Friday, June 27, 2008

What Can You Do?

Nobody Flashes: What do you do?

My husband and I went to take the dogs out for a walk tonight. It was going on around 8:45 p.m. and as we rounded the corner, Buster, our neighbors dog came running up.

Now, we always worry about Buster. He's quite friendly, but he loves to get out of his fenced-in back yard and the owners don't seem to care. I'm always afraid that he will be hit by a car someday. He zigs and zags all up and down the street just having a grand old time.

And then I heard a child crying. I looked up on our neighbors front porch, and there was Daniel, who is about three-years old. Crying. Sitting in the dark. No one around.

Now, I know these neighbors. The poor mom lost her very young husband to lung cancer about two years ago, and even though she has family, and church friends, she also has two teenage children to support, and I've been noticing lately, that little tiny Daniel has been playing alone out in the front of his house...after dark...a lot. Mom is never out front watching him.

I made my husband take the dogs, and I went up to little Daniel and asked him what was wrong.

Of course my husband was "mad" that I did this.

"My mom left, she went for a walk. I don't know where she is..." he said, while crying. Understand, this kid has just learned how to talk.

Somehow I got out of him that his "brother" was home, asleep in the house. So I told him, his mother, I'm sure would be back, and let's go wake up his brother...but then the kid started crying even harder. Noooo...don't wake him up.

Now, what do you do? Here's a child, left alone, in his front yard...worried about his mom walking off into the night, and he is afraid of his "brother" who won't give him anything.

Whatever that means.

My husband said "We should call the police." But, I thought that was a little drastic. After all, maybe mom just had a bad day, and went off for whatever reason. Still, I was having trouble leaving this crying kid, sitting in the dark, while the dog ran all over the street.

So, I went next door to her neighbor, who told me that the kid was often alone, but she thought he was a "brat" because the kid would poke at her dog in the back yard and cause him to bark. She went over to the porch and basically pushed the kid inside.

Obviously, she was mad also that I was so...worried.

Anyway, I suppose that is exactly what I should have done. But I tell you what--- I was more worried about the mom. What if something had happened to her? What if life is just overwhelming it does all of us. I can't imagine trying to raise three kids alone. Why didn't the mother leave the kid with a responsible person, at least? And it was a Friday night...I was beginning to wonder if anyone was home...if the kid was told just to say that.

Okay, we came home. My husband was in a bad mood because I am such a "softie" when it comes to little kids.

But what do you do? I mean, I WAS on their property.

Well, it's over now. I have often let the mother know that I am always there if she wanted to talk. But, most people don't want to. We don't share our problems...we almost can't anymore, unless it's a total stranger.

All we can do is pray, which I will do tonight. This woman desperately needs a new husband. She needs help.

Please God---no little boy of three should be wondering where mom is after dark. His dad never came back---in his little mind, maybe his mother won't either.

What can you do?

By the way, this is not a picture of Daniel or Buster...but it's pretty close.

Sometimes all you can do, is pray.


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bud-fully Good News!

Nobody Wins: WAIT! Scratch that headline. Today everyone in America won! The second amendment was not smashed under Nancy Pelosi’s big, fat, high-heeled Gestapo boot as many of us feared it would be, and people all over the summertime U.S. are celebrating that their God-given right to protect themselves has not been undone by the obviously (smoked too much at Harvard) few on the Supreme Court that tried to get rid of our rights to bear arms.

What a great day. Whew. That was close.

Justice Scalia…these girls are saluting you! They are jumping for sheer joy after hearing the great news! (The guy in the back hadn’t heard the news yet, but that’s my cousin Corky---he will)

American women now can at least have the hope of being able to legally get that handgun and protect themselves against the intruder, the rapist, or the husband that just took out the 2-millions dollar life insurance policy.

The poor blacks living in the slums of D.C., whose forefathers actually built the place; the underpaid civil servants that go and protect the “elite” everyday, but can’t protect themselves at night; people who are just trying to raise a decent family; will now be able to point that barrel at the door.

The mayor might have to get another job.

The regular guys in Washington D.C., who for years has been at the mercy of drug lords and political thugs, will now get to protect themselves. Even the Senator’s prostitutes have got to be happy!

The families on the border towns can now rehearse saying, “Are you feeling lucky?”
Because the NRA is on the move…the great Wayne LaPierre will not let this opportunity go. That hard-working patriot, John Longenecker will now finally get the big ammunition he needs…

Go get em’ boys.

This calls for a celebration:

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah Hallelujah…Hallaaaalujuaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Hey-- Mr. Heston…Get those angels to turn up the volume so we can hear it down here!

WAIT… slap me. …that’s not the only good news coming over the wire today. While you’re celebrating the good men on our Supreme Court who came through with truth and justice, pick up those Budweiser’s and Michelob’s…because hey, This Bud is STILL for You!

In fact, go ahead, drink all the stuff you want while you are on vacation this 4th of July. After all, we came this close (-) to losing our guns, and our American Beer.

Yes, the especially good news for my home town of St. Louis is that today, August Busch IV, and his friends on the board of Anheuser-Busch refused the takeover from the international Belgium-burping beer company, Inbev.

I’m so happy I could kiss a Clydesdale in heat! (Wait, that just came out--just kidding!) ((Put that glass down!))

The great-great-great grandson of the original German Buschman made the hard work of his ancestors proud. August Busch the IV stood up to the international beer makers called Inbev (and I’m sure inferior) beer makers, and told them their proposal was: “undervalued for an asset that has no comparison.”

That a boy Auggie…Your grandfather would be proud! Line up those girls, this man deserves a big kiss!

I’m sorry…I’m so happy, I’m allowing myself three exclamations!!!

Of course, this also means that Inbev will, like most international elite bullies, not take no for an answer and will try to get the whole board of Anheuser-Busch removed, and replaced. I’m thinking scenes from the Godfather here….

Better put extra guards on those horses Auggie. (Can I call you Auggie?) You know how we love em’.

And this news couldn’t have come at a more propitious time, right before the fourth of July…our birthday. No Ginsberg firecracker is going to put us in line with the rest of the idiotic unprotected world. Nope, like the much needed victory at Valley Forge, we needed a victory like this to remind us, we had the best men founding our country…

And, more importantly, there are still great leaders, defending our Constitution, defending America.

In fact…I think Auggie’s words should apply to anyone inside the country or out, who want us to get rid of all that is American. We should tell them all…

“You can’t have her—because America, is an asset for which there is no comparison”

America. Brand it. Believe in it. Fight for it! Horah!

Okay…had enough? This 4th, I’m going to get a big, cold, Bud…sit in my lawn chair…and salute myself silly.

The wave has started. Like I said…sometimes it just takes a few good men. Okay, in this case it might take more than a few...we'll need more beer.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Follow the Black Hole

Nobody Cares: While the Supreme Court decided last week that all Muslim prisoners sworn to bomb, kill, and destroy the West should have a decent trial by a jury of their peers here in the United States...(bin Laden will be brought in for the occasion)

And while today, they decided that all child rapist deserve another chance to rape...

While Hillary demands her $20 million dollars back and a chance to at least rule side by side with Obama, and McCain can't decide just what oil field to drill on...

While home schooling is outlawed in California, and gays are being allowed to marry. While the price of food, gas, and living expenses is going up so badly, even the Hilton in Hawaii is advertising on local stations, and guys on daytime shows are telling people to sell that other car...

While bills are being debated in Congress to take away Medicare benefits sooner rather than later, and give them to poor illegal Mexicans kids, and Congressmen are telling us to please, please save just something every week...

While NASA and Anheuser-Busch are getting ready to lay off thousands of people,

While in my neighborhood they are actually thinking about bringing in the national guard because the blacks keep shooting each other...

While Alan Greenspans finally admits we might go into a recession. (which shows you just how much of a genius he is)

While locally, American Airlines have canceled 43 flights out of St. Louis, because of fuel cost..

While I just didn't want to hear another gloomy report---I actually heard some good news today!

In fact...I found it hard to believe my eyes--- but there it was, on my local station.

There was a poor white man sitting on his roof, due to the fact that his house was completely under water...and the local authorities were actually going to let him stay on his roof! Not only that, they were even bringing him water and food supplies by boat!

Why? Because in 1993 when his house was flooded he left. Of course his whole house was looted.

There is hope...until tomorrow.

Tomorrow the Supreme Court is voting on whether all citizens have the rights to bear arms...because if they go against our constitution I will not be surprise when we all get swallowed into a black hole for just being plain stupid.

Don't laugh...somewhere on this planet some crazy scientists are smashing protons...which could cause a black hole.

Synchronicity? Gee...I think we are already in one.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nobody Knows Why the 'Rule of Law' Is Not Ruling

Nobody Knows: If all is fair in love and war, then where does the rule of law fit in?

If your enemy does not play by the Geneva Convention’s rule of torture, then why should you? If your wife had the remote control for two nights in a row, and wants to watch her favorite Seinfeld rerun tonight but you want to watch the hockey playoffs, do you plan to get sick when she wants to go visit her mother?

Was that last question unfair?

When Obama keeps mentioning the fact that he’s black, while at the same time he’s playing political ads on TV reminding everyone that he’s white, obviously playing it both ways--- BUT if anyone even mentions the word black around him they are called a racist…is that a fair rule?

And while we all try to drive on the right side of the street, and pay our taxes, is it fair that our government officials give themselves pay raises every year, while we only get more taxes?

Okay, I could go on forever like this. I know, life is unfair…get over it. But that’s exactly the point, most of us can’t. That’s why the “rule of law” is so important.

Right in front of me, under my monitor is a paper weight. It has a two-cent stamp with John Adams picture on it, and his famous phrase, “A government of laws and not of men.” Next to the famous line spouted by all victorious super-bowl quarterbacks, “I want to go to Disneyland!” I can’t think of any one ‘phrase’ more relevant to mankind.

In fact, because so many laws are completely ignored daily, mostly by our ruling politicians who ignore them, spin them, and change them to fit their agendas, Disneyland should be a mandatory yearly tax-paid vacation for all citizens due to the stress our politicians cause us.

Without laws, men would be tyrants. “So let it be written!”--- and so has it been written by so many famous thinkers in earth’s history that one could not even count them all in one day…and still, liberals continue to ignore history. History is whatever they “feel” is relevant to use for their argument at the time. It doesn’t apply to them, because if they have to become tyrants in order to “help” poor mankind, who can’t help itself, then so be it.

I was thinking this about the “rule of law” while watching Charlie Rose interview Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scallia, last week.

Charlie Rose, it’s no secret, is a “progressive.” While he is a fabulous interviewer, when it came to interviewing Justice Scallia, in every question he was trying almost too hard to convince Antonin that his crazy habit of interpreting the Constitution literally was really not “intelligent.” Better men than Charlie Rose have tried to convince that bear that he should go hide somewhere and get out of the way, and let the rabbits take over. I felt a tinge of pity for Charlie.

So did Scallia, bless his heart.

To liberals, the Constitution was written by old white guys who didn’t know about cars, mercury filled light bulbs, aids, Gloria Steinem, global-warming, the ACLU, and dinner at the Adams-Mark. It’s outdated, and darn it, the only way to fix things is to get judges to decide what the “rule of law” should be. The “rule of law: like a floating butterfly, is a beautiful thing when in motion.

Scalia would argue it’s a judge’s job to interpret the law, not make it up. That’s what Kings do.

You look at the sun, and you say it’s the sun, it’s pretty simple.

But liberals are stuck on this philosophy of every law is “living and changing” even in the functioning of the “Al Gore” internet.

Remember, about ten years ago---you would type in a word and the search engine would give you the articles researched “scientifically”? Your hits were determined by how many times that word you typed appeared in the article, then list them in that context?

It was logical and fair, and brilliant.

I miss those days.

Then GOOGLE came along. Now the search is done by the “rule of men.” It’s Google and its employees who decide what information and articles they think are relevant to your search, and give you the “hits” they think you should see.

And they call it: progress.

How many judges in our recent history have thrown out laws voted on and pass by the majority of the people? Who punishes those judges for breaking the law? Nobody.

As Scalia would say…we need more Rule of Law, and a “Law of Rules”

And this nobody wishes we had a “refresh” button for “rule of law” instead of having tyrannical and powerful men in high positions with no fear of any laws.

It might not solve all mankind’s problems, but history has shown it’s a good start.
Having said can always see the playoffs next year.


Monday, June 23, 2008

Amy Winehouse And the Perfect Mole

Nobody's Perfect: Today, we found out the real reason seventeen young women in an American High School made a pack to all get pregnant at once; they wanted to be just like Amy Winehouse, who despite her name, prefers harder stuff.

Why you might ask?

As you can see from this picture, Amy loves fast food. She also loves crack. And nothing gives you the munchies faster than smoking crack, grass, uppers, downers, and then putting a fake beauty mole on the top of your lip, tatooing strange women on your armpits, and starting roach mobiles in your hair.

It also gets you very rich.

And since being very, very thin, makes you very, very popular in high school, most of those pregnant girls were probably overweight anyway...or if not thought they were, so why not get pregnant? Having a baby gives them an excuse to pig out, eat, and sit around together wondering just when Amy is going to die. There is even a website to take your bets. It's called, "When Will Amy Winehouse Die? Predict it here!"

No. I did not make that up.

And no, I will not link you. Find it yourself, you sick twisted freak, as Glenn Beck would say.

But what do I know? I went on Amy's website. As a former "singer" I have to admire what she has done with her eye makeup. Her mom, must have played a lot of Petula Clark and old Cilla Black records, because she actaully can sing...well, the few lines I heard.

Which makes it that much sadder that she has an addiction to, I mean smoking crack.

Today, her doctor told her her lungs look pretty bad, she has emphysema and an irregular heart beat,---and if she continues to smoke drugs and being the all around party-hardy female Queen of Evil, she might not make it to her upcoming Birthday party for Nelson Mandela.

And Nelson, who spent all those years in prison, needs to hear the uplifting voice, of a strung out drug addict, about to keel over, young rock and roll singer.

Hey, it's his birthday, I say...go for it.

All I have left to say is the B=52's are still alive. That's all I have to say. your mom, and can I have the mole?


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Purple People Eaters Eat Purple People Whiners

Nobody's Opinion: NBC’s Brain Williams recently announced to a graduating class these ominous words: “You need to fix your country.” This remark drove Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly, and just about every conservative within a few feet of a public microphone so crazy, they were hyperventilating with bloated examples of our country’s great wealth.

Why, there is nothing wrong with America! We are just going through a “cyclic” economic cycle! Even our poor people are fat and have big TV’s! What’s wrong with you lazy, spoiled rotten baby boomers! Why--- you’re parents went through WWII, and how about that depression! You’re a bunch of whiners!

So said the great Rush Limbaugh today, until the end of his radio program, when a man said that in reality, maybe the government should step in: something is very wrong when 90 percent of the wealth is owned by 10 percent of the people.

Well, Rush had to leave…sorry…get to that some other day.

It’s an especially scary time for Republicans. We all witness the major damage they did when they got the reigns of power in 2000. The money didn’t trickle down, it trickled out.

Thus, it’s hard to watch the current waves of conservative panic---and also watch Obama milk it for all it’s worth. Telling us all to “Don’t worry, be happy folks” is not helping the conservative power base one iota.

If they keep up this insanity, the insanity of pretending all our problems are just a small bump on the road to success, Obama will be elected, O'Reilly will have to leave the country, communism will overtake America sooner rather than later and it will be the Republicans fault.

After all they were the last ones standing.

The truth is; the majority of Americans are sick of both parties…the socialist/ communist Democrats and the big business will solve everything Republicans. We have an oligarchy of politicians fighting at the top for control of the global market, representing not the purple people out here in America, but the concerns of the big American multinational companies, who have taken away our manufacturing good paying jobs and replaced them with “service” jobs. Our political system is corrupted to the core.

And that’s not just a Nobody’s Opinion™. If you believe all the polling data, that’s a pretty well know fact. As Lou Dobb says, the middle class of America is being destroyed without a concern about any of the lives or the country that once was.

It seems the only real wealth to be made now is in stocks. And the rich have lots of stocks---Don’t you? Bill O’Reilly said that if anyone took more than 15 percent of his capital gains he was leaving the country.

What a whiner.

Let’s take Rush’s argument. So what if college is more out of the reach of most Americans now, the family unit is in deep trouble, our schools are among the worst on the planet, our food is being contaminated, and the reason our poor people are so fat is because they can only afford the cheap cereal and cheap bread in their local grocery stores, due to the fact that all manufacturing jobs are gone, and service jobs don’t pay as much.

The poor can get a cheap TV at Wal-Mart! Wow!

So Rush---lets’ go back. Suppose the great Limbaugh was talking to the people of 1776. They may not have had dishwashers or televisions, but they didn’t know what they were missing now did they? Let’s say they had radios and Rush was calling them all whiners because they were complaining too much. Why, the people in the Stone Age never had it so good! Suck it up, Boston!

They were being taxed, their tea was taxed, their papers were taxed, and it was pretty hard to have money to do much of anything else. Much like today, only we have it worse in comparison to their taxes.

On top of that, they had a King overseas who was telling them pretty much…buckle up, shut up, and pay the tax, you ungrateful whiners…

And talk about whiners. George Washington was one of the biggest. So were John Adams, Sam Adams, Thomas Paine, and Thomas Jefferson.

The Declaration of Independence is one big whine session.

Well, so we don’t work as hard as they did, right Rush? Tell that to the man who’s holding down three service jobs because he lost his manufacturing job overseas.

We work until May for the government. And this mess is not “cyclic.” Even John McCain has told us those jobs are never coming back.

The shout from our great conservative leaders has been…basically daily denial.

While all the great conservative minds keep reminding us that capitalism and the great companies like GM, Wal-Mart are just great, they don’t have to shop there.

It wasn’t Saks Fifth Avenue that wiped out the Middle Class.

Free market means competition, right? More choice---right? Tell me. Have Americans got more choices now?

That’s the trouble with capitalism, it needs referees. It’s pretty simple really. Our founders knew that power corrupts almost all “elites” so they tried to put in a three-party system. But there is no system to check and balance big companies that have money to influence big politicians, and that’s where America has finally come, and the Marxists are loving every conservative blunder.

There used to be anti-trust laws? What happened to them?

Actually, I tend to disagree with Rush. Rush telling us not to whine is just as offensive as Obama telling us what “we” will do.

I think we need more whiners not less. Before the purple people-eaters of a One World Government eats us all up.