Saturday, November 06, 2010

Martha, We're Gonna Need a Bigger Shovel...

Nobody Flashes Email on Saturday Night:

It's gangs like these that the people of Calgary have to put up with..

A bit different from the problems in other cities...

It proves that every city has their own "unique" gang problems. They
roam the streets and yards night and day.

They hang out in even the best neighborhoods!

..and you CANNOT (legally) stop them.
Nobody says:
"They roam the streets and yards night and day, they hang out in the best
neighborhoods, and you cannot legally stop them."
Sound familiar?
Hey, do you think Canada would trade "illegals" with us?
What would you rather put up with...paying a few bucks for new trees and shrubs every year
or paying for the medical, dental, maternity, grade school, college, etc., etc.,of millions of new illegals immigrants from Mexico...including millions of their relatives?
(Thanks to Mona)


Nobody Reports: Where is John Galt?

Nobody Flashes Update: According to my good friend Doug Powers, the video I posted last night, where Obama starts out admitting he was not born here might be's a good chance that it's edited very cleverly.

Go to this site for a detailed explanation of several video's that are being sent to me, and therefore passed around.

It does look like at the end, where Obama was going to say something... it was cut short.

And think what that would mean for the country if it really were true.

Nevertheless, when he goofs up and says he is a Muslim to George Stephanopoulos, I see no reason to believe that, that film is edited in any way.

Having said that, I don't know about you, but Obama has lied so much, and so have all the rest of the politicians...(including George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton.) and because we have been witnessed to the biggest ripoff in American history with Wall Street working right along with our "Parliament of whores" in Congress and Presidential office, if the American people even SUSPECT conspiracies, of any kind, notices are quickly put out to the effect that well "no, Obama is good, Congress is good, you people are stupid, and here's why..."

And we sit watching America being killed off..while politicians and CEO become richer than some countries.

It's all about globalization.

Think of this: If Obama is not a citizen...then without much of a doubt, President George W. Bush knew, Rupert Murdoch knew, the Congress knew...they all knew. John McCain was run to lose. Everything we are now seeing and hearing is being staged.

Disinformation has always been a part of "takeovers" of any kind.

So, what do we believe? Frankly, I think we are being psychologically manipulated at every turn of the dial. And that INCLUDES misinformation meant to confuse, on the Internet.

And it should make us all angry.

Lies. Deception. Greed.

Which reminds me of a story:

Once, I paid a surprise visit to a steady boyfriend. His younger brother let me in the house...and when I got to his bedroom, there he was lying in bed, with his old girlfriend.

And of course he said the old line.."it's not what you think. I was just helping her."

All I said was: "I want my mandolin back."

He wouldn't tell me where it was. It was a big old house, and I just stared looking everywhere for it. In closets, under furniture...I was walking fast becasue I wanted to get out of there. I certainly didn't feel like talking. I actaully believed my own eyes, and was not about to be stupid enough to beleive anything HE said.

His little brother told me where it was, much to his credit. I was thankful for his honesty, and I told him so.

The point is: all circumstantial evidence points to the very real possibility that Obama is NOT a citizen, and was handpicked by the elite power rulers who no longer go to jail for crimes committed...and are untouched. The oligarchs that rules us all. For whatever reason, the Saudi Kings and our government are best buddies. Rupert Murdoch as you remember, supported Obama in the beginning much to everyone's shock. And it's no secret now just how stock the Kings have in FOX.

Our Presidents are much too cuddly with them all.

As Reagen said: trust but verify.

As for me: I'm siding with a rich guy...Sylvester Stallone. He called Obama the Manchurian candidate.

And I ask...Who is John Galt?

Where oh where can he be?

(Thanks to Doug Powers for taking time out of his busy day to send me the link.)


Friday, November 05, 2010

Obama Confesses

Nobody Reports: I just wanted to post this before they take it off the internet.

He admits, he was not born here.

Now you know.


Calling Jimmy Carter....Calling Jimmy Carter...

Nobody Reports: Here are Tea Party Americans, letting us all know how corrupt it is here in St. Louis.

I love these guys.

The election is now "over" but voter fraud happened everywhere. And yet, the media just lets it go as if to say, "Oh well...that stuff happens."

Doesn't bother their lives after all, does it now?

For those of you who do not know much about Missouri...the Carnahan family has dominated the high ranks of the political scene here in Missouri, for quite a few years now.

Daddy Mel was Senator, his wife Jean took his place when he died in a plane crash.

Their daughter Robin just lost her race, (To Rhino Roy Blunt) but the son Russ (who got a big million dollar wind farm from Obama) just stole...another election, as only a good Carnahan knows how.

He is now our U.S Representative. (Watch video.)

Downtown St. Louis, did this once before...John Ashcroft was running for Senator in 2000 against Mel Carnahan. Mel's plane crashed and he died, and his wife Jean took his place on a "pity" vote. John Ashcroft was winning, but the next morning it was announced that he lost.

Why? Because when the Carnahans (D) needed more votes, the ACORN workers left the downtown voting booths open until MIDNIGHT. Yes, they went out and DRAGGED people in off the streets and out of houses...and she won.

Many of us here were furious, because everyone knew it was stolen. But, Ashcroft let it go, and Bush gave him the job as Attorney General.

At the time, Missouri was one of the key states needed for a win. And some of us even thought they had known Mel was going to lose, because the funeral was a big political party. The whole Congress showed up, and Bill Clinton was all over the place. The death of any man is sad, but it couldn't have happened at a more propitious time for the democrats.

They have "war' rooms, and Missouri at the time was a big bone on the menu towards victory.

We all remember what happened next: Chads.

Anyway, it's happened again. If you want to win, bring in the buses.

Next time, just send Jimmy Carter, it's all the same.

America...We CAN compete with the best third world voting practices...and win!


Thursday, November 04, 2010

Nobody Reports Cool Christmas Lists

Nobody Reports---
Getting the Christmas Lists Ready.
Are you ready for Christmas? No? Do you not realize that the very existence of our country depends on just how much you go out and spend in the next 60 days?
Do you not remember the words of President George W. Bush after 9/11?
Well...I'm here to help you with that.

First, for those of you that preside on the Federal Reserve Board, Neiman Marcus has a great deal on swimming pools. And this isn't just any old swimming pool, it's a really fantastic blown-glass pool, a sort of Cary Grant doing Acid affect. (He did you know.)
There is a great golden chandelier hanging over the top, and lots of pretty blown glass underneath, and it can be installed in your house for only $1.5 million. BUT...If you want it built by Christmas Day, it will be another $ 20 million-- but hey, if you have the money to fork out for this, another $20 million should be no problem.
For those of you, who, like me, buy the same bottle of perfume for myself every year at Walgreens, (Forget the rest of the family...bake them some pies, remind them we are in a recession), you might consider this very novel present.
This little gem is perfect for the other family members who never buy you anything for Christmas either. So what if they lost their home? That's no excuse.
It's also a perfect gift for family members who can no longer afford cable. It's only $41.98 (Not included are the shipping and handling the fragile CD.) too can learn how to play the guitar with one finger.
And I have the perfect finger picked out, if someone sends this to me.
And last but not least, we must NOT forget our President.
Yes, if you are President of the United States, you will get a free vacation to India to see the Festival of Lights... And also on the trip, you will get a visit to the museum of Gandhi, included with your very own tunnel so that all those pesky poor people starving in India can't drop a coconut that they kept for that purpose (dropping).. on your head.
No, thanks to the American taxpayer, the poor people in the streets of India won't be bothering you for American dollars, which are, believe it or not, still worth something to many Indians. Only the rich Indians will be asking you for money.
I suggest you take along the Neiman Marcus catalog.
You will also have 34 battleships, 45 planes, 4,479 cars, and 3,000 friends to party with, because, it's your dream vacation.
Merry Christmas Mr. President.
And, thanks for asking.
Personally, I would have sent you the one fingered guitar lessons...and you might still receive it.
Especially if WE get attacked here while your out of our country.
If that happens...I'll make sure it's on my list.


Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Nobody's Sick Day

Nobody's Sick Day

What I am about to do, can be blamed on blueberries.

It's 10:22 pm and I am eating chicken noodle soup, and my brain is having trouble focusing on just one main thought...due to the fact, my thoughts have been all over the map today. You see, I had blueberries mixed with walnuts for breakfast.

Unlike all the latest movies, where at least in one scene, someone is smoking, or puking...I will spare you the details except to say...they LOOKED okay when I took them out of the ice box...(sorry, that's what my mother always called the refrigerator) but breakfast was 9am, and here it is almost 14 hours later, and my second food of the day is: chicken noodle soup.

Wish me luck.

So...if you wonder why I am all over the map tonight: blame the blueberries, which are by now somewhere floating in the basin of the Louisianan Delta, mixing with BP oil.

Nobody's Opinion: Let's start out with Obama's big speech today.

First: Always pay attention to details... like the fact that Lincoln's bust was just over Obama's right shoulder...very subliminally suggesting that he is a great President of a country divided and at war.

Second: Check out the ears. After listening to the speech twice, I noticed that after every question, Obama looked down, as if he was listening to somebody in his head. Well, Of COURSE he is. Obama obviously now has teleprompter ears. That's why he seemed so together today.
Sly was right. Manchurian.

Who's on the other side of that ear signal?

He also had to remind us, again, of his awesome power: "I am the President."

Really? We had no idea.

Third: He isn't going to change a thing in any of his plans, and between the boring platitudes... he said so.. Why should he? In fact, he promises all the bickering will stifle "progress," and so he will just let the EPA put all his programs through. The lame duck session is going to give him more time to read letters from dying children, and spend every hour of every day, just like he has, working day and night and night and day on getting this country jobs. China leads us in everything, so we need to spend more money. It's a hard job, but he has to do it.

Nobody Perfect: Newt Gingrich came out tonight on FOX and said that Obama should now take off until Christmas and go think, and that Reagan took off a whole year from the job and he got away from Washington and it did him a lot of good.

I'm not sure that most of the American people, some of whom have not taken a vacation since they went to Woodstock, want their Presidents to get paid to work for four years, and then only work...three.

Don't get me started on this one, there are noodles to consider.

Newt, if you want Obama to go away...just say so. Leave Ronald out of it.

Nobody Cares: Here's a danger: the utter sorrow that entrenched politicians feel when "'public servants" lose their jobs. I don't care...we need to demand term limits. Term limits.

We don't WANT career politicians. It's only human nature to become ravenous pigs when flashed a couple of billions dollars of other's people money to spend. Both parties are guilty of this. Clinton, and Bush BOTH have "public service schools" where they are grooming future "leaders" and public servants to rule in the future. They are hand picking our candidates.

God bless Thomas Jefferson, but we don't need public servant schools. It would be like paying for your own executioner.

WAIT...I need crackers. The original club crackers, not the diet kind.. And speaking of food:

Nobody Wins when Politicians can tell you what to do with your product. San Francisco is banning toys from Happy Meals.

See that picture? That's Nancy Pelosi, at her home in San Francisco, making a toast to...keeping children from having too much fun. Their reasoning is the kids are fat because of the toys Happy Meals.

No, the kids are fat because they sit around every afternoon and play video games inside. The Video game businesses makes more than the movie businesses, but less than the porn businesses, .but, if you have seen the video games lately they are getting the kids ready to spend their money on porn AND videos till they die. It's a win/win situation for them both!

Give them a happy meal I say..distract those buggers.

It's not the Happy Meal that make kids fat. In fact, it has been said that the hamburgers have an addictive chemical in the meat, to get you addicted, and if that is true...STILL not the toys.

Hey, I play with those toys.

Take recycling classes out of school, and put back P.E, Nancy.

And to this may I add: "Are those really your children and grandchildren, Nancy, and are you planning on poison apples in those Happy Meals?"

Nobody Flashes: Obama said in his speech today, he was just like the people in Ohio. He made it by hard work, and honesty. Obama grew up in paradise, was a community organizer, went to Harvard, was a Senator, and then President. The last time he was honest was when he talked to Joe Plumber.

John Boehner, the new House Speaker, said he really has worked the middle class life. He worked his way through college, it wasn't funded by Saudi Kings.

But now, he has the tan of a daily golfer...we'll see.

Nobody Remembers...some good news. Oklahoma passed a law forbidding judges to site international law, and that includes Sharia. California did not fall for Soros's dreams of drugging the masses, and Missouri rejected politicians from being able to raise our property taxes without our permission.

Nobody's Fool: I'm making a mess with the crackers, time to end this.

The good news is, the American people are not fools: we came out in full fighting force and really hit home the message that we are mad. What we must not forget is that, like a well played chess game, the elite power that is trying to force this New World Order of big corporate/governmental monopoly where all the people in the US are merely socially engineered "servants"(We are now 80% service jobs.) are not really worried.

For too many years they have rigged the system so that they stay on their cushy elite power perches forever. Perches where they all just rotate between the government, to the media, to the corporate boards. Great for them. REALLY bad for us.

in 1994, the Republicans took back the Congress. Not many people know that Newt Gingrich took the newcomers and held them back at the last minute from promoting most of what was in the contract to America. Yes, his contract. The term limits were dropped.

Many of those newcomers, just tea- party like people with no political experience, quit and went home.

We have more newcomers this time. And the corruption is deep.

Really Rangel, Frank and Reid, loved and adored after all they've done?

I don't buy it.

We will have to drag the power out of their old political hands.

Nobody Says: And having said that: I'm feeling much better. Tomorrow: I'm ready for my Happy Meal.


Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Nobody Flashes...Turn off the Lights Harry

Nobody Flashes: It's a good day! Isn't it?

I don't know about you, but as we watched the East coast elections results come in, and then West Virginia, and then Florida, and then the Mid-West, and then Obama's old seat... and then by the time we got to New Mexico...we were...dancing!!

AND got California. Jerry Brown.

Yes, take a look at this video and tell me if you think that California CAN be saved? These guys were celebrating the World Series win by destroying a car!

Poor car. I think, due to this video they should outlaw all cars there, or have HATE crimes against cars. Really. What did that car do to those guys?

While the good news was all over the place, the BAD news is Charlie Rangel and Harry Reid won....not to mention...Barney Frank.

I mean really...Barney Frank holds the money to everything. Who ARE those people up there that voted for Barney? Do they drug the water?

And Harry Reid's victory was beyond staggering. It seems he had to turn off the electric to win. Whoever voted in Las Vegas...

Should STAY in Las Vegas.

Now, the REAL question is: Will Nancy Pelosi have to give that brand new jet she demanded when she became House Leader to the Republican House leader?

She better not leave it in San Francisco...I hear planes are next.

I don't know about you...but I'm going to enjoy listening to just HOW they are going to blame this big democratic loss...and on whom.

Let's give ourselves, and all our patriotic pundits, a pat on the back.

We have just begun....Obama's Tzars...are next.


Monday, November 01, 2010

Nobody Flashes Thomas Paine

Nobody Flashes: I found this video the other day on Youtube...and this guy is in my humble opinion:...GREAT. I'm not sure when this was recorded, but it fits the day.

He's just what we need to get us all fired up and ready to vote.

And although, he's not perfect...I'm not exactly in agreement in him on the electorial college issue and the universal service issue, which of course, is one of Obama's final goals...but on just about everything else, he hits a good home run.

God bless him.

Enjoy! And don't forget to vote.


Sunday, October 31, 2010

"It's the Economy Stupid!"...and much more

(That picture is actaully made up of thousands of people...standing in the shape of Lady Liberty)

Nobodys' Opinion: After listening to Fareed Zakaria's broadcast today on CNN, on just what Middle America can do the rest of their lives: after listening to three big CEO's brand us bunch of Americans as basically, not worth their time and effort: I wasn't feeling too much like a Halloween candy bar tonight.

I wrote down some ideas, and after reading them, I realized that I was filled with a lot of hopelessness at anything happening in my own lifetime, or that of my son's.

Who can fight this huge global NEW WORLD ORDER?

(Excuse me, Fareek has wisely left out the world "ORDER." He just calls it the "NEW WORLD" so as not to upset those of us who know their most fervent plans of global takeover. )

But tonight, I'm hopeful, and you won't believe why. For the last five Halloweens, I usually write a long column complaining at the loss of kids coming to my door on Halloween.

Last year... I got none. Nobody. Not even a knock.

So, I shut up my house tonight, and sat in the dark, "Go ahead world. Zombies are everywhere." And then, my dogs started barking. And barking. And barking.

The group of costumed kids were walking away by the time I got to the door, but they came back, with an "Oh boy!" as I opened the door.

The red pickup truck was parked in front, and they all came running- ten of the most adorable kids...and no one was over ten. I made them tell me about their costumes, because my lights were still off. Hearing all the proud little voices explaining who they were was such a kick: a vampire, the Green Hornet, a witch, a nurse, a spider, etc; and behind them was a big burly dad. He was laughing and he said, "Thank You" with a big smile, and all the kids ran out to the truck. I gave them my whole bag of Snickers.

Now, Joyanna, what is wrong with you? This means nothing.

I beg to differ. This meant everything. This was the America I grew up in, the one I've been waiting for...and I haven't seen it for more than six years.

Kids having fun. Parents having fun. And there it was: proof it was still there.

Tomorrow is election day. By all accounts, the Republicans will take the House, fill it with some new tea party candidates, and a lot of global Rhinos that will have to be fought. The Senate will remain in Democrats hands (so they predict) filled with Marxist and Socialists, and Obama will become the "Commander in Chief of the NEW WORLD."

Fareed's program, the one that got me so down, was on how was America going to compete in this New World? And especially when our populous is so badly educated in math and science, we can't even get out of the old world.

Yes, remember that crummy OLD WORLD in America where kids actually received great fundamental educations, before the Progressives took over and punched up Dewey's system of just socially engineering kids to "fit" in?

We replaced that old system, with one that all the communistic countries got rid of long ago.

Fareed's CEO guests were all complaining about our ignorance, and how they will find it hard to hire from our horrible schools. Bill Gates has been concerned because he only hires people with high IQs...(Did you know that?)

I hate to break it to him, but not all of the most creative people often do not have high IQs, and if you look at all the high IQs running the country, you can see the false assumption in that thinking.

Still, he is right.

Many of our children are in prisons to nowhere, and the parents are rendered impotent at every turn to change it due to government control.

Louis Gerstner of IBM, Eric Schmidt of Google, and Muhtar Kent of Coke...all told Fareek that American entrepreneurship can bring us back. The very thing that has made America great is her creative minds. And to continue to compete, they all want the "government"--- that means you and pay for their research and development.

You see, these guys have already set up their manufacturing in China, and in return for that big market base of billions of consumers that have kept them all in big profits... they have to fork over all their secrets and technology.

So, think: if "we the people" would pay for the research and development, of let's say, Nano
Technology for Google, just who reaps the benefits of that technology? Because, remember, China gets it free, courtesy of our CEO's.

We paid for it, and we have to pay for it AGAIN...and the CEO's and a handful of companies,(and those who can afford stocks) will get the rewards. The only boys getting rich will be the Harvard and Yale boys.

And while Glenn Beck likes to point out that Bill Gates was a dropout of Harvard...and still made it in his garage...he forgets to mention Bill's parents had the money to send him there in the first place, which means, Bill got a good education BEFORE Harvard.

Most of our kids don't.

But: here's our biggest problem: If you take the time to tune into Charlie Rose, you will hear all the CEO's complain about how hard it is to work in a two-party system of government where nothing ever gets down. And that IS the main message of the liberals. The company CEO's love the communist system, because one general gives everything a go ahead. It saves time, it saves money, and all control remains at the top.

And so, going by that idea, you have to wonder if that isn't the final goal: break the system, the people will demand it doesn't work, and THEN replace it with a dictatorship.

There is only one problem with this: real creativity needs freedom.

Eric Schmidt wants to find those people of creative mind, and HOST them. Give them a nice salary, and lots of awards, and then the patents and the billions belong to Google. The American dream, will be only for the man that the big Fortune 500 blesses.

So, tomorrow, the Tea Party People are going to come out. We see the stakes at hand. Our rich boys on the Hill have ignored us, blamed us, yelled at us, called us dogs, stupid, ignorant, racist, and according to Fareed--- we also just consume too damn much. We need to "invest" more.

And to get that investment money for the big CEO's he suggests we need another "research" tax...a tax on everything..

Oh, and it would be nice if we all learned to speak another Spanish.

Mussolini--- I give you--- Fareed Zakaria.

Hey...remember that slogan Bill Clinton used to get elected his first term? The one that good ol' boy James Carville made up?

"It's the economy stupid."

Yes, this election's more than the economy. It's the very future of the planet. We MUST keep alive the American Dream, for the little guy.

The fight, for the American people...begins...tomorrow.

Some high IQ's are NOT going to see this coming.

I plans to see some really great hypothalamus breakdowns.

Obama Zombies...will no longer be walking.


Nobody Flashes REAL Talent

Nobody Flashes:
If only I had this kind of talent...
I'd put every politician I didn't like on a pumpkin, put a candle in the middle, display them on my front porch every night, and light them until they were all out of office.