Saturday, May 20, 2006

Chipping Away in Levi's

Nobody’s Opinion; Tell me this hasn’t happened to you.

You go shopping, you pay your bill--- you walk out through the two huge white looking columns, and then a huge “Beeeeeeep!” goes off.

Usually I freeze. The only thing moving is my mind; “Do I turn around? Was it my keys? My cuticle clippers? All those pennies I been meaning to empty? Oh my gods…all these people staring at me think I stole something! Don’t they know how honest I am? ”

Instantly I morph into Woody Allen. “What did I do?”

When it first started happening to me, I was totally embarrassed.

Not anymore.

Because I’ve notice something in the last five years, nobody cares about it at all.

Everyone that works in the store looks up, and then just goes about their business. You get that look from them all…”Go on, get out of here…it’s bad enough that I have to have this low paying service job, listen to people complaining all day, let alone have to put up with that annoying sound.”

Just when did they stop caring about theft?

When those machines were first put in the stores, we watched patiently while all the clothes had big heavy plastic “magnetic” readers put on them. I always felt sorry for the people who had to “pull and twist” those things off. You don’t see them much anymore, and they haven’t told you why. Boy, they were a pain in the butt, weren’t they?

I use to think they got rid of the tags because they weren’t working. The thieves just kept on stealing. The poor worker wasn’t about to risk stopping them, and the mall cops were usually too far away.

A friend of mine, who worked in the perfume department of a huge retail store at a major mall, told me that once a week some guys would just walk up to the perfume counter, pile as many boxes of perfume as they could on top of each other, and calmly walk out. It was a hit they took weekly. Sometimes it was the most exciting and fun event of the month. The mall police never caught them. She told me, the store could have cared less. They just passed the loss onto the customer.

But, it never fails, whenever I go into Best Buy, I walk out with nothing, and I always set off the buzzer. No one pays attention to it, and that does have me worried.

Just what is on me that is setting off the alarm? Bad brain waves? Is there a little guy behind a camera in some room just pushing a button for laughs?

Actually there are two ladies trying to tell us the answers: Katherine Albrecht and Liz McIntyre. They have written a book called ‘The Spy Chip” that you can get on their web site;

The first kind of chip is called RFID chips. (Radio Frequency Identification) The newest stuff to track clothes, software, underwear, razors…in fact just anything they want to put the chip on it will fit into because, you see, it’s smaller than a grain of sand, a big improvement over that clumsy predecessor because, they don’t have to take it off. It goes home with you. Wal-mart is using it, as is K-Mart, and Proctor and Gamble... (could be your Cheerios are watching you.) Levi’s has been using it forever.

In fact, they are trying to replace the bar codes with it.

It’s for keeping track of what YOU buy, and that pair of Levi’s in your closet could very well be setting off many a magnetic reader whenever you pass it.

And why someone would want to chip Kleenix boxes, is beyond me. Maybe when the bird flu hits they will need to know just how sick you really are.

But, there is another version; that is much bigger brother called the Verichip, and it’s for people. You have it implanted in your arm. It can hold a person’s medical history, bank account, license... in fact, pretty much your whole history and you mother and father’s too. (Actually, the information is held on a computer somewhere, you just have the ID number)

These Verichips people have been reading way too many science fiction books.

Remember after 9/11, when President Bush marched out “one of his best friends” Tommy Thompson to head Homeland security? Whoa---- he was pretty scary looking I thought. I thought Tommy looked a bit like J. Edgar. Well Tommy is now retired and on the Board of Verichips.

He had once suggested on national TV that everyone in America get the chip implanted in their arm. How I missed that one, I don’t know. It was not reported much in the news.

Guess they thought we weren’t quite ready for the Verichips polls.

And now Scott Silverman, the head of the company is suggesting that we chip the immigrants to keep track of them, in fact, right after Bush’s speech the other night.

What a great guy!

Just how they are going to track them with a chip that cannot be read by satellite, escapes me. In fact, they are trying to sell you on the idea that little children and dogs will be found if they are kidnapped if they have a chip in their arms.

Don’t buy it. The only way they can read these chips is with a reader that is no more than 18"-24” away. I don’t think the serial child kidnapers are really worried about this.

They will also suggest old people get chipped for the medical attendant to read…but it can’t be read in an ambulance or a hospital due to all the other machines. In fact, it might just sign your death warrant because the technician will not know you’re a diabetic. You took off your bracelet when you got the chip, which you paid $200 to have installed and $80.00 a year to keep current.

What? You thought the government was going to actually pay for this?

Now, according to the Bible, we would all know our time was numbered when the number 666 was implanted on everyone’s hand or forehead. The bible predicted that a person would not be to buy food or anything without using this ID tattoo. Some people believe this so much, they have been putting this on billboards. (Picture)

But the worry here is--- if the immigrants are force into being chipped, chipping the rest of us won’t be too far behind. There is a bill being presented in Wisconsin right now forbidding any chipping of humans. We might all have to move there...

If the government pushes this on us, and they could very easily, having seen our right to eminent domain go through so easily, it’ going to be interesting to see just how many people go along with it.

If this truly happens, then the American people can truly say that our government is chipping away at the last of our freedoms. (Ok. Bad.)

But we should at least demand that every person working in high office for the government have the numbers 666 imprinted on their wrist or foreheads, so we can tell who the traitors are on judgment day.

I’ll fell better.

Nobody’s Perfect
; Paul McCartney, in a rush to forget his pain of his soul mate got married a little too soon after her death and has now found out that it’s not going to work out. Like a real dummy, he did not get her to sign a pre-nuptial. This just goes to show that just because you’re a genius in one area; it does not guarantee that you know jack about anything else. A rule that most genius find hard to admit is that they are not perfect. When I read that she told him he would just have to stop smoking dope, I though… (Uh—oh)…it’s doomed. Get ready for a nasty divorce.

Nobody’s Knows; That all this fuss about making English the national language is all smoke and mirrors and doesn't change a damn thing. It’s just a little cookie to placate all the rest of us into thinking that the Mexicans will have to learn Spanish. I suggest next time a cop pulls us over for anything we should all say...”No speaka English." In fact, we could just all write that on our tax returns.

Nobody Cares; You know, after writing this tonight I realized that very few people care if this whole chipping thing goes down because actually, even when it is happening, nobody is going to frigging believe it...remember, according to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, the Holocaust never happened. Just repeat after me ..There is no chip, there is no chip...

Hey, have a great weekend.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Babbling At the Tower of Congress

Nobody’s Opinion; Today the Senate voted to make English the main language in the United States. You know it’s getting pretty sad when they have to put it into some kind of law.

Actually, some people tried to tell us about this problem of language a long time ago in the story of the Tower of Babel;

And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower, which the sons of men had built. And the Lord said, “Oh-oh, these guys are getting too smart. They are all speaking one language, they are all working together, and they have built a tower 4 times bigger than the Mubarak al-Kabir Tower in Kuwait Bay! They just might go somewhere with this, and then, I’m cooked. I’ve got to stop this. With them all speaking one language they will be getting off the earth and out into my domain heaven, in no time. ”

NO…what he actually said was “Behold, they are one people, and they have all one language; and this is only the beginning of what they will do; and nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them. Come, let us go down, and there confuse their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.”

And now, in the United States Senate, we have another god, Senate Democratic leader Harry “Pinky” Reid of Nevada, who is basically saying the same thing. He was really upset that a bill was passed in the Senate to make English the national language of the United States. “I really believe this amendment is racist. I think it’s directed basically to people who speak Spanish.” babbled Harry.

Really Pinky? Pinky studied in Georgetown, became the obligatory democratic lawyer, got elected to office out of Las Vegas, and will do anything for an Indian. Still, somehow he misunderstood the lessons that the Bible was tying to teach us, which is simply:

If men speak one language, the possibilities are limitless.
If men speak many languages, you can control them.

Or did he? I guess it depends on whether you consider yourself a God, or a man.

Due to the recent invasion of the rest of the world rushing to America, there is a real problem with some of us understanding what the rest of us are saying. In my local school district, there are 36 different languages that they have to have special tutors for, at the taxpayers’ expense of course. And this is in the middle of Missouri. It was a lot different when I was a child.

This confusion of language was one of the reasons that we were attacked on 9/11. Once again, we give credit to Bill Clinton, who has the manual of the gods memorized.

He made sure (via Janet Reno) that none of the departments in the government could talk to each other, so all warnings of 9/11 were ignored at the threat of lawsuits. They had about four people in the department that spoke Saudi, and they were busy listening to republicans. The stacks of Intel waiting to be deciphered are still sitting on some office floor, probably along with Vince Foster’s notes.

It has always been the rule---up until President Clinton’s brilliant executive order (called god commands you) to extend language assistance to individuals not proficient in English, that the foreign student in our schools had to learn English…or else they failed.

I remember in my 4th grade class in Naples, Florida, there was only one student who got all A’s. Her name was Patricia, and she was from Cuba. She somehow learned the English language in one year, and beat us all. She was so sweet and so grateful to be in America. Everyone in the whole class was proud of her. In fact, all the kids from Cuba studied hard, and they all learned English.

But, the liberals, like idiots (or self-proclaimed gods) have decided that’s its just too hard for these poor kids from Mexico to learn English.

So some good Senators, who know that only in one language can the United States go forward into the “progressive” (I’m stealing the new Marxist word here from the democrats) future, they had better do something quick, if for no other reason but to assure that our Congress members won’t have to learn Spanish too.

And also because President Bush actually probably speaks better in Spanish than English,

I did an internet search on the Babel Tower. The original one existed around the 6th or 7th century B.C, in current Southern Iraq. In fact, Saddam was trying to rebuild it so he could become the next God of the universe.

I also found out that curiously, video game designers love to put the Tower of Babel in their game plans; you can find the tower in Doom, Xenogears, Final Fantasy IV, Doshir the Giant, Serious Sam, Painkiller, and about ten others.

And there is a program especially made for us English speaking people that want to learn how to speak Spanish. It’s called…get this… “The Tower of Babel.”

I kid you not.

No, the New World Government borderless gods of power, want a one world court, one world taxes, no borders, one currency, and one ruling class.

But a one world language will not be permitted. In fact---they are taking a lesson from the God of the Book of Jubilees; it’s unthinkable. Therefore diversity is promoted in all books and movies.

English will be spoken only by the elites. They have voted it the international language for all G-8 leaders.

All the rest of us will, preferably to them… be babbling.

God forbid we should make it into their heaven.

Nobody’s Perfect; It was reported today that most of the women in Saudi Arabia are fat under those tents they wear. They are not allowed to exercise to lose weight. They are getting rich and eating fast food. Our western habit of eat and go watch TV is spreading. It seems the men are afraid that if the woman see each other in tights at a gym, they might all get turned on, and have sex with each other. According to bin Laden’s niece, the men know this fact from real life---they know what happens when men put on tights. This could be a whole new field for the gay movement to celebrate.

The Saudi’s will be fat AND gay, therefore they will not reproduce. This could be good news.
Send Richard Simmons to Saudi Arabia. Michael Jackson could help out, and redeem himself.

Nobody’ Knows; Rupert Murdoch wants the Australian Prime Minister to retire soon, just in case Hillary’s chances for election here fail. Remember, Bill Clinton was in Australia on 9/11. They cover all the options. If they don’t get the United States and the world, there is always Australia. They still speak English there. And Bill's buddy, the shark could hook him up every day. Bill could actually feel like President again. In his second term, we forget, he was playing golf every other day.

Nobody Cares; I have only seen American Idol once. It reminded me of the time I was host of a karaoke bar…watching bad singers struggle through the torture of hearing ruthlessly just how bad they are is a lot like I suppose, having reoccurring eruptions of herpes. (Thanks for the Doug Powers inspiration.) But I’m sure nobody cares, its just my nobody opinion.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Toe Suckers and Political Snake Holes

Nobody’s Opinion; Every time I see Dick Morris I get a picture of him sucking on Sherry Rowland’s (the call- girl of the moment) toes--- on that balcony.

And I thought, wait a minute. Who in their right mind would go out to a balcony in Washington D.C., in broad daylight, especially if they were this very wise and important consultant to the President of the United States, in his bathrobe and suck on a prostitute’s toes, thereby setting himself up for a scandal?

Obsequious servants will do anything it seems.

They use to call Morris in political circles, the snake, because he was so good at what he did. And as we all know, snakes shed their skins. But they are still snakes. It doesn’t change their core.

When Dick Morris shed his skin after Clinton fired him for that “scandal” and became a stanch Republican, I was looking for the snake hole. I grew up in the swamps of Florida, and I’ve seen plenty of them.

I’ve been watching him carefully; waiting for this moment: the moment when Dick Morris, like the great Oz, would finally step out from behind the hole of the dark curtains of power and reveal himself. But, he has been careful…sneaky…waiting for the moment.

For years, I found it extremely hard to believe when Clinton left office, that many of the people, who had literally worshipped Bill Clinton, would leave office and suddenly, in a matter of a few months, change their whole political outlook and hate the old political party they worked so hard to put in power.

I mean, in the real world…who does that? O.K….besides lawyers?

Right away some of the top jobs on television were given to two of the closest advisors to Bill Clinton…George Stephonopoulos and Dick Morris. They instantly wrote books trying to distance themselves from the Clintons…but did they?

They both admitted they still believed in the same ideas of the left. It was just the “disappointment” of the “behaviors” of the Clintons that bothered them. Neither Dick nor George has ever come out against Bill Clinton in any real way. Not that I know of. On the contrary, they literately beam like school girls when they write or talk of the time spent with him and how much they accomplished.

Now to be fair, I have not read all of Dick's books, maybe he really tore Bill Clinton up. But I've never heard him do it on Fox. (Although I could have missed it.)

With Bill Clinton, literally seething from the audacity of impeachment, and still in control of most of the government, putting just about every single loyal Marxist he could find in every branch of the government he possibly could, thereby setting himself up for the comeback, and payback, ….it wasn’t hard to believe that old toe-sucking Morris would still suck the toes of his old boss.

In fact, that whole story of him being caught with a prostitute, and fired by Bill because he let her listen to a conversation he was having with President Clinton on the phone sounds..What…hypocritical?

Right---President Bill Clinton; who talked to foreign ministers with Monica under his desk--- fired Dick Morris for a conversation on the phone with a girl in the room. More than likely these guys shared woman on a weekly basis.

If Sally had not been so adamant that a Republican did NOT put her up to it reported Dick to the tabloids, I might have believed the story. To me that’s proof in itself the whole episode was fabricated to get Morris out, and over to the republicans side as a spy. They had to convince the public that the snake had shed his skin in order to get into their camp.

The story was he had been fired and wanted out. It’s been used in history before... the old, “They were terrible to me, I want to join your camp.” ploy.

Back then, as now, the republicans were blamed for everything. Scandals are created to obscure and deflect. So that’s why I had this feeling that Dick Morris was really put on Fox as Clinton’s tool to help guide the conversations of America.

George too, presents himself as above it all, but inside he is a flaming liberal.

I remember once hearing Dick say that one of the proudest achievements of his life was when Bill Clinton and he got welfare reform passed. Of course he is doing a real Bill Clinton here, because Clinton did not want to pass it, and vetoed it three times.

I bet it was Dick Morris who said, “Bill, you’ve got to sign this and come to the center or you will not win a second term.”

So, in a funny way, Dick can take credit for making Bill sign it, but in their rewritten history, the two of them did it all, and saved the people.

Dick Morris says he’s bipartisan. He has said that he now works for only republicans.

In fact he has put out the image that he truly wants Hillary to lose to Condi Rice, and wrote a book about it.

Now, in all fairness, I felt there was a purpose to this book. And it was not to beat Hillary, as much as he claims to hate her. It was to promote, and get the American people to once again accept that a WOMAN and only a woman should be the next president. Just like the TV sitcom with Geena Davis…another manipulation. He knows Rice is not going to run.

Dick Morris considers himself the reincarnation of Niccolo Machiavelli. It’s obvious he has studied his craft to great extent. But we must remember, that he was the brains behind all the vicious, and slanderous attacks that help put Clinton back in office. He has no principles when dealing with power, just like Machiavelli-- whatever it takes to win is his motto, as was the Clinton’s.

So finally at last, the snake came out of his hole and hissed .in his article Run like a Democrat to Win at

He says the republicans must endorse the democratic views to win, because well---according to Dick Morris-- the American people are all democrats now. (?)

He says the average person sees all this weather stuff as the consequence of years of pollution. (?) Gee Dick, I’m average and I don’t believe that.

On Iraq, he hissed, “Most of the voters are just disgusted with the party that landed us in this no-win situation.” (He is warming up here for the strike.)

His final statement “It is only by moving to the center and to the left that the congressional Republican Party can respond to the massive voter anger its candidates encounter at every turn.”

Ouch, that’s a nasty bite. All republicans must now become democrats.

Now, anyone with the sense of a snake knows the very reason the conservative base is turning away from the Republican Party is that we elected them and they, like Dick Morris, shed their skins and acted more like democrats than actual democrats.

There are snake skins all over the streets of D.C., people are tripping on them.

Where are the conservatives we elected? Did they go down the same snake hole?

Has toe-sucking become addictive?

To be fair, I haven’t read Dick’s book on Hillary. Maybe he truly doesn’t want Hillary to be President. But he is working as a consultant for Mike Huckabee (R) in Arkansas, who is big into Hillary care.

I read that Clinton wants Huckabee to run against Hillary in 2008. How fortunate it will be to have Dick Morris managing his campaign to make sure Huckabee would lose, just as Carvell working for Kerry set him up to lose. Clinton’s boys are still obsequiously toe-sucking.

These guys are drowning in their own snake oil.

I know, I’m name-calling…pretty childess….

Dick Morris loved the Presidents speech. As did Ted Kennedy…those snakes.

A speech that basically suggest amnesty to all illegal immigrants, which will lead to America’s downfall, within our lifetime.

And anyone who would give up our American sovereignty over this invasion from Mexico…is a toe-sucking, power grabbing, sneaky-slimy, calculating, truculent, treasonous, and verifiably venomous snake.

Wow, that felt good.

Otherwise, I’m sure Dick Morris is a nice guy. He just forgot that Machiavelli said "So long as the general majority of men are not deprived of their property or honour, they are satisfied."

Either Dick Morris is just like a snake-skinned prostitute working for whomever in power, or he is still working for the big snake, Bill Clinton--- which is exactly the same thing.

Nobody’s Perfect: John McCain today was asked how he felt about the USS Oriskany being put to rest at the bottom of the sea. He said he missed his “comrades” who served with him on the boat. John needs to watch his vocabulary….we all know his progressive leanings, but he really should try to hide them a bit more carefully.

Nobody Knows: I heard on Coast to Coast last night that President Bush awarded Halliburton a $385 million dollar contract to build concentration camps here in the United States. Trouble is; nobody knows just exactly who is going to be concentrated in them.

Nobody Cares; Clinton is writing the new communist manifesto, again promoting himself and his life in public service. He will give instructions on how the average nobody can go and help aids victims in Africa, and help Mexicans learn how to take over American jobs. Why bring the Chinese and Indians here when Mexicans are so much closer and even cheaper?

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Typoglycemia Will Do

The paragraph below is a sample of the real reasons that all teachers and university professors do not care if our children learn how to spell. In fact, the Mexicans are being taught this method in all middle schools so they will won't have to learn English, but will be able to fill out all govenment welfare papers.


I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg The phaonmneal pweor of the human mind.

Aoccdrnig to rscheearch taem at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Such a cdonition is arppoiately cllaed Typoglycemia;) Amzanig huh? Yaeh and you awlyas thought slpeling was ipmorantt.;-?

Warning; Know Your Amygdala Tsunami Words

Nobody’s Opinion; Let’s face it…humans are emotional. It’s a fact. And because I’m human, I’m really emotional at this moment in time because like many Americans, I feel like I’m being manipulated.

And my amygdala has got me pretty teed off about it. About what you say?

About the way politicians are using words to control us. Somewhere there are huge think tanks doing experiments trying to figure out just the right words to flood our amygdalas with a cannonade of propaganda in order to facilitate an emotional tsunami and devastate whatever logical thought that may still exist after years of excessive re-programming through the public school system.

Wish I could tell you they are doing this for our benefit.

Emotions are ruled by the amygdala (uh-mig-duh-luh), a gland in our brains, and every day we get the latest words to push just the right amygdala buttons. “They” being politicians, CEOs, heads of states--- anyone who will benefit by controlling just what you think.

The real name for it is propaganda, or the study of semiotics. But, you will never hear that word to describe what is being done here…oh no, not in America. Like the JFK assassination, it’s a secret. It has become such a fine art here even Goebbels would be proud.

Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister, reported that there are four kinds of propaganda:

Propaganda through the written word.
Propaganda through the spoken word.
Propaganda through mass marches.
Propaganda through cultural gatherings.

Look familiar? Mass marches?

The liberals have had this art down for decades, but the republicans are catching up.

When FDR told the American people how they were unpatriotic “hoarders” if they did not deposit their money during the depression, it worked. There was a national amygdala explosion the next day. Everyone ran to the banks. Of course when FDR gathered up all the gold in the Unites States, he was not a “hoarder,” he was saving the country.

If you feel like you have been a bad person after listening to some pundit speech, chances are you might have heard that you are a “vigilante” or a “racist.” You are guilty of “excessive consumption,” “addicted to gas,” or “indifferent to the suffering.”

Remember, you are none of these things. Stay calm. It’s just that the government knows that the best defense they have for basically taking away your freedoms, taxing you to death, and not representing your wishes but the wishes of the powerful, is by throwing out a good offense, which is; make you think you are the bad guy. Attack!
Liberals especially like the words, “children, poverty, or progressive.”


“It takes a Village to raise a child.”
Translation: Hillary Clinton wants you to give the child up to the state, which will have complete control.

“The world’s richest nations should provide billions in aid for poor countries.”
Translation: Jacques Chirac thinks The United States taxpayers should fork out more money to the United Nations, most of which does not reach the “poor.”

“A concerned progressive must read the Washington monthly.”
When liberals use “progressive” they mean-- thinking of the future. Remember the Clinton’s first campaign song, “Don’t Stop Thinking about Tomorrow”?
Translation: James Carville wants you to read Marxist propaganda. Clinton used the word progressive throughout his autobiography, “My Life.” Two progressive guys who know you have no idea that this word was used by communists for decades.

And on the immigration issues we have some good ones;

We have the “path to citizenship,” (amnesty) “immigrant justice,” (amnesty) “value voters,” (amnesty) “undocumented workers,” (amnesty) “guest workers,” (amnesty) and “poor people trying to make living.” (amnesty)

The think tanks were buzzing on Starbucks that session.

Bill Clinton is a master. He uses the words, “shared opportunities, shared responsibility, and shared participation” for his new global network.

Translation; communism. And if you don’t believe in “global cooperation” you are an “immoral and unethical racist.”

Al Gore uses “green,” “global warming,” and “ecoimagination” to get your money.

Hillary will lead the new “renaissance” into the “progressive” future, where we will all share pedicabs (rickshaws) and diversity. Which means you have no freedom to say anything about anyone. We will become “sophisticated consumers” on health care, with the “right to die.”

So, to stop the tsunami of propaganda hitting you, consider the sources and say,

“I remain a vigilante, constitution loving, English speaking, freedom-loving American.”

And then get out your mental sump-pump.

Nobody’s Perfect; It seems that the touch-screen voting machines that are being used in many states now, have 3 levels of backdoor access written into the programming, which means, they can go in and change votes. Both republicans and democrats love this machine. Personally, I loved watching the chad counting, it was great entertainment.

Nobody Cares; It seems Richard Hatch, that famous winner of the Survival, has been sentenced to jail for not paying income taxes on his winnings. As I remember, he won the game by being a scum-bag cheater more or less. Seems he wasn’t smart enough to marry an illegal alien. Anyway, he can now survive in jail, which will not be hard as he is gay. Maybe this was his plan all along.

Nobody Knows; According to Aaron Russo, the man who started the Constitution Party-- there is no law that says we have to pay income taxes. According, the Supreme Court voted down the 16th amendment about eight times due to the fact that it was unconditional for the Congress to tax a man’s wages. Gee, throw in that the Federal Reserve took the money from Ft. Knox and put it under the Citi-bank in their Headquarters in New York, and the citizens of America looks real stupid. Actually, that's why baseball was get our attention away from what they were doing. Now, it's Brittany Spears.

Hey, don’t ask me, I am still looking for the plane in that released picture that the Pentagon put out today. All I could see was the blast. Now they are telling us what we see, when we don’t see anything. Amazing.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Send Us Your Poor, Your Drug Lords, Your Refried Beans...

Nobody’s Opinion; I listened to President’s Bush amnesty speech tonight. Then I listened to Ted Kennedy’s immigration speech. There was no difference at all except that Bush looked better in his brand new ‘most presidential suit ever made’ suit.

He was not a President tonight. George Bush was a simple salesman for the elite ruling classes. Like a used car salesmen, selling us the lemon complete with taco sauce.

It was such terrible news, I just wanted to sleep.

Bill Clinton was right. America will not always be the big dog on the block, and he knows this because he, and all the elite career politicians in Washington for the last decade have arranged it. They have dumped America in the trash and they are moving on to their “World Government.” We are not even going to be recycled.

Actually, I was having a hard time listening to him. I suspect that was the plan.

My heart sank when I heard his soppy soliloquy about the illegal Mexican guy (sorry, I didn’t catch his name) being held up like a hero for serving in the Iraq war, as if he was the only one and true American soldier that has ever served. That was pretty low.

Well, George Bush tonight, with one long pandering wimpy speech, finally dashed any hopes that the country of America would go on in the world.

Unless, by some miracle, a race of men from the inside get mad enough to take on the elites of our country. Too many of them have committed high crimes and treason.

Telling us that this is a natural immigration instead of what it actually is: an invasion and the complete downfall of America, because the elite’s are so sure that they can never be either held accountable, or voted out of office. The dynasties have been in power for so long, that they no longer care. They have fixed the demographics. They place their cabinet’s members now in places of power. (Like Richardson in Arizona.) They are hired puppets. And they have been assured by the great cartels that fund them that they will remain in power and never have to worry again.

This is America by the elites, and for the elites. We are no longer a republic. Or even a democracy--- we are a plutocracy. Immigration was opposed by 81% of the people, yet the elites are doing what they want.

Bush said…”We are a country of laws.” Ok…now I agree…Bush lies. He did not mention that the immigration laws already on the books mean nothing here. He did not mention that the laws for the rich and powerful are different than for us nobodys.

The Clintons, The Bushes---The Kennedy’s…now working toward the goal of keeping their own families and loyal puppets in power for the next hundred years.

I remember how I felt during the re-count in Florida. I was so afraid that the democratic/ Marxist agenda would not be stopped. I remember how relieved I was when Bush was finally confirmed. I thought America could be saved.

The world had terrible premonitions when young JFK died. And then Princess Diana. JFK was going to run for Senate. Hillary would not have been elected.

Oh sure, I forgot, he hit a fog--- that’s right.

Gee, I remember how the whole world grieved when Princess Diana died-- but Prince Charles and the Queen looked as if they were pissed off that we were making such a big deal of it.

Our first thoughts were, well, they were killed of course.

But, we dare not say it, because that’s how much we are controlled. They’ve worked out this game of control so well, we don’t even know we are being controlled.

And now the takeover of America by the left….and multinational companies, who want the one world government, seems inevitably.

Both Kennedy and Bush were talking about “security.” Where were they after 9/11?

The National Guard will be placed on the border, but just as “backup” they won’t really do anything there.

And now, well into his second term, Bush has become the ultimate liberal Democrat. He has endorsed Hillary for President pretty much. The republicans have acted just like democrats. And after tonight’s speech, I have now lost all respect for President Bush. I guess he truly believes in his heart that this invasion of Mexicans, will make him appear good with god, because he has arranged it so that the American wealth will be redistributed to feed the poor starving Mexicans.

Both Kennedy and Bush tried the sales pitch of “We are a nation of immigrants. This country was built on immigrants.”

Yes, and we were built with immigrants, and we will fall with immigrants. We have now been turned over to Mexico, for the rich to continue to amass great wealth.

Just as in affirmative action, while we watched our own children being deprived of their education because we were white, so that a black man could go to school, and be given houses, and free food, and supported by the middle class, now we have another affirmative action in trying to support the Mexicans.

According to the Heritage Foundations estimates, if the Senate and President Bush gets his way, 100 million new immigrants will fill America within the next 20 year, and that’s a low estimate. It could be up to 190 million.

They have no intention of learning English, as everyone knows. The schools will not improve. The big companies will just bring in highly educated from China, or India.

The big boys in Washington know they have us.

Yes, President Bush pulled out the red carpet for the Mexican people.

Come one, come all! Here you can have a house, a car, a free education come take over the dream of America…those old white people will soon die off.

Come to The New Americano Experience--- and bring your family.

Nobody Wins; The whole world lost tonight. The American people: the most generous, most creative and most inventive people in the world, have just been made a third world country. So the world had better start thinking about what new middle class you are going to get your money from to cure your aids, help your poor, build your schools and oil plants, because we have been sucked dry.

Housework, Ha-Ha's, and Mother Angels

Nobody’s Opinion; This weekend’s news was a lot of laughs. I don’t know about you, but weekends are usually filled with so much “work around the house” stuff, that you are sometimes glad to go back to work just to relax.

So, while I was cutting my husband’s hair and hoping he doesn’t look behind his head anytime soon, listening to the radio while putting ant poison on around the sink, picking up bits of my plastic five dollar sandals that my puppy thoroughly enjoyed (last week it was my ear cell phone piece, right now, I think she’s eating my rattan table)---I go from room to room and listen, watch or read whatever happens to be in that room while I’m cleaning. Hey, works for me. The last thing I want to do when I’m folding a towel is actually have nothing on my mind but how to fold a towel.

So there I was…cutting my husband’s hair, and the more popular person in the White House, Laura Bush, was being interviewed on FOX saying that the low poll ratings on her husband are nonsense, and aren’t true. Why, she goes all over the country and people ask her to tell her husband to-- “Stay the Course.” Ha, ha-ha. What course is that?

Right. Just which American people did she talk to? Were they gardening? And did the White House writers ask Mel Gibson if they could borrow his patriotic slogans? I started laughing at this comment, which left a bald spot in the back of my husband’s left ear. Shsssss, don’t tell him. (Actually I like Laura Bush very much, no matter what she says.)

Somewhere in the middle of the kitchen, while I was smashing ants, I either read or heard Newt Gingrich say “I’m not ruling out running. Hillary is beatable.” Ha, ha, ha ha…

Newt, the great leader of 1994, who lead a revolution to get term-limits, fix the budget, and put vast limits on governmental power, takes over the House, and then….

Decided he would do nothing. Then he was caught having an affair. Ha.

Well once Newt got to the top, he chickened out…especially on term limits. When push came to shove during the government shutdown, the great Republican leaders left town. They were no longer for term limits. They wanted to be just like Ted Kennedy and stay forever despite threats of windmills and that is why we will keep getting laughs from the same old faces. Ha-ha.

I’m afraid I put the ant poison on just a little too thick at that laugh. Newt talks a great game, but so did President Bush. Remember that when he runs for President. He cracks me up.

I think I was taking a break (one must do that when cleaning or else your brain goes into warp mode) and then read another global leader statement by Bubba Clinton, while he was with his new sidekick, Daddy Bush, pandering to poor students with a commencement speech at Tulane University.

“It’s a positive manifestation of the most important fact of your lives,--- that you give me complete and undivided devotion and worship me forever, and phone numbers of all your old girlfriends…”

No, that’s not what he said--- he said “the most important fact is the interdependence of human beings on this planet.”

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ha, ha ha,

Right, we can be interdependent on each other, as long as we are completely dependent on Bill Clinton’s New World Order government, coming sooner than you think. To which Ellen Degeneras replied “Remember to exfoliate, moisturize, exerercise, and floss.” Which is exactly what I would have done after hearing Bill Clinton make a speech.

I was outside feeding the birds(with earphones on) and I hear CNN report that Clinton is more honest than President Bush.

Survey shows---Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha ha, ha, ha, ha! While thinking of this one, I was laughing so hard, I manage to put enough feed out for at least a flock of geese, fourteen raccoons, twenty squirrels, and any rat that might dare to have enough guts to come back into my yard.

Then comes the dirty laundry, not my favorite thing, because I have lint, like Twister had cows, it’s on everything, even the socks. I open up the dryer and yell "We got lint!." It comes from another parallel universe and I have to pick it off by hand. So into my head come the lines;

“One of the misconceptions about the Democratic Party is that we’re godless, and that we don’t have any values. We want fewer abortions and family planning.” Ok...the clothes would have to wait…I had to sit down and laugh at this one. Howard Dean is the new Rodney Dangerfield, except I had a lot more respect for Dangerfield. Come on…tell us the truth, Dean worked with Robin Williams in New York. They’ve hidden the fact that he was a night club comedian at one time. That explains the weird faces.

By this time, I was falling behind. I had to get ready for mother’s day brunch, and that’s a chore in itself. When I heard that they were selling oxygen in Japan at the 7-eleven, I’m afraid the hot rollers started to melt into the floor. By now, it was beyond belief that anything could be any funnier. I had to wait for the curlers to lose heat then I read that when representative Tancredo told Karl Rove that the President should pay attention to the border issue, Karl told him he’d never be invited back to the White House again.

I stopped laughing…hey, that’s OUR house. I ran out of Ha-ha’s but, good thing, it was time for the one day of the year that everyone has to be nice to you. (if you’re a mother)

It’s the only day that your family actually has to laugh when you don’t get the house cleaned and their favorite shirt ironed: or accidentally made a bald spot in their head.

Besides, if my husband finds out I will just laugh and make an exact replica on the other side. Ha Ha, Ha Ha.

Nobody’s Knows; Just a thought on mother’s day, and this one is a sad one. Today, I met with my brother and his wife at a restaurant for mother’s day dinner. And even though this day was a horribly sad day for my sister-in-law, you would have never known it. She was just as bubbly and pretty as she always is.

You see, they lost their only child, their son Justin. He died when he was just a little over a year old. The doctors told them he would only live 2 weeks. They had to live with the knowledge that he could die any minute.

He was the most precious child, and he would coo, and coo and talk to his momma…truly, I remember watching her holding her little son and she looked like a Modonna—she literally glowed with light-- the picture of love was never so pure. It’s the most beautiful of visions, mother and child, and artists have tried to capture the moment for centuries, but very few do.

Of course, the pain of his passing was so immense that they never quite got over it. I’ve never seen such love on a baby’s face as little baby Justin had for his mother. It was as if he knew he wouldn’t be here long and just wanted her to know how MUCH he loved her. It was a miracle how he would coo for hours at her, even though he was in such pain. Every waking minute of his little life he was talking to her. Every waking second.

There are so many moms in the world that lose children, to rare illnesses, to cancers, to drunk drivers, to suicides, and to war. Today, most of these mothers have no idea how they will make it through the day. If they have other children, they just have to bear up, But being without your child on mother’s day, for whatever reason is just as tough as it will ever get.

To me, if you want to know who are strongest and bravest of the human race, besides our soldiers, it is the mother’s who have lost a child.

And even though we may not be able to imagine their pain and the cross they bear, we can certainly remember them and say a prayer for them every single mother’s day.

Life it too precious not to.

Nobody’s Perfect; OK…I’m not good at cutting hair. But at least I didn’t hold up a whole airport in Air Force One while getting one.

Nobody Cares: Cnn also announced that Clinton “out-performed” Bush. Ha, ha ,ha.
Yes, he out-performed him in how many ways you thrill a woman with a cigar. Ha.