Thursday, January 11, 2007

Nobody's Absurdities, No. 33: Butter My Butt And Call Me A Biscuit!

Nobody’s Opinion; Okay, I stole that line. It was sent to me in an e-mail and it is just about how I feel about all the stuff going on. The reason I can use it is because it’s suppose to be an old southernism, which means, the copyright was up long before the civil war.

So here in no order at all are some real pancakes from the mouths of various hot dogs.


Hot off the press! Newt Gingrich, another possible “I May Run for President, I’m just not sure yet” candidate, came out with a really bold statement today.

He called for an end to “catch and release” policies which allow criminals, terrorists, and insurgents to go free after being detained for a limited period of time.

If Newt ran with this promise and made it a reality, he would surely be elected the next President of the United States.

Unfortunately, he was talking about Iraq.

While President Bush has called for a bigger military expansion of troops, many have forgotten that one of the reasons so many of our service men and woman quit after 9/11, was NOT due to Iraq, but to Bill Clinton’s executive order for the mandatory anthrax vaccine. In 2002, 16 percent of our National Guard and Reserve pilots and air crew left. Another 18 percent were putting in their notice, because 86 percent of those that did take it reported adverse side effects.

You see a very good friend of Clinton’s, Admiral William Crowe, the former Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, had stuck up for Clinton at one time, saying he was NOT a draft-dodger.

He was just a dodger who liked drafts in small hallways, which he could always get with a little help, by just removing his pants.

Clinton not only made him ambassador to England, but gave his company BioPort, (where he was a director and stockholder) an exclusive multi-million dollar contract to supply 2.4 millions servicemen and women with the anthrax vaccine. And even though BioPort failed inspections again and again, they had indemnity for all liability.

Clinton gave him $49 million on top of the original $25 million, probably just for the use of his company jet.

Of course, because it caused deaths and birth defects, they stopped using it, but not before Clinton court martial hundreds of servicemen for declining the untested vaccine.

Now, they are opening medical clinics in all the Walgreens Drug stores across the nation, where they can get rid of all the leftover anthrax vaccine which will be probably sold as flu shots, or shots of Viagra.

How long have Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump been fighting? Who wants to bet that the end of this long and nasty feud will end up in a new reality TV show for the both of them called “Rosie and the Trump” or “Trump the Rosie.”? It will bring in more viewers than even American Idol, and many celebrities will come on to take sides just to dish out vulgar and nasty things on Television. Madonna will be the first guest.

Then some one will come on the show and kill themselves because Trump and Rosie got too mean, and the show will be canceled because they won’t be able to decide or elucidate whose fault it really was: Trump or Rosie.

The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 said that no President could order military troops on the citizens. And yet, it is happening with regularity all over our country. New Orleans still has troops. St. Louis got the National Guard sent here twice last year because of the loss of our electricity. They were sent out to the Western states just recently to help out with the blizzard.

But they are solders in Iraq. So are they soldiers? Or are they Guards?

Has this been made clear?

In 2002, a man who worked for Hillary Clinton on her stealth health care for all comrades system---which tanked at the time, was trying to pass the EHPA. (Emergency Health Powers Act.)

This gave all governors the power for 60 days to send soldiers into every home.

This also said that police or soldiers can come and take you by force off your property, quarantine you, take your KIDS from you and quarantine them, destroy any property of yours, make you submit to a vaccine, and most importantly, as we saw in New Orleans…take your guns.

Funny----I thought it was only President Bush that was pushing for these measures with his Homeland Security, didn’t you?

Yep, the Posse could be coming to your neighborhood soon, and they will probably be speaking Spanish.

Speaking of Spanish, Colin Powell, made the statement that our border with Mexico “ Is like two rooms of the same house.”

Right, the bathroom and the Dining Room.


Nobody’s Perfect; Tonight, Michael Savage suggested that the President should take our soldiers out of Iraq and let Iran come in and spend THEIR money on fixing Iraq.

Michael also walks the streets of San Francisco at night.

Sometimes I thank God for the little miracles in life, like the fact that Michael is not President.

Nobody Knows; Everyone is saying that Hillary is going to be forced to announce her intentions to run for President soon because of the popularity of Osama.

I think she’ll wait until the Democratic convention in Denver, where the celebration will go on so long that the party will continue on into China at the winter Olympics, and finally end when Bill Clinton falls off the Great Wall of China because he was trying to catch a breeze.

Nobody Cares; Gingrich also said today “We could witness the destruction of all U.S. cities in our lifetime.”

Then why are we letting Muslims into our country? Why do we have open borders? Why did Newt and Dole sign the GATT treaty with Clinton, which got us stated on this open borders nonsense?

And where will Newt be when this happens?

In the kitchen.

Bake my biscuits, I’m hot tonight.

Actually I really am, our heater is broken and I’m sitting right next to an electric one. Those suckers are HOT!

Would I lie to you?

Strangers and Comrades

Nobody’s Opinion; I’m not really sure where to start tonight. I was waiting for the speech that was coming from our President tonight with great nervousness. I must admit, it was not one I wanted to miss.

I wanted him to be perfect.

Before the speech, General Ramsey Clark, the man who a British General once stated almost started WWIII in the Clinton administration, was talking to Bill O’Reilly about how we should TALK to Iran…why, we ALWAYS talked to Russia! Why just send him and Bill over!

Right, we always talked to them until Ronald Reagan, thank God, had had enough talk.

But while watching the speech, I kept having strange feelings; something just kept popping up in my brain. I felt uneasy. Really strange.

This used to happen with songs.

Songs I hated. Like “Strangers in the Night” by Frank Sinatra. (Sorry Sinatra fans; I like many of his songs…just not that one.)

I used to really, really, hate that song. If there is one song in the world I hate, it’s that one.

Sometimes on a sunny day, without thinking about it, I could be anywhere, and to my own horror would just start singing it.

Yeah I definitely had that “there is a stranger in this night” feeling.

So there he was, looking very astute in his black business suit----no American flag behind him, giving the speech, in of all places the basement White House library. I noticed that all the lights in the White House were dark.

What? Was he hiding from al-Qaeda? Al Sharpton?

The first thing that didn’t seem right is that this was not a typical Bush speech. It was obviously not written by him…who knows who wrote it, maybe Kissinger. Still, he did not mess at all! Good going Mr. President!

Where mistakes have been made, the responsibility rests with me.”
That’s good George…taking all responsibility for mistakes. That’s shows integrity. (Although he said so matter-of-factly it was weird.)

If we fail, he said, they would use “oil revenues to fund their ambitions---On September the 11th, 2001, we saw what a refuge for extremists on the other side of the world could bring to the streets of our cities. For the safety of our people, America must succeed in Iraq.”
Okay, that means we now control the oil, and if they get a hold of it, our country will shut down basically because we are dependent on their oil…Iran would come in and control it all. We’d all be riding bikes to Starbucks when the nukes came. Yes, Mr. President, unlike most liberals, we DO remember that day.

Our past efforts to secure Baghdad failed for two principal reasons: There were not enough Iraqi and American troops to secure neighborhoods---and too many restrictions on the troops we did have”
Now, whose fault is that? Any fool drunk could have told you that in the beginning! You even had previous war plans that said you would need at least 100,000 troops to invade, and 400,000 to maintain it all, to pull this off.

So, was this another political decision? NOW…you come out with the decision to actually fight the war. Why did we not do this sooner?

Or will our boys just be sent to “assist” the Iraq’s like they are “assisting” our border guard?

So up until that moment, I thought it was good…but that stranger kept coming back…who WAS this guy and why did I feel so…funny?

Then he said that the Iraq government was going to “give every Iraq citizen a stake in the country’s economy. Iraq will pass legislation to share oil revenues among all Iraqis.”
I suppose they think that the thousand year feud between the Sunnis and the Shiites will come to an end once they get some money in their hands. Money has not done anything to stop the feud between the Democrats and the Republicans so far, and they are a bit more civilized (Well, they don’t slit throats…not yet.)

It sure would be nice if the families of the men and woman who lost their lives “liberating” Iraq got some of that “redistribution” for their sacrifice…but don’t hold your breath.

Anyway…that’s when the stranger came in…it was starting to become clearer, that word…share was bothering me. Pretty close to the word “redistribution” only President Bush said the word “share”

Down in Venezuela there is a progressive leader named Chavez who has been “sharing” the money he makes from oil, and the people loved him so much, they reelected him. And now, so he can “share” some more he has declared that all businesses belong to the state (which is him) and he has a name for this “sharing” idea…he calls socialism. And that idea was so great he has decided to get rid of term limits and be President forever. He considered himself to be following in the steps of Jesus who was the ultimate socialist he said.

But in Iraq, “sharing” is not socialism.

“Socialism or Death
,” he declared.

Spoken like a true communist. The stranger had a prodigious plan.

A Chavez supporter, a street vendor, said that Chavez “has dedicated himself to studying communist, socialist and democratic models and has taken the best of those models.”

John Adams once did the same thing, called it Discourses on Government, and came up with a Republic as the best. The street vendors did not comment.

Mikhail Gorbachev said in Perestroika: “No matter what the opponents of communism think, communism originated and exists in the interests of man and his freedom in order to defend his genuine rights and justices on earth. Communism has a tremendous potential for humanitarianism. The whole world needs restructuring and qualitative change and progressive development. A Socialist can only be achieved through a communist’s program that would demolish the capitalistic order. This is the inevitable evolution of the world.”

I guess you all know he hangs out with the Democrats…they are NOT strangers.

Communism is redistribution of wealth. (In the purified Marxist view)

Socialisms believes too in “sharing” All our democrats all harping on a socialized medicine is redistribution all your money to pay for everyone else’s health care.

There is a very thin line between the two systems. In fact, Communists believe that in history you go from Feudalism, to capitalistic, to socialism to…communism!

And today, that governor who ran as a conservative, the movie star married to a Kennedy, who is related to the Kennedy who wants universal heath care---Arnold Schwarzenegger---is mandating universal heath care for all California. So they can become a Nation-State.

Let us blaze the way for the US, for China, and fro the rest of the world.”

Stranger in the night, exchanging glances, wondering in the night, what were the chances, we’d be making love, before the night was throoooooough!”

Okay…Stop it! I said. This is George kick-ass Bush! He is going to go and finally win! Get back to the speech!

We will give our commanders and civilians greater flexibility to spend funds for economic assistance; we will double the number of provincial reconstruction teams.”
Wow, I hope that idea works out better than it did in Katrina. How many billions were somehow “misplaced?”
That’s going to bring lots of money (from you and me of course) to just the right people who have construction companies, and it sounds like they are really going to have a lot of work, because they plan on doing some damage this time. Stocks options will go up!

By advancing liberty across a troubled region.”
Who says the conservatives can’t be noble and want to save the world too? Liberty is what our brave men and woman still believe in, God Bless them one and all.

But will the love of liberty trump the hatred for us PAGANS?

Well, the speech was almost over. I though it was well written, and made a lot of sense, despite the stranger in the night…what in the world was I thinking…silly me.

And then it happened. He started saying things that invoke that hated melody…

We can begin by working together to increase the size of the active Army and Marine Corps, so that America has the Armed Forces we need for the 21st century. We also need to examine ways to mobilize talented American civilians to deploy overseas whey they can help build democratic institutions in communities and nations recovering from war and tyranny.”

Gee, building the armed forces is a great idea. We need a strong standing defense. But, sending Americans out to spread democracy all over the world? Mr. President who is going to pay for this? We want to help out…we do…just send all the illegal aliens back to Mexico and we might be more willing to help you out.

You help us, we help you.

And then the stranger hit a real sour note. It was just one word….it was a word that has been associated with communism before I was born….


They have watched their comrades give their lives to ensure our liberty.”

Okay, I know you’re speaking of the families that have lost their sons and husbands and daughters…but couldn’t you have used the world “loved ones” instead of comrades, Mr. President?

Has an American President ever used that word describing any portion of his people before? Was I the only one who found it offensive?

Ronald Reagan would have gone nuts…he would have fired the speechwriter right on the spot.

Somewhere tonight, in the basement of the White House, is a man named President George W. Bush, and he is probably whistling that song “Stranger in the Night.”

May God help him, and us.

Because if this doesn’t work, we will be strangers in our own land and it will be as dark as the White House Basement.

Nobody’s Perfect; Gorbachev also said “We invite our Chinese comrades to work together with us.” Mikhail had a hard time getting that word comrade out of his vocabulary.

Nobody Knows; Just where do they expect to get people to volunteer for the army, when everyone knows there is a big bloodbath coming?

Nobody Cares; One way for this whole thing to come together, would be if we were attacked before the next election. The draft would be established, the people would wake up to the danger, and President George W. Bush would fulfill what seems to be his destiny…

How else can they get Hillary elected without having to make too many speeches?

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Suzanne Somers; Ageless, Homeless...But NOT Clueless

Nobody’s Opinion; What a surprise it was today to hear that Suzanne Somers lost her home to fire! (Or maybe not.) What a coincidence! (Or maybe not) Why, I have been carrying around her new book “Ageless” for several weeks and showing it to every doctor I can!

You know what they said when I showed them, and told them---“I want some of this stuff?” The stuff being “bioidentical hormones therapy.”

“Hogwash” they all said. “She is just another Hollywood movie star trying to make a buck. It’s all nonsense.”

This from medical doctors who could pass for aging footballs.

Or “Forget it. You think that by going on bioidentical hormones you are going to look like her?” They say…taking one look at my blond hair which is to them, trying real hard on it’s own to look like Suzanne Somers hair. (This was from a woman gynecologist that wore no makeup.)

Why, they have done tests on prison men and found out that bioidentical hormones did nothing for them.” she said.

Well, that’s comforting.

You see there is a feminist “thing” going on with women who wear makeup when she meets one who doesn’t. I just KNOW that when she put me up on those stirrups for the smear, she was grossing out over the fact that even though I removed all my clothing like she told me too, I left on my red lipstick.

Women without makeup instantly feel a superiorness to the lowly woman who puts on lipstick and mascara, because she is obviously not wise and brilliant---put in blond and stupid and you have the perfect picture of Chrissy on Three’s Company…which Suzanne portrayed so well I even thought she was about the dumbest blond around.

No more.

You see, I happen to think she’s on to something.

Now guys, try for a moment to get that picture of Suzanne Somers, up on your big screen, lying on her side pumping her thigh master, out of your mind.

Erase it…think of something not so sexy for a moment…like, Rosanne Barr singing “God Bless America” at the beginning of the World Series, and then grabbing her crouch and spitting… one of America’s more memorable moments of womanhood.

This book is about the “prevention” of disease, and making the most of aging with at least some chance of living the rest of your life being able to get up off the video chair, without moaning. I’ve been waiting for this book since I was nineteen.

Pan to commercial: “Men…have you lost all sexual attraction to your spouse? Is she always moody, and crabby, and has gained enough weight since your wedding day that you end up keeping lotion in the shower? Did she believe you when you accidentally called her Shamu while making love that you were really saying “ooooooh you?”

“Do you find yourself searching the internet for e-mails from your buddies, while your wife is sleeping or cooking? Do you wonder why SHE has lost all interest in your obviously superior to any other man on the earth talents in bed, which you are convinced, would make Brittany Spears jump at the chance to connect with?”

“And how about that belly that is creeping over your stomach? Are you just getting too tired of it all? Is it even worth it anymore? Are you feeling that you are just not the man you used to be?”

“Then come into Suzanne Bedroom. Because there are nothing but doctors there.”

What? Oh, that’s not the ending you were expecting I know…but it’s the ending that is the best answer for you.

You see, after a certain age, all our hormones just fizzle away. That’s why we age and die. Nature says, “Okay, you’ve reproduced, now make way for the new guys.”

What these bioidentical hormones do is replace the ones you lost, and fool your brain into thinking you’re still around thirty.

It doesn’t mean you won’t die, but you’re more likely to be able to fight off cancer, strokes, and all the other horrible diseases we get when we get older, and live life going on mountain hikes instead of spending your last days in some nursing home.

Suzanne divides this book up into three parts. The first is for woman. The second is for men, and the third is all the proof you may need of why this book has the latest answers for staying healthy and growing older from various doctors.

Dr. Eugene Shippen (Board Certified) an expert on testosterone: Dr. Joe Filbeck, BA and MA in psychology, MD of surgery, anesthesiologist and medical director of Longevity Life Estension: Dr Herb Slavin specializing in internal medicine: Dr. Gordon Reynolds, 30 years in obstetrics and a Ph.D. in nutrition: Dr. Galitzer, an endocrinologist: and these are but a few of the experts in her book who she interviews to back up this very unpopular approach to helping us all.

So this nobody, after having read hundreds of self-help books, and diet books, and books and books and more books…etc…this is the first one that makes any real sense to me.

(Besides The Zone, a diet where you must starve to live. Not very American even if it is a sound diet.)

And here’s the problem.

Things like DHEA, and melatonin, testosterone… hormones that your body naturally makes (but loses as the years go by) are not patented. They can patent DNA genes, but evidently they haven’t gotten around to the natural hormones for some reason.

Therefore the big drug companies cannot create the monopolies on them.

And bioidentical hormones, which are despite what your doctor may tell you, are not as harmful as the synthetic hormones that the doctors have been prescribing for years. Why?

Because in order to get the “patents’ they have had to add chemicals to these hormones, which usually have terrible side affects. (Like stroke and cancer, you know, death.) And no, the insurance will not cover “preventive” hormones. They do not want you to live either.

The medical community, the drug companies and the insurance companies are one of the few remaining manufacturing and profitable businesses left in America. Yeah, I know, Wal-Mart is supplying lots of service jobs to our great economy every day, but they don’t even compete with even the ad writers in Readers Digest.

They will protect their turf. And you must be persistent in finding a doctor who will even let you try it. Most think its nonsense. But, remember, doctors tend to like sick patients, it pays for the Las Vegas Vacations.

You might have to go to Tibet.

So very soon, I am having my blood test done and finding out just what hormones are out of balance…(I know, plenty.) and I’m going to get on this stuff as soon as possible. It may turn out to be another scam. But…I don’t think so.

I really think Suzanne may have finally hit this one out of the park. Check it out. Or better yet, go and buy her book on Amazon.

Remember, she is now not only ageless, but homeless. She probably even lost her own thigh master in the fire. Have pity.

Now boys---you can go and think about her bedroom. I’m finished.

Nobody’s Perfect; One of her chapters is titled, “Men and Hormones; it’s not about erections (Well, not at first)” She says the first telltale signs of a typical middle-aged man is increased abdominal fat and shrinking muscles, which is a hallmark of declining hormones, and men DO have a menopause…it’s called andropause.

Compared to menopause, it’s more like a coffee break.

Next time your buddies kid you when you are going for your third case of beer at halftime, tell them you are suffering from andropause and it’s needed for relief.

And it could be that both Donald Trump and Rosie are suffering from it.

Nobody’ Knows; While the new rage is genetic therapy to “cure” all these diseases, wouldn’t it be smarter just to prevent the diseases in the first place? After all, we all have cancer cells in our body just waiting for us to get old.

I’ve always thought that hormones were the orchestra leaders of the body, but hormones seem to have always been an afterthought with the doctors, because they were always concentrating on “cures.”

I wonder why? mmmmmm

Nobody Cares; Hey, here’s a conspiracy theory…Suzanne Somers home was targeted for arson by the vast pharmaceutical empire, because if everyone starting getting these hormones, and stopped getting diabetes, heart problems, cancer, etc., they would lose millions in revenue, as would the government.

No? Well it would at least make a good plot for a novel….Mr. Crichton?

Oh, and by the way…this nobody will tell you how it turns out, she is going to try it.
Why not? If it works, I can request lipstick be applied on my corpse when I die at age 120. They will say, “My, she hasn’t age a year since she turned thirty. You’d think she would have gotten rid of that stupid lipstick though.”

The Education of Joyanna Adams

Nobody’s Opinion; Let me tell you about Henry Adams, and what he did for my life.

He wrote what the famous American historian Arthur Schlesinger said was his favorite book…a book which was called simply, “The Education of Henry Adams.”

I read somewhere yesterday, that it was one of the books being thrown out of our American Library system. Oh, you can still get it I suppose… but according to the Librarians who decided it should just be taking off the shelves, who in this day and age wants to read it?

I’ll tell you why they want it thrown out. “The Education of Henry Adams” criticizes and exposes the fraudulence of the prestigious Harvard institution, and shows just when Harvard turned sour.

Here’s a quote he wrote to a friend in 1876: “I am preaching a crusade against Culture with a big C. I hope to excite the hatred of my entire community, every soul of whom adores that big C. I mean to irritate every one about me to a frenzy by ridiculing all the idols of the University and declaring a university education to be a swindle. “

Henry Adams was the grandchild of John Quincy Adams. And the book was about his time at Harvard, and how he learned absolutely nothing from the four years he went there. In the book he trashed the established professors, and even the students. He was relentless in his attacks, and for good reason. It became a bestseller in its day, and is considered one of America’s classics.

Remember, John Adams went to Harvard, his sons went to Harvard: in fact all the Adams’s went to Harvard. Henry wrote this book very late in his life, and when I read it, it changed mine.

Sometimes you just have to come out and call a toad…a toad.

There is a very endearing story worth repeating from the book. Henry describes how he loved playing in the woods as a child, and did NOT want to go to school. On the first day of school, he came down the stairs and announced he was not going.

His grandfather, John Quincy Adams, who was eighty at the time, just took his hand, and without a word, walked him over a mile in very hot weather, down a straight dusty road to the classroom, took him to his seat, and then let go of his hand and walked out.

I remember, after reading the book, I felt as if I had read my own feelings on my life. And then, I saw the same thing being repeated in my sons.

Maybe it was a genetic proclivity, some gene that slipped through, but I was a rebel…I hated school, even though I got good grades, I KNEW I was not learning.

I remember how humiliated I was in the 7th grade. “New Math” was being introduced and I hated it. It made no sense, I argued time and time again, in class. I had always been at the top of my class in math, and I loved the subject.

But this teacher, Mrs. Priest, stood me up in front of the whole class and said I was “too stupid” to understand it. And in front of my new boyfriend, the hearts crush of every girl in school.

It was horrible.

Well, that did it. I refused to turn in another paper. I got zeros the rest of the semester. It basically ruined my love for math. I hate that teacher to this day. Damn her, for her cruelty.

Later on, just about five years ago I read a book by Richard Feynman, one of the leading physicists at Los Alamos, who lead a crusade on getting rid of “New Math” in the schools, and succeeded. I had been right…I knew I was right then. The teacher was an idiot.

I know each and every one of you have been in this situation some time or another.

In drama class, I had a teacher who was more upset about me not taking off my makeup for “makeup” class, instead of my, what I considered at the time ,brilliant reports on Shakespeare. I believe they were better than most of the stuff I write today. Did he encourage me to be a writer? Nooooo

Because I had terrible acne…I tried hard to cover it up with makeup…I just couldn’t be exposed. I begged him to understand. I made all A’s on my papers, but because one day I would not take my makeup off, he gave me a D for the year.

No wonder I would spent my lunchtime in the library, eating Hostess cup cakes. Pretty sad. (By the way, they did not make the kids fat back then, what’s changed?)

Now, we all have those horrible moments in our school years…they are very rough. But, when you find a moment of solidarity, of another soul who thinks as you did, it makes you feel like you are not a loser, that maybe there is a reason you felt so horrible.

You just MIGHT have been right…vindication.

Henry Adams gave me back my sanity. So to speak.

Then, as a mother with a child in school, I got much worse. Every year, I would try to understand how the teachers could remain so ignorant even in their own subjects.

I remember a sixth grade English teacher not knowing who Edgar Allen Poe was.

My very first argument came with my son’s first grade teacher who gave my son an “F” for not being able to tie a shoelace in kindergarten.

He was wearing Velcro’s shoes. He had always worn Velcro’s. They made sense to both of us. He could add and subtract, and knew his alphabet, but they did not grade on that.

I once got so frustrated, even the school psychiatrist suggested my son go to a private school where he could get a better education.

Nice, but I was a single mom, and pretty strapped for cash.

I wonder, how many of you taught your child how to read, do math, memorize multiplication, etc…basically taught them at home?

Believe it or not, they used to do this in school.

My son always managed to be in the top of his class. While everyone else was doing advanced algebra in school on their calculators, he did it all in his head.

But in the 11th grade he came down with a rare sleep disorder that took some time to figure out. (Because the doctors were stupid, okay I said it. I TOLD them what it was…but it didn’t matter.)

Anyway, my son showed up his senior year, and was told to go home…he could not attend since he didn’t know what was wrong with him.

There was no trial. There was no discussion. I fought the whole school system, about how as a taxpayer they could not just kick him out.

Oh, but I found out they could. They did. It affected his whole life.

In the meantime, while my son went into a great depression, eleven hundred “minority” students who did not even live in our city, were allowed to attend, and go to night school, get credits for picking up trash, and attend till noon, and then go to a job answering telephones.

The unbelievable things I uncovered about the great American school system during my search for justice I could write a book about…I was threatened not to go to the media, by principals, by governors by school boards, by lawyers….

I learned that our American school system is fascist, and is not there to necessarily educate, but to put the children in square holes, and indoctrinate them to fit wherever the government sees fit. And this was going on even back in my day.

The government had a whole system for “pinholing” every student, and placing them in exactly the right place, in order to get along in society. All those tests aren't only for academic reasons. They also are encouraged to keep diaires, which the parents are not allowed to see.

And the ones that get the best care are the ones who are failing, the minorities.

The smart kids are left out in the cold. The smart ones do not fit in.

And they are attacked by the system as sure as a sick bird is attacked by the flock.

If you’ve ever read “The Bell Curve” you know what I’m talking about.

So, generations later, I imagine if Henry Adams were alive today, he would be on O’Reilly, making political attacks on the whole mess.

And since Harvard is the breeding ground for all our world leaders, that book, “The Education of Henry Adams” is the one book they are afraid of anyone reading. The fact that it is being taken off the shelves is another blow to our country, like all the camera’s going up in our neighborhoods.

If they are not in yours yet….just wait.

Reading the “Education of Henry Adams” was like going ultimate education for Joyanna Adams.

Henry Adams made a comment before he died that he was glad he was going to die…because he could not live in a world that was coming…a world where the socialists took over.

Well, Henry…you were right, they have. And it is a hard world to witness. I’m sure you’re glad you’re not here, I don't think you could bear it.

Nobody’s Perfect; Henry Adams was one of our countries most brilliant historians. But, he had a weakness and love for his neighbor’s wife. In fact he loved her so much he tried to forget her by taking a sea cruise to the South Pacific, where he wrote the only genealogy of the Hawaii people. I’m sure the naked girls (they were naked back then) were a big incentive.

If he were alive today, he could do a genealogy of the elite class’s children at Harvard and Yale by attending their nude parties and asking questions. He’d probably like that.

Nobody Knows; One of the main reasons we are in the mess we are in today, is precisely because our educational system was taken over long ago, and was based on the communists system (Dewey) being used in Russia at the time, which has been abandoned by all nations, but us.

We must not let them destroy our libraries.

Nobody Cares; Everyone knows our schools are worse than atrocious. But, because the teacher’s Union supply most of the Democratic funds for elections, and because they are like a state nanny and also give so many women jobs, it will never change.

I remember during the Clinton years, all my son’s teachers at his grade schools would travel to Washington to have lunch with Bill and Hillary.

At our expense.

Frankly, I wish Bill Gates would take over the schools. The kids would learn better from computers. As one of my son’s math’s teachers once said when I complained that he didn’t even teach his Advanced Algebra III class, but sat on the side---“Hey, I learned it from the book, if they don’t understand it, they can ask me.”

Why pay him $45,000 when you can ask online?

And just in case you’re happy with your schools. I live in a complete Democratic city. Everyone, from the mayor to the school board, they are all socialists.

Hopefully, your kids fare better.

Nobody Wins; There are stories like mine all over the nation. David Limbaugh has written a book on the subject, but I fear there are more nobodies out there like me, who have been through this kind of thing, and have been kept expertly out of the media.

I sure was. Like O’Reilly once said. You can’t fight the government. (By yourself) Don’t even try it. But boy, what an education!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Nobody’s Opinion; Tony Blair came out with the statement over the weekend that Saddam’s execution was “completely wrong.”

This strikes me as really funny, I mean, what did he expect? They were all so proud that they set up a “democracy” in Iraq, and gave the nation the freedom to elect a government and to rule as they saw fit not us, and when the new government does exactly that, resorting back to the culture that they are used to, we are surprised?

What world are these guys living in?
What world indeed. Today, while watching the movie “Regarding Henry” with Harrison Ford, I was thinking about the very well-to-do---People in the upper classes who have the best furniture, the biggest apartments, and eat out all the time on only the best steaks.

People that do NOT have garages full of stuff they are afraid to throw away.

It truly must be hard, being as they are surrounded by luxury to put themselves into the mindset of the middle classes. After all, I don’t think they know we exist.

They know about the poor of course. They really do hire mostly Spanish immigrants to cut their lawns, cook, and clean their houses. I’m sure, like the house slaves of the old South, these people become like their family members. It makes them feel wonderful to give these people a job. Their plight would break any heart.

So when Sylvester Stallone comes out and does a movie, and then sympathizes with the illegal immigrant who is only trying to survive in Stallone’s mind and heart, it felt to this nobody like.---Well, another one bites the dust.

When in Mexico, Stallone came out and said at the “Rocky” premier in Mexico that the idea of a wall on the border was “crazy.” One wonders why he did NOT make this statement here in the United States at the opening of his movie. Right…he needed to get the “Spanish” to rush to see the film.

Which means at our house, Rocky whatever number it is, will only be seen on DVD.

It’s not that the rich should not get rich, that’s the American dream. They just don’t think the middle class will be effected by immigration all that much.

And they don’t see that they are keeping the American dream from everyone else. And that it’s not fair. Not fair at all.

They no longer need the middle classes. They now have the world to buy their product. And the middle classes are not going to the movies of some of the liberal of Hollywood because of that mindset. At least those of us that see it coming.

The invasion of millions of illegal immigrants coming into the United States will basically destroy it. But the rich are so VERY rich now, they can have houses all over the world, the United States is just another place. Everything is relative.

But to most of us, it’s the only home we have, and we don’t want our kids to grow up having to speak two languages. It’s already happening.

A rich man could pay 70% of his profit in taxes to support the poor, and he will still come out with millions. They just don’t care. The middle class are not poor, or Spanish.

But the middle class will completely disappear. They are being asked to sacrifice their lives, and those of their children.

And redistribution of wealth does not upset them in the least, in fact, it makes sense to them.

This goes to the subject of Oprah. To this nobody, it is totally amazing and beyond belief that a talk show TV host, instead of some scientist, is now the richest woman in America. She did NOT do this all by herself.

Having said that, Oprah has a great heart. And she goes to Africa to set up a school to mold little black girl’s into the future leaders of tomorrow.

She interviewed every single girl to pick out just the right ones. The thousands that didn’t get picked must have been devastated.

Tell me, how is this much different than if a rich white woman had set up a school for all white girls to make and mold future leaders for OUR country. Would she be called racist?

She could have set up this same school here. I’m sure in America she could have found 150 black girls, who had the potential to be leaders, waiting to be molded. I don’t buy her story. But here, she would have been criticized for setting up an all black girls school, to mold as future LEADERS. She would have had to include white girls as well.

After all, most of the powerful blacks feel a great and deep need to help their own people.

But if a white person feels the same need, well, we are racist.

I suggest she adopt a poor white girl.

This idea is not new. Thomas Jefferson once wanted a National College, to be built in the Capitol for training future leaders of our country. He thought only the brightest and the best should apply.

We could certainly use that idea today by just looking at our new Congress. Just think if our leaders were picked out of the best and brightest, instead of the rich and corrupted?

So, in that respect, Oprah one day might be thought of as the Thomas Jefferson of Africa. When Africa is ruled by all Queens and Wesley Snipes will have a new home.

Speaking of Queens, Nancy Pelosi is making sure that in her first 100 days, stem cell research will be going full force thanks to an excellent performance by Michael J. Fox.

There is a scientist last week who declared that in fifteen years, he will be able to grow a pair of wings on a man, and the man will be able to fly. This is because the brain can “wire in” new limbs.

I suggest he get Robin Williams to be the first guy with wings. He’s used to being high.

Another scientist claimed that by the year 2030, a computer “man” will be smarter and better than any human. We won’t even need a Neo. He is the INVENTOR of course, so I’m not holding my breathe.

He didn’t say whether they would be able to have sex or reproduce, but by that time, humans probably won’t be allowed to either due to the population overload.
And it would not be a news day without the likes of Angelina Jolie to get into it. It seems the diva of adopting African babies has tongue lashed the older diva sex symbol Madonna for illegally adopting a baby from Africa with a living father.

Frankly, I would have critized those pointy bras she tried to make popular in the 1980’s. Some poor guy HAD to get his eye put out by those things.

Angelina is just jealous that the name of Madonna has already been trademarked.

So the rich were busy in the first week of January. It was a full moon, while the nobodies’ just wait for the electric to come back on, and the National Guard bring them food.

Another absurd week, and what fun! The year’s only starting!

Nobody’s Perfect; Harvard is thinking about getting a woman President. Well, now that Nancy and Hillary are to be our new leaders, the feminists want a complete takeover.

Well, why not go all the way? Let’s make it a rule that woman run all the banks, the army, the navy, the air force, and all the Church’s.

After all, they’ve already ruin our educational system. Might as well get it over with and make a clean slate.

Nobody Knows; I’m in such an ornery mood tonight because I watched “The Stand” by Stephen King…all 2,490 hours of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Stephen King. Just not all in one day. I’m sure I’ll be dreaming about “Flag” tonight, and my new home in Las Vegas, where I will be searching for nukes, and saying the Lord's Prayer, and probably end up in Japan.

Nobody Cares: The Democrats have decided NOT to show up for Congress, after having said that nobody is ever there.

Well, is anyone surprised? Actually, I think they should all just stay home, I don’t think anyone would care.