Saturday, July 01, 2006

Junichiro...Say Cheeese!!

Nobody’s Opinion; The Prime Minister of Japan, Junichiro Koizumi, was a big hit today when he broke into song at Graceland….”Wise Men Say.” The fact that he couldn’t sing was even better. He couldn’t have honored America more than visiting the King’s mansion.

Wasn’t it nice to see a foreign leader actually enjoying America? Since we are told every single day how much we are hated all over the world, it was a refreshing and rare change. I’m sure every karaoke singer in Japan was singing along.

If there is one thing that America is really known for, it’s our culture. Hate our politics if you must, but you wear our Nike’s, and listen to our music, and love our movies.

I got to thinking; wouldn’t it be nice if more leaders would do just that? Instead of riding around in their limos and hiding out at the White House, maybe President Bush should do a little more tourist stuff with them all. Just think; not only would he help his image here, it might help the rest of the world relax a little, and like America a little more.

President Bush is not too popular in Britain. Maybe a few pictures of Queen Elizabeth on horseback at his ranch would be nice. I mean, the Queen hasn’t forgotten how to ride a horse has she? That would be a good start. I’d like to see a regular cowboy hat and maybe even some boots on the old gal. It might even help all those in her own country forgive her for being so mean to Princess Diana if they saw her loosen up a bit. Maybe if President Bush would sing her an old cowboy song, he could actually get her to smile. Get her to eat some barbeque ribs. Smile Lizzie!

How about Prince Charles and his twin Camilla? They could all load on Air Force One and go down to the Kentucky Derby, or any horse race for that matter. The British love their horses. Britain is not the only country with a snobby set…we have our own high and mighty thank you very much. Most of them show up on that day. Give the Prince a Mint Julip and a few Saudi’s to talk to, and he would feel right at home. Take the picture when the Prince is losing his money, and Laura Bush’s horse has won. I’d love it.

There is only one sure place to take Vladimir Putin, and that’s Dollywood. He could kiss her stomach! I’m sure Dolly Parton would love to have her picture taken with President Bush and Vladimir, and if anyone can bring a smile to men’s faces, it’s Dolly. In fact, she could probably get the two of them to come up and sing a song…something simple like “The Farmer in the Dell.” Dolly is an all American icon, and Putin would love her. He might even open up more of his oil fields…

Jacques Chirac would feel right at home in Las Vegas. In fact, it might be fun to see a good photo-op with Jacques and George playing some blackjack. The French pretty much started that whole culture of ladies walking around in feathers so I’m sure he would be happy. There’s even a hotel that has a fake Effiel Tower. What a great picture that would make! The leader of France and the United States standing in front of a fake Effiel Tower with two Las Vegas babes on their arms! Smile! Say Cheesse!

Gerhard Schroder would probably like the mid-west. Lots of good wine feasts here in the summer, and the mid-west men drink a lot of beer. In fact, a visit to Anheuser-Busch brewery in St. Louis would be a nice photo for the boys. They could stand in front of one the famous Clydesdales with a couple of brews in their hands. How friendly!

The Sultan Ibn Abdud Aziz would be a hard one. He is used to sand and mansions. I suggest the President take him to nice dinner near the beach. Let him see how great woman actually look in with their hair exposed. You might have to pay a few girls to ride up on Arabian horses carrying hawks, but it would be taxpayer money well spent.

And Tony Blair, well, President Bush should take them down to Disney World in Florida and go on the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride. I’d like to see the two of them hamming it up with swords and Pirate hats on, maybe JACK could come in for a special photo-op.

The world would be a much nicer place if all the leaders would loosen up a bit and have some fun, don’t you think? And even though it might only happen once in a lifetime, I’m glad that we got to see some a foreign leader appreciate and understand our given right that we all take so seriously…the pursuit of happiness. I hope it happens again in my lifetime. ….President Bush? Thanks.

Nobody’s Perfect; Well, we can’t leave out Vincente Fox now can we? We saw the photo-op with Bush and Fox on the pyramids in Mexico, so I suggest Vincente Fox and President get a picture taken in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Maybe he would get the hint that slavery is not a good thing.

Nobody Knows; obviously the perfect place for Fidel Castro would be a visit to Yankee Stadium, except I don’t think the Yankee fans could be trusted to take a good picture of him.

Nobody Cares; The leaders of North Korea and Iran could be sent on a boat tour of Niagara Falls, with a one-way trip over. They’d probably both be so busy talking that they wouldn’t notice the fall. Gee…that was mean…should I take it back? Nah. Hey, it’s my fantasy.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Sink Or Swim?

Nobody’s Opinion; While the Supreme Court today came out and told a President what they thought he should do in terms of military affairs, also today some government health agency suggested that all girls should be vaccinated against cervical cancer.

Everyone was real upset about the Supreme Court comments, yet not a whimper of suspicion was heard about the suggested federally mandatory vaccines for all the girls in the United States. I guess it was because it was presented as a “cure” and a good thing. There was not one person in the media who thought this was alarming.

And as I was furious about both---the different reaction to each was astounding. The silence said it all.

Since when does our government have the right to “make” all girls get vaccinations on something that only a handful will come down with? This is something that should be a choice. Oh sure, you say, it’s just a suggestion now, don’t get too worried. Soon it will be “good” for us all to be chipped. I’m crazy? Well, I’ve just been stupid for too many years, I admit it.

If it doesn’t happen… then I’ll be very happy to be crazy, instead of what I am; appalled that a whole nation is being controlled by people in our Congress, working with big international companies to mandate our lives and our freedoms.

Aren’t the liberals always saying…”It’s a woman’s right to choose?” Or “It’s her body?” Well, if it’s our body, then we should have the right to choose whether we want a vaccination.

This is how it always starts…as something “good” for us. CNN and the Merck Company already have a huge barrage of ads for this relatively minor (although deadly) cancer with the best fear propaganda that money can buy. After all, it’s not going to be cheap.

The vaccine of course, will help the Merck Company since it just lost $1 billion over the thousands of lawsuits bought on by its very heavily promoted drug Vioxx. They plan to make their money back with the $360 cost, and if you can’t afford it, don’t worry, the Congress will help them get the money, because the middle class will pay for it just like we pay for everything else. It makes you wonder what senators are on the board of Merck.

Oh…and it’s just for the young girls. Notice, they don’t care if all the old gals die off.

That’s what they want to do, make this vaccination mandatory or else your daughter will not be allowed to attend school. It should be up to the families of these girls whether or not to get this vaccine, not the government.

Your daughter is much more likely to be killed in a car accident (49,000 killed a year) than come down with cervical cancer. Last year, around 4,000 women died from cervical cancer. ( There are 300 million) Besides, most all of those that had died had never had a pap smear. So, just get a yearly pap smear.

What’s the point? Why are they pushing all of these vaccinations? Does Bill Clinton want to make sure the entire female population is clean for his picking? After all, he is working very hard with the United Nations to get world-wide mandatory aids vaccinations.

Aids and cervical cancer are not at the current moment in the United States at a national health state crisis. We will be forced again to do something that is not a necessity; it may even prove to be down the road as harmful as Vioxx.

How can they do this? There are too many lawyers in the system.

Did you know that if John Kerry had been elected that 80% of the Congress would have been lawyers? Democratic Lawyers pass the laws to control your life. What the liberals can’t win by votes and democracy, they just put into law. Call it whatever you want; totalitarianism, fascism, communism, socialism…it’s all bad and it all stinks. And they don’t care what you think.

Why am I so upset? Because my own son was “kicked” out of high school for being sick. He had “Delayed Sleep Phrase Syndrome” but since it was rare, we had a hard time getting it diagnosed. We begged the school to be patient….but while thousands of black kids were illegally coming into our district from the poor city schools, my son showed up the first day of his senior year and was told that “he could not come into the school without a doctor’s order.” They kicked him out without a trial.

It affected his whole life. Two years later we got a letter saying he could come back.

He was a white boy; he was at the top of his class, and in our politically correct leftist society, that was two strikes against him.

If you think that you have any say at all in the schools because you pay their taxes, you’re in dreamland. The public school system has complete dictatorial power over your kids and they will do what they want because they are backed by the Feds. And they will “kick” out any girl that does not get this vaccination. Never mind that cervical cancer is not contagious, just like my son’s sleep disorder was not. Her chances of hurting anyone else in the school are pretty far-fetched. Kids are not dying off in the halls of our high-schools from STD.

And if you don’t comply, your daughter will have trouble getting into college, a decent job, her whole future will be affected. And they will tell you on every screw they turn… how much they “care.”

I’ve been there. Believe me, you will have no choice. I tried to fight the system, and I found out just how corrupt the whole government is. They will bury you. They will threaten you. Unless you’ve had it happened to you, you would never believe the corruption in the school systems.

Then you’ll home school you say? Right now, Bill Clinton is working with the United Nations to get rid of home schooling. So soon, that will be outlawed. They are working hard on it.

Even Bill O’Reilly has said that you can’t fight the United States Government, you will not win.

So what does this tell you about America? Don’t you know?

The left has overtaken our courts, our schools, our media, and now it seems our President. Once our Supreme Court is gone, and most of the Congress goes along with President Bush, who is not stopping all the totalitarian agenda of the left, it can only get worse, as it is doing.

No longer should we be quiet when they (meaning our United States Government) “fail” at another catastrophe. And they have told us again and again that it is inevitably, we will be attacked and many will be killed.

They “failed” when it took them half a day at Columbine to send police in.
They “failed” when they did not send planes to protect the towers on 9/11.
They “failed’ when they did not protect the pentagon.
They “failed” when they gave China all our nuclear secrets.
They “failed” when Albright gave plutonian to North Korea.
They “failed” when they did not impeach Bill Clinton for selling our nuclear secrets to China, and for being influenced by foreign money and committing high treason.
They “failed” when they ignored the 9/11 warnings.
They “failed” when they let the New Orleans people sit for days after Katrina.
They “failed” when they started letting Supreme Court justices site International law.
They ‘failed” when they let Terri Shraivo starve to death
They “failed” when they let our very right to private property be demolished by the Supreme Court.
They “failed” when they sit by and watch all our children graduate at the bottom of the worlds’ dumbest kids, without fixing it.
They “failed” when one party and its leaders continuously put our soldiers at harm, whether to sell papers or to set themselves up as world leaders.
They “failed” when they did not protect our manufacturing base, and helped it to be destroyed, making us vulnerable to the whole world.
They “failed” when they did not promote oil drilling in Alaska, or refineries to be built for over 25 years. They voted just last week again not to drill in Alaska.
They “failed” when they do not protect our borders from an invasion.
They “failed’ when they let judges overrule juries and voters, as we’ve seen time and time again.
They “failed” when they let our Constitutions and our freedoms be demolished day by day.

They will continue to destroy America and our freedoms every single day and we, the American people have failed if we don’t wake up and do something about it. God help all us nobodies. Most of us will not wake up until it’s too late.

We will either sink into totalitarism or swim to save our own freedoms….the choice is ours.

Nobody’s Perfect; While all the liberals are out there now talking about “morality” the last thing they mean is couples being faithful to one anther or heterosexual monogamy. They believe, almost without exception, in free sex for all…in marriage, infidelity, and homosexuality, and polygamy. Because they are the “me” generation of whatever feel goods is ok. Bill Clinton is their Poster Boy for free sex. I guess that’s why this vaccine is so important. They are expecting and hoping for a regular orgy for the young girls. They’re excuse? Man is meant to spread his seed. He just needs to get rid of those pesky venereal diseases so he can get back to business.

Nobody Knows: They said that some people are concerned that this vaccine will make young girls think that the vaccine will make them immune to STD’s and therefore will be more promiscuous. Well, that’s the purpose.

Nobody Cares; While all this was going on, nobody seemed to care that the Japanese Prime Minister was here visiting with President Bush today. Also, just how many times has President Bush used that story about how we used to be at war with Japan, and Japan is now a democracy. He forgets to mention that we dropped two very big bombs on Japan to help encourage the transition. He needs some new writers.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Morality of Howard Dean

Nobody’s Opinion; Howard Dean, that guru of Herculean heresy, made the statement Tuesday that “We’re about to enter the 60’s again.” Yes, he is looking for “the age of enlightenment led by religious figures who want to greet Americans with a moral, uplifting vision.”

Just what religious figures is he expecting?

Hugo Chavez? Is Hillary going to start carrying a Bible? Will Angelina Jolie drop Brad Pitt and give her life to Jesus?

Well, Bob Dylan did sing “Take Me out to the Ballgame.” for the Baseball Hall of Fame. Too bad Harry Carey wasn’t there. Who would have imagined that?

Personally, I lost complete respect for Bob Dylan when he was sitting next to Bill Clinton at the Kennedy Center receiving his National Presidential Medal for being Bill Clinton’s favorite sixties icon…while Bill Clinton was bombing Kosovo. But then again, Bob had a hard time getting out of the sixties too.

Come you masters war, you that build the big guns, you that build the death planes, you that build all the bombs, you that hide behind walls, you that hide behind desks, I just don’t want you to know I can see through your masks.” (Masters of War. Bob Dylan)

Oh---what Bob? Kosovo was not a war? You are not a principled man? You didn’t mean anything by all that stuff you wrote?

You mean you did it for the money?

Hey, I still like the song…I just didn’t realize what it was doing to me at the time.

Yes, Bill Clinton and Hillary sat around listening to Bob Dylan and getting stoned, and getting laid. And when Bill Clinton wrote that famous letter getting himself out of the war, the most famous American draft Dodger, in history, what was Howard Dean doing?


Frankly, you couldn’t get many people kicking and screaming to want to go back to the sixties. Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Howard Dean all wish that they were still there because, in the sixties, just about everything was chaos. Free sex, free drugs, and race riots…Vietnam. Please. Those of us who remember do not exactly want to. I bet Howard Dean did not miss one Grateful Dead concert.

Who is advising these idiots? Do they actually need the Middle American baby boomer vote with all these new Hispanics coming in?

Dean said that President Bush wanted to take us back to, heaven forbid, the fifties…when the family was strong, and America was strong. He prefers the sixties, where a whole generation of American kids was taken over by the well-planted left, who promoted free sex, abortion, and lots of drugs.

Some of the boomer generation never got their brain waves back. They can go on acid trips now with just a strong cup of cappuccino.

The pain of the WWII generation was immense…and the baby boomers are just now realizing what they had put they’re poor parents through.

But Dean somehow goes from the sixties---- into how we all should join our hands in Jesus and learn to take care of the poor. Big jump.

Dean said, “I’m talking about moral principles like making sure everyone in America has health insurance just like 36 other countries in the world. This is a moral nation.”

So, Hillary is STILL trying to get that government health care.

He also said, “I came in the back and everybody was talking about praising the Lord, and I thought; “I am home.”

This is getting really silly. The democrats are going to use Jesus and his sayings on helping the poor to pander this story line until we get sick of it.

What they don’t tell you is that Jesus wanted you to give out of your own heart…
NOT have the government take it from your paycheck so that they could redistribute it. That’s communism. What Jesus was talking about was charity. BIG difference.

Let me repeat this; Jesus was NOT a Marxist.

If the democrats, who have made fun of the “religious right” in every speech, who want the word GOD taking out of all documents, (they will have to bomb the Supreme Court) who have never acted morally about anything in their lives…if they think that now, in order to get all their socialists/fascist agenda’s passed by saying that Jesus would take care of the poor….therefore making YOU feel guilty and agree to letting the government take more of your money, think that most people will fall for this line of propaganda…

Then all I can say is…we’d better pray for ourselves.

Because, remember, according to Howard Dean, we are a moral nation, and he should know.

Nobody’s Perfect; Howard Dean is still remembered for that hilarious YEE-HAW speech when he got so excited he thought he had just won a trip to Club Med. Makes you wonder just what’s in his wallet?

Nobody Knows; Hey, does this guy have a wife? Does he have kids? I’m afraid to look it up.

Nobody Cares; I hope that Hillary picks him to be her running mate. He would upstage her at every rally. Hillary would have a hard time trying to get attention. He could probably even upstage Bill Clinton, and because of that fact, we will never see the two of them together. Darn.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Nobody's Absurdities

Nobody’s Opinion; Once in a while, you just have one of those days. Your brain is scrabbled from just too much information overload. So I’m going to try something new in Nobody’s Opinion. I’m going to just write bits and pieces of various absurdities that I’ve thought about today…to give everyone a break from my endless ramblings.

Actually I got the idea from Thomas Sowell. Once in a while he’ll write a column called “Random Thoughts.” If you’ve never read these, they are wonderful. Mine will of course be much different than his, but it’s the same concept…just a different approach.

I’m hoping he won’t mind…as I think he is just about as peachy as any one man can be and almost never, ever wrong. Anyway…feel free to come up with some of your own.


While everyone was making a big deal about Rush Limbaugh getting busted for Viagra today, I was imagining just what a fun time he must have been having on his vacation. To make such a big deal about this whole affair just shows how vindictive the democrats have become on getting the man. They are getting petty aren’t they? I wonder what’s in Bill Clinton’s bag?

I love the timing of this Flag Amendment vote, a few days before the Fourth of July. What a crock. The whole Congress wanted all us nobodies out here to be sure to know how much they love America…and would NEVER let anyone desecrate the flag, especially the 100 million Mexicans who will be let in by this Congress and this President, and who don’t seem to care if those people will want to change our flag to Mexico’s. I wonder who got to cast the one vote ….did they draw straws?

Hillary voted “no” on this amendment, even though it was reported that she was all gung ho last week about protecting the flag. So, does this means it was a set up to bash all the Republicans for being against free speech? The “I voted for it before I voted against it” seems to be a real disease with democrats. I think they should say, “I voted for the truth before I voted against it” instead. Sounds better.

China is mad at our “unfair trade barriers.” They want us to send them our advanced technologies, even though last year their trade surplus was 202 billion dollars. What’s absurd is that our companies want to do this because even if it gives the Chinese more power to attack us, the CEO’s already have homes in Beijing.

And isn’t it curious that they want to expand the Panama Canal? Do we need an invasion now from China?

According to Bob Felix at, we are not experiencing global warming but the precursor to an ice age. Ocean volcanos are heating up the air, which is causing all the moisture, and the Artic air is getting colder, therefore all the upcoming storms will be caused by the hot air from the ocean hitting the warm air from the poles. The big guys know this but are pretending it’s the dirty human race’s fault, much like it’s the lazy American's fault that Mexicans have to come here…same logic. If we really knew the truth, as they do, we would insist they do something to get the country ready for it. And as we have seen from the border fiasco, they don’t want to deal with the problem, they just want to make money out of it, so they can be prepared. We'll just freeze, eventually. So that's why they won't touch Alaska!

Wasn’t it funny how the announcement of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet merging fortunes mentioned curing all diseases in the world yesterday, but failed to mention the programs for funding abortions all over the world? I guess they figure abortion leaves one less person who will have a disease to cure, one less vaccination. These guys know they're numbers.

Why is it that the older you get, the faster the days go, the faster the weeks go, and the faster the years go by? Personally, I think Michio Kaku should get right on this problem.
I barely get going in the morning and somehow, minutes later, it’s bedtime.

Have you noticed that every single stand selling fireworks around the fourth of July says “Buy One, get one free?” We all know that we are actually paying full price for two…yet we like to think that the sign is actually true, so we pull in.

It’s pretty absurd to think that our Congress wants us to believe they represent the “people” of the country when most of them have to spend millions just to get elected, and if they are not rich, they get money from the rich…and then end up representing mostly the rich, while all the time saying they represent the average American, who just wishes he were rich.

I just love it--- Dick Morris, (he kills me) came out today declaring there is a new poll saying that the average Joe Blow Republican wants the illegal immigrants to become citizens. Dick Morris is actually a clear example of how “polls” are used to manipulate the public into accepting whatever agenda the government wants to push. Who did this poll Dick? As my nobody mother would say, “Consider the source.”

Oh, one more…Gore said Bush should be impeached for his unspeakable crimes. Well, I remember when Al Gore went into Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello and looked at some busts of our founding fathers and said…”Hey who are these guys?”…I remember Clinton walking away and shaking his head. It’s possible; that Al Gore is not even aware that George Bush is President. Perhaps he thinks Bill is still in office. You never know…

Hey that was fun…maybe I’ll do it again.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Wealth of the Mighty and the Small

Nobody’s Opinion; There they were; the two richest men in the world, and one rich wife, confidently facing the questions that everyone in the world wanted to know today which is; Why would the second richest guy in the world give most of his money to the first richest guy in the world? This had never happened in history before, it was a first… and being a skeptic, thousands of nobodies like me were trying to imagine what was really going on.

I was thinking about this when I was ordering a hamburger at Wendy’s. I was pretty happy to get change from a five, and I was amazingly thinking that Warren Buffet was just as happy to hand over 37 billion, 85% of his fortune, as if it was a relief and he had gotten a good bargain. He looked as if he had gotten change.

What goes here?

My nobody natural proclivity to always “follow the money” especially when it comes to the very rich--- kicked right into gear.

In reality, it’s hard to believe that both these guys got to be so rich being good-hearted philanthropists. They had to play hard ball at every turn, and there were times I’m sure, sheer ruthlessness came into call.

If you’ve ever sat through five minutes of a Paul Allen pitch, you feel like you’ve been hit by a fast ball in the head.

We all give the credit to Bill Gates, for giving us all this wonderful stuff to do on computer, but it’s also true that he purposely created a monopoly that frustrated his competitors into perhaps some mental breakdowns.

Not to mention the executive order he got from Bill Clinton so that he could drive his beautiful blue Porsche.

These two guys are the finest example of what capitalism can achieve. In Warren’s case, when you see your own death approaching, and whole troops of government vultures waiting to come in and take probably at least 75% of what’s left after you die, you’d better get rid of it quick. These Foundations are the only thing that governments can’t touch. Recently we heard that Warren’s son didn’t want to take over…so perhaps that had a hand in it. But foundations are the greatest way to protect your billions. It’s not like these guys don’t know what they are doing.

Bill Gates…besides having the most brilliant poker little boy face in the world, which I’m convince has giving him much of his success because it probably hypnotizes anyone who comes into within twenty feet…is going to cure the world of aids, at least that’s what Melinda hopes.

She explained that part of their effort was to find a cure for diseases, a cure for tuberculosis, aids, malarias, not just the vaccinations. One wonders if they will also be so benevolent to the scientists that find the cures to let them own the patents…or will the patents belong to Bill and Melinda foundation? Can you imagine what the cure to aids will bring in?

These findings in medicine alone might make the Microsoft Empire look tiny. With the Buffet/Gates merger---GE, Ford and the other foundations looking for this pie must be very upset right now. I’d say they have the Microsoft advantage.

Melinda was admitting that kids that are starving cannot even take a vaccination because they have no food in their stomachs to hold it down. It’s a problem. And if there is no electricity in those refugee camps to hook up their computers, well there’s another problem.

Did either one of these two guys even mention the fact that if not for the good old USA, the country which they were both lucky to born in, they would probably not have risen to such great wealth?

No…not a word. Because they believe that it was their own high IQ’s and talent---that’s the real reason that they amassed such fortunes.

After all…the Saudi’s are rich, right? That’s why they send all their children to Harvard.

Which goes to show you, even genius have their limits. If Bill Gates had been born to a middle class family, you can bet he might just be getting started about now. He was lucky. Warren Buffet knows it. And frankly, I would have like to hear them mention that fact. But they were too busy enjoying feeling good about themselves.

My nobody mind went on. Bill will donate computers to kids in the mud all over the world, but first they must learn how to read. That’s why they love India so much…there is a big middle class over there, many who will work for Bill Gates for less money.

Bill Gates is not thinking of Americans…he is thinking of the bottom line.

And even though Bill Gates acts like now he is quitting and giving it all away, Bill has picked the industry that in the future will be the most lucrative, and that’s medicine.

In education, even his free computers need updated software.

I didn’t like this road I was going down, especially when I heard Warren Buffet talking about how he thought estate tax was good. Why the rich will still end up with $ 30 million after the tax, which is plenty in his mind. He forgot to mention that the majority of the people are not millionaires and the estate tax takes can wipe out everything. Besides…it’s not fair.

Oh…this wasn’t going good, the spin on all on the nightly news was that these guys had joined the fellowships of the Rockefellers and Carnegies, great philanthropists…only if you look into the lives of these fellows, they weren’t’ exactly angels.

So, why give away billions? Is it like the nightly news reported? “Those who have the least should benefit from those who have the most?”

I don’t like the sound of that. Right out of Karl Marx. Oh great

The whole thing left a bad taste and my day was not going too well, and then the day took a turn, as it does when God comes up and smacks you in the head.

He presented me an angel. Right there working in a government office, taking car renewal taxes.

Her name was Bee. I have never been so thankful to hand over money to the government in my life.

I don’t know anyone who likes going to renew their car plates, especially near the end of the month when everyone goes and wait can be over an hour. But I was watching this amazing woman while I stood there….it was taking a long time, because Bee was basically holding up the line…with her goodness.

This lady gave every single person that came to her so much goodness and light, that no one wanted to leave her, and most of them were white people, Bee was black, and not a prejudice bone in here body. And I was lucky to get her.

She greeted me with “you look so pretty” and coming from a woman, that’s like someone given you a real gift. When I asked her how she managed to be the obvious wonderful person she was she said, two things.

She had been born that way. And-- 2. The lord.

She went on to tell me how her husband had left her for being so “good.” And that whenever there was a problem he would get frustrated because she would always “pray.” She showed me her little girl’s picture. She said she was 47, and was glad to tell her age because she used to work for a hospice and had held many a young person, even those as young as 27 who had died in her arms. She was thankful for every moment she lived.

She was hoping to meet a companion to be a husband to her and a father to her child someday. Her little girl had only been one and half pounds when she was born.

Bee liked flowers she said. She went very slow processing all the paper work, doing all the stuff; I would have gladly stayed there for another hour just to be in her presence.

I wanted to ask her to be my best friend. You don’t meet too many people like that.

It wasn’t till I got home that I realized that perhaps Bill, Melinda, and Warren had maybe met some “Bee’s” in their lifetimes. And maybe, even though they have a gift for making money, that I should give them the benefit of the doubt. They truly did want to give to the “Bee’s in the world--people who are born in the wrong place, at the wrong time, through no fault of their own. I had been too cynical, too judgmental, and too jealous.

There will be children and people everywhere in the world that will benefit from the merging of the two richest men on the planet, just as surely as I am benefiting from using this software program to put these words onto paper.

Now, I realized that most people would not have put these two different happening together and thought anything of it. Most people would have thought the better of them both in the first place.

But as far as I’m concerned…God was just sending me a message, via a little Bee.
And even though Bill Gates is the richest man in the world, he doesn’t have the kind of wealth that Ms Bee had in her heart. But he’s getting there.

Nobody’s Perfect; Google not only works with China to censor the internet, it also put up student social security numbers, taken illegally from a grade school. I guess when Al Gore’s on your board, anything can happen.

Nobody Knows; Bill Gates IQ is actually 550, and he is not from the planet Earth, but from nearby Mars…

Nobody Cares; No, I didn’t think you would care if he was.

Monday, June 26, 2006

The Pursuit of Armageddon

Nobody’s Opinion: What do Jesus, Mohammad, Revelations, Quetzalcoatl, Nostradamus, and Al Gore have in common? They have all predicted the end of the world. It’s a very popular subject right now and it’s playing very well on radio, television, movies and theme parks rides. It seems that mankind goes through this growing pain every thousand years.

Prince even did a song about it…1999. Bill Clinton added on Y2K. Now we have the “Axis of Evil.” Armageddon the movie was a huge box office hit. If the world has to be saved by someone, better by Bruce Willis than Madeline Albright.

One point is clear…the pursuit of Armageddon is still a popular pastime.

After the crusades, most people were ready for it…but were highly disappointed when nothing ever happened and they were stuck on the same old feudal farm paying the same old Feudal Lord’s taxes. Life remained boring and hard. Bummer. Before the Bird Flu we had the Black Plague. People wanted it to all end.

And now in 2006, they (meaning various people who say they know about these things) have even picked a date; December 21, 2012 at exactly 11;11 am or pm….I’m not sure, morning or evening it hardly matters. We’ll all be dead.

What’s going to happen? Well, they can’t decide exactly…that’s what’s fun.

But they all agree there will be storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, diseases and fire. You know, those things that have happened on earth since the first trilobites hit the dust. Al Gore failed to mentions that. Al is here to save us.

According to some Rabbis, a red heifer has been born, a sure sign of the end times. They named it, I think--- Divinci II.

And a temple has been built in Jerusalem which is another sure sign. Personally, I think if the Jews were aware of this forecast and believed in it, why in the world did they ask to go to live in the one spot in the world where eventually they would be terminated according to their own prophesy? Why not ask for a new home on Easter Island after WWII…a place that could have used some ingenuity? Oh, I forgot, they were chosen.

Then, we have the Revelations from the Bible. First—some guy from the E.U, (according to Hal Lindsey who is trying not to blame an Untied States President) the anti-Christ will appear and everyone will love him, and something will happen (like assassination) and he will die and come back to life. But while he is dead, Satan will enter his soul, and he will join up with another guy, who will be the false prophet. Gog and Magog will be on all ID cards.

In between we will have another soccer World Cup.

WWIII will then break out near Israel. Russia will line up with China and the Islamic nations on the fields of Megiddo against the U.E., and billions of men will die in a big clash of blood and guts.

No mention of North Korea here.

Hey, aren’t we in this somewhere? Well---no, because all our cities will have already been knocked out by nuclear attacks according to Nostradamus, and anyone left will go and live on the federally owned property in Utah. Washington D.C. will be gone and Denver, Colorado will be the new capitol.

The new White House will probably be built on the top of Pikes Peak. The Capitol is probably already built inside the mountain. Our Congress has already put a plan in place for leaders to replace themselves if something happens.

Yes, Congress has taken Armageddon seriously. They’re not kidding when they tell you on all those radio spots to make sure you have lots of water.

According to Revelations, Armageddon will be close when every person gets an ID number. On May 11, 2005, President Bush signed the Real ID Act which says that all citizens will receive an ID card by May of 2008. But the Bible said ALL people, and since they can’t find 40 million illegal aliens now to give ID cards to, I don’t think they will be able to find 100 million by 2008. That buys us some time.

It was also predicted that when the Cubs won the World Series the end would be near. Art Bell (late night talk show host of Coast to Coast) it was said, stopped the end times because he came back in time and caught that ball, which is why the Cubs lost, which means Art Bell is going to be cloned. I don’t think time machines will be invented for quite some time yet. Another good sign.

Then we have the new Bible Code findings. These are lots of guys with new computer technology just having a blast finding meaning in a real old book. It’s kind of like reading computer tea leaves. These predictions are not too nice.

According to the Bible Code, in 2006 there will be a major Quake in L.A, (well, we didn’t need a old book to predict that one did we?) and then in 2011 an asteroid will hit Russia, then 3 more will hit California, Utah and Nevada, causing California to sink and flood. THEN in 2012, 3 more asteroids will hit China the earth will shift and Japan and the Philippines will be under water. Then after 2010, no more children will be born because all people will die except 144,000 who will then start the human race again with reincarnated souls of the followers of Moses. The first baby boy will be born in 2045.

I wonder what its name will be…Adam? Bill? George?

I suggest we name the first baby after Benny Hill. We should at least have a say in the name of the new first born baby. Benny Hill would have made an excellent Moses.

Then there’s a Catholic priest named Father Andrew who says that we will invaded by the United Nations in 2 years and that Kansas city will be hit by a 9.2 earthquake that will go on for over an hour, which will burn down the city and leave 40 years of gray sky over the entire earth.

This guy has been reading too much Latin. If you’ve ever been to Kansas City, I don’t think it would actually cause a major blackout of the world. The last year of Clinton’s reign left the whole western half of the U.S. on fire, and we survived that, but maybe I’m missing something here…a nuclear meltdown of some power plant. He may be right.

It’s fun to joke about all this, except that all weekend long we were hearing about the possible upcoming Armageddon with North Korea aiming nuclear missiles at us. (Thanks to B.C.) And Iran who will start WWWIII, if we don’t leave them alone. (Thanks to B.C.)

Before Christ now being erased to mean Before Clinton.

And if the Democrats are elected into office once again, Saddam Hussein will be put back into power in Iraq just to make George Bush mad.

Pursuing Armageddon will then be a much more serious game of “Who can actually make this whole thing come true and win the ‘I told you so’ award of the Millennium?”

We all wish the leaders of the world would give up this ridiculous game of pursuing Armageddon. I hope to be around in 2012 , when some scientists actually think we might be entering an ice age, and global warming will become global icing, even if all the nobodies are still living the same boring lives paying the same boring taxes.

But, that won’t stop Al Gore. He’ll just make another movie, that is, if Jesus doesn’t come down and take him away on Judgement Day.

Wait, Al Gore doesn’t believe in Jesus. Oh well….

Nobody’s Perfect; Al Gore.

Nobody’s Knows; Why all these ancient texts all picked the same date of 2012 in which the world will end.

Nobody Cares; Most of us know if the ancient prophesies are actually true, we might as well go and play putt-putt, drink beer, and not worry about it, because it’s out of our control.