Saturday, October 21, 2006

Amoeba Contemplates COSMOS

Nobody’s Opinion; This morning I watched an old episode of COSMOS by Carl Sagan. I had taped a whole set of them, because I missed them when he made them the first time around. (I was just five!) I have to watch them by myself because my husband cannot stand the way the man talks, where as I think he was an extremely talented educator, and part of that reason was because of the way he talked.

I mean, who else can you think of that pronounced every single syllable of every single word so precisely that you could almost feel the spit on your face?

But here’s what’s strange--- I had to watch the first episode three times because for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how he came to his conclusions. It was like he…he was seeing the trees, the forest, the universe, the dandelion weed, and somehow I was on some road into the forest and just bypassed him.

You might have seen this one… the one on evolution. He starts out by explaining the concept of “artificial selection.” (not to be confused with insemination)

He explains this concept by showing examples of a Japanese Crab whose shell looks just like a Samurai Warrior because for centuries every time the Japanese fisherman would catch a crab with that ugly scowl on its face, he threw it back, (honoring some Samurai ancient battle) which is why the species survived and grew plentiful. Humans affected the end product because by our actions, we determined which crab survived. Humans, as we know with all the Europeans complaining about our corn, do this all the time...

Okay, I was with him so far.

Then he went into explaining “natural selection” the course that nature took on the evolutionary tree. He starts out with this wonderful statement, along with lots of pictures, of how everything on the earth evolved from a simple cell.

Okay, go for it Carl.

He goes on with trees….yes, we have much in common with trees, we are related to them, and I do believe he is right because you couldn’t get me out of one when I was a kid. And all this time I had been thinking that in my past life I must have been a squirrel.

Trees and humans have this wonderful symbiosis…we need their oxygen, they need our carbon dioxide. (Somebody tell Al.) Everything is just marvelous the way Gaia interacts with all of the universe and it was all developed by “natural selection.”

Hey, I’m with ya…I get it.

Carl then shows us the cell, then the amoeba, then the lamprey, the fish, the fish crawls up on shore, and then lays eggs…and somehow we go from there, to a funny looking dog, then a monkey, then Neanderthal Man, then our final destination---the human homo, as in sapien. (And Carl wisely picks out the shadow of a naked woman to represent our present state.)

This remarkable evolution was picked out by that highly intelligent and extremely calculating goddess of perfection …Nature, and all done in the last few seconds of December. (That’s how he explains our evolution, using a calendar.)

And then he mocks the concept of God, while sitting by a dandelion. You see, we silly humans don’t think that nature could have done this all by itself, we are just stupid…come along with Carl and he will show you!

He takes us into the atom, the DNA double helix, and shows this wonderful little cartoon blob inside the double helix that actually “picks” and puts DNA stuff in JUST the right places…but oops..Sometimes there is a mistake…that’s a mutation. (Remember, he calls it a mistake. Humans have mutated due to mistakes. That explains everything.)

Okay, I’ll buy that.

By this time, Carl is so excited by the whole unbelievable thing, the whole concept of the millions of cells in every living thing that expands out into the universe and all the common denominators, I’m dizzy from even thinking about it all…my hair is frizzing.

In the last scene he talks about how exciting it will be when man, who understands the concepts of how to manipulate the DNA of humans…just how wonderful it will be when we start manipulating genes and making superior humans! Just imagine the possibilities! He could hardly contain the euphoria fantasies on his face with this statement.

And this is where he lost me. Remember that old saying “If your friend jumps off the bridge and kills himself, are you going to follow him?”

This is where, in my nobody humble opinion, maybe the scientists should take a break, and go find some open heart surgery to watch. They should find something else to do, because they get so emotionally caught up in what they’ve discovered, and what it means to the universe (not to mention their pocketbooks and vacations in France) that they stop in the middle of the forest and say…”Okay, that’s solved, let’s go home now.”

Now---we all admit the atomic bomb was a sheer work of incredible genius. And we do know it help us win WWII. And yes, if we didn’t develop it, someone else probably would have.

Nevertheless, by “artificial selection” we have put the whole human race on red alert, having to listen to Homeland Security messages on the radio…”Be sure to keep a backpack for your whole family just in case.”

And I suppose you could make the argument that if we don’t start cloning American humans to be superior to the Chinese clones, we might be sorry.

Then again, some would say the Chinese don’t even need clones.

I wanted to ask Carl, knowing what a genius he was, (And lets face it, he was--by making science excitable again to the dumbed down masses after years of the NEA)--- just what gave him the idea that man could play “god” and be any good at it?

Do we not see all over the world the same old thing…again and again…the few rule the many? And do you think if the “few” got this cloning power they would “share” it with the many? How much would this cost?

Are we supposed to believe that the universities cloning projects, funded by big multi-national and governmental elites will use this knowledge for the good of all mankind?

And that goes to just the simple conquering diseases for a start.

If politicians can’t even educate our children properly, what makes you think they could decide who gets what genes?

But that point is mute to scientists. They just can’t help themselves, it’s the curiosity of it all, if other men use it for evil means, and it’s not their fault. Hey, they have to make a living, might as well be at something they love.

They have no choice due to all the “natural selective genes” Mother Nature gave them.

I’m more worried about a whole class of elite world politicians cloning themselves, and deciding who gets the expensive “cures” and the better “genes” thereby, making a whole race of slaves and masters, more than I am then getting killed by my summer nights getting hotter.

They are doing just fine without the science.

If this was a perfect world, then it might come in handy…like cloning humans to breathe dark matter…when we finally decide we need to leave.

But the scientists don’t see that…they just see the work. And they live for it. Cause and effect is only applied to science, not to reason. Then they hand their work over to the governments, and that’s not necessarily a good thing.

If you think about just how many things have to go right to make a human body work, or even a single cell, and you KNOW this (as the scientists do) but see no other explanation but well, it’s just happened that way…

Then you’ve never asked the question of why in the world the clitoris evolved outside the woman body. (There’s that mutation mistake again)

Mother Nature after all invented man according to Carl Sagan, and I’m thinking maybe God should erase Mother Nature and start over…or maybe that was the plan from the beginning, we are just getting to it.

Nobody’s Perfect; Yep, I’m still in the forest, Next to Mike LaSalle on the evolutionary scale, when it comes to this stuff, I’m an amoeba. If only Carl would have taught at my high school…

But then again, Carl did write a wonderful movie in CONTACT.

Nobody Knows; Bill Clinton was very involved with the whole DNA sequencing thing when it was going on. I remember him talking about cloning in one of his many speeches and he had that same Carl Sagan look on his face.

As far as we know, we might be seeing his clone.

Also… during the 1960’s, a group of top secular mathematicians reported;

“It is now discovered that favorable mutations are not only small but exceedingly rare, and the fortuitous combination of favorable mutations such as would be required for the production of even a fruit fly, let alone a man, is so much rarer still that the odds against it would be expressed by an improbability as great as a monkey provided with a typewriter would be changed to peck out the works of Shakespeare.”--- Still they stuck with putting evolution in all textbooks.

From: A Jealous God, Science Crusade Against Religion by Pamela R. Winnick. (excellent book)

Nobody Cares; Don’t get me wrong, we need as many scientists as we can get-- I just wish they’d think a little more about the after effects of their projects, you know---do the cons outweigh the pro’s? Stuff that they do in business every day. Remember, there is a whole world of elite population planners sponsored by corporations like the Rockefellers, and they think science is just the ticket for their utopian dreams.

Hmmmm...Still, designer pink eyes would be cool...

Friday, October 20, 2006

The Good Student "Outlaw"

Nobody’s Opinion; Today on Fox, Judge Andrew Napolitano (I love this guy) was talking about a case in which a lawyer had killed his next door neighbor because he thought his neighbor had molested his two-year-old daughter. He was not convicted of the crime.

Some time later, they found out that actually, the neighbor did not molest his daughter. Still the man would not be tried again for the murder because all that mattered was that “at the time” the Judge said, the man thought that his neighbor did it.

Therefore, it was crime of passion. I’m sure it helped that the guy was a lawyer.

Which got me to thinking, after reading John Longenecker’s excellent piece today, School Shootings, Part III, (MND) I wondered that if a parent had gone into Columbine, and killed the two boys that were just “holding” the kids hostage (before the killings) would that man have been found “not guilty?”

Isn’t this just about the same thing? No, there is no molestation here, but the intent to kill was obvious, and that man would have saved many lives.

Still, I bet, that he would have certainly been prosecuted for murder, and sent away for a long time, even though, he would have been acting out of a moment of passion, the passion to save his child.

He would have been punished.

You know the school would not be held at fault. They never, ever are. Like the priests who are just rushed to another job in the church after committing child molestation, administrators are just transferred to another school.

Very seldom do they go to jail.

The kids end up dead…but your local police, your teachers, your principal…all come out with their hands up saying “What could we do?”

They could do a lot.

When crimes are committed in schools, the kids are blamed, but the administrators are never held on trial…and this is wrong.

While the child is in their school, it is their responsibility to protect them. They know who the trouble makers are.

We’ve had a free for all lately of school shootings. Kids are going crazy.

John said in his piece, “They do nothing about bullies, but they punish your kid for fighting.”

Boy, did he hit that on the nail. Everyone now knows those boys at Columbine had been picked on probably since the first grade. And everyone remembers just how rough and click-is high school was. The real ugliness of society come rearing up its’ monstrous head in the different “groups” and rivalries.

The whole school knows who the bullies are, but they are never touched. No teacher or administrator is willing to lose their job over some discrimination lawsuit.

And every kid learns in high school, that if you are a good kid, and some bully is picking on you, if you fight back, YOU will be punished.

And this is a big problem. So many kids are just boiling over, not only that many of them have not been educated and don’t have much of a chance out of school, but no matter what they do, they are wrong.

Is it a wonder some of them go nuts?

Instead of having a fair hearing, just like our jury system in the real world, where they find out what happened with witnesses, thereby punishing the kid who started the fight, while letting the other kid go free, teaching all the school kids how everyone in our society is entitled to a free and fair trial…our brilliant system of higher NEA idiots have taken the easy way out by just kicking both parties out of school.

What does this teach the kids? That most adults don’t care about justice: that the bully always wins, pray and stay out of his way.

And they start this nonsense in kindergarten.

These kids grow up to be democrats and future teachers, which is the plan.

And this builds a very big resentment in the kids being punished for doing nothing. And with all the video games out there helping them practice on how to eliminate your enemy, that is not a resentment that our “adults” should be letting build.

No wonder they don’t want the parents to come and visit the schools.

This insanity of, “do nothing” is basically like Kant’s “The Trial”…you might as well be in communist Russia.

In the military they do use this tactic of “punish everyone no matter who commits the crime.” If one guy messed up, the whole platoon got punished.

One…they break down the whole group to make them fight together, and two…the army psychologically breaks down the individual independence so as to fight as a group…it necessary for a war.
But, it has no place in our schools, and it’s one of the reasons our kids don’t care, not only do they see that drugs can make you a lot of money, there is much to be admired in being a bully.

Also, it’s a form of government state control.

A lot of the teachers are woman, number one; they themselves are too scared of the big high school bully. So much easier this way.

Their rationalization is wars are bad, guns are very bad, and fighting is bad. So, if someone hits you, best not to fight back.

The teachers just look the other way. Why? Because they can.

Hey, I know how these women think. I used to teach my son the same thing. Some where I had those same crazy liberal ideas drummed in my head.

I told him to try really hard not to fight back, because, he would get kicked out of school, and that’s a bad thing. It was the rule. I, the taxpayer, was afraid of the school’s retaliation. Administrators and teachers can affect your whole child’s chances of getting into college. They know it, and they know you know it.

It’s very big bullying from the state.

Then one day, I looked out my window, and saw a very big black boy, kicking my son’s head, with great and immense pleasure. My son was shielding his head from the boy’s very big NIKE’s.

My son could have fought back very easily, he was a strong kid… but, I had drummed it into his head that “fighting was bad” …and here’s the of my son’s best friends was just standing there, not knowing what to do.

I, of course ran out and stopped the fight…called the cops…found the kid, and talked to his mother. I had the cop talked to his parents. The kid came and apologized. His mother made him.

No, it wasn’t in school, but boy, nothing like a little reality to snap you out of your Snow White world.

You see, I was a single parent. There was no dad around to “teach” my son the ropes.

Right then, I was so angry at myself for my own stupidity that I told my son I had been completely wrong, and that if anyone even touched him in school, he was to lay them out flat, and fight for his life if need be.

Damn the school.

Guys, lets fact it, women do NOT know how to teach their sons to fight. Unless they are cops themselves. And we have whole generations of kids being raised by single moms.

On 9/11, we got punched by a very big bully. And that bully knew that all our liberal “do not fight” Congress men and women would not fight back. They know very well our culture, our democratic party, our history, and the feminist’s nature of half of our ruling elites.

And isn’t it amazing, even after all the attacks, these democratic idiots are still making us a nation of sheep’s, because of this insane attitude.

Another reason our teachers stay out of the injustices and fights is because they can never be fired because of tenure. Job security for many of these woman, is the only hope they might have of supporting their children with the great benefits that they get, especially if they are not married.

Tenure should be outlawed in all public schools. Teachers can do just about anything, their power is overwhelming, and they arrogantly abuse it in many cases.

Not only should they be fired for not educating our children, they should be held accountable if they knew of a dangerous situation and did nothing about it

Now, I know most teachers are doing the best that they can. But, the system needs to be changed or all these principals who don’t punish the bullies into their schools are going to continue to have more shootings.

But hey, they don’t care, they got a job. Like true liberals they pass the buck.

Changing the vast state public and hopeless school system will only get done when the NEA can no longer donate money to Democratic candidates, because the democrats need the great brainwashing system to stay in power, and to control YOUR children, and put guide them into community service, and whatever career they may see fit to put them.

That was the plan, and it still is.

Nobody’s Perfect; I’m sure there are many good teachers out here that would like to take a stand and change things, but they are following the rules of the once again, totalitarian school state.

Nobody Knows; Just how long are the parents going to take being treated like small children that should go home and leave everything to the system, while their children come out not only uneducated, but never trusting an authority figure again.

Nobodys Cares; Hey…the Cards WON! World Series! Donate tickets here!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Nobody's Absurdities, No. 22..Are You Feeling Lucky?

Nobody’s Opinion; In this depressing time, when John McCain came out and said that he was going to maybe commit suicide if the Democrats take over the Senate: When Dick Morris says all his “polls” show that the Democrats will take over both houses and single moms will make Hillary President in 2008; When Kim Jong Il says he will keep testing Nukes until he finally gets it right…

When Bill Clinton comes out and tells everyone we should look on politics as a “Contact Sport.” (There’s a whole blog right there.): When 70 American sons gave their lives this month in a war that it seems only President Bush and Donald Rumsfeld are defending…

When stem-cell research it about to be put up to a vote in Missouri, a state where half of all working woman are employed by the NEA and who have been indoctrinated into a perpetuating state of complete stupidity, and instead of “No Child Left Behind,” it should have been, “No Woman Teacher Left Ignorant”…

And all day long it was reported that at least five major football stadiums have reportedly been targeted for the dirty bombs that all the Muslims were told to leave the country for, (by Monday) But Homeland Security tell you not to worry--- then Rumsfeld says, worry.

And worst of all, I spent ten minutes listening to my doctor give me a very esoteric and detailed account on the first historical trials of different medicines used to cure tuberculosis (informing me that 17 of the test subjects died before they figures out anti-biotics was not the way to go)…

All the time I was sitting there wondering just what was he trying to say to me? (Don’t touch the porn hand-outs from Mexicans in Las Vegas?)

I’ve decided it’s a good time to not be serious about anything. After all, according to all the polls…we are doomed. Might as well have some fun.

I find joy in the good news, that for the next few days before we are attacked again—the jihads are going to leave the baseball playoffs alone.

No offense football fans, it’s just that OUR team here in St. Louis has one more chance to beat the Mets and go on to the World Series.

Let’s get our priorities straight. Baseball was here first.

It’s our Declarational and Jeffersonian right to pursue happiness at this point in time.

So, if you want a political blog today, stop reading and go to the many brilliant authors on this blog. They will all inform, inspire, and make you laugh, and remind you …to buy stock.

Instead I’m going to give my nobody’s opinion on a subject completely irrelevant in space and time, or even the wonderful NASDAQ traders, who should all get a life.

I am going to tell you my opinion about the number 22, why it is my very favorite.

It will not come up again, not in my blogtime.

The number 22 happens to be my favorite number because it used to be Jack Clark’s (the ripper) number, before he decided one day that he didn’t think it was so lucky, and out of the clear blue sky, changed his Cardinal Uniform number to 00.

Hey, at the time he could have put 666 on his back and I would have thought it cute.

Jack, though he will never know it, taught me about the meaning of true love…which…is…what---you think I’m going to tell you now?

Wait for it.

To fill you in on this superstition, the number 22 in numerology is considered the highest of numbers. It means “You are da man. You are the supreme. You are God’s chosen, and You will probably win the lottery if you play this every week.”

I suggest we all go out and put that number in our wallets right now.

If you haven’t noticed by now, most sports teams have a number 22 on it.

Everyone has their favorite high school memories, we all remember our first loves, our first cars, and our first insane addictions to of course the one and only greatest sport team that ever lived, that just happened to be in our city.

My team was the Cardinals of the 1980’s. Anyway…I had a big crush on Jack, me and just about every woman in St. Louis, for the obvious reason that Jack was exciting even when he struck out.

Even the men thought he was exciting when he struck out.

And then, something funny started happening. I started to see the number “22” everywhere. Every time I looked at the clock…2.22.., it seems I always got the number on a lottery ticket. There wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t see the number in some form, on license plates, in pictures on billboards.

Once I even saw it on my refrigerator door. I decided it had to be a lucky number.
Believe me when I tell you that this went on for YEARS. It was as if my brain had a homing device for the number no matter where it appeared.

Now, most women, when they are single, get innocent ‘crushes.’ In fact, my mother, after my father died, was totally in love at the age of 78 with two men…Cary Grant and Patrick Swayne.

She happens to hold the record for the only woman in the universe to have watched “Ghost” and “An Affair To Remember” every single time it was aired, which seemed to be at least three times a day.

Anyway, I got to thinking about this numbers thing. Even about the power of the number thirteen. Was 22 a lucky number? Or was it an unlucky number? Is 13 unlucky, lucky?

See…such simple things can go through mind of a woman who has been hypnotize and drugged by the genetically educed endorphins of the usual animal attractions of our species.

(There, that should have satisfied the noble minded.)

The other day, I asked the counter lady who was checking out my groceries if she was suspicious because, it was actually Friday the 13th.

And she gave the answer that I had always wondered about. It’s all how you look on it. If you think it’s unlucky…then that “force” in the universe will make it so. If you think it’s actually lucky…then it is, and good luck will follow you everywhere.

Funny, you can hear more wisdom coming out of the mouths of ordinary American than you can from our Congress…why is that?

But, that got me to thinking…if we think that America’s time is up, then it will be. Like lucky or unlucky numbers on a clock…maybe if we all start really believing that some miracle will happen, and the world will send us new leaders with new hope, maybe they will actually materialize right before our eyes…just because.

Thousands of books have been written about this positive thinking stuff.

Whenever I read one, I would always think, “Well, I’m glad it works for YOU.”
I just couldn’t believe, going on about mylife, that it was that simple.

It’s all how you look at it. Could the answer be that simple? Hell no…

McCain might kill himself.

No. Hey, I’m just having fun…you tell me. I’m now seeing 1.11; I’ve come down in the world of master numbers.

Must be this flu.

Oh…that’s right; I was going to tell you what the secret of love is…

The secret to really loving someone is when the only thing you want for that person is what makes THEM truly happy, even if happiness does not include you.

Well, it’s a start.

Hey…sounds like I got to know Jack…right? Nah…well…hey, I got baseball fever, leave me alone…

Hey…did you just see the number 22? Make a wish for me.

Nobody’s Perfect; The only way that I could get over my addiction to baseball was to go cold turkey. But tonight, I will be watching the Cards Vs the Mets, and really… to all you New Yorkers? Do you really want a World Series game going on there? It’s GOT to be cold, there now. Do you really want to sit out and freeze just to see a baseball game? Are you seeing the number 22? How about 13?

Nobody Knows; I still think there is something to this “numbers” and luck thing. Hey, if physicists can say with a straight face, that according to the “numbers” they have figured out the universe and everything in it, then I can think the number 22 is lucky.

Nobody Cares; My doctor never did say what was wrong with me, he just gave me some bacterial killing pills that would have cost me $300, without insurance.

And there happens to be only five, which is exactly how many days before the “dirty bombs” go off---Hey, how lucky is that?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Madonna's Mendacity

Nobody’s Opinion; Once again, Madonna has put herself in the middle of all the newspapers, cable networks, and internet sites.

You can’t tell me this lady is not a marketing genius.

Tonight I was watching Bill Gates and Warren Buffet on a PBS program answering college student’s questions. Someone asked, “What advise would you give as the most important secret to success?” Bill Gates kept pretty quiet on that, being smart.

But Warren said, “Invest in yourself.”

Well, if any woman on the earth has mastered this theory to immeasurable odds, its Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone…or is it Ester?

Madonna, even by her own admission, is a singer of the same caliber that you could find in any local bar in the country. Her dancing did not even measure up to Paula Abdul’s, or even some of the talent you might see on “Dancing with the Stars.”

But she took what mediocrity she had, and became the most famous recording artist and entertainer of her time, with sheer determination and hard work.

It also helped that she was absolutely in love with her own image. Actually, I think she should just get a job in Las Vegas like Elton and Celine, but Madonna has not faced her own mortality---not yet.

I took a look at her website. The truly amazing thing about Madonna is her unabashed narcissism. The pictures are incredible, touched up to the max, but who cares? She delivers the glamour to you, and demands to be adored. She must pose for hours to get the perfect shots, and even though there are more gorgeous bodies, she uses the camera to perfection.

So, the question is: Does that give her the right to be able to break laws, and use her money and fame and just go shopping for a child? Should she have rights that no other human being on earth has just because she is “Madonna?”

Will a great white shark attack if you offer it your leg?

Okay, it’s not like we are not getting use to the idea that the rich always get special privileges. We have watched while the rich commit crimes and get off with great lawyers. They can buy most anything including island, or even countries as we have seen with George Soros.

What baffles this nobody is why in the world is Madonna feeling the need to adopt a black child? And maybe even a black little sister for him so he doesn’t feel like the odd man out in the family of white?

How wonderful of her to even consider this…something tells me it wasn’t her idea.

Actually, when she saw a little girl child from the same village as the boy she adopted, she said; “I saw this child from the village with questioning dark eyes and the saddest smile. I thought ‘She looks just like me.’ I told Guy, “We must give this child a home too.”

Right, now there’s a reason to adopt a child, because it looks like you. When you’re rich you can buy both pairs of shoes.

So this nobody wants to know---does Madonna look in the mirror and see a black little girl with a sad smile? And why are you sad Madonna? Getting old? Marriage not working out? Lonely?

Or is it that you are showing the top elites that you too can be as wonderful as Angelina Jolie. Hey, she’s got Brad Pitt.

Africa is on the “I may be rich, but watch, I’m helping the starving black people in Africa” list of things we must do for the rich and famous.

What do they do, all get together and say, “Hey, some of us should adopt some kids from these poor countries…it would help our image.”

I’m beginning to wonder if all these white rich people adopting African babies are trying to prove to “somebody” that they are NOT racist…when they are.

And instead of being a bit stuffy about how Madonna can just walk into a country, bend all its laws, and break the adoptions laws of England, much to the outcry of parents waiting for babies all over the world--my question is, why in the world didn’t she just have another baby by her husband? Why shop for a pretty face by e-mail?

Something tells me, Madonna wanted that pretty face. Maybe none of the other kids are showing any musical talent.

And maybe, Madonna will finally have made a big mistake this time. Someday, the real dad and all his extended family will be wanting vacations to her private villas, and the grown up baby David might end up loving his real dad over Madonna, no matter how much of a privileged life she gives him. Sometimes, blood is thicker than stardust.

And somehow, we will once again be seeing this bit of controversy, probably downloaded to our cell phones, so we can all feel very sorry for her, and go buy her album of old songs. Hey, it worked for Linda Ronstad, and she actually did a good job.

Nobody’s Perfect; it was reported that Madonna is an obsessive list keeper.
Four hours after David was delivered to her home, Madonna went to the gym and worked out. This is one of the reasons she is so rich. Most other mothers would have to be torn away.

Nobody Knows; Sometimes I wonder if Madonna has this marketing stuff down so well that she thinks…”Okay, I started out with the virgin song, acting like a whore, that got attention-- then I did a video, “Like a Prayer” and attacked the church and the pope disbarred me, that got me millions; I made a film called “Erotica” that they banned, which made me millions; I posed for that nude book which was banned, which made me millions, the sex thing got old, so I became a wife, put S&M on stage, that made millions. My last tour was sold out…now, Angelina just adopted a child, she is making millions, I could use a black child, hey, I’ll even go farther and dance in the Village, give a few million…

Nobody Cares; I was fired once from a hotel job for singing “Like a Virgin.” It had been number one on the charts for several weeks, and some old couple trying to eat in the restaurant, evidently thought it was not something they wanted to hear in the middle of their meat loaf.

The worst thing about Madonna is; despite her great drive and genius at marketing herself, she has ruin whole generations of woman by putting out the message of sex, sex, and more sex.

I’ve never heard one feminist ever say a bad word about her.

Nobody Wins; George Soros and Madonna both endorse Wesley Clark as the perfect man to run for President.

Let us pray.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Nobody's Absurdities, No.21, The 21st Century-The Legal Age Of Reason

Nobody’s Opinion; Everyone has been reminding us lately that it’s the 21st’ century, and here I am on the 21st blog…what to say?

I remember my 21st birthday like it was yesterday. I ended up walking up and down Daytona Beach alone at night, completely zonked, and pretty much feeling sorry for myself. I had just flown in from Yale that afternoon, from a bad ending to a pen pal romance…one that I had no idea what had happened to, until my later years.

Basically the boy was expected to marry rich, and I was from a poor family. He had instructions from Mama to not get involved with a poor “musician” even if he loved music himself, and no matter how well we got along.

Not if he wanted to inherit the island mama owned off Miami Beach.

You would think it would be easy for the guy since we were only pen pals, but actually, even though the break up was not easy for me--- for him, I think looking back, it was much worse.

I was poor, but unlike him, at least I was in control of my own destiny.

It would not be the first time a romance of mine was broken up by rich “parents.”

The funny thing was, I was not a gold digger of any kind. I was so proud of making my own way as a musician; money meant little to me back then.

As much as I see how misguided the whole feminist era was, the freedom to be actually good at something besides being female and looking good, was as sweet as it could get.

Oh, how age changes idealistic youth.

My parents who loved me, suggested because I was feeling down, to go see my brother who was a trumpet player, and take a break in Daytona Beach to celebrate my much awaited 21st birthday. So out of a New England snow storm, into the Florida heat I went...

My older brother was a trip. He was like Elvis’ younger brother. Good-looking and charming---He has so much charm that I’m sure the nurses in the delivery room were fighting over who would hold him next.

But that night my older brother wanted to get rid of me so he could go be with his very voluptuous girlfriend, who was so top heavy I always expected her to fall over on her face at any given moment. I often waited for it.

He was only two years older than me and recently “engaged.”

So early in the evening he bought me a “birthday” drink at the beach bar. The plan was to get rid of me.

I don’t know what he told the bartender to put in it, but I’m sure he tripled the shots of whatever went into the usual…it was called a “Zombie.”

If I remember right, you take every single bottle of alcohol on the shelf and pour it in a very tall glass, add lighter fluid, and then mix something to make it sweet, and the girl is yours.

Except, the girl was alone and started walking up the beach in the dark because she was too bombed to do anything else.

Zombie was the perfect name for it.

My brother was always doing sweet things like that for me.

And now, we are just six years into the 21st century, and I feel like I’m in the dark and walking down that same dark and lonely beach. My reasoning says the human race should be a lot farther along than it is. America should not have gotten this screwed up.

Frankly, I blame my generation. Not that it was exactly our fault. Mix in radical liberal communistic infiltrations into the school systems and culture, and then add a heavy dose of drugs and free sex, and you come up with a whole generation of Zombies.

I remember how horrified my own parents were at the whole “hippy” movement. They got up, worked hard, and for what? To turn on their TV everyday and see the drugs, Vietnam, the attacks from the kids on the “un-cool” older parents who actually worked for a living. The parents who fed their kids, not knowing what junk the colleges, media, and politicians were putting into their heads.

Elvis and his hips were mild compared to Mick Jaggar. They grew up with Benny Goodman and bobby socks.

After having been the “greatest generation” and coming back from the reality of just how cruel the world could be in a World War, they wanted to hide and forget the horrors of it all. And by trying to spare and protect their kids, they ended up raising a lot of overprotected and spoiled idiots, some who still think a toke off a joint is safer than alcohol.

Some who think “flower power” means giving nuclear secrets to North Korea?

Parents back then much like the parents of today, had an ongoing battle. You might teach your kids right and wrong…but it’s not what they are taught at school, or by the media.

Rappers now have control---too many of them ruining the lives of millions with their misguided advice. Some old “hippie” somewhere is making so much money, he doesn’t care.

Oh, yes, the “hippies” grew up to be the greediest generation humanity has ever produced. The “Anti-Christ” by Frederich Nietzche was the “in” book to read.

Now when I look at America, still a woman in the “middle/lower” classes, I can see that the “class” divide has gotten worse.

Our rich “classes” now don’t even care about the middle or lower classes despite what they say, or what charity they lovingly give their money to, which gives them tax shelters to protect their millions, while at the same time, praises of philanthropic Kudos’s from their peers.

Their children still go to Yale and Harvard. Their children still do not marry into the lower classes, but their children never have to bear the burdens of funding millions of the “lower classes” around the world, and not many of their children go to fight for our country.

These baby boomers are now having a great time creating “middle classes” in India, at the expense of the disappearance of the “lower classes” in America. It makes them feel worthy.

Of what, I’m not sure.

The “hippies” grew up, and became more ruthless businessmen and woman than their parents, of which they accused of loving ‘money’ too much. They are now so busy making money that they forgot the reason they can do so is because of their parents’ great sacrifice before them. They think it’s because they are just so clever.

At least their parents still had integrity.

The baby boomers produced idols like Bill Clinton, Gloria Steinem, and Ted Kennedy…the “me” generation---the “sixties should live forever” gang.

Basically, the only thing to come out of the sixties that was any good was the music. The rest of it will go down as the generation that was taken over by the Marxists, and were too stoned to ever figure it out, until it was too late.

Somehow I managed to survive my 21st birthday. Some angel must have been watching over me because some guy did try to pick me up that night, and did try to entice me into his “beach trailer,” but I was so “out of it.” I started talking and waving “hello” to Leonardo da Vinci, who I told the guy, was standing in his kitchen curtain.

He said, “You’re nuts, you’re a wack-o! Get away from me!” And then he gave me a push to put me on my way up the beach. He decided he didn’t want to fool around with a complete idiot, even if she was drunk.

My brother had a great night I’m sure, and went on to dating playboy bunnies. Somehow I found my way back to a hotel room, and into another day.

But now, as I look into the 21st century, I feel that America’s long walk in the dark is getting kind of scary.

We have a two-party system that is so corrupted by corporate money, and entrenched family dynasties who refuse to give up power, it’s hard to see how to fix it. We see our Constitution and our rights getting washed out with the tide.

Other countries see our weakness and are working together, hoping the great America, the once great “Shining star on the hill” as Reagan once said, is ready to fall…all she needs is a push from within.

And we have a lot of baby boomers at the top…pushing it hard. They see money, they see power, they are still “hippies” and want the whole world to sing--make love, not war.

The elections coming up are going to be probably the most important in American history. The Republicans have done a terrible job on most subjects. But the Democrats are almost kneeling at the knees of Mao.

Once again, we have to choose it seems between the lesser of two evils.

And since my generation, the baby boomers helped get America into this mess, we should at least try harder to help get America out of it.

Sobering up, would be a good start.

Nobody’s Perfect; Now before I get any “guys” saying that I would have deserved to be “raped” or “killed” that night, I must add, that I had been working at night in bars as a musician for over 3 years by that time, going home alone by myself usually at 3 am, after the job, and I had leaned to keep all eyes open, and be prepared. I was street wise, and yet, I was always scared. Sometimes, like the police, there is just not a man around to protect you.

And sometimes, acting like you are nuts, works.

Nobody Knows; For all the doom and gloom we get bombarded with daily from just about any media outlet you turn on…we still managed to be good people, and most of us work hard everyday, love our children, and live by the golden rule. Americans are still the greatest around, and we must not stop thinking we’re special, because, well, we are.
All we really need is strong leaders to give us hope, and answers.
I said “most of us.”

Nobody Cares; Ever since my 21st birthday, I can honestly say, I’ve never been that zonked, and I have certainly never asked for a “Zombie” again.

My brother, who is still alive, still charming, and still gets the “babes” even though he is married and can’t fool with them anymore, would never even dream of pulling that trick on me again.

I’m sure has some new ones. This time I’m ready…I’ve long passed the legal age of reason.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Welcome To the House of Hegemony

Nobody’s Opinion; It’s not everyday that you get to look up a word that you don’t hear too much…hegemony. It means the dominance of one group over another, without force. Okay, I had to look it up, because it seemed this weekend proponents of hegemony were everywhere…and yes, it sounds as silly as it looks.

He-gem’mon-nie” sounds like something you have with your grits and bacon.

Actually, it means men in power overtake a country by using “soft power.” They fill your universities, schools, media, and culture, with the way they want you to think.

Brain-washing is a more succinct and accurate word, but “soft power” is preferred by most liberals.

All this diversity, affirmative action, attacking Christians, and putting all the kids on the earth in hobo clothes (basically with holes in the pants) it’s all part of using “soft power.”

And it’s one of the ideas promoted by our beloved CFR, a group which should be outlawed along with the United Nations.

There was two senior “fellows” from the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) on C-Span last weekend; Walter Mead, who was almost disgustingly democratic, and Jimmy’s Carter’s ex-National Security Advisor, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who kept calling the Polish immigrants in Irelands, “peasants.”

He knew that was politically incorrect, so he apologized.

I’m sorry; I’m from the show –me state. When there is a Russian giving advice to a President, is that a good thing? It’s about as trust worthy as someone named Osama- Barak running for President. Maybe if John Kerry changed his name to Kerry Kim Jong III, he might have a chance at running a second time.

This is the direction we are going.

Soft power” has been landing quite a few blows on the American sleeping giant.

There you go---a perfect example of hegemony. Conquer the people with your cultural political correctness. We must not be suspicious of political officials with foreign names. We must be open to all…use the carrot instead of the stick. That’s the democrat’s motto.

Which is only what Bill Clinton did with North Korea says his “wife” Hillary. Just because Kim Jong sick-co is now armed due to Bill giving him millions to build whatever he liked, along with the plutonium to go with it, is no reason to suspect that hegemony doesn’t work.

Bill Clinton, the king of liars, said that Kim Jong IL…well, he lied.

No wonder they get along so well.

Then, Hillary comes out over the attacks on her husband, the great hegemony example himself, and criticizes President Bush for not doing anything about North Korea.

Get it? They know that the American people have always believed in the “hard power.” It seems President Bush cannot win no matter what he does.

But back to the meeting at C-Span with Mr. Mead and Zbigniew.

They claimed that this “sovereignty” idea that some Americans were clinging too, was get this… arcane. Outdated thinking. Very ancient like Kings and Queens.

They forgot to mention that the people of the three countries that the CFR wants to merge will not be asked if it’s what they want. That is up to the Kings and Queens of hegemony.

At least the European elites they gave the countries in Europe a vote on merging.

That’s why France and Holland voted down the EU…they told the EU to go stuff their hegemony up their grits and bake it. (This redeems the French…well somewhat.)

Mr. Mead (a Yale man) said that Americans have an “ungrounded” fear of the Mexicans taking over our nation. Why, he said, sooner or later, the Mexican women will stop having babies! There you go! Not to worry.

I suppose, they will stop after they introduce the “morning after pill.” Or maybe they will just sterilized the water, use some of that “soft power.”

On top of that, the old people of America he said should go and retire in Mexico.

This North American Alliance is not only a great idea, its Walter Mead’s idea of a great hegemony plan for the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

I couldn’t believe my nobody ears.

All this was said with great applause at the American Cambers of Commerce who gave both honored hegemony guests prizes and plaques of hegemony notarization.

Then, I watched George Soros, who acts like a benign old grandpa, telling his story of hegemony, which consists of Mr. Soros going around the world and breaking banks and whole countries with his fortunes.

All this was done without a shot! He sees nothing wrong with causing governments to change to the socialist/Marxist country that HE wants it to be. But, George Bush should not go militarily into Iraq and try to change anything, it’s just wrong.

At least President George Bush let the Iraqis have an election, which is more than what we will get on the Northern Alliance Issue.

Speaking of our President, Bush was dedicating a new National Monument to the Air Force this weekend, almost at the same time that Kim Jong Ill was saying that the United States has declared war on North Korea.

I watched the whole thing, and they sure underplayed it. We have better air shows here in Missouri. Well that was before they took our National Air Guard away.

By the way, have you seen it? I sure do miss those guys.

Looking like you have a Big Stick is not politically correct right now, so the ceremony had the Thunderbirds do a short little run, but it was very subdued. Where was the great plane show? They should have had hundreds in the air…

Well, we know one thing; the planes aren’t in New York.

After the initial attack on Iraq and Tommy Franks superb show of “hard force” Bush has drifted into the hegemony river and that is why the Republicans are destined to lose in 2006, and 2008.

Unless they get some guts back.

Well, I learned the word, and already I want to forget it. This hegemonic stuff has been going on for quite some time. They hegemonized the invasion from Mexico, they have hegemonized the threat of the Islamic attacks, they have hegemonized our culture with the new political correctness which is just another word for “censor,” and now in the upcoming elections, when we finally get Hillary as President and Nancy as Speaker, everyone in the United States will have to learn to say…

‘We have been hegemoized, which is just another word for “We have been…*#%&.”

Nobody’s Perfect; Clinton said today “People Know Something Is Wrong.” Gee Bill…ya think?

Nobody Knows; They are going to send up Spy Planes in England to watch around for anti-social behavior. The article said, that the United States already has them.
So why don’t they have them at our sporting events?

Nobody Cares; I’m hoping for a Cards Vs Dodgers World Series. Where else can you have teams made up of Latinos fighting for the people of two very American Midwestern cities which they intend to invade soon?

Someone in our current government is once again practicing the art of “soft power.” We are sending spare parts of airplanes over to Iran, so they can repair their aircraft, which might be going over our own cities to spy on us sometime soon.

It’s all in the hegemonic house of the New World Order.