Friday, December 22, 2006

Nobody Talks To God

Nobody’s Opinion; It’s almost Christmas. I can feel the “spirit” approaching, as sure as if I was on a train going 900-miles an hour in the dark---anticipating my stop coming up. My thoughts tonight are, like they always are when I’m a little tired: mixed up, random, going too fast to catch and hold…like flashes of stars they drift in no particular order, in no meaning.

Let this go on for too long, and it can become like a bumper car ride.

So, tonight with lots of nobody thoughts dancing around in my sugarplum fairy brain, I decided to let everyone at MND in on my thoughts tonight as I talk to God:

Put in your two cents if you like, I’m sure he won’t mind.

Dear God; Thanks a lot tonight for helping me get through this day of walking through four huge shopping malls, on a sore foot, with a cranky husband, and not once did I react in pain or anger at my husbands’ wanting to strangle some teenage who ran in to him by mistake, or some person who cut him off in traffic. You gave me the strength to bear the fact that he wasn’t feeling well, and he was hungry, and he still had to sit at the doctor’s office, for hours waiting for me to get x-rays.

And also, thanks for giving me the strength to forgive my doctor who thinks all people should just get used to the fact that they are going to die--- horribly, miserably, fat, diseased, and deformed.

God love him.

And God, I don’t know what you have done to the people in my neighborhood, but everyone has really gone out with the Christmas displays this year. The poor really know how to celebrate. Tonight we passed through the rich neighborhoods, and they were all dark… no lights whatsoever. I counted only ONE Christmas tree!

I feel so sorry for them. Not even one little light! For miles!

Those poor rich people must be working so hard they can’t even put a few lights up. No wonder some of them are so lost.

But you never fail to light up our whole poor neighborhood with joyous reindeers and Santa’s; it’s like a contest of Christmas happiness! Thank you Lord!

The middle classes are being downsized, but they are NOT going to let anyone spoil their Christmas spirit! One is tackier than the next…but it’s fabulous.

One guy down the street has a natively scene in his front yard that is lit up and so huge, that I’m sure all the pilots taking off from the nearby airport are looking down and going “Wow…look…there’s baby Jesus!”

And I just KNOW I’m going to love my next door neighbor’s Christmas music special that she does at church. (She’s the director) There’s nothing like forty huge bells, ringing Silent Night at the midnight mass. The choirs…the respect…the love for you pouring out on everyone’s face. It’s the human race at it’s finest.

Hey, I even like the walk there and back!

It would be nice Lord if you could watch my dog Zippy a little more, and get her to quit chewing up our Christmas tree lights. It’s really getting to be a pain. Thanks.

And God…what a WONDERFUL job you did with the neighbor lady on the corner. Even though she lost her 37- year old husband to lung cancer this year, leaving her with a small 2- year old son to raise and two other older children…she has held up unbelievably well with the busloads of her church members coming and going, and helping her out however they can.

The other day, some teenage girl was putting up lights on her roof to help her out. I sure hope she likes the ‘angel’ I got her. I hope her boy Daniel likes the big Teddy Bear I bought for him. Somehow, I just know she will do okay.

On another note, Lord…America has had a hard year…and I’m hoping you might just help the ones of us out here who are trying to save her…you know, a little divine intervention?

Heck, a few miracles. Hillary losing the run for President would be nice. I know that’s a big order, but it really is in the best interests of the world.

Well, hey…you’ve had a hard year too, haven’t you? Many forces are at work to wipe your name from every stone, every holy site, even our Supreme Court and off our money. As you know, they are succeeding in many cases.

But, they are not wiping you out of the American heart. I heard that over 80 percent of the people here believe in you… as I do.

Yes, I know…evil is rising. But you’ve seen that before. I know you will be there for whoever wants to reach out for you. It’s so simple, and yet, so hard. This is not the first time or the last we will see it come for us.

But, we must get ready. We will be ready…the evil within must be dealt with first. Light the fire back in our men…get them going, most of them just need a little push.

And God, thank you so much for introducing me to the MND site. All the writers, each and every one of them, are just…well, more than great. How you ever thought to somehow give me a chance with all these great writers, I will never know, but I humbly thank you for that.

You know I’d just go crazy if I couldn’t express my wide range of opinions.

What…you say you had nothing to do with it?…it was Mike LaSalle and some other people? Ah….but who made Mike LaSalle? Ha! Got ya.

(It’s always a good day when you can up one on the Lord!)

Anyway Lord…please be patient with us all down here. Most of us struggle every day with just trying to figure out how to get by. Sometimes just listening to the news makes a person want to become “little Big Man.”

We are all praying for our brave and wonderful soldiers all over the world. You truly have blessed this country with the most wonderful hearts, the greatest imaginations, and men and woman of the greatest spirits.

Please help us to make our ancestors proud.

And even though they do not happen to be in the positions of power at the moment, due to the fact that most wonderful, wise, and great leaders DO NOT happen to have 100 millions dollars to run for office, hopefully the people will start demanding a change.

I pray that you will not let this great country go down, not be high jacked by the powerful, by the terrorists, or even by Al Gore. (Sorry, I just had to include him)

Well, I’ve got to go. Tomorrow I have to figure out something to get my brother, who I can never EVER figure out what to buy. For some reason, that “moving” picture of a sandy beach that we gave him last year, has never been seen by anyone in the family.

I could use some suggestions.

I think I’ll leave my husband at home, he needs a break.

And God, just one more thing. Thanks for giving us your son…the one whose birthday is celebrated tomorrow…the one who somehow managed to give the world the most perfect guidance of how to live life on earth…you could not have given a more precious gift.

Not to mention, his very life, and his unconditional love.

WAIT..I almost forgot! .. Please, don’t let me forget to put the black olives out on the table this year like I did last year. It’s just a little thing, I know, but my son loves them.

It’s the least a mother can do.

Nobody’s Perfect; I’ve been thinking about this. I know forgiveness is the right thing to do being as its Christmas and all. I can see you forgiving Brittany Spears Lord, as she is not playing with a full set of analytical processors, but if I were you, I’d think again about Sandy Burger. Everyone else has let him off for his crime at the National Archives, but maybe you could come up with something…

Nobody Knows; When we pray, is it as comforting as holding your spouses hand? On a scale of one to ten…is it more comforting, or less?

Nobody Cares; I know nobody cares about the silly ramblings in my mind, but really, the political news sometimes needs a big break, it can be so maddening. We must all watch our cortisol levels…God would want us to.

Besides…Christmas is all around! Ain’t it great! Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Flexner Report...Drugs Anyone?

Nobody’s Opinion: After spending my whole “eight minutes” with my doctor today, in which he talked for seven minutes about some stupid lady who was driving him crazy because she wanted something over the phone that was impossible for him to give her because the “state” required a test, and she did not understand this concept, and he was having a bad day because she would not ACCEPT this answer…

And then one minute about why I was there…

I was actually glad I had not become a doctor.

And yet, for a good four years I was once mad at this very same doctor because he had looked at my mother for a few minutes on a visit, after taking her blood pressure, and sweetly told her she was “just fine” and looked “great.” We left completely frustrated because she was miserable, and had felt terrible for weeks. It was like he was not even listening to us.

She had a major brain hemorrhage the next week, which eventually caused her death.

Yeah, thanks doc.

But, yet, I still liked the guy. I still go to him. He is intelligent, and really does care about his patients. It’s just the whole medical system is so screwed up it’s no wonder they do nothing but hand out pills…they have no time for anything else.

It took me awhile to realize it not the doctor’s fault…after all, what can you do in eight minutes? HMO’s were sold as the most wonderful thing to ever happen to the middle class. Boy, were we suckers.

Think about it, if they spent more than eight minutes of time, the patient might actually get cured.

Last week, while I was roaming around in a book called “Ageless” by Suzanne Somers, there was a little bit of “oh wow” information, that I had no idea existed.

It was a story of greed…it was a story of power. It is a story that affects every single one of us today. To make everyone happy…I will NOT call it a conspiracy theory since according to all academics and people who consider their thoughts beyond examination, conspiracy theories are hogwash.

So as not to upset the Christmas spirit, or your next cup of eggnog. Let’s just call it what it was, a historical fact.

Seems around 1910, The Carnegie Foundation and the Rockefellers owned major pharmaceutical companies, and they needed to figure out how they were going to market all these great drugs they were going to put out.

So they hired a high school principal, a guy named Abraham Flexner, who knew absolutely nothing about medicine. It was called The Flexner Report.

His job was to go around to all the medical schools in the country and study, then come back and give the Rockefellers his recommendations, which took about a year. The AMA (American Medical Association) was behind this too.

Now, this Flexner guy really got into this. He (or they) came up with the thought that the best way to market their drugs was to teach doctors how to use them. So he started with schools such as the Mayo Clinic and John Hopkins and offered “financial incentives” for these schools to change their curriculum to educate their doctors on the use of the drugs made by Rockefeller’s drug companies.

Classes where they had to fill their brains with so many prescriptive drugs, they go into the habit of usually “faking” the prescription, because there are so many drugs the doctors cannot keep up with them all---so they just draw a line with the letters various mg’s and write: Take three times a day, and the pharmacists has to guess at what in the heck the doctor wrote since no one can make any sense out of it.

The patient goes home and gets better, because that’s what happens with positive thinking. Who knows what’s in this stuff? (Okay, it’s hard for me to not have fun…back to being serious.)

Anyway from his study Flexner decided that there was just TOO many doctors in the United States, and too many schools, and they had to be reduced. And so he went about helping that reduction out.

He recommend that (a) all the schools that taught about health care and prevention of disease, like homeopathic schools, be shut down. (b) Close all 3 women medical schools, and (c) all Negro medical schools, and (c) all proprietary medical schools. (This means schools run as a business, knocking out all competition.)

His recommendations succeeded. All allopathic schools were closed; all 3 women medical schools were closed. All but two of the Negro schools were closed and all proprietary schools…not a chance, gone.

The remaining medical schools were to be unified with hospital faculty and staff, and were. They didn’t want the “rural” doctors to remain in the small towns either, those guys had to go.

That’s why we have the system we have today. Everyone gets sicker, and we now have the sickest nation on the earth…hey, thanks Mr. Flexner!


Of course this lead to the practice of today, where beautiful girls in short shirts visit the doctors offices, and give them the newest drugs, approved by the FDA in three months under the (can be sold until someone gets sick law) which we saw with Vioxx.

The doctor then gets a much needed 40 minute break listening to a nice soft voice, and looking at wonderful legs.

Not too so long ago, we started hearing about how all our cholesterol levels were in danger.

For years this nation got along without knowing about our cholesterol levels…now all Americans are having their cholesterol checked without even asking. Cholesterol is the new polio epidemic. In horror movies, cholesterol is Freddy Kruger. Too much, and you will end up dead.

So many people are taking cholesterol drugs that the drugs are poring out of the wazoo, and into the water systems.

Men are worried, having heart attacks, and the doctors are telling them it’s their high cholesterol that’s killing them.

Take this pill, and watch what you eat.

But, here’s a fact from “The Zone” by Barry Sears, PH.D. :” The amount of cholesterol you eat has a relatively low impact on the amount of cholesterol in your bloodstream The truth is that more than 80 percent of your daily cholesterol production comes not from diet but from your own liver”

Don’t expect to hear this from your doctor, unless you have a drug to sell and look like Angelina Jolie.

Anyway, it was around that time when Woodrow Wilson came into view, and the League of Nations came into being…wait, my conspiracy mind is starting to wander, sorry.

If you follow history, then the reason most of our drugs cost so much NOW is because they want MORE money, so the only way they can get that is from…the government, by socializing the whole system. This is what the government wants to do too.

Create the problem and people will SCREAM for the solution.

So, if you wonder why the drugs cost so much? Because the problem has been created, the solution will be socialized medicine. And the drug companies will be very happy.

Everyone keeps asking why we pay more than anyone else in the world?

Bird flu vaccine anyone?

Nobody’s Perfect; Any doctor on the HMO plan now has it rough. The insurance costs alone for them is unbelievable. The plan is still continuing. So next time you run into a doctor that leaves you pissed off…remember, he’s in the same boat as you are.

Nobody Knows; This whole business plan, to monopolized the schools and the whole medical system into basically making money for the Rockefellers, was as a business venture---absolutely brilliant. In fact it worked so well, they’ve gone into the “environmental solutions” business. They are now using their Al Gore Flexner plan.

The same plan is being used to create a market for environmental solutions…which of course, Al Gore and Bill Clinton are right on top of.

And the Rockefellers foundations are right there with them.

Soon, all our houses will by law, have to have environmental gadgets in them, to make sure we are not polluting the air. Because they CARE about us. This is NOT going to be cheap.

Nobody Cares; Many people think Suzanne Somers is, like the Rockefellers, just a smart girl making money. Not someone to be taking seriously.

And yet, if there is one book in your life to get your spouse (man or woman) this nobody recommends it highly. Most of the articles are written by doctors. The information on Flexner was from Dr. Joe Filbeck in the Chapter “Men and the Effects of Aging,” page 245.

Thanks Suzanne, you are one Hollywood celebrity actually helping America.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Nobody’s Opinion; I am going on a most important mission tomorrow…hunting for lost hormones, which I am told can be found in abundance in the Opinion Journal.

So I’m posting a piece that I wrote in August of 2003. It was a small admiration attempt to honor Laura Bush AND since she was recently in the news with a medical problem, and she is a fan of Mark Twain, I decided to post this in honor of our doctors, first Lady, and the two Mormon boys who got lost because they read “Huckleberry Finn” and went looking for the Mississippi.

Hopefully, they have some fun before they find them.


The First Lady got me into reading Mark Twain again after hearing that he was one of her favorite authors. I started with Life on the Mississippi, because I live very near the Mississippi. I did not expect though that Mr. Twain would teach me how to really think about the nature of cows. I mean, who thinks about cows?

Pretty much the only time one thinks of cows is when you see a bunch of them in a field and you say…Oh look at the cows, honey: as if that revelation alone will give you a deep bonding moment with whomever happens to be in the car.

Yes, cow bonding.

Many people under fifty do not even know who Mark Twain was. Mark Twain was never mentioned in any school that I attended while growing up. I’m positive my son has never heard of him. He probably thinks Huckleberry Finn is a cocktail. No, he suffers from dyslexia like the rest of our youth, who have been taught how not to read so as to be easily controlled. Better to keep them dumb and drugged…ask any Marxist or Democrat.

The liberals who control the textbooks have had him banished to footnotes. Due to political correctness, they thought that the truth in the portrayal of the black slave Jim, in Huckleberry Finn, who Mr. Twain made as a very heroic fictional character, was a put-down to blacks. Of course, anyone who has read the book knows that it was a put down to slavery, but the liberals think that you are so stupid that you won’t get the message behind the story. The liberals believe that Jim’s colloquial speech patterns are something we should not be exposed to. He sounds so dumb. Anyway heaven forbid that the truth of history be reported in any book.

No, Jim's speech was offensive they say, but the liberals are not offended in anyway with the lack of proper English pronunciation in the current population of young black rappers and many black youth. (As Mr. Cosby has recently pointed out.) Go figure.

I’m sure that’s why that whole collection of Mark Twain’s writing has sat on my selves all these years…unread. Somewhere I had forgotten that it was The Prince and the Pauper that got me hooked into reading at such a young age in the first place. Thanks to Mrs. Bush, I dragged out my precious unread collection and I learned about cows.

Cows in the flood.

Mr. Twain explains in Life on the Mississippi that when there is a flood he observed (he was observing the flood of 1903) that cows will stand still while the water rises around them. He thought that was the strangest thing. They will not move, standing until the water reaching up to their necks carries them away, and they drown.

Horses, he noticed would swim and try to get out... try to find food. Not something we think about in the days of McDonalds, Wendy’s, and Burger King.

Then I got to thinking…that’s what we’ve become. The American people are like cows in the flood. All our independence, all our fight for freedoms, all our integrity and pride in our work, all the greatness of invention and optimism and belief in the American way has been wiped away by the rising water of socialism, and fascism slowly flooding around our feet, creeping up on us…day after day…year after year…and we have stood like cows in the flood. The flood of totalitarianism, the flood of fascism, creeping up on us slowly, deliberately, and in this flood is snakes.

There are snakes in the mud. And some of these snakes are pretty nasty.

Now, it's nothing new to site politicians as being as low as snakes. This has been going on since the first election, somewhere in the caves of Iraq. They slim around mostly, they are hard to catch, and they're slippery on many issues. Their bite can be lethal. For example, not all snakes (ladies) are men. Some like the coral snake can have very pretty covering... like Hillary Clinton.

Hillary is playing the middle now. She talks little, because she is not as quick thinking on her feet as Bill. I was thinking about Hillary’s first term in the White House, and how Janet Reno and Madeleine Albright were Hillary’s old friends. Isn’t that called nepotism? Doesn’t that just happen in Communist countries?

Albright said that whenever Hillary went overseas she always wrote a report for Albright. And we thought she was just baking cookies!

She made fifty-one trips to foreign countries on her own. Who knows how many more she made with Bill. So here she was, running the State Department and working for her future goal to set up her and her husbands’ new world government and her bid for the White House, and using our money to bribe whatever dictator would take it. They gave (our) money away all over the world.

What bugs me is that they are always talking about the rich. Well, nobody in the world spent more on themselves than the Clintons and it was all without our good graces. The Democrats now are complaining about Bush campaigning. Well... where was the complaining when the Clinton’s were running all over the world?

Promoting the future jobs after the White House of both Clinton’s of course. Is there any doubt by anyone of that?

Hillary is so sure she is going to be President, she probably already has Chelsea's wedding planned. Chelsea’s wedding is going to make Princess DI’s look like a bash down at the local pub. Of course, she will be married in the White House, with the most expensive lay-out that anyone has ever seen, including Barbara Streisand singing “Happy Days Are Here Again” in the Rose Garden.

Just think how mom’s mouth is salivating at the gifts that will pour in from all over the world. Taking White House furniture will just seem like cheap junk when all the diamonds from Africa and Rubies from Russia, not to mention the gifts from all Bill’s old girlfriends coming up in Mac trucks. Spielberg will film the wedding and it will be broadcast on every station around the world. China has already sent gifts in, and we really don’t want to know about it. They will collect enough money to set up the Hillary’s future Presidential Library in Chicago, and Chelsea’s Presidential Library in Oxford. say?

And will she marry a black because her father was the first black President? Has her marriage already been arranged? A Saudi Prince? A Chinese student of political science going to Harvard with a job at the World Bank? Prince William? Michael Jackson? Or a clone of Bill? (Hey, I threw that one in for the former Pres…knowing how he would admire the possibility.)

No, more importantly to this dynasty is this; is Chelsea a cow, a snake, or a horse? (Speaking metaphorically of course)

Now, I haven’t seen Mark Twain being discarded from my local library, but I did find two years of George magazine being put up for sale at 10 cents a copy, so I bought them. And there in the November 1999 issue, the second issue after the JFK Jr.'s horrible tragedy, Hillary starts her promotion for the Senate and the White House. In fact, the picture that she uses to promote her current book was taken then, in black and white.

Think about this. It was rumored that John-John was going to run for New York Senate. He dies, and in the very next issue of HIS magazine, is Hillary, your new NY senator. Isn’t it wonderful to be on top?

I wondered if the article would have appeared at that time had not John been killed. In the article Hillary was quoted as saying “I will always be furthering the work that I have done in the White House.”

Well, if that’s true, then you’d better pray that you know a man named Noah, and he has room for a lot of cows on his boat. If Hillary ever becomes President, slavery will take on a whole different meaning. We will not just have to stock up on water; we will need life jackets, life boats, and swimming lessons. The whole Middle America will be flooded, and not just by the Mississippi.

But, there are still horses. (Coulter, Rush, Hannity, O'Reilly) America has beautiful running horses, still running free, with beautiful long manes, swimming through the flood, lashing out like lighting, kicking when the noose folds around the neck, never to be saddled. (Savage?) Running…running for freedom and truth. (Hey, I can be corny, I’m not claiming to be a writer.)

It makes me sick that kids are growing up without reading that great timeless stories of Mark Twain, and not reading the very words of our founding fathers, or even Booker T. Washington. The kids are sitting around watching reality TV and playing Video games. And we "adults" are sitting around, chewing on our cuds like cows, getting fat, while the water of liberalism and corruption rise around our feet. Not moving, just standing there...frozen. Looking and listening to the snakes in the mud. Our feet stuck. Look around you... see any cows?

Hey, I don’t know about you, but I’m buying a saddle. And I’m starting out of the gate by finishing the rest of Mark Twain. And just in case this flood is not receding, I’m praying: it’s Pascal’s wager.

We are cows in the flood: there are snakes in the mud, and I say we head for dry land.

Besides, being down in the mud is getting old, don't you think? Time to get out.

A Rainbow of Rationality

Nobody’s Opinion: I had planned to write about Sean Penn tonight. He was in the news again, getting some award and using that moment to impress upon the world how President George W. Bush should be impeached, along with his whole administration: “The President, Vice President and …civil officers of the United States office.”

He didn’t say how many civil officers…probably at least a thousand or so. Never mind that the firing of the whole top structure of our government, leaving us vulnerable to a major strike, while the whole world is standing on a precipice of global burning, might be caused by such an effect.

Never mind that even Nancy Pelosi knows that this is an insane idea at the moment.
(But then again, being third in line, she might have put him up to it.)

But, what can you expect? Sean Penn’s father was a director in Hollywood who was blacklisted for not testifying in the McCarthy trails. His personal assistant is Andrew Dawton Lee, a former drug dealer who once worked for the Soviets as a spy.

The only color this man can see is red: the only fist he makes is with his left.

Sean Penn likes to fancy himself as an intellectual of the most Supreme Being. As James Brown, a supreme being of soul would say, he is, “Talking loud and saying nothing.”

More than likely, too much cocaine for too many years has put a cloud on any hope of rationality coming from his tormented face.

Yep. I was having trouble, I didn’t even want to make fun of him…it was like the subject put a plug of thick black tar in my writer’s block.

And then, I opened up a Christmas card. A card I was NOT expecting.

It was from an old boyfriend named John and his wife, Vicki. And the most marvelous story was in it.

Now, I’m not sure if Sean Penn is religious. Probably like most liberals he hates religion and considers it all a man-made farce.

Whenever I meet someone who does not believe in a Supreme Being outside themselves, (as Sean Penn and my old boyfriend John) I always feel sad for them, because they don’t know what they are missing.

Much like the couple that you meet that are childless---childless because they decided to remain childless in order to devote their lives to themselves and their own pleasures. Those of us who have children just can’t imagine anyone not knowing the ultimate experiences in life’s journeys that they have missed.

It’s like they are passing up the library at Alexandria, or a trip around the world, or seeing a rainbow once a month. What a pity.

In their proud moments of liberal rationality, they think that since they know themselves so well, they know they would be bad parents, therefore they are doing the rest of the world a favor. They are WISE and compassionate in their decision, and selfless.

After all, it’s their right not to put up with all that hassle.

But, back to the story, which was about John’s mother Charlotte, and rainbows.

Now, I don’t know too many people who are not simply in awe at seeing a rainbow. Throughout history they have been considered by most cultures as omens.

The Greeks thought that it was a path between Heaven and Earth. The Hebrews thought that it was a symbol of covenant between God and man. The Christians believe that Jesus will come back, surrounded by rainbows.

I happen to be able to find the rationality of faith in a rainbow. I will try to justify the rationality of the concept of God in the event of a rainbow…at the right moment.

I know, I will explain.

Let’s see…I once took an Art History class in college. By the end of the class I had so much knowledge about art, that I could look at any painting, tell you who did it, what style it was, what year it was made, in fact, I was such an expert I could have gotten a job at a museum.

The only trouble was that, AFTER the class, I noticed that I had lost all the joy of looking at any painting, because I would instantly analyze any painting I looked at. It was horrible, and maddening. I hated it.

It took quite a while to “forget” most of what I had learned.

Mark Twain explained this same concept after working on the river so long. He had to memorize so many passages and river bends, that after a while, he lost sight of all the beauty that a river can hold.

It happens. And when it comes to rainbows, you can look on them simply as scientific wonders of the sun’s refractions, and take it no further.

You can do that.

Now… back to my old boyfriend John and the story.

Over the summer John’s mother had died. She had remained a strong force in my life and was like a second mom to me. She was a tiny woman, but abundant with life till the very end.

At Charlotte’s funeral, I finally got to see John again. The last time I saw him, I was still in high school, and he was off to Canada to avoid the Vietnam War. He was now an established professor at the Virtual Environmental Laboratory School of Design in North Carolina. Highly educated, highly intelligent…he mapped caves.

It was almost funny how different John and I had developed in our opinions on politics and views on life after all these years.

John and his wife were childless, but had lived a full life exploring the world. It was so good to see him, and to tell him about his mom, and her deep love for him.

But the Christmas card held a surprise…

John; “On the drive home (from the funeral) we saw a double rainbow in the northeastern sky. Driving east, we thought our car might catch up with it. The real surprise came when we did and the end of the rainbow descended to actually touch the hold of our car! We regret that there was no place to stop in the middle of the highway to look under the car. What if there was indeed a pot of gold under there?”

Now, to a liberal, a skeptic…if any one considered this a “sign” from their dear departed mother, a message from her to her beloved son, they would say they were still in the suspicious middle ages.

Like the student that masters the “scientific” facts of the event, they would miss the whole conception of the forest because they only see the trees in front of their face.

The very fact that this event happened at the specific time in John’s life, never to have happened before, deserves exploring. A liberal would not think twice about this, even though mathematically, it would be impossible to ignore.

Funny, liberals will only go so far in their deliberations.

Is there a “life” after death, as all religions believe? Hasn’t the human race all throughout history experienced “signs” which are actually, in many cases, mathamatically like winning the Power ball?

Sometimes events, like a bird flying into a church and landing on a coffin.

Or a song on the radio, at a particular time.

In any other logical and rational explanations, they can be nothing BUT the obvious. A communication from something or someone, meant for a particular person.

Why is that considered wacko?

All throughout history, people have wondered about this sort of thing. Why did they see a rainbow right after a loved one’s death?

There is a logical rationality in believing that if something out of the complete ordinary happens to you at a certain time in your life, that it may be a sign from God, or some other force that we simply do not know much about, that defies the skeptics.

Liberals are always talking about having open minds, but have so little openness when it comes to religion, because they might have to actually think.

Not something Sean Penn is really good at, and that’s why this subject was so much more exciting then repeating boring platitudes from a lonely man.

As for my friend John…something tells me he might be a little more open minded about it all. Charlotte probably knew that John was so blinded by his own educational bias that she had to hit him with a bolt of rainbow rationality. That’s my Charlotte!

Nobody’s Perfect: Sean Penn also said Rush Limbaugh was “high as a kite on OxyContin,” Bill O’Reilly was “factually impaired,” and Sean Hannity was “simply a whore to the cause of his pimps.”

Well, what you expect from someone who studied to be an auto mechanic.

Nobody Knows; My favorite poem about rainbows is the famous one by William Wordsworth;

My heart leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky
So was it when my life began
So is it now I am a man
So be it when I shall grow old, or let me die.

Nobody Cares; Tibetan Buddhists say that when a great yogi dies, rainbows appear over his hut.

Right after John Adams died, there was a rainbow appeared outside the house.

And a very dear, wonderful, and incredibly brilliant friend of mine once got a rainbow message…
And I wrote this whole thing for him.

Now, wasn’t this much more fun than that boring old Sean Penn?

Monday, December 18, 2006

Nobody's Absurdities, No. 30

Nobody’s Opinion; Wow, am I really at number thirty? There’s not a single thing I can think of that’s important about the number, except that thirty is the life span of a termite and a cow. Try to figure that one out in evolutionary speak.

It’s also the minimum age when the symptoms of Alzheimer’s appears, which means my mother got my birth date wrong.

And it is also takes thirty years for the malarial parasitic cycle to basically run its course in the human body, which brings me to my first absurdity of the day…


Bono...the man who does nothing but makes trips to the United States and extorts taxpayer’s money out of our “elected” officials to redistribute to ruthless dictators in Africa, is very upset at the moment. It seems one billion dollars was “promised” to him by our government to buy mosquito nets. He said he was in a bit of a shock when the Democrats (who blamed it on the Republicans) couldn’t come up with the money. Bono said that “The promise from the United States to keep their families safe is in danger of being broken.”

Oh dear.

Maybe some prominent people in Seattle have decided that instead of buying mosquito nets for Africans, the money should go to fix the electrical grids in our cities.

A new dyke in New Orleans would be nice.

After all, some person can just get up in the middle of the night in Africa to go to the outhouse, and get bit, so what’s the point?

At least they are warm.

Bono might have to play a few more concerts this year, poor guy.


Speaking of ruthless dictators---Kofi Annan, now that he is leaving the U.N., wants the Human rights committee to take action on Darfur. Right…he’s there for five years and does nothing, and then leaves and wants action.

He must have learned that little trick from Bill Clinton who went eight years pussyfooting around about the terrorist problems. Then after we are attacked, he blamed our President.

Why, he left the man a note!

I suggest they both go over to Darfar together and do something constructive. That action would win Bill his Noble Peace Prize. As we all know, he will only go to Darfur after everyone is dead, and say he’s sorry, but it’s our President’s fault.

Which makes you wonder just what they want the Human Rights to do about the slaughter…talk to Rwanda?

And while Bill was at the Hague today (Does he get around or what?) he was of course talking about how we should talk with Iran and Syria.

Which is what Hillary wants also---at least for just today. Tomorrow she will say something else, but you won’t be able to find it because Google will have erased it.

Hillary also said when asked when she would announce her run to be President, “I want to make SURE the decision is right for me, my family, my party, and my country.”

I can just see her saying this. No wonder everyone is talking about OBAMA.

Everyone knows she has planned for this all her life, and has been raising money all through HIS presidency to buy her way in, which makes this statement extremely absurd.

But does Hillary see any dichotomy in her next statement? Nooooooo, she says, “I am not going to believe the President ever again.”

As if we could ever believe anything she ever said…she holds the record for lying about not knowing anything…especially when under oath…”I do not remember…I don’t recollect, I can’t recall….”

Be prepared to see all her photo’s touched up. The village of denial is coming.

I plan to wear boots. Many of us will by the end of her reign, want to burn the village down.


Colin Powell has come out talking like a real traitor with his statement about the army being “almost broken.” Then goes on blustering about, “If I were still Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff….”

Well, you’re not, Colin. Go to Darfur and make yourself useful if you want to do something. Go to Africa with Kofi and Jimmy Carter, and take along Bono.

Buy some mosquito nets and give out some condoms. Keep your mouth shut for awhile, especially if you are going to put our boys in harm’s way.

Colin Powell, a prime example of affirmative action. (If I sound mad, I am.)


Speaking of affirmative action, the voters in Michigan passed a ballot measure saying that the government and all universities could not use it anymore.

But, somehow they are still going to use it…Which is simply the affirmation that the courts rule over the people, no matter what is passed--- if they don’t like the outcome, they just change it.

They learned this from Russia. It works there too.


They now have a word for discrimination against Muslims…Islamophobia. Soon there will be a vaccine. Unlike agoraphobia, this can actually can kill you.

It’s spreading all over Europe, and mating with the bird flu.

And speaking of Muslims, did you read about the woman who stopped a plane flight because she had embarrassing flatulence and kept lighting matches to hide the smell?

Now why didn’t the Muslims think of this new and creative way to bring down a plane?


Which brings me to the subject of “bringing down” a nation. The nobody’s unpatriotic action of the week goes to Westinghouse, who will be supplying China technology right up front to build at least four nuclear reactors.

China, who has sold weapons to North Korea, Iran, Russia and Syria,( but hey, who am I to speculate) has to be real excited about this.

I suppose the CEO of Westinghouse has to compete with the CEO of Morgan Stanley, who made a 40 million dollar bonus last year.

I want to know, if that’s the bonus…what’s the salary?


Nobody’s Perfect; Great news for Mel Gibson! Judith Regan, a news reporter that was just fired by Rupert Murdoch for her botched O.J. Simpson TV program idea, said there was a Jewish Cabal behind it.

Mel now has a drinking partner. OR he could ask Dolly Parton, who has said pretty much the same thing. I wonder who he would choose….

The trouble is, even though they probably do exist, I don’t think it was the Jewish Cabal that complained about a piece being put on TV saying “If I did it.” by the murderer.

Maybe now, she can get a job on Entertainment tonight.

I bet she can’t cook either.

Nobody Knows; With all this religion bashing going on every single day, I am just waiting for them to come out with the next news; which will be…Jesus was really gay.

Somewhere in the Dead Sea Scrolls (my husband calls them the dead semen scrolls) it will be reported that he was actually gay, but had a baby with Mary because, like a lot of gays, he wanted to be a parent.

Sometime around Christmas day, when we are eating our turkeys, this news will be released on NBC.

Nobody Cares; 52 new species of animals were found in Borneo this year.

Also marijuana was the United States top Cash Crop, at the tune of 35 billion. This is bigger than corn or wheat.

Does anyone care about these two facts?

No. The liberals will say, “Yes…but in fifty years, there will be no fish left on earth. And marijuana should be legalized.”

We can all get stoned while we die of starvation.

I think we should send them all to Borneo without mosquito nets.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Nobody Goes Swimming With Mel Gibson

Nobody’s Opinion: Instead of thinking up conspiracy theories about why Seattle now has 300,000 people without heat and power due to an unusual storm that came out of nowhere, leaving people in Seattle suffering no electric power for a week; the same predicaments that St. Louis suffered just a last week: instead of thinking that another town was being “primed” to get ready for the inevitable that Dick Cheney, President Bush, and Donald Rumsfeld will happen…

I made my husband take me to see Mel Gibson’s new movie “Apologize”

Yes, I wanted to give my very creative and active imagination of the fearful and perhaps upcoming terrorist event a rest…but Mel’s movie just magnified it.

Gee thanks Mel. I’m trying not to worry here.

Why? Because it dealt with the subject of fear, and how you react to it.

Fear is not exactly a concept that Americans are really into right now. The most Americans might fear is that they will go to Best Buy and they will be sold out of Scarface. Or that they will not get that new IPOD gear.

Some of the dreadlocks that I saw at the mall last night were pretty scary.

Besides the usual “Whew, that car just missed me.” I haven’t come into any real fear in years. But the movie brought up a fond memory.

My son’s first swimming lessons.

My father did not demand much of anything of my brother and I as kids, but there was one thing that he thought was vital for survival, and that is that every person should know how to swim. Since he had been a Sea-Bee, it was an easy thing to teach us.

So there I was, only one among many other nervous mothers, down at the local pool, to watch our young 3-year olds take their first swimming lesson.

All the little ones were lined up on the edge, and told to dive into the water to the lifeguards, who as I remember were very well built high school boys.

Every single kid, who had never been in water before, jumped right in. No fear. I couldn’t believe it. But, not my son---oh no..he just kept looking at the water. You could see the wheels turning…as if he was thinking….”I know that stuff, its water, and its’ a LOT deeper than my bathtub. I don’t know this guy, this is not good. I really don’t think I’m ready.”

It took some effort to get him in. Peer pressure made him jump, but he didn’t want too.

Even when he was a baby and I would hold him, he knew he could not swim. He was scared.

Now, most of the mothers thought my kid was chicken, but I saw it another way. I thought that it was a sign that he was smarter than the other kids, who would have just jumped in, and drowned. In fact, many young kids do just that in home pools.

Later, after swimming lessons, I never worried about him. At five he was all over deep end, and his favorite thing was to swim down to the bottom at the deep end and get the pennies. He was better than the other kids. I never worried about him at all.

Both our fears were gone.

Now, Mel’s movie makes you question whether fear is good or bad, and the power of it. It’s a theme throughout the movie.

I know he has come out and said that Americans are being ruled with “fear” by our administration, and that he doesn’t like Jews…blah, blah… and yet, this movie is as true to his conservative beliefs as any of his other movies, go figure.

Mel is either a prophet, or a drunk. Maybe he’s a drunk because he’s a prophet.

As you might assume, you can’t help but draw analogies from his story.

He puts up a saying at the beginning of the movie, the one about great nations cannot be conquered unless from within. (I forget who said it, I was eating popcorn and unprepared for a philosophical moment.)

But, it doesn't fit the movie. The Incas don’t get conquered in his movie, and the simple village people are not corrupt.

Obviously, Mel is using his art to educate, as he says he likes to do.

As he has said, you identify with the village people, because they like to make a lot of sexual jokes. They are a simple people, happy, and they feel safe and comfy in their little forest world. And then a band of ruthless Mayans come and capture them, to take them to be sacrificed on the temples.

So what do you naturally think of? Americans are like the simple villagers sitting around telling jokes and a whole world of Muslims, like the ruthless Aztecs, would really enjoyed rolling decapitated heads down six-flag roller coaster. The Aztecs built pyramids for this function, but I’m sure the jihads could come up with something.

So, according to how this nobody sees it, Mel suggests that we should quit sitting around acting as if nothing is going to happen to us, and prepare for it. And if we should be attacked by ruthless Islamic, we should show no fear and fight for our homeland.

Because as he says in the picture, (Well the main character says it.) “Hey, this is my land, and was my fathers before him, and his father’s before him, and you can’t have it!”

Well…something like that.

Which means to this nobody that we’d better learn to swim before it’s too late. Some of us are not afraid of the water, and that’s not a good thing.

And just in case you’re wondering, I couldn’t sleep the rest of the night due to visions of my head rolling off my pillow, and the floor was at least a mile away.

Nobody’s Perfect; After seeing the movie you can’t imagine why Mel is going around talking against Iraq and making stupid statements, which go to show…there, might be a conspiracy here. (Just kidding)

Nobody Knows; Just what language Mel’s next movie is going to be in, and just who designed some of those god awful, ugly, and bizarre Aztec costumes.

Nobody Cares; Mel wants everyone to forget his past mistakes and get on with it. Okay Mel, here’s one nobody that has. Can I come to your forest now? I hear you have an island, and I’m an excellent swimmer.