Saturday, March 07, 2009

Chasing Irish Men in Ball Parks

Nobody Flashes with an Irish Tourist on a Saturday night.
Hey, I was trying like the dickens to upload a really cool video I had received in my e-mail. All I got was:
report "error"
call "error on the phone..
"admit error"
"Too many errors!"
"Send this error IN!"
"You REALLY don't want to post this video after all, do you?
Okay, so Microsoft did not say that. I give up...I got directions, and said "ERROR...this will take too long to read."
So instead, I'm posting a picture taken about three years ago of myself and a young Irish man, who was on the same tour that I was one spring day here in St. Louis, of the old Busch Stadium that was being torn down.
Just to show him how friendly Americans were, I INSISTED he take a picture in the soon-to-be destroyed dugout with me.
Poor guy. He was speechless. As you can see, he was worried that my hat might blow off my head, hit him in his Irish face, and he would have to go chasing it down the third base line.
Okay, I would have had to chase it down the third base line.
It was a glorious day! Remember when cheap gold purses were in style girls?
Anyway, the video would have been better. Jennifer..Doug...I don't know how you two do it.


Friday, March 06, 2009

DUCK! Gordon Brown is Launching His New World Order Comet!

Nobody Wins: Recently, although it was told us AFTER the fact, a comet almost collided with the earth. According to Machio Picchu, New York and London could have been dusted off the map. Only about thirty people on the planet watch for these things, so our odds of getting hit are pretty high, said the always jolly Mr. Pico.

Nevertheless, not too many governments are concerned because all we can do is go around and around the earth in our little space shuttles.

The message from our government is forget comet destruction. Our government is more concerned about the earth being destroyed by insects, mice, and conservative talk-show radio hosts. They are also more concerned that lots of illegal immigrants need to stay in their brand new Arizona homes. No more twenty-five bodies to a room---in these $800,000 houses, there is room for grandparents, siblings, babies, and second and third cousins, and their grandparents, siblings and babies.

The Fannie and Freddie housing crash have caused all the world’s problems---or so George Lucus is telling us, but it’s only fair that everyone has a home. And it wasn’t just the Democrats saying this; President Bush also said it waaaay too many times.

So…what about the very real problem of a comet hitting us? Why worry the world? When it hits us, we will know it.

And this nobody wonders---since we have obviously been hit by a big comet of global economic depression----and since more than thirty people predicted it was coming---what happened? Did they figure we didn’t need to know?

That’s exactly right.

And why is that? Because it’s a very well kept secret that a elite group of big bankers (The Federal Reserve) working hand in hand with well-placed leaders of our country and others, have unleashed a world wide economic tsunami in order to destroy and then rebuilt, their NEW WORLD ORDER.

Never waste a good crisis!” said the cheery Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Brussels today.

It’s also beyond this nobody’s comprehension that no one in the media gets it. Instead, our TV’s and radio waves are filled with panic time. Lots of otherwise really intelligent people are making a lot of money pontificating at what the Sam Hill happened? How can so many of our “elected” leaders of both parties keep doing the very thing to destroy us, day after day, after day?

But...if you look at it from a New World Order point of view, it all makes perfect sense.

The G-20 all believe in globalization---it’s such a peachy keen idea. They are going to save the planet from poverty—or so they claim.

This event horizon has already happened. Millions around the world are losing homes, jobs, and future retirement funds. The Federal Reserve Bank and the very men associated with it, refuse to let out the data on just how it happened, or where the trillions went.

is suing under the freedom of information act, but they’ve got just about as much a chance of getting information as the space shuttle has of stopping a comet from hitting the earth.

And just like the comets that come close to hitting us everyday, the plans of global governance have been kept off the main pages of information ever since it’s beginning with Wilson, the United Nations, and the cartel of the powerful bankers meeting at Jekyll Island.

Gordon Brown praises this secret meeting of powerful economic war lords, whose goal was the creation of a one-world-global-economic system, ruled by a hand picked, unelected group of bankers. They will control every single commodity on the planet, including where you work, what you work on, what car you drive, what water you drink, how and when you die, and how your kids will learn to become basically state robots.

At this very moment they have government “public service schools” going up faster than the speed of Machio Picchu’s synapses.

And they will do it by making you buy their new “green” products. That kid in Africa is going to still live in a dirt hut, but he will have a computer, run by solar power, and he will recycle his dirt, until the American taxpayer can buy him a house too.

Gordon Brown just spoke his New World Order speech, in front of Congress last week. Our New World Order Congress gave the New World Order man, nineteen standing ovations.

And while all the Rush Limbaugh’s, Glenn Becks, Fox News, Jim Crammer’s, Ann Coulter’s go on and on about conservatism, they have all been making one big mistake.

They have all been ignoring the comet of a New World Order coming real fast, right at their patriotic but seemingly linear heads.

Globalization isn’t some benign harmless capitalistic venture. It’s the planned destruction of the United States, in order to merge all countries into one unelected controlled oligarchy of greedy men and women. And tyranny will be put into place in order to “stabilize” the economies and trade policies of the world.

Still think it’s just the Democrats vs the Republicans?
Let’s remember back:

Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act on December 23, 1913, two days before Christmas. (No one was paying attention, of course.) Congressman Lindberg (Charles’s dad) had this to say: “When the President (Wilson) signs this act, the invisible government by the money power will be legitimized. The new law will create inflation whenever the trusts want inflation. From now on, depressions will be scientifically created.” he warned.

Now, listen to Gordon Brown: “The financial crisis must not be an excuse to retreat into protectionism and instead be viewed as the “difficult birth pangs of a new global order.”

And I’m sorry to say, Rush Limbaugh’s beloved George W. Bush help set it up.

“We need a new vision of global political leadership. We are finally beginning to understand the importance of global governance.” Mikhail Gorbachev.

Daddy Bush talked about it---Kissinger talks about it---ALL the CEO’s on Charlie Rose talk about it, they are literally salivating in their Bahamas Mama’s bikini’s about it.

So, tell me. Why do our conservative pundits continue to ignore the fact, that this NEW WORLD ORDER is coming at us, right here, right now, and will be finalized by April 2, of this year?

After all, the very same leaders that have caused the destruction of our financial system have all gotten big bonuses for their loyalty, have they not? Is Barney Frank in jail? How about Murdoff? Bernanke? All those guys who didn’t pay taxes?

Nope. No one is calling for their necks, and they won’t be touched.

I should end it here, but I want to make one more point: Gordon Brown bought up…Rwanda, in his Congress speech.

This is a real stickler with me.

These despicable puppets calling themselves men continue to use the images of kids starving in the world all the time, in order to get by with their tyranny.

Yesterday, Gordon’s pity knife (for that’s what they are, knives to carve up pity from your life, so that when you can’t get out from under your high taxes, you will feel better because you THINK you’re feeding some poor starving child.)

And if you think that money goes to that child, then I have a comet to sell ya.

Anyway, he said some young Rwandan 12-year-old boy was reported to have said before he was tortured and killed: “Don’t worry; the United Nations will save us.”

If Gordon Brown, and England, OR President Bill Clinton had wanted to save all those slaughtered people in Rwanda, nobody was holding them back.

So why didn’t they? Because. They need poor starving children. They need Bin Laden in order to grab your wallet and your future.

Not to mention the Lippo Group, the Indonesian bankers who funded Bill Clintons first Presidential run, had land and business going on in Rwanda at the time of the slaughtering.

Paris Hilton isn’t the only one who loves diamonds.

And long ago, a man who did quite a bit to jumpstart the world said:

“It is well enough that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system for, if they did, I believe that there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” –Henry Ford.

But hey, what did he know, right?

I think if Henry were alive today, he might agree with me…
Our planet would have better chances of surviving a real comet, than the New World Order comet dreams of Gordon Brown.


Thursday, March 05, 2009

Nobody Flashes on a Thursday: Paris Hilton and Pink

Nobody Flashes on a Thursday!

Leave it to Paris Hilton to show Obama just what she thinks of all the bailouts...

She has just ordered a $250,490 diamond encrusted dashboard to be installed in her very hot pink Bentley.

This is, she admitted, more than the car is worth, but that's the point. I would have gotten ruby studded hub-cabs to match, but that's me.

Paris, we need to talk.

Anyway, poor Paris will have to wait for her diamond dashboard to be installed, because due to the economy, it's going to be awhile before the factory that makes the diamond-studded dashboards can get going...showing that it's really is true that the rich are suffering along with the rest of us.

Hey, it happens.

This might be a good thing, because if you have seen the way Paris drives, especially her habit of hitting parked cars in parking lots, some poor jock might want to think about just how upset Paris will be if his head hits the dashboard when she happens to hit a parked car, and therefore, some of those diamonds end up embedded in the, like his head.

I wouldn't want to cross Paris Hilton and her diamonds, would you?

In the end, a girl who once said with all sincerity-- "I never knew sausage was made out of strings of slimy pig intestines that look like condoms" certainly can't be all bad.

So, if you happen to run into Paris, and she gives you a ride in her Bentley guys, do NOT bring out the condoms too soon.

I suggest you get her drunk on a few bottles of Jack Daniels, served in a pink diamond-studded cup of course---just to be safe.


Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Let's Talk Dirt...

Nobody Cares: Let’s talk dirt.

And then, let’s talk about getting rid of the stuff, and just who does most of it, and I think you all know who that is: the women.

Go on men. Let me hear it. Men clean all the time, right? Women are not the ONLY ones who clean the house, pick up the trash, clean the toilet bowls, scrub all the vomit, feces, and leftover spills from the carpets. Why, just last year when your girlfriend was sick…didn’t you clean the whole house in just a matter of hours? Showing her how superior and easy it is to clean a house, and how much quicker and faster a man can do it as compared to a woman?

Well, I agree. Give the man the task, and it’s done BEFORE he wakes up. Besides…it’s a bonified ace in the hole when it comes to showing how much you care about her. And in this day and age of equal rights, and Michelle Obama’s fine-toned arm muscles…men have been forced to show how MUCH they care.

When the real fact is…they don’t. And why should they? If they have a wife or girlfriend who is willing to take of the nest, and even insist on spending hours vacuuming, then why not sit back and watch football?

I certainly would. In fact, I’m going to argue that there’s more to it than this.

There’s a cultural proclivity, passed down by generations of mothers. We are our own worst enemies.

Let’s take the Dutch. Since the first Dutch bankers started giving out loans, their wives made darn sure that those concrete steps to their houses were free of all dirt. They were out early in the morning on their hands and knees, scrubbing their tiny little frozen fingers off, because to be uncleanly was to be…poor. And you couldn’t be seen married to a banker if you looked poor.

On the other hand, the French have never been known for the proclivity to clean anything. To this day, Paris has holes in the street still filled with spit from Napoleon. The women there just spend the day in bed, or putting on wigs, or getting out of bed to put on wigs. All the cleaning was done in bed. And to this day, their beds are still dirty, which is why you should take your own bed sheets to Paris. If they ask you at the airport why you have sheets in your suitcase, tell them you plan to hang yourself in Holland, because you cannot stand to clean on this earth one more minute.

I’m just saying.

Because, sometime in every young girls life…comes the “cleaning” lesson: and God help you if your mother learned the “German” style, because that was mine, and it traumatized me for life.

My lessons in “cleaning” left such an impression on me, that to this day, I break out in hives when I come near a sponge.

I remember it as if it was yesterday: My mother told me point blank one day: “It’s time you help me clean, so clean up this room.” I was about eight. I was busy watching TV. I instantly took the dust rag she gave me and went into shock.

You’ve got to be kidding me, I thought.

You see, the room my mother wanted me to “clean” was, to my eyes, clean already. There was no dirt anywhere. It was a big living room, with a couple of vases and books, and funny looking glass stuff that my grandmother had collected from the downtown Naples, Florida, expensive gift shops, with no meaning whatsoever but to look pretty. So, I was through in less than a minute.

When she came back into the room, it was obvious she was disgusted with me. She took her dust rag and immediately started to dust the TV. I had failed her. She wanted to trade me in.

“What‘s wrong?” I said. “I cleaned the room, really I did!”

“Nothing.” said my mother.

“Well, show me how to do it then!”

Oh---if only I had never said those words.

My mother than proceeded to show me that you started at one end of the room, going from object to object, PICKING each object up, dusting it off, and also dusting the table underneath the object, and then putting it back down. By all accounts, if you clean by this “Dutch spitting German method” it will take you a good forty minutes to clean one room, depending on just how much stuff you have displayed on your furniture.

And that’s not including vacuuming, and washing the walls down after your done with that.
AND, you cannot start at the wrong end, or in the middle, or just do a "spit" job. If you do, it will bother you the rest of the day.

Now, if my logical is correct, then that explains why in all the rooms in all the rich people’s houses on MTV Cribs are bare as bones. Rich people refuse to clean. They have a cleaning lady come in once a day, and then they get in one of their many sports cars, and leave. The last thing they want to do is hang around the cleaning lady.

All they need is a bed, a 100-inch Giant HD-TV screen, and a bed where “the magic happens” and marble floors.

Poor people, on the other hand, cannot afford these things, so to make up for them; they buy every single piece of junk at Wal-Mart and place it all over their house. They collect stuff to make them feel rich. For instance, I use to collect Buffalo Statues, don’t ask me why.

Some people collect those Precious Moments statues--those people need help.

My grandmother PAID my mother to clean her house. So I guess since my mother hated cleaning house, she decided that cleaning two houses was just too much to bear.

Maybe that’s why God made sure I didn’t have a daughter. I could just see me…

You start at ONE end of the room…and you dust all the dirt…”

Now…remember when Hillary Clinton said she was going to take a broom to the White House?

So far, it's not looking too clean...if fact, I'd say we've been taken over by France.


Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Who Needs new schools?

Who Needs New Schools?

Nobody Knows: I was watching Charlie Rose the other day, and he was interviewing…the President of Columbia…you know, that famous country that supplies all the Harvard University students with their daily stash of Columbian Clintons?

He was bragging about how he was successfully destroying the drug cartels in his cities. It was easy he said. They simply went into the most drug-infested and poorest neighborhood, with the most dangerous gangs, and built the grandest and most beautiful schools for the kids that you have ever seen.

Schools that was just as good, and just as brand new, as the rich’s people’s. Not only that, but they have been filling them with the best food, books, and teachers they can find.
And guess what?

The gangs are disappearing, and the kids are turning to learning instead of drugs. He was so excited about this common-sense approach that he said that Mexico should try it!

Well hot doggie! Can someone tell me WHY after all the trillions we have spent on education over the last fifty years, that all our city schools still look like some bombed out buildings in the movie "Sniper?"

And I just love it…don’t you?---when politicians from both parties insist that AMERICA should just built the best schools for Iraq and Afghanistan children.
In fact, we should built up the whole world! We must lift people of the world in poverty out of their misery, because it’s poverty that causes the world’s problems.
They all say it. I'm sick of hearing it, frankly.

Would someone tell me, why they just didn’t build beautiful schools for OUR cities all these years…for the poor kids in our cities? They certainly had the money to do it. I wonder how many city school superintendent bought vacation homes in Hawaii?
Here in St. Louis we had a principal insisting on being driven to school by a limo. Of course, the school had to close due to the fact they couldn't met budget....I wonder why.

Just think: If our politicians had taken care to give our kids the best schools in the world, Jesse Jackson would not have gotten rich, and Obama would not be President, because poor black kids would know the difference between a republic, socialism, communism, and just plain dictatorships.

So, who needs new schools? The President of Columbia finally figured that out…too bad he didn’t run for election here.


Monday, March 02, 2009

Nobody's Perfect: Unless You're Rush Limbaugh

Nobody’s Perfect: Unless you’re Rush Limbaugh of course! It seems the lovable Rush has gotten the liberal press all a “twitter” today because he took a whole precious Saturday afternoon away from the Obama express.

You would have thought he water-boarded Nancy Pelosi while smoking a cigar, and not only admitted he did it, but sold the DVD rights to the FOX News Channel, the way they are all acting.

He was such a major success at the CPAC convention that all the democratic pundits just couldn't make up their lame spin and lies fast enough about what a failure he was! They were on spin-cycle all weekend!

Frankly, if I was Rush, I’d get myself another television program just to drive the liberals nuts. A show like Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly...the Rush Limbaugh Show.
Heck, just do a weekend show.
He needs to go on full attack right now, because radio really is going to be put in the “fairness” drawer. If they can do all this financial globalization destruction, destroying Rush on the radio, surprising as it seems, will not be all that hard for them. It's at the top of their list.
They want to try to put all the radio stations on the the "new" progressive way. An improved way to listen to radio. That way we will have to pay to listen, and so his following will just disappear...or so they hope.
I really enjoyed the show...Rush was funny, and annoying at the convention and just plain full of himself, which is why we love him. He also made some pretty good points. Can you imagine if he was on TV every day?

They’d lose it. He be sitting on Obama like a bull-dog, and we’d all love it.

Even though sometimes, Rush ignores the “globalization” of the Republican Party, and the horrible damage it has done...all in all, Rush is a natural leader, and we need generals right now.

Rush…the Patton of the Bull-dogs attacks…General Rush-Bo, please...go ahead and come back to TV...the timing is perfect.

So…attention! Mr. Murdoch? Are YOU listening?
After all...American Idol needs a rest.


Sunday, March 01, 2009

It's All About the Tea

If the American People allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the People of all their Property until their Children will wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.” –Thomas Jefferson.

“What we’re doing to our country now is making our founding fathers roll over in their graves.” --Rick Santelli

Nobody’s Opinion: It’s finally started, the “Second American Revolution.” And I can honestly say: God bless Rick Santelli, who, standing among the gloomy thralls of the traders of Wall Street, smacked the American people in the face one afternoon, and suggested he was going to throw a Tea-Party downtown Chicago in July.

All capitalists are welcome, said Rick.

Oh no! A very un-politically correct move! Quick, someone send the Rolaids!
The “hope and change” crowd is waking up to the real meaning of Obama’s “hope and change” and like their forefathers before them, they are getting madder by the minutemen minute.

Well, America couldn’t wait till July, and so last week, in many cities all over the United States, they did just that…protested the endless future tax burdens being imposed on us by Obama and his band of comrades. The silent majority came out and gathered in various cities, and threw tea in the nearest water. From San Diego to the Potomac, the fish were swimming sweetly on caffeine, courtesy Café Liberty.

And I was at the biggest one held here on the banks of the Mississippi in St. Louis, around noon, on a very cold global-warming Friday. There on the steps of the Arch, leading down to the river, was a small, feisty, rebel-of-a-talk-show-host, named Dana Loesch, pacing up and down the steps and ranting and raving about our rights and liberties being pushed on hard-working people. (That’s her in the picture, and if you look over to her right--that's nobody me standing there with the long blond hair and black hat.)

We love you Dana!” shouted the crowd, as she walked back and forth…back and forth, and spitted out exactly what we all (over a thousand of us) wanted to hear. And she wasn’t alone. We heard from a spirited guy named Ed Martin, who ramped it up making fun of Nancy Pelosi and her vast concern for “mice.” (Nancy has gotten millions of pork to feed the rats evidently around her house.)

Then we heard from a couple of well-dressed politicians, who got up and encouraged everyone to not vote party, but for American rights, putting in their two-cents. Well said.

One was a senator, and I just HAD to shake the hand of this man who has introduced a bill to get rid of our red-light cameras here in Missouri. I don’t know about you, but this electronic surveillance of all our moves by our government makes me feel like I’m living in Russia. And to think, they were put up during Bush’s administration!

I’m still creeping out about it.

Then we heard a very patriotic blogger, Bill Hennessy, who talked about Ben Franklin’s famous reminder that we had “A republic, if you can keep it.” He spoke of men from “Boston to Baghdad” who gave their lives for our freedom---great stuff.

All this patriotic talk…I was in Sam Adams's heaven!

But it was the people that were simply amazing, proudly carrying their signs. Expressing their anger, with great American class…God bless them all.
There is nothing as grand as a patriotic American. Nothing.

Okay, the crowd was all white. But there was a marvelous black speaker, and I’m sorry, I didn’t catch his name--- but the Post Dispatch didn’t list his name either…which goes to show you, that they do fear that the blacks are going to start waking up too.

It’s only a matter of time--he also got the crowd going.

“How many of you have done this before?” shouted our little rebel, Dana. All the hands went up. Most everyone there admitted this was their first protest.

When I got home, I heard Neil Cavuto dismiss the tea parties as pretty much of nothing. He was not impressed with the meager turnouts--- but he forgets that taxpayers have to work…he should know that.

And there’s the problem---I talked to a girl there who said she was having trouble finding a job in St. Louis. She just got out of the Air Force, and she was going to have to move to Washington D.C. just to work. She wanted to protest NOW because, once she found a job, she wouldn’t be able to “protest” because…she would be working for the government.

Think about that.

In 1773, most Americans did not work for the British government. Now over half our population works in some kind of government job. Protesting their “boss” is not exactly what many of them would do, or risk doing in this precarious time.

But that shouldn’t stop the rest of us. In fact…according to Jefferson, we are long overdue for a revolution. Let the leaders pop up.
So...Obama says he's ready for a fight? Well, so are we.
After all, it's not just his supporters that pay his salary, and he has no right to condemn our country to some Cuban-banana-Obama domain.

The silent majority is ready…as Nike says--let’s do it.