Friday, July 21, 2006

The Gap Between The Rich and the Poor

Nobody’s Opinion; Yesterday, after watching the very upsetting news about the middle East, in my daily blog I plopped out this very poor attempt at humor. (See Savage Sultans of Sacrilege) Since the piece was rather serious, a reader e-mailed me and asked if the comment about Condoleezza Rice was necessary.

The Polish Knight had a good point.

I was trying to say having Condoleezza go over to the Middle East to try and stop Hezbollah from attacking Israel seemed like such an impossible trip, that she might as well stay home and do something more productive. I could have said she should play a few concerts, go whitewater rafting or lay around Camp David…but I didn’t. I said she could come home and get her teeth fixed…ouch. It came out very mean-spirited.

So, in order to psychoanalyze my nobody self, I decided to go through in my head what may have been the reasons that I lashed out at poor Condoleezza’s Rice’s gap between her teeth, because frankly, every time she comes on TV, which is every single day, while she is talking, I am not looking at her eyes, I sometimes am not hearing what she says, I am looking at her teeth and wondering…why, with all her money, doesn’t she get the gap fixed?

There are so many things in life that money can’t fix, and teeth repair is not one of them.

She is not the only one I wonder this about. Multi-millionaire Madonna has this same gap. Remember that CEO of Exxon recently who was on TV last month saying that he felt no guilt about the fabulous wealth he was taking home due to the “market driven” gas prices? His teeth drove me NUTS! This guy was making more money per minute than most nobodies will in their lifetime and he had teeth of a homeless man. He had teeth right out of Deliverance. Come on.

I was having a Martha Stewart moment…I wanted to grab that guy in a headlock, get an electric tooth brush with baking soda in his mouth and scrub. It would have been a good thing.

And in case you don’t have teenagers, or haven’t been paying attention lately, having perfect teeth seems to be the newest fad in “pretending you’re a somebody, because you actually can afford to get your teeth whitened.” It’s the newest thing since $150.00 Nike’s, and every reporter, movie star, and even some politicians are getting their teeth fixed and whitened, much to delight of dentists all over the nation.

And the not so rich who can’t afford $150 every other month, are spending forty dollars at Walgreens to try to whitened their teeth at home.

Now, Condi is a beautiful woman, and this is no accident. She takes her hour workouts at 4.30 in the morning very serious. She says she does it for her health, but on TV video clips where she is walking into some state room, or getting off a plane, Condi is very aware of her body, and her image. She stands tall and proud. She wears outfits from the most expensive designers in Paris. I remember her walking once in some brand new leather boots that must have cost her at least as much as a weeks pay of anyone in the “middle” class.

Her hair is always perfectly coiffured, every strand in perfect place. As busy as she is, she probably has her own hairdresser. And recently, she did have her teeth whitened, as is all the rage right now.

It’s obvious that Ms Rice is a perfectionist with all that she has accomplished in life and she is smart enough to know first impressions count. Like the President, and the first Lady, she is representing our country when she is meeting with the heads of nations.

And her smile is the first thing they all see.

And let’s face it, as much as we all lament the fact that men look at a woman’s appearance first before listening to what they have to say, it’s a fact. You point out to me one man who doesn’t look at a woman’s appearance and instantly make an opinion…and I’ll drop down and do fifty. I don’t care if that man is from Lebanon or Idaho.

But, still--- why was I so upset about Condi’s teeth? I mean, why should it matter?

The answer is; the gap, between the rich and the not so rich when it comes to teeth, makes this nobody gnash her own.

All my life I’ve had teeth problems, and finding the money to get my teeth fixed was a real struggle.

You see the rich have money to get their teeth fixed, and an awful lot of people don’t. Okay. Okay…it’s really not class envy; it’s just…well…what seems to me a simple common sense thing.

And like a lot of funny quirks, certain emotions come out of your childhood.

When I was young, I had buck teeth. The dentist nicely called it an “overbite.” Not my mother. She hated it. She would tell me to close my mouth when I laughed, and keep it closed in public. I had an overbite that was so big that when I closed my mouth I had to move my big toe.

Now to keep your mouth closed in public can be done…but try to tell a kid not to laugh on an everyday basis. My mom was going through a---“My daughter has to grow up and marry some one rich so that she doesn’t have to work hard like me” time.

And here comes the money part. My parents did not have the money for braces. So, the dentist pulled four molars and I pushed on my front teeth with my hand. I would sit in my classes at school, with my left hand on my teeth, and after two years of “hand” pressure, my teeth got to the place where at least I could laugh. It worked. Now, I look pretty normal. (See picture of nobody in my first blog in archives.)

But, still, my teeth were rotten. In my life I have been through more root canals, bridges, cavities, and holes than the New Jersey turnpike.

Ask anyone who has had an infected tooth if they want to go dancing.

And sometime I would put off getting that root canal for a year, because even with insurance there were other more important things to be bought. I was a single parent and my family came first. If my son just had to play hockey (hockey equipment is not cheap) I would buy hockey equipment and suck on ice. I had to pay for health insurance for myself and my child, and since I was self-employed, I paid double taxes. Most of my money went for bills. Trust me; I wasn’t taking trips to Las Vegas.

So, what I really want to say is that I think that Condoleezza is just about perfect in every way…with just a small trip to the dentist; she could be dazzling like a diamond in her perfection.

Last week I was told that I needed surgery on a back molar. Once again, I will put it off, hoping that with a bucket of fluoride I can buy six months…there are other things that seem more important our family needs money for.

But, with the importance of a nation’s future at stack at this volatile time in our country’s history, I guess, figuring that even though Condi’s brains are good enough to go into battle, a beautiful dazzling smile might just confused the enemy enough to make them sign on the dotted line, and then wonder….hey, what just happened?

Peace? Now that would be a nice gap to close.

Nobody’s Perfect; Thanks to Polish Knight I have learned to think about how other people might take something differently, since we all bring every moment and memory of our lives to every moment in real time. Next time, I well clarify, or not say it at all.

Nobody Knows; Not many people know that Condexllia Rice learned international studies as a student of the same professor that taught Madeline Albright, who was actually Madeline’s Albright’s dad.

Nobody Cares
; And on that previous point, it’s not her teeth that should concern me, but once again… the gap between the rich and the poor.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Savage Sultans of Sacrilege

Nobody’s Opinion; In July of 1785, two American ships were taken captive by Algerian pirates. (Muslims) Twenty-one American sailors became Muslim slaves.

Our Congress at the time, was VERY upset about this, they felt they had to do something.

John Adams was in London, and went to meet with His Excellency Abdrahaman, envoy of the Sultan of Tripoli. They smoked long pipes and drank coffee…and made by on broken French and Italian.

The envoy told him that America and Tripoli were at war.

Adams was completely shocked. “Why?” he asked.

The Envoy told him that America had not signed a peace treaty with the Muslims. He also warned that not to do so would cause a terrible war between the Muslims and the Christians…and since the Muslims loved to behead their victims and had a reputation as being ruthless, he let Adams know just how bad a war it would be for the Christians.

Of course the guy wanted an exorbitant amount of money to be paid …in order for them not to kill Americans and let them pass through the Mediterranean.

Adams thought he might need help on this so he contacted Jefferson in Paris to come to London, and on March 11, 1786 they both met with the Sultan. The price the Sultan wanted was beyond anything that Congress could afford, and frankly, Jefferson was getting tired of the guy’s “aversion to have anything to do with us.” The Sultan put them off--- for months.

Sound familiar? Arafat? Ahmadinejad?

The Muslims back then were paid huge amounts of money by England, France, and everyone else who wanted to sail their ships through the Mediterranean. Pay up, or be killed. Every nation paid them because it was easier than fighting them. Since America had no navy at the time, Jefferson wanted to build one and go after them. But since building a Navy would take years Adams suggested… just pay the bribe, because, he said;

We ought not to fight them at all, unless we determine to fight them forever.”

John Adams knew this enemy.

Later, it was John Adams as President, who built the American Navy only to have Jefferson, as President, dismantled it.(As Clinton did our military) But Jefferson found out that he had to build it up again to go after the Muslims, which he did. The Muslim Barbary Pirates were defeated by our American ships, and the trade route was opened.

But, as John Adams predicted, the war with the Muslims has never stopped.

And since the Jews came into Israel-- it has been more than most Muslims have been able to bear. After too many years of paying the extortion price of the Muslims, the Jews have decided they are not going to pay the price anymore.

Good for them.

No matter what you hear on our liberal media stations, it is no secret that the radical Muslims want the Israeli’s dead. (Remember, I refer to the fanatical groups that are stuck in the ancient world of jihad.)

In June of 2006, we start again. The Muslims kidnap three Jews and want 1500 captured Muslims in return. I’d say, starting out, that it is this request that is “disproportionate.”

As you can see, I’m keeping this very simple.

The Muslims have been using this same old tired strategy to force nation after nation to their unfair and unbelievable extortions, which historically have worked, nine times out of ten.

We have come full circle again because Germany, Britain, and France are once again, as in the past, willing to pay any price to the Muslims, rather than go to war with them.

Look at how they burned Paris just recently, and were treated with kid gloves.

Some things just never seem to change.

Is it any wonder, after 220 years of being able to bully their neighbors and get whatever they demand, that they would now have the confidence now to try to start WWIII, and go for the world?

It seems the whole Muslim world holds some of the Western world in its power, if not with Islamic threats, then with the threat of oil extortions. The Sultans and Rulers who hold the reins of power, keep their people in poverty, and then blame the Christians, Jews, and the West for their misery. It has worked for thousands of years.

If American wants to ignite World War III, we welcome it,” said Hezbollah Mojtaba Bigdeli” today.

Diplomacy was not in their manual then, and it is not now. And if you believe John Adams was a wise discerner of men and characters, (as I do) it will never be.

Ms. Rice should just come home and get her teeth fixed.

President Bush has said that this war on “terrorism” will be here, basically forever. His strategy was not to give in to them, but to try to change them. Well, he must be succeeding or else 6,000 of them would not have died in Iraq in the last two months.

So, are we determined to fight them forever? Or will we help Israel to defeat them?

It seems the fight has now started. Maybe this was exactly what President Bush was trying to prevent from happening.

So, do we pay the price? The Sultans demand an answer.

Nobody’s Perfect; All the American stuck in Lebanon are complaining that our government, who told them NOT to go over there in the first place, are not getting them out fast enough. What I’d like to know is how 25,000 American citizens ended up living permanently in Lebanon? I’d charge even more than $200 for passage out.

Nobody Knows; If you watch CNN, Larry King, or MSNBC, you would think that they are on the Islamic side. It’s amazing to watch. Also, this nobody heard on the radio last night that CNN owns all of America’s airports…which is too strange to even comment on, but may explain why they want to sell off our airlines to foreigners.

Nobody Cares; Has anyone wondere,d besides this nobody, about how all the woman getting on the boats to get out of Lebanon are keeping their heads down and NOT wearing head scarves? I mean, aren’t most of them Muslim? Just like the Mexicans, they don’t like our country, but we should come to save their lives.

I think I’ll go have another cookie.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Where's The Beef?

Nobody's Opinion; UPDATE: I first wrote this after watching President George Bush during the G-8 meeting in 2004, right after the takeover of Bagdad. I thought I’d throw this up to show, for one thing, how President Bush, once again, looked totally disgusted at the 2006 G-8 meetings, and how little has changed in the world, since that time. This was written before Saddam was captured. So, let’s go back two years and consider how really crazy it is for the G-8 to suggest that the United Nations go in and solve the war in the Middle East, once again.

It’s June, (2004) the War in Iraq is over, and everyone is crying, “Where’s the beef?” Or, “Where are the weapons of mass destruction?” The Democrats all along have been telling us, as if they had first hand knowledge that the weapons were not in Iraq. Clinton almost bragged about it. It’s as if the plan was to get the UN to stall… and stall, so they could get the weapons out and hide them along with Saddam, where he is at this very minute eating pheasant-under-glass and shouting “Let them eat cake!”

At the parties after the G-8 summit, where the elite of the world met, they were laughing between sips of champagne that Bush couldn’t even find the art, let alone the vials of anthrax. No wonder Bush left early. He must have felt like he was drowning in Jell-O. I can’t think of a better place for all the vegetable brains to meet. Somehow they missed the hundreds of Iraqis tearing down the statues of Saddam and praising George Bush. While the American tanks pulled into downtown Baghdad from the Texas barbeque, the brothels in France had discounts and happy hour specials going on that day with puffy cheese balls.

Clinton was probably sporting one of those UN-French Berets that he ordered on our military before leaving office. (Right, now there’s a hat that’ll keep the sun out of your eyes.) And Baghdad Bob, and Hans Blitz, were probably there too, begging for Monica’s phone number.

The main course at the G-8 meeting was the same old thing. After all these years, the leaders of the world were still trying to figure out how to disarm those damn American cowboys. (Now it’s those damn Israeli Cowboys)

Of course get any well-fed government leader together with any other well-fed government leader and they will always come up with the same conversation. How do we control the masses? How to get the fat ones to fed the skinny ones, without touching our own vast fortunes? How to improve our own vast fortunes?

So, what do the Democrats do when they finally get the beef?

They change the subject! When they see you are having a good meal, they say they really wanted the mixed garden salad. Then they continue to beef about something else. Like the FCC.

The FCC is going to cause a monopoly in ownership of all media!! There will be no independent voices!! OH NO! It’s 1999 again!

I don’t know if you noticed, but most cities went from two opposing newspapers to one socialist voice for all comrades years ago. The only independent news was on the internet. What’s really bugging them is they are now losing money, because people got tired of opening up their morning paper only to see pictures of the starving in Africa, to make us feel guilty about feeding ourselves, instead of them. Feel guilty because maybe we’d like to go out to dinner and have a nice T-bone after eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches all week. How can we? When we keep seeing the starving and dying faces of babies in Africa or India. {Notice how the mothers always manage to look well fed?} So we did what any sensible American Capitalistic Pig would do; we cancelled our subscriptions.

It was good news for the trees. They should have been happy! But instead, they are worried that Mr. Murdoch might buy up papers. Oh god. Will greed go before the NEW WORLD ORDER? Will they really sell to the conservatives, because deep down inside its really greed and money that gives them power…...not Bill Clinton?

Go to any local magazine rack and yell, “Where’s the beef?” (I do this all the time) All you will see is tofu, nuts, and socialistic sexual fruitcake.

CNN specialty is Spam. Ted Turner is using beef to protect him from those nasty humans. Do you actually think those Buffalo are there to save the species or to give him extra income after CNN? No, he has them trained to ATTACK!! Any human who dares come on to his property, which about the size of Iran, which is one place I suggest we start looking. (What? Iran or Ted’s Place?)

Now… I want to tell you about a personal experience that actually happened, in order to make my case of what can happen on a protein deficient diet.

Years ago, when vegetarianism was all the rage in LA, I was sitting in a bathhouse with five very posh LA women, and being the uncool girl from Missouri I had to ask one girl why her toenails were all black and falling off? She reluctantly confessed she did not eat meat. Then the craving started. Salvia started dripping from their very well pumped up lips. Visions of steak, juicy hamburgers, and plates of hot fudge sundaes were dancing in their heads, in the middle of summer even. All five of those girls worked themselves up into a frenzy of culinary revolution. They hopped out of their bathrobes, into their boyfriends expensive sports cars, and rushed to the nearest steak house. So you see, Democrats deep inside crave protein, they’re just so stupid they think they are getting it in their sex lives.

And that guy who was Saddam’s double. Remember him? He was just so happy all the time. So happy to be working. Just so happy. His palaces were being gutted all around him, and he was just so, so happy. Shaking hands in the crowds. Michael Moore has offered him a part in his next film called “Saddam goes bowling for Dollars in Baghdad” also starring Susan Saranwrap, who even though will show as much cleavage as she can beneath her burka, she refuses to show her toenails. Remember the toenails you saw that Kevin Costner painted in Bull Durham? They were not hers. They used a stunt double.

But, let’s go on to the Biggest beef, the Hot tamale, the Big cheese…. (I know stop it)

The Democrats swear that Bush just went in to get Saddam in revenge for the attempted assassination of his father. Well, even if that was true…..Revenge is as old as the Bible. In fact you could even argue it’s a genetic proclivity. It’s a very authentic human emotion, and it’s not just limited to meat eaters. The Democrats do it with every breathe. Why do you think Clinton was not skewered and barbequed as he should have been? Because all of Congress knew his revenge genes were well documented. Nothing like a good plane crash, or suicide, or audit, or mistress scandal to get you eating crow.

The Democrats say Bush just went in for the oil. Well…since the Democrats won’t let us drill in Alaska, why not kill two birds with one very large stone. Get rid of a dictator and get oil for our country. (Update; it was and is the Democrats that kept us dependent on Iraq and middle eastern oil, and yes, where IS the oil from Iraq?... in Syria with the WMD’s?)

They say Bush and Cheney are oil men. Well…if Clinton had gone in to get the wells, we would have ended up with a lot of Cuban cigars stuck in pipe holes. Cars don’t run on smoke.

Poor Bill just couldn’t bring himself to hurt poor bin Laden, because, at the time, he was looking to rent some very fine mansion for himself and Chelsea not far from Oxford, from the Saudi Arabian Ambassador, who just happened to have around 13 mansions in the area himself. And being as all those Saudi’ are cousins, it wouldn’t have done any good to piss off old Bin’s relatives. Also…getting close to Tony Blair was a must for Clinton after office, being as Tony really is brighter and smarter, and his only near rival for possible World Leader.

Bush is trying to protect us, unlike Clinton who did just about everything he could possibly think of to have some country somewhere to attack us….. “Please just one missile, please, attack before I leave office. Hillary might not let me in the White House again! Why, I’m all ready for another term and Marshall law. Why do you think we spend all those billions on that monument to FDR? He served four terms. Can’t you people take a hint? What does it take?! “

And now the beef (or what comes out the other end) in Hillary’s new book has been gracefully endowed on the world as if we should all come to her fabulous Martha Stewart inspired Thanksgiving dinner. The ultimate turkey propaganda, filled with all the dressings, about her world view, and her compassion for woman and children. Oh yes, Hillary has certainly studied the latest in mind control. She knows that the state has to get hold of those little burgers as young as possible to brain wash their little synapse’ into state pudding. Hillary worldview: Let them eat pudding!! {Preferably chocolate.)

Yes and how she didn’t know Bill sleep around. I mean he was on a constant diet of pure American ground beef, how could he? The only reason you heard about this and I bet it takes up very little space in her book, is she had to have some kind of smutty stuff about Bill because no one, except maybe the leaders at the G8, would actually want to read anything this power hungry, manipulative, very sick cookie psycho (gee can I say this, is there still free speech?} has to say unless there was some “I am a victim and you should love me even more because I stayed with him for the good of the county because if I had been any kind of a human being I would have left him (and all that power and money and free trips on Air Force One, not to mention that wonderful camel ride) and made my own life with integrity. But I wanted to be President and I needed him and since I was President anyway, and you will need me because I am the most underrated woman megalomaniac that ever walked the earth, and the only human that can save the earth and someday you will thank me, and just to show you how I love you all, I will come down off my elite Golden Senate Throne and sign my book at Wal-Mart! And tell you I was born a Republican, but I was saved, and my father will actually perhaps finally love me and notice me.” (Update; she now is a hawk)

So again, a nation asks…“Where’s the BEEF?” This will be the next question on everyone’s lips as they vote in the next Presidential election.

Just remember, they fatten the cows before the slaughter. So choose wisely.

After all, McDonalds stopped serving it eons ago. Talk about weapons of mass destruction

Nobody’s Perfect; Three years later President Bush still acted like a cowboy at the G-8 meeting, but he failed to chew with his mouth closed.

Nobody Knows; Where the vast WMD’s went, but most experts agree they went to Syria, and then perhaps across the Mexican border Why else are we going to have doctors giving shots in our grocery stores? mmmm?.

Nobody Cares; Today, Hillary Clinton made a big FDR statement, with all her puppies standing behind her about how she would stand behind Israel, and she sounded very tough. Bill Clinton said he would get on the front lines and die for Israel, basically. In a perfect world….Both Hillary and Bill Clinton would do just that….but I guess I’ll have to go to Walgreens.

Nobody's Absurdities, NO. 5

Nobody’s Opinion; What a weekend this was! According to many, (especially Newt Gingrich) World War III has started at last, much to everyone that is either running for office or producers of the news, great excitement. There were too many absurdities to mention in one ranting, but here are some of the best;

On a strange coincidence, (or maybe not), while the G-8 was meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia to talk about controlling the world, the CEO”s of the biggest companies were getting together in their annual vacation feast to talk about controlling the world.


Hillary Clinton, at the same time, was in Fayetteville, Arkansas, in front of the first home of her and her husband. Also at the same time in Arkansas, the man who put Bill Clinton on his way to the Governorship of Arkansas, (and the White House) Lt. Governor Winthrop Rockefeller, a man who’s family is on the board of the Federal Reserve, died at the young age of 57.


Vladimir Putin was angry at President Bush for not letting Russia in the WTO, and because of that I suppose, Putin has refused to let our “Federal” banks come into his country and set up shop. A report from a researcher from the federal bank this weekend stated that the United States is bankrupt. Anwyone who knows anything about the Federal Reserve certainly can't blame him.

But President Bush says the world is envious of our economy so pick your poison.

This is why the Bush Administration has told employees of the Treasury and State Department to line up future jobs soon. George Soros, that great socialist, evidently is going to get a job working for the US treasury along side Henry Paulson, where they can both smoke grass while going over the budget. It may be gossip…but it wouldn’t surprise this nobody.

Hu Jintao was there at the G-8, but was not shown in the wonderful photo-op where they all stood in front of some huge Russian palace. It probably took them a whole hour just get in their limo’s to get down to the end of the driveway for the picture.


Then Israel and Hezbollah and Hamas killed about 200 people. Israel is trying to fight without offending anyone, and Hezbollah is just going for “Hey, wherever it lands...whoopee!” It seems Ahmadinejad of Iran has started the fight, and then acts like he didn’t start it. He tells the G-8 he will give his answers to their questions…oh in August…maybe.

In the meantime he makes the statement that “Israel is acting like Hitler” and this nobody wants to know how he can make such a statement when he doesn’t believe the holocaust ever existed? What’s not funny is that if you close your eyes when all these extreme Islamists make statements to the world, and you didn’t know who was talking, you would swear that it’s a democrat stating a talking point.

So the question this weekend is…where is Bill Clinton? Mmmmm?


Oh, here’s a great one. Brad Pitt was in New Orleans with Global Green USA, get this…judging “design” projects for the rebuilding of New Orleans. Now, just when did Brad Pitt get an engineering degree? Global Green USA is going to provide technical assistance to the winners, and they have plans, I’m sure right out of the UN to rebuild New Orleans with all the expensive environmental bells and whistles, they can dream up. New Orleans they admit will lose its culture and flavor. I expect Angelina Jolie to judge just what kids can be taught in school soon. But hey, it’s a brave new world.


Speaking of brave new world, this weekend I read in my local paper that our local supermarkets and drug stores will also be supplying medical care to anyone who walks in; no appointments necessary. There will be a nurse and doctor, and they will certainly vaccinate you quick as a wink, and cheaply too. They will have real nifty electronic computers to put you into their system. In fact, they might come in handy when people faint from the high drug prices.


Okay…either they know we are going to be hit with a biological weapon, or they want to put the chip in everyone arm. I guess the bird flu scare is not working.

In the meantime all the radio personalities make fun of conspiracy nuts. Good... they can be the first ones to get the shots, and then tell us how they feel.


I don’t know what it’s like in your city, but here in St. Louis the city school system is so bad, that any kid that went to it was guaranteed to come out stupid. Of course, Democrats have ruled the city for as long as I can remember. Last year they had to shut down 16 schools, because the city is predominantly black, and the mostly black administrators had every year stolen millions….it always the same thing.

Oh, but they always CARE about the children. They have to fire the felons (who never go to jail, of course they are just transferred to another school) and they hired a black man from Philadelphia to come down and take over. This black man was going to reform the school system, but he was, much to the horror of all the white democratic politicians, fired by the school board.

Why? Because he demanded to be driven to school in a limo. He also changed a grade school into nothing but a ninth grade school. The toilets are of course, too small. He also did not supply a background check, and would not deliver a signed statement saying he would make them.

Create the problem…come in with the solution. The democrats say that the reason nothing gets done is because the school board is elected. That horrible habit should be replaced with a mayor appointing the board. Elected officials are messing things up.

They bought in a white woman, (which is pissing off the blacks) but she, a stout democrat has come from scandals of her own. Millions were “misplaced” so she was paid $375, 00 to resign. She will be paid 200,000 to take over as superintendent. At this rate, she should make senator in no time.

I can’t wait until next weekend.


Nobody’s Perfect; The liberals are furious that Senator Feinstein and Barbara Boxer are standing with Lieberman in defense of going to war in Iraq. Hillary supported it too. This has got to be driving Cindy Sheehan really crazy. She might die of shock.

Nobody Knows; Not too many people know abut Governor Janet Napolitano of Arizona. All these women are fast friends and loyalists to the agenda’s of the Clintons. She was admitted to the post of U.S. attorney for the District of Arizona by Bill Clinton. “I really didn’t know what a U.S. attorney did.” She said. But no matter with the Clintons. As long as you’re a lawyer, a feminist (she never married and when elected attorney general, she had five of the top position in the state filled by women.) She has argued cases in The Hague, and helped pick the women who trashed Clarence Thomas in his Supreme Court nominations. Now, as gov, she vetoed a vote by the people of Arizona to stifle immigration. Hey, I’m just glad I don’t live there.

Nobody Cares; President George Bush looked very depressed today. Yesterday he looked angry when he gave the new German Chancellor the mike, and she wouldn’t shut up. He is starting to remind me of John Kerry, riding bikes to give us all a hint….But at least he got a lobster dinner. And what's with the round tables?