Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bob Dylan and Bill Clinton Agree: "You Gotta SERVE Somebody"

Nobody Flashes It was reported today that Bill Clinton wants to finally "correct" whatever you read on the internet. He is not happy with the "misinformation" on the internet and he should know. Everyone knows he did NOT have sex, with that MS Lewinsky and the Drudge Report ruined his good time with all the 'misinformation' he wrote day after day, which of course, lead Bubba down the impeachment path of shame.

And he hasn't forgotten it. Bubba wants the government to stop it all.

He said: "It would be a legitimate thing to do."

Legitimate? speech IS legitimate. Nobody wants to be censored, like they are in China, and so, just in case all us bloggers and reporters actually call a duck a duck, Bill wants to have a 'government' agency that "corrects" the "misinformation" on the independent government agency.

An independent government agency? Sounds like duckwad to me.

Bill Clinton wants in China, which brings me to...

Bob Dylan, the famous anti-war propagandist turned Christian homebody was "censored" by China. He went over there to make a butt load of cash, and many of his old hippie fans, like Maureen Dowd, are in shock. Bob Dylan agreed to be censored?

“He sang his censored set, took his pile of Communist cash and left,” Dowd wrote. She called him a "sellout" because China wanted to see his list of songs.

Dylan, (Robert Zimmerman) said this on his website.

“As far as censorship goes, the Chinese government had asked for the names
of the songs that I would be playing. There’s no logical answer to that, so we
sent them the set lists from the previous three months. If there were any songs,
verses or lines censored, nobody ever told me about it and we played all the
songs that we intended to play,” Dylan wrote.

Come can't understand a word the man says when he sings. Really.

You know...I know how she feels. Nobody was a bigger fan than I was back in the sixties. I still have all his albums. And then, when I saw him sitting next to Bill Clinton, who was honoring him with a big award at the Kennedy Center in 1997, WHILE he was bombing Kosovo...I thought to myself: What... a ...hypocrite.

Bob Dylan has been doing all this leftist stuff just for the money?...I get it.

And speaking of money...What a capitalist will do to get it! General Motors is sponsoring a propaganda film celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party!

Yeah...let's celebrate communism! Communists gave them a bailout here--- no wonder they love it.

Nobody Remembers when John Lennon recorded "Serve Yourself" in response to Dylan's' "Gotta Serve Somebody." Looks like Dylan has done both on his tour of China and Bill Clinton wants to put the same rules up here.

So, what do you want to bet that before Obama leaves office, he gives Dylan some kind of award at the White House, all the while he will be bombing Libya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq...

Will Bob Dylan be allowed to sing "Masters of War?

Come you masters of that build the big guns
You that build the death planes, you that build all the bombs,
You that hide behind walls.
You that hide behind desks.
I just don't want you to know I can see through your masks.

I suggest Bob sing his other hit at the White House: "You gotta serve somebody." That way, when we all lose our websites to cyberspace, we will all remember who to blame...

I mean...who we serve.



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