Friday, June 25, 2010

Puking and Smoking: The New Fashion

Nobody Wins:
"Okay." I said to my husband last night. Let's bet. Puking, smoking, and a strip bar..."
We were getting ready to watch the movie Benjamin Buttons and I was making a bet with him about how many of these lovely social behaviors would be shoved into the plot...sometimes very cleverly and sometimes for no reason at all.
Sure enough---there was puking, and smoking, and prostitution. And lately, it's in every single movie. Puking and smoking is even in the New Harry Potter movie.
So what, you might say? And then I answer," You mean you LOVE to puke? You and Dolly Parton?"
Anyone who has had a stomach flu, or too much alcohol, or since NAFTA, something rotten from the grocery store, knows that puking your guts out is not a pleasant thing to do. Why in the Sam Hill would we want to watch it? The stomach acid in itself is enough to have you begging for mercy. For most people, it's a memory you do not want to relive.
And yet, that is exactly what they are doing to us, on a daily basis.
I will never forget my worst bout with it. I was away at college and my girlfriend invited me to her home for her first home-cooked chicken dinner. I was the first to take a bit out of a chicken leg, and when I looked down...I saw...maggots. BIG...maggots.
I puked that whole weekend. I just slept outside the dorm, lying on the lawn with a garden hose..and it was autumn. Staying in the bathroom was impossible. It's a wonder I survived. It's not a memory I want to keep reliving every time I see someone throw up on film.
And now, with all the poor girls suffering from impossible images of "NO FAT" fashion, anorexia is becoming all too real in too many of our young girls. Making throwing that good?
So, the question I have is; why are they putting people puking in all the movies? What possible social significance could this have?
And just when you thought the verdict was in about cigarettes, with the recent years of banning smoking in every'd think, with the cancer caused by cigarettes and smoking dope, that they would keep it out of our movies, unless of course, the movie was an historical WWII, where everyone smoked. But no---tell me if I'm wrong. Someone will ALWAYS light up.
If you haven't noticed it, you haven't been paying attention.
Right, eat your fruits and vegetables, but..hey...don't forget to smoke!
We've gotten used to the mixed racial couples, the black always being boss, the new lesbian and gay plots, the anti-religious plots...and most of us see it for what it is: they have been social engineering the masses for years, and it's working.
But, I was...shocked, when I was reading Glenn Beck's new book: The Overton Window, because--- sure enough, the main character had to puke... and there was also...smoking. But, in Glenn's case, if he was an alcoholic seen a lot of both.
So, what's wrong with me? I don't even like to READ about puking.
The day after I finished his book, Glenn was simulating puking on his radio program, to something Nancy Pelosi had said.
I had to turn him off. I'm sorry, I guess I'm a prude. I think of all the really sick people who are not eating well, the ones with cancer, or ulcers, or just having had lunch, and how just hearing the sound instantly makes them sick. Puking to many people, is like a yawn...when you see or hear someone puking, you want to gag yourself.
So, in this New World Order of social engineering, why do we have to see our favorite movies stars puke? Or smoke? Surely they realized that they are encouraging new generations of smokers who might die of lung cancer? I know--- they get paid big bucks, but really---they all have millions...why?
Are the producers that hard up for money?
Putting trains in the movies... I can stand. I know they are getting us used to the thought of riding trains., Warren Buffet himself has probably put J.K. Rowling's picture on his fireplace mantle. A whole generation of little Harry Potter readers will prefer the trains.
But tell me, what is the point of all this puking? I have been trying to figure this out, but I suppose they want us all to get desensitized to puking. We are, after all, desensitized to everything else; murder, beheading, prostitution, gays, ...smoking,...and that's just the video games.
Now--- puking. I there puking in the video games too?
What do they know about the future that we don't? Are they going contaminate all the meat with maggots?
Anyway, I'm just talking to myself tonight, and wondering, why nobody writes about this stuff but me.
Nobody Wins when you are forced to watch people puking on the screen. Life is hard enough.
UPDATE: Nobody is watching War of the Worlds while I'm writing this...and nobody pukes. They don't have time to puke, they just evaporate! Now, that's MY kind of movie!
I'm waiting for the movie where someone smokes AND pukes, while watching a Muslim stripper..or...has it been made already?


Thursday, June 24, 2010


Nobody Knows:
---If somewhere there was a meeting held and a few very powerful men that are running the world said:
"Well, it's time to get rid of the girl. He's now a big joke. Release the police report, give her the final payment. We've got someone even better to replace Al to promote the cap and trade and get everyone convinced that global warming is real...someone the people love--- Paul McCartney. And since we want to wean the world off of steak, and protein, Paul will be perfect! Not only that, he smokes grass and that's going to help us get the legislation through. Al will still get his share."
Yes, if you want to get rid of a politician...bring up the old sex scandal, and he is trashed forever. But you have to wonder...What is it about Bill Clinton and Al Gore that they could never seem to get their girls to undress before they...left the evidence of a DNA stain? Were the guys just too...ugly? Scary? Was it those lips?
I'm just saying.
So, now we know. Paul McCartney is the new chosen messenger for global warming. No wonder he got so much attention at the White introduce us all to the NEW GURU of GREEN. We just didn't know it. That was a concert that just couldn't be canceled no matter what.
Paul said today denying s global warming is the same as denying the Holocaust. Next thing you know, he'll be vomiting pork grinds in a new movie with Micheal Moore. (Vomiting is the new politically correct fun thing to do...have you noticed?)
And just to make sure that you don't think Obama is behind what is coming...Obama went out and had a big American hamburger today with Comrade..Putin...I mean, yeah...Putin. Might as well be Putin.
In the meantime, I'm wondering, what stain is being held where and by whom? If you believe the tabloids...the next stain will be from the bathhouses of San Fransisco.
Sounds like fun!


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Falling for Lady Gaga and General Petraeus

Nobody Cares:
Holy Ballistic Presidential Missile.
We have a new old general that just about everyone under the sun and this side of the Mississippi is just ticked pinko green about him taking over in Afghanistan.
Everyone today said that he was the man who saved Iraq. Tell Iraq saved? That's news to me. Like Nashville being completely flooded out, you don't hear about that OR Iraq anymore.
We're on a "need to know" basis.
Just look at all those ribbons. This man has degrees and honors from every international school on this planet, and I'm sure....somewhere in there is a star from The Star Fleet Federation.
If he was in charge of Iraq and can take credit for building the most beautiful and biggest US embassy in the world, complete with a swimming pool that is even the envy of the Prince of Dubai...then THAT'S the man we want! We need a real international nation builder in Afghanistan because...boys, we are there to stay! Only by building the whole nation of Afghanistan can we keep al-Qaida from coming over here and blowing us up!
Wow. I feel safe already.
Our grandchildren will be building hospitals there someday, complete with free medical care courtesy of the New US World Citizen. So, he's our man.
Okay, you must know by now, I have a gift for comparing two things not even related to each other. I can find a common denominator between a fork and a pickup truck. (What? You thought only Obama could have a gift?)
For instance, I see the general has something in common with with the lady on the floor.
Lady Gaga it seems, cannot walk in her big high-heeled fashion boots through an airport. She fell, but she didn't faint.
Neither one of them has a good sense of balance.
Just last week, when the General fainted dead away, his head fell on the table in front of him at a Senate drilling. When he was awakened from his little coma, he blatantly said, and in a rather snotty tone, that he didn't faint by anything that John McCain had said.
(A general that faints is now in command? Oh, that's has to look very promising to al-Qaida.)
So, this general really IS superior to General Stanley McChrystal. He said a very nasty thing to a Senator, ...a "civilian" that is his boss, and he did not get fired.
You see, General Petraeus had not broken the chain of command. He knows his place...and now, he can leave Tampa, where it is known that a tsunami might soon hit, and go to Afghanistan, and General Stanley McChrystal can come back here and take care of my neighbors for me.
He's welcome to my neighborhood any day.
As for Lady GaGa...the general should send her over to entertain the troops. It would be an excellent start to build up troop moral. In fact, get some of Obama's favorite entertainers to go along. Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, Beyonce' kno...Paul McCartney....
The President today, showed the world he is in control, if of nothing else...his podium. That is one man that is NOT going to faint.
(Nobody means any disrespect to General Petraeus...I'm sure he's a patriot...I'm just still angry that this President says he is doing this for National Security? Give me a break.)
Or don't.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Don't Give a Warrior a Rolling Stone

Nobody Perfect: Well, this week it's a no-brainer. The man in charge of the war in Afghanistan, Stanley McChrystal, has broken the cardinal rule of--- you can never, ever, ever, ever, publicly speak out against the Commander- in- Chief. In George Washington's army, you would have been shot.

The rule has very important merits. But then again, there ARE exceptions to every rule.

Unfortunately, Barack Obama is not George Washington. And as the good general has pointed out, our President doesn't seem to have a clue about the wars. Unlike our military men of the past, the closest Obama has ever been to military strategy, is figuring out how to blame his predecessor for every one of his mistakes.

But, that's exactly what the good General did... he attacked--- in a magazine that is read by all the liberals...The Rolling Stone-- showing that the General can think out- of- the- box, and fling a few stones of his own.

Good shot there General.

Most Americans are thankful somebody spoke out about the incompetency -of our President in managing the the war. Why even John Adams, when he was appointed on the war council, studied military strategy day and night in order to be up to the task. Has Obama ever read a military book? Has our Commander- in-Chief given any thought to how to dial a phone to even get a general? We all remember the months that dragged on and on before he decided he would actually send McChrystal the troops he asked for. How many men died due to Obama's taking his sweet time?

Like I George.

Obama's war strategy seem to be...just do nothing. Don't read the bills: don't answer the phone: don't talk to generals: and by all means put off all important decisions. Confuse...and conquer. Leave it to the lawyers.

Play golf.

When I read today that McChrystal had been in charge of the special ops division: the Rangers, the Seals, and Delta Force, I can understand why maybe this President doesn't want to confront real men. Men that he sends to war with the unbelievable insult of "Win a metal if you don't harm anyone. If you happen to get wounded in the process of NOT protecting yourself, then we will grant you free mental health care."

Yeah, I would be scared too.

So...should the General he be fired for his insubordination? Well, as most of us see it, Obama my not even be legally therefore, he is not legally the Commander- in- Chief. He has ignored the Constitution, ignored our history, given our enemies every advantage to infiltrate our country and set up camps while stabbing our allies in the back. He has repeatedly lied, bribed, and put down the American people and our Christian heritage. His actions as President has left us in the weakest state we have ever been in.

In other words, the enemy is in the White House.

It is said that this General really knows how to get the terrorists. When a President commands his generals to fight a war with political correctness, while pumping million to war lords in orders to clear the roads for our contractors to build schools and such...and these war lords turn around and use that money to fund the very Muslims who kill our boys...I'd say...the biggest terrorist is sitting in the oval Office. He is destroying us faster than any Taliban army.

But, Stanley is not perfect. When he was called to the White House to explain his comments, he shouldn't have said he just wasn't thinking, or given a week apology, he should have said,

"Mr. took you over 50 days to call the CEO of BP to the White House. I am honored it only took you a few hours to call me."

But, Nobody's Perfect.


Monday, June 21, 2010

Nobody Sees the Bold and Freshness of Beck and Bill

Nobody's Opinion: "St. Louis, YOU SUCK!"

Those were the last spoken words of Glenn Beck at The Bold and Fresh Tour here in St. Louis, last Saturday Night. (I'm trying to write like all the professionals and you see how well that is working out for me.)

Let me start again.

Did you ever have an really bad ominous inkling about something, and not be able to find out what is really going on? With all the bad news daily, what does it all mean? Just today...Fox News started out trying to make it sound exciting that Chick- ol-Filet is expanding... wow, that' s a great job. The oil spill could actually get worse with either a methane gas blowup which would cause a tsunami big enough to, not only wipe out all the Southern states' coastlines, and kill thousands of people, but almost the entire southern half of Florida, including Miami---or if it doesn't get capped, (some scientist say) the plankton could be destroyed in the Atlantic, and soon after the world's population will be suffering from starvation.

No wonder Tony Hayward went to play on his yacht.

Frankly, I should think Glenn Beck should cry a little more.

SO...are the big Globalists taking down America on purpose just to go onto their One World Government? Are the conservative talk hosts that all of us are hoping to help preserve our nation, also as powerless as we are to affect any kind of sanity in our politicians? Are we being duped again and again by a procession of "conservatives" to elect,---- who--- it is not known, if when they get into office, no matter what they may say... the rich will keep getting richer, and the "middle class" will be footing more of the load for the world? Will our wars--- cap and trade---the creation of the North American Territories (Mexico, United States, and Canada)---the continuation of two- party ping-pong system that only serves the same rich people go on until judgment day?

Would Bill Gates and Warren Buffet really be trying to get all the billionaires to donate half their earnings if they didn't know themselves the tremendous advantages they have had in building their fortunes?

And how about that Spooky Guy Soros? (As Glenn calls him.) Is there no laws against breaking nations?

Who is REALLY in control here?

One thing for damn's not us.

So, we search for leaders to say what we can't, and the two doing the best job at the moment are Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck.

Glenn came out on stage first. Give him a Scottish accent, and he would make a good Scotty from Star Trek: "Iaim a giv'n her all she kin handl...captin...she's aboout to blowww....!"

Glenn has so much energy coming out of his passion, one can only wonder if he has a caffeine patch permanently implanted in his hypothalamus. It truly is amazing. Beck came out to a standing ovation of a packed house...with a personally autographed bat given to him by the Cardinal Slugger, Pujols, which he proudly displayed. The chalkboard even got a standing ovation.

Next came Bill O' Reilly, who, put on a comedic performance beyond anything that I had expected. I once heard Glenn Beck say not many people know just how funny the man is, and I was one of them. So was the little nine-year-old girl who was sitting behind me, who had the most delicious giggle every time Bill made fun of the oiled pelican on Time's cover. O'Reilly could have his own comedy hour.

What was great about The Bold and Fresh Tour... is that good decent people can take their children and actually get a reason to discuss politics. It was a first for my son and I. And the ticket stubs will be kept as a very wonderful memento of how MUCH it cost for a beer and a popcorn...

No,..seriously, if I could have sold my Coke on E-bay, I would have had say that Lady Gaga's lips touched it to make back my money.

At the end of the show, they both come out and ribbed each other. Bill was asking the packed house to consider the sanity of a man who tells the world he hates soccer and FOX is seen in over 90 countries, And then, when Bill told him that St. Louis was the biggest soccer town in the United States (who's soccer team has gone bankrupt) of course Beck replied, "St. Louis YOU SUCK!"

Bill instantly jumped in, to put the ball in the basket and said..."Good Night everybody!" ---winning the contest, of perfect comebacks. If you had not have heard what Glenn was talking about---soccer---you might have been offended.

Yes, if Beck is attacked, it will probably be a soccer ball to the head. I suggest he get a helmet. Better yet, why not share the pain? Sell hats with "soccer sucks" on them.

In conclusion, Bill O'Reilly expressed that even though we have major problems, he has faith in the American people to bring the Unites States back into a sensible balance...Glenn Beck on the other hand has a bunker and gold, filled with plenty of chalk.

After the show let out, we RAN to beat the crowd, only to get stuck in the parking lot for an hour. While sitting in the parking lot and discussing a possible nuclear attack, my son said: "What are you going to do mom if we get hit? You either get out of town, or die."

My son is pragmatic, unlike his mother who can think of a different angle on just about anything. I have lots of bottled water...and a map to Bush's farm in South America.

I also remember asking an AIG agent when I was taking out a life insurance on my husband.."So, is there any possibility that AIG will go out of business?"

"Are you kidding? It's the biggest insurance company in the world!"

And there's the difference...AIG...did fail. And if they can fail, then the United States can be attacked by a nuclear weapon. Cheney said so, Bush said so...I'm sure Obama knows it...and he treats the danger just as he treats the immigration problem...if it will serve his power, then it's collateral damage.

And that's what Beck so brilliantly is trying to teach us. You can't depend on conservative talk show hosts to save the country...they can, as Glenn says: connect the data dots,...entertain us, but that's about it.

The rest of us, have to fight for our kids. So be bold and fresh yourself, and buy your tickets next time they are in town.

I had such a good time, I might even paste my ticket stubs on an old soccer ball, so if I survive a nuclear blast, I'll have a good memory to reflect upon.

(Nobody else will make this stuff up.)