Saturday, March 27, 2010

Nobody Gets E-Mail: Bushwhacker Billboards

Nobody Gets E-Mail:
Well, it's Saturday night, and the moon is out, and this was a good pick from my e-mail bag of the week...simply because this is a picture of a real billboard set up somewhere on the middle of Missouri, where I live.
I like it.
It also is a reminder that that the first skirmishes of the Civil War were fought, probably only a few miles from this sign in Missouri.
We are still---a stubborn lot.
Back then we had a lot of Bushwhackers. (Basically, a bunch of guys who got together and went rebelling.)
So, if worse come to worse...what will the rebels be called?
Obamawackers? Demowackers? Rinowackers? Poliwackers? (sorry)
Okay, I'm being silly.
Tomorrow, I will try to figure out why that lovable Huckaberry Governor from Arkansas, Huckabee, said on his FOX program, that we should think twice about repealing Health Care because...hey it had some good things in it you know!
Then he went on for twenty minutes to tell us how bad it was, and then the "Show me the reason or I'll show you my Bushwhacker," Missourian came out in me.
I took my bushwhacker, and turned him off.
Missouri...leading the way....again! Is history repeating itself?
Nobody Knows!


Friday, March 26, 2010

A REAL $50,000 Stimulus

Nobody Reports: Wow.
I could talk about so many things I was seeing today: Palin and McCain the sequel, which is going over about as well as the sequel to Twilight---Obama giving all the people not considered exactly poor (like all those newly displaced Wall Street guys who got laid off) a gift from the American people to pay their mortgages...because the rich in the East simply cannot have houses up for sale on their block...heaven forbid, their houses should be affected!...and the fact that North Korea, is someday actually going to nuclear bomb somebody. (Us)
Anyway, I said I COULD talk about it, but I'm not. I think this is much more interesting.
According to the communists, the rich have just too much money, and they must spread the wealth around---which is exactly what the woman who gets this $50,000 dildo is going to do. Not only is she going to be spreading a very expensive object around just for sheer pleasure...which is her constitutionally right...but there just happens to be a pretty hefty diamond ring in the center!
Don't ask what will make her happier!
Funny thing is: If I had not read WHAT this was...I would have thought it was a fancy perfume bottle, to promote something for Calvin Klein, and wondered why they didn't make it in gold.
I think we should insist on every women getting one in our Health Care package...don't you?
We could then sell them to the rich, and pay off our credit card debt.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Nobody Reports: Nulification, A Noble Dream

Nobody Reports: Nulification

I have been waiting for this suggestion ever since my poor dear mother had the idea back during the Clinton Impeachment. She was watching all the madness and in her frustration with what she had seen going on, she said...the middle of the country should just secede from the Coasts. New York, the East, and California could continue down the road of madness, and the mid-west, and western states, could just declare itself another country.

This was back in the year 2000. Ten year later, it might be the best idea, we have today, since any thought of a violent revolution is certanly not viable. And our rulers have made themselves into Kings.

What good are laws when your rulers don't have to abide by any of them?, it was nice to read Joseph's Farrah piece on doing exaclty that. It's called a two- state solution. READ it here.

After listening to Obama insult us ONCE AGAIN in his Ohio victory speech, I felt like I was watching an immature bully razing the losers in his basketball game.

Yes...this suggeston looked better than ever, and it's been in the back of my mind for years. I'm so glad that Joseph has suggested it. He has planted the seed.

I have predicted, as I will continue to predict...that the major role players of power are on ONE side..globaliszation. Mayor Guillaina said just yesterday that he didn't think if the Republicans got in office they should repeal the Health Care bill...not a good idea. We could try to fix it a bit.

That--- from a Republican.

And Judge Napolitoano thought that pot should be legalized, showing you he has never known anyone that smokes that stuff everyday. Soros would be happy.

That from a Conservitive, Libertarian.

Sure, fine the people if you like instead of throwing them in jail...but we have enough problems. I for one am more scared to drive than ever before due to cell phones. Think of all the people that would be TEXTING in their cars while's bad enough when they're straight.

Anyway, my dear mother said..think of it....we would have the food basket. We would have water. But, we both agreed that it would certainly be nice to include Florida in this. Florida might have to be split down the middle. Disneyworld can become it's own country like the Vatican.

So, take a look at the map. Let the eastern seaboard have its elites. Let the Mexicans and the movie stars have California, they already own it. Let them rule in Marxist dictatorship with the rest of the world.


Give us all the rest, and live us alone. Give us our constitution. You don't want it.

Every American who wants to have a chance at liberty...and a chance at the dream...will flock to us.

And if the big multinationals pull be it. Ever had a Kansas City Steak?

Just THINK what we cold do with a fresh start!

We could tell them all go ahead...Keep your commuinst country, and have Castro come up to wine and dine Obama on Broadway.

Better to save a part of America...than none of it at all.

Oh...and we will have our OWN patent office, thank you very much.

The coming years look so glim...ask yourself...Who is John Galt? And just where should we put him?

And can good men and women dare too pull this off?

And is it not...a noble dream?


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nobody Knows: Who's the most dangerous?

Nobody Knows:
Today, after Obama took all of his six hundred and sixty-six pens and made his Obamacare the law of the land, it was reported that instantly, some of the members of the Democratic party were "threatened" with nasty death threats and smashed windows.
Oh,oh..the mob is...ANGRY. Steny Hoyer, Democrat, was well he might be.
Well, this nobody thinks...what the heck did he expect? You take away control over our very lives, our freedoms, our children's future? Our JOBS....What did you want? A free trip on Air Force One with Hugh Hefner and twenty of his finest? Front side seats at the Olympic stadium in Brazil? A date with Tiger Woods?
Trashing windows and making death threats is not the way that Americans have been known to act...but really...what dreamy cushion of a Titanic life are they floatin' on?
You can't beat up on people, take away their jobs and freedom-- any people, and not expect a few of them to lose control. Look around at the world. Look at history. I'd say the American people have been pretty calm.
The answer is easy. Don't make the people who PAY you for you to rule...mad.
When the people found out today that Obama lied---all those things he promised...are not the bills.. what did they expect?
It was explained as a mistake by Rush Limbaugh, who it seemed to this nobody, didn't even have the guts to call it what it was...a lie. They lied. And that wasn't all they did. (Well, to be fair to Rush, I don't have million dollar bills to worry about.)
All they have to use is the old "you have to give us the benefit of the doubt, someone on our staff made that mistake..." to kowtow you into letting it go...and then it happens again, and again, and again, and again...and again.
I could site you over fifty of these "I didn't know" excuses used in the last twenty years...but I'm trying to control myself.
It's the old, "you have no proof..why the papers were accidentally shredded...oh sorry."
Trust bill from now and forever more will ever be read by any of them in order to say "They didn't know." They don't read it on purpose...then they can just giggle while they slowly cut out our American hearts and dreams with their Utopian plans..
Why...we just didn't see that....
No wonder the next thing on their agenda is to legalized marijuana. They'd had better get us all stoned and laid back really quick, because nobody knows really, how many very angry people are out there just waiting to explode.
(Obama needs to get better at his lying, someone on his staff, take a note.)
So the question today is: Just who is the most dangerous man in America?
* Glenn Beck? (Beck claimed to hold that title today, while proudly noting with joy that the great movie maker James Cameron claimed him to be.)
*Rush Limbaugh? (Who claimed that was HE...the great Rusbo, that was the most dangerous man in America.)
*Ann Coutler? (Well, according to the University of Ottawa, the students were so scared they got out their bricks and rocks and shouted "No MORE HATE SPEECH" while they planned to smash and crush the bones of anyone named Ann Coulter who dared to appear before them. I suppose they were going to tell her they loved her while they stoned her to death, thereby not committing any crime.
*Or-- those very dangerous, ordinary, hard-working Americans.
The people know, that this Health Care Obamascare is truly a Frankenstein monster, created in the laboratories of Dr. Nancy Death and Doom at the pit of the dungeon we call Congress, Nancy...screaming with great gleams of madness...while she glazed up in the sky...
"Liiiifffeeee....Liiiiiifffeeee!!!! I CREATED...LIIIIIIFFFFEEE!!!!"
Her companion, As Harry (Igor) Reid turned the levers to raise the huge 100 pound bill to the top of the Obama sky...
(Puffing hard, because Harry will have a big humpback in my fairy tale, and no toes. )
What's a mob scene to do? Light the torches?
In another world, the mob would break down the halls of the Capitol and burn the Heath Care Bill on the marble floor, right in front of the whole congress...then turn calmly to the Speaker Pelosi and say..
"Start over. This is not acceptable." Then they would lock the doors of the Capitol and not let anyone go home until they actually did something decent in their lives besides lie, cheat, and steal from us.
But as this goes on, we have bigger concerns.
The most dangerous man in America right now is our President, who is no match for the most dangerous man in the world right now....Ahmadinejad.
How does that make you feel?
Don't answer might make you so afraid for your country you might resort to ...
Having a another beer and watching American Idol.
Hey, I can't give this the ending I want, so let's just go with this..for now.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nobody Cares: Fried or Scrambled?

Nobody Cares: The citizens of America have now just realized, that due to the fact that they did NOT follow their Buddhist beliefs...
Wait, that's Tiger Woods..
Due to the fact that they voted in the wrong guy. for President...(not that the other guy would have been much better) they are now going to met their fried fate...
Or scrambled...depending on how old they are.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Nobody's Perfect: Cable Networks.

Nobody's Perfect: Once again(this has happened before) ...all state controlled, dumb and dumber, major news the Nobody's Perfect award for the week of bloody Sunday. All of them. CNN, FOX, MSNBC, ...
I wanna know...
When a crowd of over 200,000 gather on the Capitol steps, Washington D.C. on one side on a Sunday afternoon, and---about only a crowd of at MOST--- 10,000 teapartiers gather on the other side...why is it that the biggest crowd is virtually ignored: mentioned only very briefly IF AT ALL... by every single major cable station in America.
What...this huge crowd was not news?
FOX news covered the Health Care debate all day....not one shot of this huge crowd was shown.
At least, I didn't see one, and I watched most of the day.Glenn Beck, I don't believe mentioned this crowd either.
We all should find this extremely offensive for the very reason that the people that will benefit the most from this health care system overhaul are the illegals.
Fair and balanced?
If they were really trying to stop this horrible passage, all they had to do was show the unions and thousands of MEXICANS gathered on the other side of the Capitol.
Geee...uh....what happened? Nancy Pelosi was just too pretty for the camera?
If you believe that nothing is a coincidence, as I do, then the reason they acted like this gathering of over 200,000 unions and Mexicans was nothing, is simply because--- the dirty little secret is: BOTH parties wanted this to happen. When you have no power, you can rant and rave all you want to shore up points.
"Why...why...this is an outrage!" Really? American Idol...battle of the parties...great TV.
Carefully controlled media...President Bush waited until the LAST six months of his Presidency to pull off that "crisis" of saving the banks and rich guy from Wall Street was handed over complete control of bailouts. ONE guy.
And Obama's horrible and huge tsunami of taxes and death will come in...oh...2014...after he's been elected to his second term.
How wonderfully convenient. I suppose the next President will be able to run all the unpopular programs he wants passed, and make them all go into law...say...after he is out of office.
What the &$% is this?
Both Presidents...both parties...are following the plans. And if you believe Tom Hanks, when he points out in the Divinci Code that there IS no Illuminati...
Then you also believe in the tooth fairy.
The only good thing I saw was John Voit...saying we are losing our freedoms...he forgot to mention some of are also losing our ability to know, when we are being conned.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Universal Health Care is just the beginning....

Nobody's Opinion:
Well...I think Rush Limbaugh's hope has run out. King Obama has just done what he was sent to do...(By Dem's and RINOS alike)
He got his wish.
BUT...Universal Health Care, and the continued destruction of the United States, will forever be blamed on a black President.
How convenient, for George W. Bush.
Next step on their agenda... another attack...this time, the "warnings" are clear...(CNN has told us, boys and girls, not to many press releases do you NEED?)
Everything will be shut off due to a cyber-attack, and King Obama will take over and nationalize just about everything else in the country..Chavez will be proud.
Of will be blamed on China, or some little "terrorist" in our own country. And there will be no "counter-attack." I mean..if one little person does it, you can't blame a country now, can you? You also can't blame you're own government
Who can you blame?
How about...the media for working for these guys. Maybe the protest today should have been at that propaganda mechanism right across the street from the White House, disguised as a Newsmusesm. little tunnel trip and your "congressmen" is right there to deliver the message of the how racist we all are.
Sheila Jackson was a disgrace today on the floor. Talk about playing the race, let's not talk about it. They got so desperate that they had to play it...
I'm so disgusted I could spit peanuts.
If we don't all stand up and fight...resist this takeover of our lives..and start realizing that we are being lead into the fire of "social global engineering," then I fear this will be me someday.
Do me a favor...if you pass me by.....throw me a good pair of tennis shoes!
Now, let's go find our George Washington.