming destruction of American sovereignty.

After having read it again a few minutes ago…I do not see anything to change. (Now that’s a lie, it’s just that like I said, my mind is in Ridley Pearson’s lecture.) BUT…everything has turned out to be exactly what I saw coming, so it should seem current, barring the World Series with the Cubs.

A few notes; In October of 2003, we had a nest of rats in our backyard…and because my husband was working, it was up to me to kill them. I proudly killed nineteen in all, with poison, but killing the mother was a scene right out of a Ted Bundy movie…in which I had to base her head in with a shovel about 40 times.

All the while both of us screaming! She had a body about the size of Bill Clinton’s head. (And if you’ve ever seen Bill Clinton, you know that’s pretty big.)

Yes….now you know. I am a serial rat killer, and being a female with no proclivity to killing anything in her life…very proud of it. Even thought at the time, I felt VERY guilty.

It’s not that I don’t like rats--- just not in my yard.

Anyway, I had just killed momma rat the day I wrote this. I tell you this in order that you understand the perhaps somewhat traumatized mindset that a nobody can get into after having never killed anything in your life, to find out suddenly, you’re at war with rodents.

So here, are my random thoughts on what Shakespeare might think about baseball, what a country does when it’s being destroyed, and why Nostradamus predicted the end of the world when the Cubs won the World Series. All non-important facts, but then again, so was today’s National news.
To be Or Not to Be
While spinning around on our little seemingly insignificant planet, feeling rather insignificant myself as can happen when October comes and all the leaves fall and the trees seem to go dead and I can do nothing about the gloomy weather or the fact that my colorful trees will soon look as dead as the dead rat I picked up in my driveway yesterday, I decided to watch and wonder, along with everyone else in America, the question of whether the Cubs could actually go to the World Series. Watching Sammy Sousa get struck out by intelligent and skilled pitching, downing the last hopes of the famous slugger to rouse his team back to a comeback in the last innings, and watching the camera man show over and over again the grief of a lone middle-aged woman with a white Cubs hat on her head cry with heart-breaking sorrow over the loss of her hopes, I was feeling a conspiracy of death coming on. Gloom and doom. I was tired of running the bases myself and never getting home.

Maybe my dyspepsia was caused by the sheer boredom of running out of conspiracies to think about, such as; are the rats being introduced into our neighborhoods as a government conspiracy in prelude of the coming plagues, in order to get rid of all us baby boomers who will break the Medicare system if we really do age? It would be a good way for them to get rid of a whole generation of old hippies who will be having heart attacks and strokes, leaving themselves living burdens to society, therefore not having “meaningful purpose” to their colorless lives and less able to deliver to the state meaningful work to tax.

I could just picture the ACLU and the AARP commercials begging for the right to die (or kill off) the millions of baby boomers who are the last bastion of any right-wing conspiracy, since the younger generations have been more successfully doctrinised with the left’s vision of our future as death by yourself or your doctors as a most compassionate way to go.

“Comrade here, I feel your pain. Take this; soon it will be all over.”

This lovely sentiment is now being practiced at every medical school for the future doctors of tomorrow’s overfilled hospitals and nursing homes.

Or why not just line up us old geezers at the plate, and let some practicing pitchers throw the old knuckle ball to the head, much like the one that put the metal into Don Zimmer’s cranium so long ago? Why give more money to the pharmaceutical companies? If that had happened to “Popeye” today, Joe Torre would not have his favorite mentor, and the Yankees, despite their large salaries, might not have any more hope for future wins. In Baseball, as in life, as we are seeing in the World Series, the game can go on something very little. After all, Joe Torre didn’t have much of a record in St. Louis.

But my conspiracy was evaporating because I must admit; I deposit a fifty pound bag of sunflower seeds out every week for every squirrel, mouse, mole, vole, bird, raccoon, and RAT within ten miles to feast. No denying, I was feeling worse than as bowl of soggy Cheerios or a pitcher that walks the lead-off run in the ninth in a tied game.

I couldn’t get that lady off my mind…wiping away the tears off her exhausted face. She was probably thinking like everyone else, so many years to wait for the chance. What if that fan had just left that ball alone…who was that young fish pitching? Those damn Yankees.

Baseball isn’t supposed to be like life, our hero’s are suppose to win, unlike us. If something gets thrown in their way, we expect them to shrug it off and go on to victory. It’s not supposed to bother them, and when it does…sometimes it’s too much to bear.

This wasn’t the first time this has happened in baseball. In fact it’s quite common. I’m sure a real baseball historian, given a few beers, could recall more than you’d care to hear, reciting all the missed opportunities or freak situations that never should have happened. Yes, baseball is sometimes too much like life.

We baseball fans here in the Midwest remember a play in the 1985 World Series when the St. Louis Cardinals played the Kansas City Royals in Kauffman Stadium. When an umpire made a lousy call at first against the Cards in game six, the whole team fell apart, completely. Toilets and bats were broken in the clubhouse. The fate of the series was decided by that one call. Psychologically, it was over. A whole season of work was thrown down the drain with one mistake.

Life’s major events for good or bad, can rest on such as these; a call not made, a word not said, a bad day, a flat tire, a wrong diagnosis, an hour too late, a dollar too short. Even heroes think that life is too unfair when the whole world finds out you can’t control your hunger for a variety of the opposite sex, even if you are married. (As in Kobe Bryant) Or your trusted housekeeper decides to record every pill you take and report it to the world. (As in Rush Limbaugh) One wonders when she had time to clean house.

Still, in the scheme of things, like life and death, I was wondering why in the world someone would get so upset abut a baseball game.

Thinking upon it, I realized that I had been there. I know that displaced grief, the grief that you cannot show in you real life, when the whole world seems to make no sense at all. Every day you feel burdened with stress so enormous, the only relief comes in the form of chocolate, coffee, alcohol, video games, movies, or shopping sprees topped off with a little ephedrine or whatever diet pill you feel might work.

Stress, from trying to go for the American dream…while your parents are dying, your credit cards are growing legs, your children can’t write their own names (something they have in common with most college graduates), your job might end up in India, and your elected officials act like they are on a bad acid trip.

Drugs are the norm, porn is the norm (just ask George Clooney) being gay is the norm, rape is the norm, atheistic proclivities are the norm, and propaganda has been such a norm for so long, we are beginning to think that yes, George Washington was a terrible scoundrel and Thomas Edison did not even exist. We have been “normed-ed down” to a slow tear, and if we keep this up, to be or not to be will not be just some soliloquy in a Mel Gibson movie.

While watching your meager pensions shrink and your stomach grow over your pants, you start wishing you could even afford to buy stock to lose. Of course you must not show you children, your co-workers, your spouse, your parents, or your neighbors the sometimes very hopelessness of your dreams that you never talk about (and that includes not only your own, but the state of the country) but you can certainly cry when your team loses. It’s ok. Go ahead---get good and soused as my mother would say. Damn those Yankees.

If you have had the pleasure to meet a die hard Cub fan, you know that they are like no other. The tough guys from the Bronx don’t even come close to a Cubbie fan’s tenacity for hope, which is beyond all sense or reasoning. Just fly over the desolating, gray boxes on your way to O’Hare and you would swear looking down that Upton Sinclair’s jungles of despair is still there, trooping through the dirty mud. You see them at Wrigley field, past the shops of Michigan Avenue, cursing with gusto and vitality any man or woman who dare attack their beloved players. Hope is a must in Chicago for the poor. If you don’t have it, find someplace else to live.

Before the game, I was watching some commentary from one of the national stations, and they were pointing out the fact, with humor of course, that Nostradamus had predicted that when the Red Socks met the Cubs in a World Series, Armageddon would come crashing down on us within days. If this was the case, we should all bless the man who disrupted the catch in the 6th game of the playoffs… the guy that every man, woman and child in Chicago wanted to kill, because he alone has probably saved all of humanity from the infamous judgment day.

Now, where is that lady? Let’s send her a telegram and explain that it was a divine intervention. That one Cub fan actually saved us all from nuclear holocaust.

Then spring rolls around, and to the die-hard baseball fan, it’s another season for hope and an escape from the hardships and reality of life that you seen to have no control over although all the famous 1% of the wealthy keep your dreams alive by telling you that you too in this land of opportunity can become rich, as they did. You too can be a Yankee. What they don’t tell you is that this land of opportunity is just not the same land of opportunity that they know. As O’Reilly has pointed out, we do have a very distinct class system in America. Most of us are the Cubs. In fact, I think it’s time we were all color-coated.

They bombard us with endless commercials of expensive things and get mad when we become unhappy campers when we can’t afford to buy them. It’s like telling a woman, yes; you too can hit a home run like Giambini. The World Bank wants you to drag out those cards. And we’d like your home too.

And as if that is not enough, most people know that the average citizen has absolutely no power at all over the terrible public education system. Then there is the ridiculous taxing of every single thing we buy, eat, look at, or use, which we also feel powerless to fight, because if they cut taxes one place, they just stick it to you somewhere else.

Do something about it, you say? Right, we’ll all go out with our $12,000 debt and get in the race to try and change things. Only the rich can run for our elected leaders. They spent a million dollars a day to run for governor in California. Put that in Hamlet’s soliloquy and smoke it. In fact, Hamlet would have skipped the long speech and just got down on his sword if he had to listen to all the crap we hear from politicians every day: blaming each other for every thing under the sun, fighting like Cain and Abel, taking more of our lives, our freedoms, and filling us with fear and little hope for our future… or our children’s future.

And now, diversity is being stuff down everyone’s throat. Somewhere in time our government, at least the Democratic Party, decided the United States should end and merge quietly into a one world government world. They have basically not been shy about this. I don’t remember them asking if that’s what we wanted…do you? To be or not to be is the question now.

We are being warned by the ones who actually have read what really happened in history that we are on our last leg. Jefferson’s 200 years have past, the leaves are falling, one by one, and it seems only the Yankees will survive.

The United States is being compared to the Roman Empire. That great historian Ben Affleck just told us we are doomed, but being the uneducated movie star that he is, he got the reason wrong. So, let us compare.

Just before the downfall of Rome her borders were infiltrated with immigrants. We’ve got the Mexicans, the Asians, the Cubans, the Indians, and the terrorists. The rich of Rome became so addicted to China’s lovely silk that they sent all their gold over there and busted their economy. (Think Wal-Mart, IBM, Toyota, Nintendo, Sony...) Morality and violence became the “norm.” They had to entertain the masses of course, and because so many animals were slaughtered at the Coliseum, almost wiping out the tigers, they needed to punch it up, so why not slaughter people? What a show!! (Think Kill Bill)

Disney now knows the future is not with the baby boomers so they hired an adolescent mind to make the future family films. Let’s make killing fun!! Won’t be long before the baby boomers need to be eliminated to make way for the new generations! If we keep going at this pace, we will see gladiator fights in-between innings at Yankee Stadium.

“And for your seventh inning stretch, ladies and gentlemen, the fight tonight will feature that notorious terrorist bin Laden, against the most popular illegal immigrant…Jose Cuevo!” (I’m betting on Jose)

After that, powerful Rome was doomed, and the dark ages took over. (Are you listening Ben?) Then came Columbus, who (and this was left out of the history books) was trying to find a better route to China because the Muslims would behead anyone who took the old direct route. This goes to show you, the hatred between the West and the East has been going on for quite some time. To put it simply, back then it was whose God will you die for?

If the Muslims hadn’t have been such ruthless killers (not much has changed) with such hatred for the West, Columbus would have never gone the other direction and all of history would have changed. Who knows when America would have been settled and by whom? Sometimes villains with their hatred do good deeds despite themselves.

Of course they didn’t have the internet porn sites back then, but Rome did have about 800 bath houses and we all know what happened in the bath houses of San Francisco.

BUT THEN---like an unexpected Christmas gift from that neighbor who always complains about your dog, in the middle of my morbid thoughts about baseball, rats, politicians, life…came a feeling that just seems to bubble up out of nowhere…

HOPE: That wonderful warm and funny human feeling that keeps us all going, reminding me that sometimes the underdogs do win, as in the Revolution of 1776. Sometimes there a grand slam in the ninth.

The great thing about America is that the melting pot at one time did work, before FDR made the government into the huge FUBAR that it is today, inventing all those huge governmental offices. Great things happened for the whole world. Electricity, planes, vaccines, literature, music, sewage systems, engineering feats, rockets, computers, movies, cars, medical advances, railroads, telephone, internet, (etc, etc.) and enough food to feed the world.

In fact, we have given so much more to the world than we have gotten back that you better believe America will be sorely missed. If the Democratic Party keeps us divided, destroying America’s soul, and we are unable to compete at the top anymore, we will go down in the ninth and the whole world loses. The baseball commissioner’s children will not have anywhere to drive their Ferraris because there will be no roads that are safe.

To be or not to be. The American founding fathers tried so hard through their letters to tell future generations about the wisdom of fighting for your own sovereignty. That yes, morality, integrity, honesty, and service to your fellow man will make a good person, and good people make a good country. The problem is they have kept these letters out of our schools.

They want to get rid of those other words of wisdom too, the Ten Commandants. Even if you don’t think Moses got those Ten Commandments from God, the Jews really did give us a hell of a way to control a crowd, and make them work together for a common good. Brilliant laws. The basic rules of society…and they work. Now they want to tear them down, and the Jews along with them. And throw in the Christians too while you’re at it. Hell, why don’t we just put them all on the stage in Las Vegas with some tigers?

Scene at the Las Vegas Hilton:

Bill Clinton is talking to Ted Kennedy who is sitting next to him in the front row. Five Jews and Five Christians have been put on stage with one very hungry tiger.

“Hee, hey Ted…did you know that most people think that when you go thumbs up it means victory? When it really meant ’kill the guy?’’ Everyone has got it backwards…just like they did when they thought that I had sex with Monica, when I held my finger up and said “I did not have sex with that woman.” When you hold your finger up as I did, it means the opposite, so I really did tell the truth.” Bill turns around and winks at a young blond in a low cut dress. (Could be Mark Rich’s girlfriend}

On stage five Christians save a Jew from being dragged off by a very hungry tiger, by hitting it viciously with a huge silver cross.

“That tiger was just protecting that man, couldn’t you see that?! What is this country coming too?” said Ted as he looks over for the waitress to bring the bill. “Where is Arnold when you need him?”

Hey…when you’re in the middle of a soliloquy, you need a little comic relief.

I don’t know about you, but when Bill Clinton said that the United States will someday not be the top dog, and we better get ready for it, I was thinking of some choice fantasy gladiator moments myself…a tiger to the throat? Na. How about putting him off on an island somewhere, with no possibility of escape, surrounded by die-hard conservative Republican, with no television cameras, no microphones, no secret service and no females? …or how about, putting him in a reality version of “Kill Bill”? Or if that’s not possible…a Roger Clemens fastball to ol’ slugger Bill at the plate. Oops ….too high.

It’s just like Bill to take away the hopes of America. Hope is just as essential to life as life itself. Life needs hope. Humans need hope. Hope to attain what all they were meant to be. Hope for a real life, where we have some control over our own lives, and our children’s lives. Huge welfare governments cannot take care of whole populations, without tyranny. Huge corporations, although they might get richer, leave a world which will eventually lose courage, and no ruler will be able to save us. The game will be over.

This is just where the Democratic Party has got it all wrong. They want to change the rules of the game, or have no rules. They don’t want anyone’s team to win. They do not even want America to have a turn at bat.

If we go under the United Nations and give all our sovereignty to others, commit ourselves to World socialism/fascism/communism/---The Untied States will no longer be able to help the rest of the world like we have been doing. Not only will we go down, but the rest of the planet will too. Only in freedom can new innovations and technology survive in order to save ourselves from the mess we make. And there are not too many ballgames of freedom going on around the planet at the moment.

America is now at the fork in the road, to be…or not to be. Its people must decide whether Shakespeare’s ponderings of the human longing for a better life is worth fighting for. We must decide to win the game.

We must have hope.

Because a country without hope…produces people without hope.

While the play-off games were being played in New York, a man ran a boat into a dock and killed ten people. A horrible accident which he felt so bad about he tried to end his life. A man with no hope.

Suicide is listed as the third cause of death among our teenagers. Within days, three college students dove off of buildings in New York, no doubt realizing too late that their education in the public schools had failed them. We are shown the anger of the boys at Columbine…who were going to classes on the new politically correct message of death, which is; You have the right to end your own life, and if you take a few others with you, we understand.

With life and death becoming a relative subject being discussed by the ruling elite, we now have some doctors, like some judges, wanting to play God; deciding what lives have purpose and what lives do not, as in the recent case of Terri Schiavo. Deciding in what degree others should be given freedom, and who shall have freedoms taken away, as in affirmative action. In this new ballgame, the umpires will be state appointed lifetime judges who will rule for the elite, by the elite. The strike zone narrowed so much that very few will get on base.

The fashionable propaganda in the medical community now sees anyone without a “purpose to life” as meaningless, and therefore is worthy to die. They think “To be or not to be” is an easily answerable question. They really believe that they are doing all these sick people a favor by ending their lives with so much nobility, with the slogan. “They shoot horses don’t they?” as a proper reason to end a life.

Animals are one thing…people, well damn it, there are just too many of them…and too many people make too many cars, which pollute the planet. It’s an endless problem for them. And it becomes a bigger problem when another President, whom they hate, send to war young men to liberate a country in the name of freedom and dare I say it again? That dirty thought…American Sovereignty. And since they can’t control our President, they appoint judges with the same death control ideology. Many were carefully placed by our last administration in all the right places. We are seeing this happen in Florida.

Most of us have seen the picture of that young woman, Terri Schiavo, smile. Well, when you see her smile at her mother, that should do it right there. Who has the right to take even that moment away from her? To Terri Schiavo, a visit from her mother is probably like being adored by all the fans at Yankee stadium. To hear the twisted thinking of the lefts’ realization of why this girl should not live another day is much harder to bear than the thought of the Cubs never ever making it to another playoff. We are witnessing the mouth of insanity, staring down the monster’s throat. And seeing the birth pangs of a New World Order, much like Hitlers’ death camps for the disabled.

I’ve been on those liberal medical playing fields. My own mother was talking to me after a major stroke, and my husband and I had to fight the whole hospital which wanted to cut her off life support. They said she was brain dead. We said...well, do people say things like “I’m embarrassed.” (Having people come in a remove her clothes) or “Why are they doing this to me?”

“That’s just a reaction.” we were told by three top neurologists. “She is brain dead. Why would you want to take care of someone like that?” Of course she was talking to the staff, but that didn’t count.

When I began to hear everyone say that she had such a wonderful heart for her age, and reading in the local papers how all the top neurologists at the hospital were threatening to quit due to their poor salaries, I began to wonder if maybe since she had such a pretty heart---perhaps they had something else in mind. Follow the money. There is much to be made in transplants.

Unfortunately, I can’t dismiss this conspiracy thought, I’m trying, but it’s starting to sound like a whole culture of leftist “do gooders” are thinking that all useless old people would be better off dead. What are the Democrats going to do when it’s their turn? What if they can’t talk to the doctors due to a stroke? And they’ve signed the papers…but are still thinking…OH NO!!! I really don’t’ want to die!!…have they thought of that yet?

Despite my mother’s dire case, paralyzed and unable to talk, I knew and she let me know, that she wanted to live every minute even if in pain, and I was determined to do everything to let her do so. But, I was branded as “selfish” for keeping her alive, by my own family members and the whole hospital and its staff.

No, my mother was going to live every second of her pain filled existence if that’s what she wanted, damn the whole world and what it thought of me. I figured it was her right. I admired her courage. And luckily I had the time to help her, fighting the whole medical establishment every day. Sure, some days she felt like dying, but I knew that what she didn’t really want to die, she just wanted to escape the pain.

That’s mainly what happens in suicide mostly that the pain is so great you just want to end it all. A broken bone you could handle, but a broken mind with no hope is hard to bear. That’s when love must come in to carry the burden. The team comes out to the mound. You step up to the plate. To be a compassionate society, others must carry the burden. Forget that fan that caught the ball, you can do it. Keep pitching. Throw strikes. You can win. Don’t lose hope!

The American public came to Terri’s rescue. Believe it. But let’s not forget we had some good coaches, and when the team of America comes to bat, there is no one that can beat us. Because we still have some freedom, and freedom gives hope. And that’s the secret to all sports, all lives, and all countries. Hope…

That’s been the purpose of religion for so long. It gives so many tear-stained hearts hope. Hope that there is something or someone who is on our side. To take hope away is more than cruel. And the reason to take it away is for control. Marx thought religion was good for the masses. It helped them deal with their slavery lot in life he said. But, you didn’t see any communist country anywhere take his advice did you? Nope… religion gives you the advantage of two or three home run sluggers on the team.

It’s easy to find suicide victims in the Muslims countries, where freedom means not having your hand cut off…where hopelessness is so normal that a trip into a World Trade Center sounds like a trip to Disneyland.

The Muslims have a lot of sluggers on their team because they understand the psychological power of religion, and how to use it to control the people. This makes them a very dangerous opponent.

That is one of the reasons the United States has been so successful, we have always been a fairly religious country, until the 1960’s. We won the first two World Wars, and then we lost Vietnam. Most of our young people were too stoned. Religion was a trip on the cultural roller coaster, and while our government was failing us, the left moved in. My generation has been lost ever since.

Now it’s whose God do you want to kill?

Our loss of faith has been reflected in the way we treat our older people. Millions of old people rot in nursing homes and hospitals, because of the need of the two family paycheck. Many baby boomers are so completely stressed out with trying to keep up with some sort of middle-class existence, and some are secretly hoping their sick parents will die sooner rather than later because it is just too much trouble for them to take care of them, and to watch whatever money their parents had saved go to paying for medical expenses. Their own lives are already full. Like a favorite pet we put to sleep, we rationalize that we are showing mercy, because we just do not have the time to take care of them.

With the government welfare rolls now supplying us with millions of young Spanish mouths to feed, if looked at from a national survival scenario, perhaps they think the simplest thing to do is just get rid of us. And if that means the “humane” pulling of all our feeding tubes, so be it. It’s our “right to die” they will say. Forget all the new medical wonders and medicines…that’s a double edged sword. We must save Africa, and the rest of the world, but damn our old, our sick, our feeble, and damn those Yankees. Look out for the big, ugly, rats.

So, tonight I will anticipate the last two games of the world Series, with all the rest of the country, wondering if the game of baseball will survive, hoping that poor lady in the white hat feels better, wondering…if the Yankees are going to win yet another series. I will be looking for tears, and I will be rooting for a good fight at least. Tonight “to be or not to be” will not be on my mind, except to wonder what Shakespeare would have thought of baseball. And in between innings, I’ll be thinking about just what kind of rat poison will immobilize my big rats. Don’t worry. I’m being very democratic about it.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Olio of Comiefatcaps: Looking For Well Pressed Curtains

Nobody’s Opinion; Having reluctantly witnessed what was just put in power last night, I really was speechless for a word to describe the new bunch of “representatives” who have been placed in power, however it happened. The first word that came to mind was “Mordor,” but, that’s not even good enough.

So I made up a word. Comsofascaps…or Comsofatcaps…or Comsofasmils…OR comiefatcaps for short-- pick your favorite.

It’s stands for; communists/socialists/fascists/capitalists OR--- commie/socialists/fascists/multimillionaires looking for curtains, interior decorators, plastic surgeons, psychics, and American flags to stand in front of---and if you can’t find that, children are the next best thing.

This is why I think Nancy Pelosi is the real belated October surprise. She had probably been working on her Krispy Krème-June Lockhart look all summer.

Yesterday, Nancy stood with six, count em’… SIX American Flags behind her, and right in front of the most famous of our National portraits; the one that Dolly Madison saved from the British, the one of a man, that if alive, would maybe have asked her to shine his boots, being the excellent judge of character that he was;

George Washington.

Not to mention a great WAR general.

President George W. Bush stood in front of the line of fire of salivating reporters…with a statue of Lincoln behind him.

I just love all these subliminal messages, don’t you? She is really as great as our first President and now has Presidential power, and he rules over a house divided?

I would have picked other objects, for Nancy, maybe a bust of Castro…and President Bush…at this point in time, a picture of Buckwheat. (Because I happened to really like Buckwheat, and he was always the one that just tagged along in Our Gang. Bush needs to practice making faces.)

Last night, here in Missouri, I was watching the election returns, and a St. Louis reporter said something I thought was so bizarre, and he must have too evidently, because he reported the meaningless event.

They were about to announce Claire McCaskil’s win, but she couldn’t come on stage because one of the curtains hanging behind her was NOT hanging just exactly right, and because she knew she was going to be on national TV, someone had to rush out of the building, and run around the town in order to find the perfect curtain to hang behind her.
This delayed the event for hours.

Never mind that she herself looked much more frumbled then the curtain that Scarlett O’Hare pulled down from Tara’s dust ridden windows, and it was not going to matter what the curtain behind her looked like.

Such is the intelligence of the next Senator from Missouri. I can’t wait to see what she will do with a more challenging problem.

She is bound to put new curtains in all the public schools.

Why am I making a big deal out of all this meaningless nonsense? Because one of the first things that Nancy Pelosi said yesterday was;

War was not something to WIN, it was a solution to be solved.”

Holy-- Moly, Buckwheat!

Someone send her a video copy of “Saving Private Ryan.”

I can just see Nancy Pelosi on a ship out at sea, watching all the men going in on D-Day…Arguing with Eisenhower;

“General, why are you trying to win this thing! Why don’t you talk to these people! And where are the curtains? This ship is giving me the creeps!”

Betty Crocker thinks that all our soldiers should put down their guns, and offer the al-Quada to come and talk about a real solution to why they keep killing everyone. Somewhere in her cookbook are JUST the right ingredients for peace, and it all just needs a pinch more sugar.

“Day-O…Daaaaaaaay-O…Daylight come and me wanna go home.” (Sorry, it just came out.)

I suggest we send Nancy over to the front lines to talk to those guys, and tell them we are not there to win, so they don’t have to be afraid.

Then Michael Savage will put the beheading of our new Speaker on his website (as he does all the others.) and Nancy will have lots of curtains behind her while she is kneeling in front of the camera. Maybe she can ask for a portrait of Marie Antoinette to hang in the background.

Okay, that’s a pretty sick image, for such a pretty lady. BUT such is war, and Nancy, instead of dealing with it, will just send in curtains.

Actually-- Rumsfeld has got to be happy to be getting out of there, because Mt. Doom is going to start smoking real soon.

And blogging about the fact that all these politicians were more concerned about how they looked on camera, instead of what they were going to say…shows just what kind of entertainment we are in for.

And you know the old saying, “If you don’t laugh, you will cry.”

In fact, go ahead and cry in the curtains, the comiesofacaps would approve. And send the cleaning bill to the House Speaker.

Nobody’s Perfect. Is it me? Or does Nancy’s eyebrows look like they are glued very high up on her forehead in a perpetual “surprise” look?

I kept wanting to say, “Where’s Ricki?”

Nobody Knows; No one has mentioned this. Haven’t we heard that for the last four years, FOX news has outpaced in viewer ship CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC..etc...just blowing them away?

AND haven’t we heard that all the liberal Newspapers are dying and losing millions of readers?

So, if everyone was craving and hungering for the conservative radio pundits, and FOX, and the internet---doesn’t it seem just a little strange that the democrats had such a complete sweep of both houses being as all their media propaganda services were not being watched as much?

I just wondered.

Nobody Cares; There’s a guy on the radio right now giving financial advice, even though he lost his job after 9/11 and didn’t get another job for three years. His advice is we should all stop living beyond our means.

He’s go a point. I really am not going to buy a happy meal anymore. I need to save that two dollars and apply the money I save to new curtains.

President repeated today that we, once again, are gas hogs.

Well, I’d rather be a gas hog than a comiesofatcap.

I just hate it when he starts his name calling. Nancy needs to put new curtains in the Oval Office…just to make him feel better.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Nobody's Absurdities, No. 25...Can You Say Amero?

Nobody Opinion; Hope springs eternal…even in the now third world country of Missouri. Oh, yeah, I had a lot of hope tonight. After all, most of the Republican voters, the conservatives, turned out in droves here. You can always tell because most of the Democrats, work for the government, and they all vote during the day. The working class nobodies have to go after work.

It’s always close here in Missouri. But, we were told if the base got out, we would win. Well, we did get out, but I was having deja vu…

Back in the last Presidential election, we heard that downtown St. Louis, was kept open till well past midnight. The Democrats, of course, got out the buses, went out and picked up as many drunks and homeless people as they could find….and then at the last minute declared Ashcroft the loser, which he wasn’t.

The same thing is happening again, but the Republicans will say nothing.

Yeah, that election was fixed. But Ashcroft was a gracious man, and President Bush gave him a nice job as Attorney General, in which he did a fine job.

John Ashcroft loves to sing Gospel, and some smart democratic pundit put him up singing about Jesus one day…and there you go, being a Republican Christian is not permitted in government anymore, if you are a Democrat, its okay.

So there we were tonight standing in line, in our local school. We got there at 4 p.m. and, I have never seen such crowds on the streets.

Looking on the walls, I saw some of the “rules” for the kids, which were right out of the “third wave” textbook. (Be sure and read See Steve Farrell’s excellent historical articles on the “third wave” on the blog now.)

The one that really got me was “Be ready and more willing to accept change.”

This is what we will be hearing for the next two years.

All night long, Jim Talent, the Republican senator from Missouri, had a stupendous lead over his Democrat opponent…kill-the –cat, or Claire McCaskil. BUT…we were told, St. Louis and Kansas City were not counted yet.

Here we go again. The one place in the whole United States that just can’t figure out how to count is St. Louis…It’s now 1:30 am and still…they are waiting. All other results are in.

Put in those these nifty new electronic voting machines, which can be changed with the flick of the right wrist, and you’ve got your new third wave of America.

Not to say that the Republicans don’t deserve it. But, I know how corrupted my whole district is. I’ve lived here too long.

OOPS…update…the cities voted…and even though the whole state of Missouri voted overwhelmingly for Jim Talent…the cities came through, and of course the cat won.

Now, if you’ve ever, ever been to the cities of either Kansas City or St. Louis, they remind you of old pictures of Savraijoe. You might walk for miles and see nothing but abandoned houses. But, somehow these derelict buildings must be filled with democratic voters. As far as I can tell, they went and picked up some houses and bused them.

I told you Missouri was important.

Standing behind me in line was a young woman that looked like a teacher..(which she later admitted she had been.) I was telling my husband about my last blog of Vietnam, and how when I did a Google search for a nice picture of an American soldier and I was totally amazed of the results for the image search. I typed in “American Iraq Soldier” and got hundreds of images of the most gruesome pictures you’d ever want to see.

Clearly blatant and unbiased propaganda, after an hour of searching for just one picture of a proud soldier, I gave up.

Now, this young woman overheard me, and said her brother was in Iraq, and sends her great pictures every day, of all the men with the kids and great shots of all the good things they are doing, and by the way, she also said her father had been in Vietnam and said that from what he saw, the men in Vietnam had done wonderful things.

Of course, because of my last blog, she verified my point to my husband…who was searching for someone to call on his cell phone because his wife was “ranting” again. (Good thing he loves me.)

Well…now the “third wave” will come very quickly. Will we see much of a difference?
Probably not…things will just continue to go downhill. I’m going to stock water and food because just before 2008, we might get hit again in order for the takeover…and then a “woman” will be made President in order to help America’s image in the world again.

Except…by that time, America as we know it, will be dead.

Get ready for the change.

Nobody’s Perfect: I need a drink. (I don’t drink, therefore the dilemma)

Nobody Knows: Every single Republican tonight seem so jovial, like nobody lost? How many of these guys knew?

Nobody Cares: If you’ve ever watched Jay Leno do his “Jay Walk” where he asks people on the street questions like “Who is the Vice President?” And kids with college degrees have NO CLUE, is it any wonder we are in the shape we are in?

The Just Cause, American Soldiers

Nobody’s Opinion; “I consider an unjust war as the greatest of all human atrocities, but I esteem a just one as the highest of all human virtues. “ John Quincy Adams.

Well, that seems to sum up what is on everyone’s mind before tomorrow elections as the media is telling us—the war.

Most Americans have been wincing with every precious soldier who has been lost.

To help you vote the republicans out and the democrats in…HBO even put on a special of the parents and wives of soldiers that have been killed in Iraq, reminiscing about their lost sons and daughters.

They were reading their last letters on camera so all the world could watch them suffer, and transfer that pain and grief onto millions: to cry and suffer their horrible loss with them….all of us like deers staring at the headlights.

The art of Hollywood…if Edison only knew.

Was the Iraq war an unjust war as all the Democrats are saying?

Or is it a just war, one that the President really believes might just save the world from an upcoming Apocalypse? Will it bring peace to the whole world some day like he says?

Or--- like we are seeing, are we just stirring up a hornet’s nest?

So, how does one nobody citizen determine if Iraq was an unjust war? Is it possible with all the propaganda and secrecy that has surrounded our government since the two Parties first began---to even know?

One of the main problems so many of us are having is that many of us baby boomers, (who are actually the ones that will vote tomorrow in more numbers than the young) remember the Vietnam War all too well.

I was sixteen when my fiancé decided to enlist. He went away expecting to become a man; he came back a verifiable walking drug addict, barely able to talk.

But…in the Vietnam War, unlike 9/11, the United States WAS NOT attacked.

Okay, you might say, Iraq did not attack us. But, as we see now, Saddam wanted to, everyone thought he might…it was just a matter of time.

Maybe they should have showed the dead bodies on the New York Sidewalk.

Iraq was a country, but bin Laden is a man with no country. And he was protected by all the Arab nations, so…what to do?

I’d say, Afghanistan and Iraq was a good place to start.

The baby boomers were raised by families who had fought the Second World War. And in the Second World War, we had been attacked at Pearl Harbor. Our parents told us about it.

The Vietnam War is a real stick in all the baby boomers sides. Back then, we had no choice---our boys were drafted. And on a lottery system, which was even more unfair.

And yes, if you got into college and stayed there, you were protected, which is why John Kerry is still living in some kind of dream world, and said what he said.

I’d say he’s close to dementia.

Our Presidential leaders back then, three Democratic Presidents and one Republicans, wanted that war for some reason, but the reason of keeping some little country from becoming communistic was not enough for most young people to understand.

Unlike today, Vietnam was no nuclear threat to us.

But, here we are today, and all the Democrats treat Iraq and Vietnam as the same war.

But it’s not, because the United States was for the first time, attacked on our own soil.

They don’t talk about that point at all, only Lieberman, who is going to run as an Independent so Hillary can be elected. (That’s a Nobody’s prediction.)

Our leaders had a hard time selling that war. They said we were trying to keep all of China out of a little country called South Vietnam. And John Kennedy got us in there.

My guess, is, once again… The Mafia was dealing drugs out of Vietnam, and many of the Mafia had big connections with top Democrats in the government.

Nevertheless, even though we won most every battle, we lost the war. Nixon pulled us out, and then Hillary and her lawyer dogs impeached him.

(She is part of the furniture.)

China won out, and communism was spread throughout the South. When the Americans left, millions of poor people were slaughtered.

If you think the blood bath of Iraq’s is bad now, just wait till the troops leave Iraq.

Now, maybe Vietnam was a just war: the principle of giving people freedom is noble, even if big money was being made… but the leaders lost it, depriving the American people of the victory as they deserved, because of the Democrats.

China then infiltrated us here. Like when the British Empire made a fortune selling opium to the Chinese, the communists working with America’s entrepreneurs, filled our nations with drugs. They just came in the backdoor.

They are still coming in the back door. Soon they will have a highway through the back door. In fact, our back door doesn’t even have a screen.

(Where was I? Oh yeah)

The “left” (with the help of the Rockefellers,) started the “woman’s movement” and the pill, which in turn started the “sexual revolution.” (Enjoyed by all.)

---Which started the whole mess of divorces and drug addicts, and dumbed-down kids, basically the breakdown of our society.

They filled the universities with leftist, and brought out Jane Fonda to start putting America down. Every night we saw body bags on TV.

See--- we’ve been there before, it’s sort of like psychological torture, brainwashing the masses is hard work.

It was during this time that the “think tanks” started grooming our future leaders; Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry, and many others that are still around and waiting to take over.

The payback for Vietnam has been a bitch.

There are other ways to defeat a nation, and destroying it from the inside is the easiest, you just have to have patience, and patience is the Chinese’s middle name.

The Japanese came back after they were defeated and took our major manufacturing markets, and now the Chinese are doing the same, with the help of our politicians and corporations.

Don’t be fooled, Bill Clinton and the Democrats work with all the big multinationals too. Hillary was once on the board of Wal-Mart. And they believe in China.

Then out of nowhere, we had the Gulf War. I remember at the time being furious, but the reason we later learned, was because of oil. We had BP oil to protect, in Kuwait.

But, we had a “victory” there…but was it?

And you wonder why Britain always has to side with us?

So, is oil the REAL reason we went into Iraq as all the Democrats say? Cheny, the evil Haliburton man is just in it for the money? Boys are dying for the control of the oil of the Middle East?

And if that is so, then is it a just war? Is it just to fight over oil to make our country run? What if it was water? Would it be just to invade a country for water for our own survival?

Isn’t that what the Mexicans are doing?

No, it would not be just to go to war for oil, or water.

But, the reality is we do have to drive. And if we have to go overseas to get oil, it’s because our own Congress won’t let us drill for our own because they work for the big companies. Why else? Do you really buy that pristine Alaska tundra bull?

The big companies have blocked any kind of competition in the order of alternative energy all these years. Oh, but soon it will be all the rage.

So, in conclusion, as Glenn Beck would say….here’s what I think.

In this war, we are fighting a real enemy. (God, I even sound like him!) One that is thousands of years old. One that treats woman little better than leftover pork chops. (Although, that doesn’t seem to bother any Democrats.)

One that means to come here and kill us, with the help of China, and Cuba, and just about everyone that is communists that wants to join in.

And this happened during Clinton’s watch. Clinton just passed the buck.

And being as we are all so sick of the Congress fighting, and being scumbags, we can hardly see straight. And due to the vast wealth and longevity they all seem to have being a Parliament of Kings and Queens, because it seems only a small handful really care about us.

We do not trust most of our politician. Not the President, or the Congress. None, but a few of the brave newcomers.

But I do remember one thing: The people that got us into Vietnam were the Democrats. The people that became China’s puppets were the Democrats.

And another myth is that the Democrats are not for big business.

Right, that’s why they are the richest people in the Congress. How much is Nancy Polisi worth? Claire McClaskill has over 150 companies. Gee. They don’t like big business at all. If you buy their “I’m so concerned about the poor people lines.” then like Doug Powers has suggested…don’t vote.

I don’t know. (Sigh)

But there was one thing on that HBO special that was noticeable in every family. They were through and through, red-state Americans, and raised loving and intelligent sons, and those sons still believed in the idea of freedom for all people, and said in all their letters how proud they were to be helping the people of Iraq.

So, JQA…I found my answer….the justness of the Iraq war lies with the soldiers. If the soldiers believe in it, then we must have victory---.not for the Republicans, or the President, but because if the American people are going to sacrifice their sons and daughters for a war in Iraq, to free even one person over there…

Then by God, our soldiers deserve to win it. The politicians have no right to take that victory away.

If you do not “stay the course” you will just see another American City attacked. But this time, it might be the death of someone you love. It might be you….9/11 was not just a movie.

John Quincy also said, “Always vote for a principle, though you vote alone, and you may cherish the sweet reflection that your vote is never lost.”

And since the Iraq war is being fought, by the admission of all the soldiers you hear… on a noble principle, that of freedom for another people; if that’s what our boys think, if that’s what they are fighting for…

Forget all the politicians… and vote for our soldiers, because they are America’s highest virtues.

Then someday you can look back, and you can be sure your vote won’t be lost, even though you felt you voted alone.

Nobody’s Perfect; Hey, I don’t know what came over me tonight! So Serious! I’m trying to not eat the Sweet Tarts leftover from Halloween, and it’s not easy.

Nobody Knows; Just how many voting results are going to be challenged by Al Gore.

Nobody Cares; Oh, you don’t care if I have a Sweet Tart? Well in that case…

Monday, November 06, 2006

Neolibs Con Theocon While Neocons Say, WHAT?

Nobody’s Opinion; While Clinton’s x-impeachment lawyer Ramsey Clarke was being kicked out of the courtroom during Saddam’s final verdict today, I was listening to some guy named Damon Linker on C-Span, and thinking about Mae West….(I know, wait.)

Damon has written a book called Theocons, close cousin to the Neocons.

Theocons are just the more religious version of a religious conservative, I know…it gets pretty confusing. And Damon is scared of them.

It seemed obvious that Damon Linker, Ramsey Clarke, and Saddam were in agreement and on the same page today---one great fear was going through all three of their water retaining minds, minds were any insane idea can float.

They were worried about the upcoming elections in America.

The Theocons are coming! The Neocons are coming!

Actually, I had to look up the word “Neocon” in Wipedia, because I was afraid I might be one. It seems the Neocons actually started out as liberal-socialists.

In that case, he could be right.

The Neocons are here! The Neocons are here! No…the THEOCONS have taking over!

Someone point them out to me, because I’m still not sure who’s who. Basically, most Americans, no matter what political party they prefer, consider themselves…Americans.

What’s with this inventing Nazi-sounding spam names?

Some Neocons should shout, “The Neolibs are here! The Neolibs are here! Want a free nuke? Quick, hide your copy of Huckleberry Finn!”

And what about Theolibs? Or can we have a Theocommie?

The liberals just love to call people names…some of the more simpler minded ones just call conservatives, S.O.B’s.

Well, if like Mr. Linker you are afraid that the Republicans have made a big mess of your world and you are going to the polls because you say:

“I’ve changed my mind.”

Then repeat a line from that witty gal, Mae West;

”Does it work any better?”

And if the Neolibs get in control of Congress, is your mind going to improve? Is the country going to improve?

What’s funny is that all the Republicans, if voted out, will be voted out for NOT being Neocon or Theocon enough!

Poor Mr. Linger…I don’t think he wants to know that.

This Damon Linger guy is a proud atheist. And he loathes religion. And he’s mad because he says the Theocons are saying that the Democrats are the party of death.

Besides the democrats promoting abortion, euthanasia, population control, and always siding with Muslim radicals and communists, I really don’t see how he came to that conclusion, do you?

Damon is angry that God loving conservatives are forcing this radical Christian religion on everybody and all countries---not allowing liberal democrats and mass murderers around the world their own choice to not have to be moral.

After all, it’s such a chore. It’s really hard work.

Now, if you agree with Damon, that ruling with a Christian religious morality outlook is not a good thing, ask yourself one question:

Has anyone seen God? Is there visual, physical proof that he exist in any form? Whether that is as a Muslim’s Allah, The God of Moses, the Lord of Jesus, or the Kabala of Madonna?

Okay, using your scientific Neolib reasoning, which is so superior to all others, you don’t know if God really exists, but, and this is important---

You also have no absolutely no proof whatsoever that GOD doesn’t exist. So, how do you know he isn’t there?

Remember, there once was a time when no one could imagine an atom existing. Just because no one had seen it, did not mean it didn’t exist.

And what rights have you to force others to buy into your religion of non-belief?

Most Christians aren’t asking you to believe in God, they just want fairness, with the same Christian laws and morality that have proven successful time and time again.

Think of it as a Neoliberal historical scientific experiment in the laboratory of human time. On the whole, it has produced remarkable achievements.

Damon also conveniently forgets that long ago, there was a Constitution formed which started a Republic and we have elections here, and in the year 2000, George W. Bush, a professed moral man, won because the country was tired of an immoral man.

Therefore, the American people, whether religious or not, preferred the moral men to rule instead of immoral men, at least for the next two years.

Damon is having trouble living with that conundrum, therefore the Theocon book.

This guy was making me so mad today, I almost felt like kicking a few liberal authorcons with Americancon boots.

Damon is a proud secularist, but his water logged brain has never noticed that even secularists liberals use “Christian Theology,” the term he professed is destroying the world. They also use Christians morals more than those hated conservative Neocons.

For instance…Let’s take those two famous Christian motto’s “Turn the other Cheek” and “Love thine enemy.”

What party follows this Christian religious dogma more relentlessly?

When the Democrats are fighting the hated Republicans for control during an election cycle they are true secularists…they believe in “Slap every cheek,” and “Destroy thine enemy.”

But when they get in power and start ruling, they act just like the Christian theologists they say they hate.

Bill Clinton used this Christian religious dogma when he gave plutonian to North Korea, along with millions to build nuclear reactors with.

You couldn’t love your enemy more than that, giving him the weapons to kill you.

If the Neolibs get in Control, is their any doubt they will help Iran build one?

In fact you could say Bill Clinton loves the enemy so much, he sent his private lawyer Ramsey Clarke to represent Saddam Hussen, who all the Democrats think has been unjustly accused, and even though a murderer, his country should have NOT been invaded and he should not have been put out of power.

Bill Clinton is the ultimate Theolib.

Democrats are appalled at the war in Iraq. They say it is getting worse. More people over there are dying because of the President’s policies.

Well, hasn’t President Bush been repeating over and over that that is exactly the plan? If they are killing each other over there, than they are not killing us, over here.

Not very Christian like, but effective.

Divide and conquer. It has always worked here, why not in Iraq?

Damon does not fear the jihads nuking the city he is in, he doesn’t fear his children’s future in a future United States third world country, he doesn’t worry about this New One World Government rule by International Corporations making all our decisions like: you can’t drink Pepsi in School or gamble on the internet, or own property…no…

Damon thinks the world should be protected from President George W. Bush because he believes in right and wrong!

The motto of all liberals is that there is no right and wrong, unless you are an American, than you’re wrong, because they are the new secular, progressive, citizens of the world.

It will be interesting to see whether the American people vote for the Neocons, Theocons, or the Neo-libs…there is bound to be a big fight either way.

I’m just hoping most people Americans will do the right thing for now, and vote for the men and woman who will protect America, no matter what.

Nobody’s Perfect; Now, granted, it seems immorality and corruption reeks from both parties now, which makes this election a very tough choice…but as Horst Buchholz once said;

“Is everybody in this world corrupt?” the answer: “I don’t know everybody.”

The point being, since we don’t know just how deep the corruption is, we can only do what we can do at this moment in time….which is…take a good educated guess and go for it, and then work very hard to change the whole thing, because it’s really screwed up.

Nobody Knows; There is nothing that this nobody hates more than intellectuals like this guy Damon and Gore Vidal, who think they have the answer to every single thing that has ever been discussed, pompously ranting on and making no sense, and YOU know that these guys will never in their lives figure out the common sense thing that once you think you know every single thing, then you surely are on the same IQ level as the nearest dog. In fact, a common dog has better instincts.

Nobody Cares; Madonna once said, “I have the same goal I’ve had ever since I was a girl. I want to rule the world.” Spoken like a true Neolib. So, when is she running?