Saturday, September 04, 2010

England---Grabbing the Children

Nobody Get Email:


This was sent to me some time ago...from a man who knows all about the Dear Old England.
And as I goes England, so goes us
sooner or later if we don't watch out.

And a nightmare.

Britain's forced adoptions: the hidden scandal we can't ignore

Our social workers normally hit the headlines when some Baby P-type horror story comes to light, showing how they failed to intervene when a child was so maltreated by its parents that it died.

By Christopher Booker
07 Aug 2010

What don't usually make the news, however, are the hundreds of cases when the social workers' failure is the very opposite: where, aided by police and courts, they seem determined to remove children from responsible parents, to consign them to an often miserable life with foster carers or to adoption.

Having examined many such cases in recent months, some in exhaustive detail, and spoken to experts who are deeply disturbed by what is going on, I have no hesitation in describing this as one of the worst hidden scandals in Britain today.

It is clear that the child protection system created under the Children's Act 1989 has gone horrifyingly off the rails, leading one High Court judge recently to compare it to the kind of thing which went on in 'Stalin's Russia or Mao's China'.

Two general aspects of this system failure are particularly shocking, One is the callous disregard the system shows for both parents and children in failing to uphold the central principle it was set up to protect: the interests of the children.

The other is how the system is shrouded in such secrecy that its workings remain almost entirely concealed from public view.

What is remarkable is how consistently this system displays the same fundamental flaws. From the moment social workers intrude into their lives, the parents find themselves treated like criminals, plunged into a Kafka underworld.

When their children are seized, on suspicions which too often turn out to be unfounded, this is almost invariably with full support from the police. When one mother was recently breast-feeding her newborn baby at 3 o'clock in the morning, no fewer than nine police officers and social workers entered the hospital room to wrest the baby from her.

The parents then find themselves caught up in a court system which seems almost entirely geared to taking their children away. There seems no one outside the system they can turn to. The judges seem predisposed against them, Even their own lawyers can seem as much part of the system as those acting for the other side. When independent experts wish to put their case, their evidence is often ignored.

As parliamentary figures show, the number of applications for care orders averages around 8,000 a year. Of these only between 0.1 and 0.2 per cent are refused.

Often just as evident as the distress of the parents is that of the children, who find themselves placed in the care of strangers for reasons they cannot understand. Where 'contact' is allowed with parents this is ruthlessly supervised by the social workers, so that if a mother speaks 'inappropriately', as by showing any sign of affection to her child, the contact may be instantly terminated.

All this appears to be in flagrant breach of the original Act, which purports to put the interests of the children first, not least in prescribing that wherever possible if they are taken from their parents they should be kept with their siblings – as so often they are not – or placed with relatives.

Yet Parliamentary figures show that only in one per cent of cases are children placed with 'kinship carers' – whereas in Denmark the figure is 45 per cent.

Part of why social workers seem so zealous in seizing children on the flimsiest of evidence is that until recently councils were given ambitious 'adoption targets' by central government, rewarded with funds running into millions a year. Huge sums of public money are still available to fund this system. Social worker-approved foster carers can receive up to £400 a week for each child, and not a few social workers are foster carers themselves.

Almost as alarming, however, is the way the system manages to blanket its operations in such secrecy. Nominally to protect the interests of the children, it is forbidden to report anything which goes on in court or which might identify them. But this often goes so much further, as when social workers instruct parents that they must not talk about their case to any outsiders, that the secrecy seems designed to protect not so much the children as the system itself.

Ian Josephs, a businessman based in the South of France, first became concerned about this issue when he was a county councillor and has helped hundreds of distressed families through his Forced Adoption website. High on his list of recommendations as to how the system could be reformed is that parents who find themselves victims of the system should no longer be gagged from speaking to outsiders.

There should be an end to Britain 's system of 'forced adoption', almost unique in Europe . Instead of judges deciding behind closed doors, parents should be allowed to put their case to a jury. Contacts between parents and children should no longer be controlled by social workers but by a judge.

Family courts should no longer be allowed to accept mere 'hearsay' evidence, Social workers should no longer be allowed to snatch children simply on vague suspicions that they might suffer 'emotional harm'. Finally, the courts should no longer be allowed to exclude evidence from independent experts just because this might challenge the social workers' case.

With these reforms, says Mr Josephs, much of the rampant injustice of this system might be removed. Since Parliament gave social workers such extraordinary power over other people's lives, politicians have by and large stepped away from the hideous abuse of that power which has resulted, Only the politicians can now get this tragically corrupted system back on the rails

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Friday, September 03, 2010

Nobody Remembers Kevin Meyers

Nobody Remembers their best friend from high school...and even though I have barely kept in touch with her over these many years...I found out this week that she found her husband dead on the bathroom floor...August 11.
There's that number again.
She said she knew he was dead because when she touched him he was so cold.
And no matter how hard I tried, inside my heart there is still a very deep part of her..and my memories of her...and my deep love for her. In case you don't know me...I love very deeply, and many people who I really shouldn't love.
It's a bad habit, but there you go.
I also remember we had once got in a fight in high school, and the emotional pain I felt at sixteen from fighting with my friend, was so great, I can still feel it in my heart right now.
I copied the Simon and Garfunkel song called old friends on a piece of paper and gave it to her in class...
And now, I cannot offer her any consolation...we send emails...that's about it.
Two different lives. But my love for her has never died. Only the sorrow that has been added to today because I cannot in any way help her at all.
But the words to the song, and the sadness I feel for her loss still work today...which shows the great artist that Paul Simon was...maybe you'll remember it.
"Time it was and was a time it was
A time of innocence...a time of confidences
Long ago it must be...I have a photograph
Preserve your memories, they're all that left you.'
So, gang...I'm a mess today. I'm going to take some time off and probably just post the many wonderful emails I get for a few days.
Kevin Meyer...was a good man. He was the perfect man for Patty. He was the same age as I am.
He was taken much too soon.
Oh, and Stephen Hawkings is a ninny. So there.
No God, my ass.


Thursday, September 02, 2010

Nobody Plans to Save On Property Taxes

Nobody Reports: I just found out something wonderful! I can get off from paying my extremely high property taxes! You see, all you need is a museum.
If you are familiar with the Cabala's sports stores, you might, like me, have wandered amoung the vast and huge merchandising sporting stores, and been more amazed at the aquarium, the stuffed polar, grizzly bears, foxes, bulls, rabbits...Why it's just so nice of them to entertain us like this!
That's what I thought. What a great idea! Add a bit of interior animal education to the shopping experience!
Than I found out that the REAL reason behind keeping all the taxidermy dead stuff is this: Cabala's can save from paying much in property taxes by running the faux museum as a non-profit guaranteeing that part of the building forever be exempt from property taxes.
Oh, also, when these big chain store open up they usually don't' have to pay taxes for a certain amount of years, and they also get to keep the sales tax.
Remember that next time you see a Wal-Mart.
No wonder our libraries are closing.
So..why can't I copy the big boys? I'm going to claim I have a non-profit sword museum. Heck, I'll even put in my great-grandmother's old china from England...and that big prehistoric axe found on my grandfather's farm on display in my front window.
If the Cabala's can do it...why can't I?
(Nobody Makes this stuff up.)


Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Robin Carnahan: Desperate...

Nobody Cares:
The Democrats are desperate and will lose in Missouri.
Why do I say this?
Because for the first time in my nobody Missouri voter history, I keep getting calls from Robin Carnahan's office.
I am registered as an Independent, so they keep trying to change my vote.
I tell them...I will not vote for her, but does that stop them?
Can Mayor Bloomberg stop his shameless obsequiousness to the Muslims? Can a dog stop slurping from his water bowl? Does Barney Frank want to get high, put on his boxer shorts, and chase Ricky Martin around the Hays-Adams Hotel Presidential suite?
Robin Carnahan is running for State Senate in Missouri. She wants to take over the Senate seat that her mother, Jean Carnahan: a seat the her mother had gotten due to a very brilliant sympathy campaign run by the Democratic party when Mel Carnahan, the father of the Carnahans' clan (Russ her brother is a Representative in Missouri) died when his plane went down during the very important Presidential election of Bill Clinton's' second term.
Missouri at the time, was the most important state needed for Bill's re-election.
Bill and Hillary made it to Mel's Funeral so fast, they beat the stock market. It was at this funeral that all the kids and espicially mom, were put up for coronations.
That day the mantra "We'll keep the fire burning dad." was repeated by over 100 kins of the Carnahan family, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton...and most of the Congress.
And then: On the Republican family dynasty side is Roy Blunt, who is running against her. His son, Matt Blunt, was a pretty decent Governor.
Most of all, the votes in Missouri go to race, and unions. The whites will vote for the Blunts, and the blacks, Latinos and teachers vote for Carnahan.
It's the Independents that each party must court. So,
I asked my caller, why she was a Democrat? And she said...that she thought all homeless people should have a right to medical care.
"But, they can go into any hospital and get's the law." I said
Her answer..."That's true."
Then it came out. Her mother had was a poor single parent and her house was filled with rats and roaches growing up. Bill Clinton got her a grant to go to college...(even though last week she got food from a church food bank.)
(Sigh.) Therefore, she wanted to pay more taxes.
The disconnect between this caller and her Independant listener was almost scary.
Anyway, they are persistence. I tried to talk reason with her...but she just sat and listened..probably recording every word to be analyze for the next time they call and try to convince me that a lady who served over in Europe and worked getting "voting" laws passed in different countries was someone I should vote for over a man who had a Masters in History.
The truth is: I do not like any family dynasties. There should be a law against them.
So here's what I have to say to the Carnahan campaign managers.
Leave me alone. I'm a nice person. I will not waste time on you anymore, and if you call'll get my favorite rendition of "Rocky Raccoon."
You might be sorry. Rocky is not as nice as I am.


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Obama says...Mission Accomplished!

Nobody Knows: In his great "I've ended the war, but it will continue it under the new name of diplomacy and democracy building" speech tonight, President Barack Hussein Obama, sitting at the very same desk at which his predecessor, President George W. Bush announced the beginning of the war... gave credit to the American soldiers, and praised George W. for his great efforts and compassion to the troops.
And why did he do something that was against all the cells in his DNA? Why did the speech he gave sound almost identical to the speech that George W. Bush would have given?
I can think of two reasons...
1. 9/12...600,000 white people coming to D.C. on Glenn Beck's beck and call.
2. George W. Bush came to the White House and gave him the speech.
The only difference in the two men tonight, were the photos behind them....Bush had a picture of Laura and the twins. Obama..had Michelle, his girls, and him standing at some man's bedside (father?) and---
The most mysterious tell that him and his mother as Muslims? Or Nancy Pelosi going to church with her granddaughter?
He basically said "Mission Accomplished" but because he can't fly a plane...he had to say...
"I realize that a lot of white folks are mad at me...and the blacks are losing jobs too...I'm losing my base. Iran is about to attack...I guess I'd better get off my jive act and at least LOOK like a President...Let's see. I'll fold my hands...I'll say God Bless America...I'll....bore Bill O'Reilly, that should do it. Now, how about some golf tomorrow? "
I would have much preferred to see his birth certificate plastered on his forehead, instead of watching a man reading a speech to further the global agenda, which none of us has a clue to.
But, in the real fantasy world of Washington was a surreal adventure.
Now...somebody tell me when he moves that desk.
(Nobody Makes this stuff up.)


Monday, August 30, 2010

Nobody's Perfect; Paris VS Progris..."That's Not MINE!"

Nobody's Perfect:
Boy!..I'm going to need help this week...I can't decide which one of these two drug addicts should win the Nobody's Perfect prize for the last week of August.
It's going to be hard...
The first story you know...Paris "Want to be my best friend?" Hilton got busted last week in Las Vegas because her boyfriend's car had so much smoke coming out the windows, the police pulled them over because they thought the car was on fire.
Paris of course said, "That's not MY marijuana, that's my boyfriend's." and then she made that cute little sexy smile and said, "I have to go potty!" So they drove her to the Winn Hotel (It pays to be a Hilton.) and then some wise officer checked her purse which contained cocaine in it, but of course, that purse was not HERS...said Paris, but her girlfriends. But, "Oh excuse me officer, that IS my makeup and that wad of cash is mine too...but the purse is NOT MINE!"
As Obama loves to say: Let me be very clear. Rich women do NOT borrow purses. They are as much of their status as a diamond ring, and some of those purse actually cost more then gold. You'd have to pull it out of their dead cold hands.
And---As you can see by Paris's mug shot, she had no trouble finding that makeup of hers in that strange bag that wasn't hers...and apply some for her "shot." She...looks...fabulous.
The second story you may NOT know, because Elizabeth Athenia Progris is not a big somebody like Paris, she is by her own words, a dancer/housewife--- a nobody. And I should think by the looks of her hair, she has been dancing just a little too hard around the microwave.
Elizabeth was busted in Stuart, Florida, probably for having a bad hair day. She took a shower (I do NOT know why, she looks clean to me) but as she stepped out of the shower a bag of Xanax dropped from her "genitals."
And for two tablets of Xanax she will do fifty years, while Paris, who was reeking of grass and cocaine enough to float a small flotilla, will do two days of community service.
Which proves that between the two woman, Elizabeth may not be famous, but if Paris had been as smart, she would have hidden the cocaine in her "genitals" too, and saved herself a lot of trouble. She could have hidden that cocaine and even if the bag of cocaine had dropped out by mistake, she could have claimed the cocaine was not hers...her boyfriend must have put it there!
A statement that would have been believed by all. He would have served fifty years with Lizzy.
So, I suggest need to do more housework. And Elizabeth...maybe you should switch to cocaine.
(Nobody likes to embellish facts...and who doesn't nowadays?)


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nobody Thinks about Bill Clinton and Katrina

Nobody's Opinion:
Bill Clinton--- I couldn't get him off my mind today while I was watching the reruns of the Katrina anniversary. (Has it really been 5 years?) Many cable stations were using footage of the event as a set-up to another Obama speech, and I kept remembering reading Bill Clinton talk about the dear, sweet town of New Orleans, and how much he loved it. It was his favorite town, he said. He talked a lot about New Orleans in his book...My Life. This was BEFORE Katrina.
I thought it strange, because, I don't remember him actually ever talking about the town ever...what a coincidence. Oh...he just loved those old people down there.
But let's face it. There are so many things that Bill Clinton didn't talk about. For instance: Did you know that Bill Clinton helped China buy something that was key to our national defense, besides the Boeing gifts of treason?
It seems in 1982 a group of scientists found a way to combine iron and boron with a rare element called neodymium, to make very powerful and lightweight magnets. They were used in computer hard drives, automobile starter motors and the guidance systems of smart bombs. GM started making them, and they made 80 percent of all the smart bombs here in the United States.
GM was trying to win permission to become a player in Chinese Market of trucks, so they struck a deal. Clinton approve this sale (Magnequench) and the Chinese were suppose to keep magnet production and technology in the United States.
They shut down the place and took everything to China. (Okay...tell me who let them out of the country?) The U.S. became dependent on China for the magnets, including the ones used in smart bombs. Remember Bush's Awe and Shock smart bomb Baghdad show?
No wonder they bragged so much about the "precision."
The Chinese used this technology in 2007 by shooting down one of their own satellites. (show offs) This gives China a huge advantage in a war. Our only neodymium mine shut down in....1996. China holds 80% of it.
Gee...thanks Bill.
Let's not forget he did the same thing with North Korea. He helped them build nuclear reactors and gave them the plutonium they needed to make nukes. They promised Bill they would not use them to make nuclear weapons, but Bill said...they lied.
Now, not to get away from this lovely President, but Obama has stood by and watched Iran nuke up, while disarming our own country.
Does anybody here besides me wonder just WHY our leaders would do such suicidal things?
So, in the mist of Glenn Beck's wonderful get together in Washington D.C., is it going to make any difference in the future if we all go back to being good, honest, and God fearing people?
From the looks of the crowd, it's not the people who have gone astray. And yes, we can pray. China, or for that matter, Iran, going to care about our state of being? Does GM?
Bill Clinton once said this: "Asian societies have low crime rates (gee, is the fact that they will be SHOT a deterent, ya think?) and high economic growth rates because they have very coherent societies with strong units... where the unit is more important than the individual, whether it's the family unit or the work unit or the community unit. We have a radical Constitution, and so there's a lot of irresponsibility. And so a lot of people say there's too much personal freedom."

"When personal freedom's being abused, you have to move to limit it." --Bill Clinton
Ask any CEO....communism will give us a level playing field in the World's market.
And it seem by their words, our leaders are trying their best to get us into that state.
Yeah, Bill Clinton, is now, so much more admired than Obama..oh, how soon we forget.
Free Lunch by David Cay Johnston/
WND; Clinton's fundamental distortion of freedom by Joseph Farah