Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Pouncing of the Paranoid

Nobody’s Opinion; Today, in Washington D.C., Representative Jim Saxton (R-NJ) reportedly heard “between six and ten shots” somewhere in the vicinity of the Rayburn building garage. The reports did not say if he was actually “in” the garage at the time he heard the shots. “It sounded like gunfire to me.” he said.

One telephone call was made.

The whole city was shut down. Schools were closed. Faster than you can say “Jack Bauer” there was dozens of police cars, SWAT teams, dogs, ambulances, and who knows what else, pouncing on the huge Rayburn building, which is one city block long. Washington D.C. city blocks made up twenty blocks in any other city.

Somehow this building is attached to the Capitol, and therefore the problem.

The Senate was in session at the time.

You see, the House of Representatives dwell in the Rayburn building. And if you have any imagination…with this bill of immigration that the two houses are so far apart on, anyone who was from New Jersey could understandingly be a bit paranoid right now.

In some parts of New Jersey, as here in St. Louis, gun shots are heard in certain parts of the city nightly. If you make a call, you might get lucky to get one or two cops to come out.

That’s why you have to appreciate the almost comical and utter irrationality of a wall-to-wall police state that can instantly materialize out of nowhere and within minutes not only occupy, but shut down a whole city within fifteen minutes.

If you have never experience the incredible efficiency and the almost caricature fanaticism of the Capitol police, you have missed one of the wonders of this country.

If a President had been in New Orleans during Katrina, I’m sure the Capitol Police would have made it down and surrounded the city before the eye even hit.

These guys are amazing.

Did you ever wonder where your tax dollars really go? Years goes by and the streets stay the same. Most inner cities rot in the sun, with just the ballparks breathing any life. Just what are they spending our money on?

A big portion of it goes into protecting the members of our government. I was once witness this to this unique phenomenon.

In the summer of 2000, I visited Washington D.C. for the first time. I was there on a weekday, and found out that everyone that worked in the city was told to stay home that day because the WTO was in town and they were expecting demonstrations.

Since I only had one day to sight-see, and I was bound and determined to go see the Declaration of Independence, there was no question I was going to go out.

When I actually saw the “crowd” of demonstrators, I had to laugh. They were kids mostly…harmless. Having seen many “demonstrations” against the Vietnam War…it was a familiar sight. Young men mostly, with passion on their faces; thinking that by walking around with others that they were going to stop the WTO. There weren’t many, maybe a hundred at most. I actually felt sorry for them.

But the way the “talk” was going down everywhere, you would have thought that these young idealistic kids were carrying a suitcase of nukes. I stood and watched them behind the wall of the White House and wondered…if they are so “dangerous” where are all the police? I only saw a few men on horseback and they were talking and laughing.

So off I went in the other direction…and when I got around the treasury building, I got scared..very scared. I had walked into at least four hundred very well equipped and very mean looking Capitol police.

On every single block…on every single corner, there stood one or two heavily armed---“I’ll kick your face in and kill you if you even look at me.” police guys.

There were only three tourists walking (I made four) and we were told that on every corner we were to stop and give them our name, and do whatever they said.

Of course, this seems very ridiculous when you only take about ten steps before you have to stop again, and again, and again.

This can be pointless to the average person.

When I came to my second corner the guy asked where I was going. I told him “Independence Hall” and this big burly guy actually said “There is no such building.”

Well, to be fair, in the hotel brochures, where I had collected at lest 50 flyers the night before, I was amazed to find, that the Declaration was just not something they wanted you to see. There were no brochures anywhere, and nobody seem to know where the Declaration was. No hotel clerks, no bartenders, no store clerks…no one.

I thought it strange then, and I still do.

Anyway, this great protector of the American Treasury guy and I got in a huge argument

“It does too exist!" I said. " It’s across the street from that Art building!”

“No, there is no such building." and then he pushed me.

Ok…you don’t push me. I’m an American. You don’t push me.

I demanded to see who was in charge.” (Sure, I was stupid. Woman with purse challenges 250 pound mean looking guy with machine gun…not too bright.)

I had four guys, count em'…four take me to their leader who, looked like a little accountant from Wal-Mart. When I told him about how I was outraged I was at the behavior of his men…he just laughed.

Surprisingly, all twenty of the cops around me, walked away when he laughed.

And yes. I got to see the Declaration. It’s every bit as exciting as the movie, "National Treasure."

Also, that same day, while getting ready to go on a White House Tour, I remember the guide saying more than once “Now, when the President passes by in his limo, DO NOT step off the curb. You might get shot. “

No, he was not kidding.

I could just hear what they would tell my son. “Your mother was shot because she was accidentally tripped and fell off the curb as Clinton went by in his motorcade.”

Anyway, one guide did admit that he thought it was an incredible waste of taxpayer’s money…the police state of Washington D.C.

And if you have never seen it, you won’t believe it. The paranoia runs so deep in our politicians, it makes you wonder, just what we don’t know about that they do.

In the end, it was reported that the “gun shot” that Rep. Jim Saxton heard was probably made by some construction going on in an elevator.

But you can be sure that everyone else that was in the Capitol today was in a heightened state of supreme fear, being yelled at, and scared out of their wits.

Everyone except the Senate.

And to me that fact is just as curious as the treasury being swamped with an entire army in the spring of 2000, while on the other side of town, the “protestors” were being watched by a couple of guys on horses.

I’m not sure I even want to know the answers…but if you’re going to be paranoid, Washington D.C. is the best place to be.

Nobody’s Perfect: One officer addressed a room full of people and asked, “Is there anybody in this room the doesn’t belong here?” Good one. Everyone knows that if you are a terrorist, the last thing you are going to do is jump up and say, ” got me, I’m not suppose to be here, Osama told me to make it to the Senate floor.”

Nobody Knows; Why the Senate was in committee when we were all told on the news that they had all gone home.

Nobody Cares; After seeing the Declaration, right before going out the door, you see an original copy of the Magna Carta, bought for the American people by Ross Perot. Whatever you may think of him, he is a true American. Thanks Ross.

Friday, May 26, 2006

So You Want To Be An American? Prove It.

Nobody’s Opinion; Today our mighty and powerful Senate came out like the whimpering puppies that they are and passed the amnesty ticket for all Mexicans and their extended families to “Come on in!”

“Why not say to those undocumented workers who are working the jobs that the rest of us refuse, come out from the shadows.” said comrade John McCain.

John should do a tour with Jane Fonda--- in Iraq.

Hillary has found her big moment. She already has big plans to put millions of the old, the sick, the children, and all of Mexico on welfare. They will get free health care, free education, and free housing…all they have to do is vote for her in 2008.

Hillary will be able to set up her great socialist/fascist state at last…and she will have the help of most of Congress and the blessings of President Bush.

And if you aren’t mad as hell about this, you should be.

Well--since our Kings in the Senate have turned against the American people and have mandated that we the American people are going to have to move over and not only share our country, but support the Mexicans at our own expense.

Short of a revolution--- we should demand at least one thing.

All illegal immigrants, men and woman, under the age of thirty must serve in one of the branches of the American armed forces for at least two years before he is allowed to get on his or her “path to citizenship.” That’s his or her price for becoming an American.

It should be a mandatory prerequisite.

As soon as they cross the border, if they are picked up, they either go home, or into military training.

There will still be plenty of people to pick the crops, and clean John McCain’s house.

In our Armed services they will be forced to learn English, In fact, if they don’t learn English, they will have two choices; go home, or continue to serve until they can speak it. They must learn our history, and pass a test to prove it. If they are illiterate, than they must learn to read and write---in English.

Any back taxes they owe, will be taken out of their paychecks. If they want to fine them $2,000.00 then take it out of their paychecks. They will still get money that they can send home, and three meals a day.

In fact, they will probably get a better education within our military then if “we” the taxpayers have to pay for their public college night courses.

And they will have much more incentive to learn, especially if they are in Iraq.

The young and strong should be among the first ones to be sent on the front lines. Our overworked military can come home for awhile.

And if they have been here for less than two years, and want a chance to this “path to citizenship”, then they must serve four years in order to get in.

I’d say that’s pretty generous.

They won’t need national ID cards. The military will always know where they are.

And then WE won’t be forced into getting an ID card. Why should we lose our freedoms and right to privacy just because we have corrupt leaders at the top who have dreams of this 1984 state of big-brother?

You think I exaggerate?

The mayor of New York, Mike Bloomberg, today suggested that we set up a National DNA-ID data base, for everyone.

Also, their children will only become citizens only after the parents serve their time. None of this, “hurry up and cross the border, have a baby, and then bring in all fifty distant relatives” stuff.

Unfair you say? We are doing this right now to our own. How many times have we seen mothers missing their babies while in Iraq? Why should illegal immigrants get any better treatment than the citizens already here?

Hey, we are being pinned to the wall by our own corrupt leaders. I can think of no better way to solve the problem of retaining our American Sovereignty. Otherwise, in twenty years, Spanish will be the main language.

Guess what…OUR leaders don’t care. It’s happening right before our eyes, and like the holocaust, it’s hard to believe…but we’d better start believing it.

They keep saying we are going to be attacked by al-Qaida.

Of course we are.

And since our leaders seem to want it so badly because they have left us unprotected with open borders...the mandatory “drafting” of the “illegals” will give us a standing army here in America.

Wait…”volunteering to the path of citizenship” sounds much better than drafting.

In President Bush’s immigration speech he mentioned an “illegal immigrant” serving in the military, and how proud he was to stand next to him. Today, both Kennedy and McCain had very touching “illegals immigrants serving in the America military” stories in their immigration speeches on the Senate floor.

They are just all so touched by these illegal immigrants “volunteering” to serve America.

Well, if they are so thrilled with it, then give them the option to “volunteer” or go home.

And since the big “CEOs” of our Congress have set up America for this merger, and trust me, they have known and planned for this invasion for years---

The next time they get up with one of their heartbreaking speeches about how we are a “nation of immigration” and how they truly believe that all these Mexicans want to become Americans--- (which of course, the majority does not.)

Then…..let’s give them a way to prove it.

Let them prove that they want to become Americans by protecting the country that is going to take care of them…first.

As the Democrats so love to say:

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country, amigo.”

It’s the least our Kings of the New World Order can do for us.
(Until we can get rid of them)

Nobody’s Perfect; Remember when Governor Richardson of Arizona was so upset about the illegal immigrants and the chaos on his state borders that he declared a state of emergency? Well, now that the National Guard is being sent, he has reservations about having them there. That’s what happens when you’re an x-member of the Clinton administration. You get confused very easily.

Nobody Knows; I’m listening to an “expert” on al-Qaida tonight on Coast to Coast Am, and he reports that the Clinton administration was offered those Russian “nuclear” suitcases being sold on the open market. The guy selling them wanted lots of money I’m sure. He told them if the United States did not buy them, he was going to sell them to the highest bidder. You guessed it, the highest bidder was Osama.

Nobody Cares; If I happen to sound a bit irate and not very calm in this blog today…you are right. I want to remember this day--the day the Senate of the United States voted to basically doom America to the ash heap of history.

And if you happen to think this is a good idea, then pass it on to your state’s representatives, or think and improve upon it and pass it around.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Nobles Are Racing

Nobody’s Opinion; The word is out. The contest that will get at least as much attention as American Idol last night is coming soon. Two major heavyweights, Oprah Windfrey and U2’s Bono will be competing for the title of the world. The most sought after prize by everyone who has ever been famous, and done everything. You know, the elites of the world who have traveled in every country, and have so much money they usually start major global charities in order to keep their huge fortunes in tax shelters so that the government can’t get to it.

For the person who has everything in life that one could possibly want, the only prize left for them to put on their mantel is the Nobel Peace Prize.

Why they want this so much is totally beyond reason to this nobody.

Bill Clinton would give his left…arm for one.

The only prize I was ever given was a small mirror on mother’s day that said, “Best Mom In the World.” It was suppose to be from my 4-year-old son, but my own mother had bought it for him to give to me.

So, sometimes it’s hard for a nobody to relate to all these celebrity prize ceremonies.

Just in case you are reading this, and went through the American public schools, you might have no idea who Nobel was.

He was a guy from Sweden who invented dynamite. His invention killed so many people, he felt bad. But still, he got very rich. (To be fair, it was people using it to kill other people, not the invention itself that was to blame--- but you know that.) He set up a little contest and called it Nobel Prizes for others to compete for. This helped him to forgive himself for getting rich off an invention that killed people.

The rules are that the person (or organization) who does the most that year to keep the world from exploding up into little pieces, gets the prize.

Bono has a good start. He was on NBC nightly news with Brain Williams all last week going all over Africa, showing himself in every frame as the most benevolent aging rock star turned poverty savior around. I bet he rushes back to see all his video shots to make sure he gets a say in the editing. He is always on a plane somewhere, pretending to be an angel looking down on all us poor peasants.

He was sporting his maudlin ravings on poverty while the camera panned on a five-year-old African girl making the morning bread.

“They need schools! They need water! They need I-Pods and Nike’s!”

“You greedy AMERICANS…send your money. How can you drive your SUV’s when this is happening in the world? This is your fault!”

Well, he didn’t actually say that, but that’s his message.

Bono, who has cost the American taxpayers billions of dollars, is making sure that we know all about him and Africa. I mean, he must be keeping the peace right? Hasn’t he stopped the ruthless daily slaughter going on in Africa? Isn’t that what a peacekeeper is supposed to do? Isn’t that what Nobel had in mind?

As far as I can tell by the daily news, if you want to be raped and slaughtered, go to Africa. And if I were you, I wouldn’t carry around a brand new I-Pod.

Has he stopped the killing in the Congo? He has? Well, no, but he WILL if we just send more money.

Oprah is not to be ignored. That unbeatable mare is coming down the stretch with her billions, and she is not just giving away cars, she has opened up girl schools with some of her own money in Africa. Which makes no sense because it’s the boys who grow up to do most of the killing…but what do I know. Hopefully, the school will teach the girls how to shoot a gun for their own protection---ok, I’m in la-la land.

Gee…I haven’t seen Oprah standing up to the Iranian President and getting him to disarm his nuclear weapons and stop threatening the whole world with annihilation.

Oh, did I miss him on Oprah?

Obviously, the rules have changed. Only the past recipients and elite leaders can vote on the winner and they are all rich…which makes you wonder how much the Nobel Peace Prize really costs.

In 1990 they gave the Nobel Peace Prize to Gorbachev instead of Reagan.

In 2001, that great protector of Rwanda, Kofi Annan was awarded the peace prize.

Our former President/ now communist sympathizer Jimmy Carter won it in 2002

In fact, Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini had all been nominated in the past.

Arafat was awarded for being a lovable terrorist.

In fact, anyone who wants to join this list is not playing with a full deck.

The United Nations has been nominated so many times; it probably means the voting party consists of nothing but fascist members of the United Nations. But, like the invisible list of just how much of our tax money goes into the black hole, this list will never be revealed.

Because ‘we the people’ do not get to see the award ceremony for the Nobel Prize winners, oh no…we do not get to see this event of events. Only the very top of the list of world billionaires are invited, and they wish to remain anonymous.

They have a big party called the Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo. And they have famous hosts. One year Oprah and Tom Cruise hosted it together.

I’m sure Yoko Ono sings “Give Peace a Chance” if she can get the mike away from Madonna

Hey, these people are full of themselves.

The only people that deserve the Nobel Peace Prize are the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan right now, giving their lives for what they think its right: giving their own lives to give another people a chance for freedom. There is nothing more noble that that.

The soldiers are the real peace makers. They are the real Noble Prize Winners. Neither Oprah nor Bono can hold a candle to them.

Oprah is just a talk show host. She went to New Orleans, but she’s not noble enough to go to Iraq.

Bono is a glorified extortionist working for the New World Order.

Frankly, they should just share it.

As for me, no Nobel Peace Prize would ever mean as much to me as my little mirror that says...”Best Mom in The World.”

You can’t put a prize on peace. And no amount of money can buy it.

Watch…Al Gore will win. He has made so much money in Google stock he could probably buy Gandhi (who never won) a peace prize too.

What a great way to get back at Clinton.

Hey, somebody nominate Al Gore…. Mr. Carter?

Nobody’s Perfect; Hillary Clinton wants to take the speed limit back down to 55-mph. If I remember right, wasn’t it Nixon that did that very same thing when he was President? Well, Hillary is acting just like the guy she helped get impeached. Hillary is turning into Nixon in her old age. She needs to practice the peace sign. Nixon had it down perfect.

Nobody Knows; They keep the nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize locked up for fifty years. Why? They don’t want the people alive in the world to see all the killers and thugs that are on the lists. In fifty years, they figure the people that voted for the men will be dead too.

Nobody Cares; In 1972 the prize was allocated to the Main Fund. I only mention it because it’s just another black hole of invisible money. Someone got it. And if past winners are any clue, it could have been Castro. But who cares? It’s all a bogus farce.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Lose Some Money? Look In The Fridge

Nobody’s Opinion; what is it with Louisiana? Was it the food? And just what is it with the name William Jefferson?

Today, when the FBI caught William Jefferson, an actual representative from Louisiana on tape accepting a $100,000 bribe, it was like sweet candy to all this nobody out here, even if it’s only one guy out of the bucket… even if it was no surprise.

When I first heard his name I instantly thought, “Oh sure—he probably named himself after master Clinton, who no doubt introduced him to his big telecommunication buddies.” Clinton and Gore have huge connections with laying cable. Those Ron Brown trips to Africa weren’t just for fun.

And what’s the deal with our own Justice Department actually doing some work for the people for a change? This is NOT politics as usual.

The gloves are off.

Isn’t it fun listening to all our elite congressmen squeal?

I noticed it was NOT on the front page of USA today’s website. The editors were not as upset about it as our congressmen. To them it was old news.

And why is Gingrich outraged? He has been presenting himself as the only conservative left in Washington. What’s in his fridge?

Dennis Hastert, who really fits the image of someone who has eaten at too many troughs of absolute power, thinks we broke the constitution.

Actually, I don’t remember the constitution saying that all of Congress, while serving, can commit just about any crime they want. That’s not what the framers intended. Just because it says that there is a “separation of powers” doesn’t mean they can be crooks.

They are mad because, instead of doing the usual “sexual” scandal or “leaking information” to get rid of somebody, President Bush used the law. That’s rare.

What is so amazing is this guy Jefferson was caught on video taking a bribe, and the congressmen that are screaming about how “unethical” it all is, should realize that just by protesting this action, they are just as good as admitting their own guilt to the people out in America watching this.

Haven’t they been telling us that if we have done nothing wrong, and committed no crimes, then it won’t matter if they happen to listen to our phone conversations?

The “nothing to hide” should apply to them too. Why are they worried? If they are upstanding representatives and never take a bribe, then the FBI should monitor them too.
After all, we are in a war. Just think how much William Jefferson could have made taking bribes from Osama. He could have stuffed millions into his ice-box instead of just $10,000.

I say, lets look in all their refrigerators! Let’s check out some ceilings! Maybe some Senatorial old shoes. We might find some of the deficit we’re missing.

But wait, don’t get too excited.

For one thing, the government knows the people are disgusted with them all. Because this is the first time in history that they have actually used the FBI and CIA to go in and get one of their own---shows that they are getting desperate. Just that fact alone is enough to think that maybe they had to come up with something to get back the trust and popularity of the Bush Administration--- even five points up on the polls would help.

In fact, I bet there has never been a time in our history when so many of the people think our whole system is beyond trusting and is corrupt beyond repair.

Action is needed, and they know it.

And another thing--did you notice even thought this “terrible” thing was done to the absolute horror of all congressmen; William Jefferson was still walking around? Oh no, he cannot be arrested. But you didn’t think of that did you?

Wow, he’s really suffering. He’s at home tonight on the phone, striking a deal, while drinking a bottle of Louie the VIV.

All us nobody’s would have been carted off to the local jail house, where our bail would have exceeded any congressman’s earnings in a year.

Remember Washington D.C.’s Mayor Barry? They caught him doing cocaine. Still he and the recent mayor of New Orleans, (Who let his city drown) were reelected back into office. Either the voters were all drug addicts, stupid, or the election was fixed.

At least the evidence presents itself as such.

I mean, would you prefer a mayor who is stoned all the time, or one who doesn’t care if you die in a flood?

Can’t decide? Ok…Mayor Barry wins.

And Sandy Burger…he goes into the National Archives and steals documents pertaining to probably 9/11 and Bill Clintons’ involvement in it….and what happened to him? Not much.

You know what they do. Whenever they need to grab more power they create a problem. So, here’s the problem: The executive branch went against all reason and used the FBI to spy and catch a crook in the Congress. This will be presented as an unprecedented power grab. Of course they will just HAVE to do something about this.

Because the constitution does not deal much with justice of crooks in its body, the Congress will have to pass a bill or an amendment to make it unlawful for anyone in government to even accuse anyone else of committing a crime. (Unless it’s impeachment of a President, they’ll leave that in.)

They will not be allowed to use Echelon to be spied on. The FBI and the CIA will have no rights to even look at the phone conversations of Congress members.

The solution; they are going to set up some laws to protect themselves from each other.
It will be bi-partisan. And they will make us think they are protecting the constitution instead of what they are really doing…making sure none of us find out just how much money is passed around. The fridges are filled with goodies.

And President Bush will look like he is enforcing some law. Some people will feel better; we all wonder where the man we voted for went.

Now, if he would just enforce our immigration laws already on the books.

I hope I’m wrong. But that’s how they do everything. It’s an old gimmick, create the problem, and come in with the solution.

I’m glad they picked that guy to catch, because everyone knows that the first place a robber will look is the fridge. Shows you how stupid the guy is.

It’s just too bad it wasn’t the other William Jefferson caught.

But then again, with the money that William has taken, you would probably have to look around for it in the North Pole.

Nobody’s Perfect; In Arkansas on Monday, the author John Grisham advised some graduating high school students to stay in college forever because adulthood is overrated and professional life is stressful and unhealthy. Poor John, he has one hit novel, and has to try to produce another great novel year after year. I can tell you by his last novel, that maybe he should become a college professor. Childhood await you John, go for it.

Nobody Knows; That Thomas Jefferson said; “Experience has already shown that the impeachment the Constitution has provided is not even a scarecrow.”

Nobody Cares; one time I lost my wallet, in the house. I searched for a good six months. Then one day my husband found it in the downstairs refrigerator. Nothing was missing. The funny thing is, no one, including me, seems to know how it got there. That was the last place I would have thought to look.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Delectable Cookies of Power

Nobody’s Opinion; “A fondness for power is implanted in most men, and it is natural to abuse it.” ---Alexander Hamilton

I usually enjoy reading Marilyn vos Savant’s comments in her syndicated column called “Ask Marilyn” every week. Being the genius that she is, it’s usually hard to disagree with her arguments about anything. In fact, I’ve got a whole file full of cut-out clippings on her wise decisions on just about any topic, in case I need desperate advice. (This is usually every few seconds.)

But last week after I read her, I threw her column away with the rest of the paper--in disgust. Her record of perfection and impeccable reasoning had been blemished. Obviously she was spending all her time answering the thousands of questions she gets every week and was living a sheltered life…somewhere in a nice house with her dogs and her wonderful husband. After all, the brain can get rusty.

That was my original gut reaction.

The question that was asked was, weren’t the two parties in America very different entities? (Or something like that)---to which she replied no, they were very similar, and the proof was that the transition from one election to another was historically always very smooth.

What? It seems to this nobody out here, with all the Senators attacking Presidents, and house members attacking mayors, and democrat pundits attacking republicans, and Presidents attacking the people: everything was in chaos. She was wrong. The Democrats were near Marxists, and the Republicans were …well just what were they?

Then I started reading “Breach of Trust” this week by Tom A Coburn, M.D.

You see, Tom was one of the congressmen of 1994--- you remember, the great Republican revolution that Newt Gingrich mentions every time he gets a 30- second slot. Seventy-two new and eager Republicans marched into Congress in 1994 with the slogan “Contract with America.” They were going to clean up and really put the government back in the hands of the people.

Tom went because he was tired of the “elitist” Congress that was out of touch with the American people. (Sound familiar?) The Democrats had controlled Congress for over forty years.

That election knocked President at the time Bill Clinton for a loop. Even though they thought it was Hillary‘s fault, (Hillary Care) the narcissistic Bill, woke up.

On the first day in session, the Republicans were on a roll, passing eight measures, more than any single Congress in decades.

They passed a bill requiring Congress to live under the laws it imposes on the rest of us, a bill calling for an independent audit of the House; they cut the number of House committees and staff by one-third, and the big cookie that was talked about, which would have probably cut all corruption in half, was term limits.

I mean, admit it folks. These career politicians are the main reason our country has fallen down so low. Just how much longer must we see the same old faces, over and over again. The longer they are up there, the more entrenched they become.

Term limits to the republicans of 1994, was the most important thing on the plate to fight for and they were in the contract, but Newt made sure that the house roll call was rigged so that every Republican had a chance to vote for one version of term limits while “no version of term limits actually received enough votes to pass. Hypocrisy was the watchword.”

But---as soon as they got the power, the leaders of the revolution wanted to stop. Dick Army (R-Texas) and House Majority Leader said “Now that we have elected a Republican House, maybe there is no more need for term limits.”

Sure, we got power--- now, we can spend as much as we want. Pass the cookies.

One by one, the leaders of the Revolution folded. Newt Gingrich was fighting Bill Clinton over the budget--- but he gave in. (remember all the scandals?) They shut the government down. Bill’s dream of high noon came true. Newt got all the republicans but one to vote to open it back up.

If they had held out, they would have won. Perhaps that was the only moment in history when America could have salvaged something. Dole gave in to, due to the fact that he was going to be running for President.

Why did the leaders give in to Clinton? He made them an offer they couldn’t refuse.

The delectable political cookies of power.

And now I can’t help but wonder just what kind of cookies will President Bush receive for selling out America? They must be huge. What is he getting?

The “Globalization” of a whole New World Order is being set up, (As Daddy Bush predicted) and the Republicans are salivating for a piece of it.

Now, we see that the vast majority of the Congress, Democrats and half the Republicans, have all acted as one party to give up the sovereignty of America to Mexico.

Oh sure, it will take another forty years, but it will happen. It’s in the numbers.

There are only a brave few against it. (Like Tom Tracredo, (R.Colo.)

So you see, unless there is a third party that really wants to change the corruption of greed in Washington, or we can stage another revolution ourselves, both parties will put their own power and lives at the expense of our whole nation’s demise till it’s eventual downfall. It really doesn’t matter who you vote for.

And if Newt Gingrich by some chance gets into the Presidential run in 2008, go read Tom’s book and think twice about you vote.

OK, Marilyn; it took me awhile--- but you were right once again. There is almost no difference at all in the parties, no matter what terrible things they say about each other..

And when they get in power, they are all one cookie...those dogs.

Nobody’s Perfect; Hey, do you think it’s easy taking a picture and writing a piece around it? Try it sometime.

Nobody Knows; Marriage is the number cause of divorce. Red Skelton said that. Government is the number one cause of revolution. Nobody said that.

Nobody Cares; “Remember democracy never last long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”---John Adams.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Fear Is An Option

Nobody’s Opinion: Do you ever get the feeling that somebody is trying to tell you something and that somebody just won’t leave you alone until you get it through your thick skull that you’re suppose to be listening? Has our culture and media made such a grand expedition of fear that we pump Twinkies and caffeine into our bodies just to keep up the adrenaline rush? Can you get addicted to the coming crisis?

Flash---The Senate has just given Social Security benefits to illegal’s aliens.

Oh that was smart. Senate... “ By the way, we know we have already spent your retirement income, and even though President Bush has suggested we do something about it, it’s so important that we get these Mexicans in the country because they sure can multiply fast, while most of you are too busy and materialistic to have more than two kids. So, hey--- can we help it if we prefer the Mexicans to you guys? Who cares if they speak Spanish? We don’t listen to the voters anyway. Are you afraid that you will have to sell your home, your two cars, and eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when you are 75? Are you afraid that we will pull your tube? Well, because you guys won’t come and do my lawn, or raise my kids, the heck with you. Besides, you’re always bitching about us, and we will be worshipped by the Mexicans. We think they deserve your social security benefits.

Yes, I’d say fear is an option here. Retirement now for most nobody Americans will happen whenever they no longer can breathe.

Flash--- Al Gore and Bill Clinton say that global warming is a much bigger threat to Americans than terrorists. Clinton said on Saturday that, “it has the power to remove the preconditions of civilized society.”

He should know. The pollution left by his whole administration put our military back so far, that we had to wait nine months after 9/11 to attack, because it took that long just to build it back up in order to even go into Iraq.

When President Bush said his famous line, “They will hear from us soon.” while standing on some poor guys toes on ground zero, little did we know that “soon” meant…next year, or as soon as we built some more tanks and missiles. Clinton even stopped the military from training with live bullets, and since everything is now made overseas, we had to wait for parts.

As soon as the Democrats come back into power, we will have to put up windmills in our backyards, buy expensive solar panels for our house, pay higher prices for ethanol and all the other new brands, and pay to rebuild the ice caps so that New York won’t go under the fifty feet projected. Not to mention pay e-mail taxes.

Your house will no longer be your castle, but theirs. Fear is an option here.

Flash---The Bird Flu is coming, and if that doesn’t come, we’ll find something that will.

Aids, Sars, West Nile Virus, smallpox, Ebola, and anthrax have all been thrown out into the scare zone. One fourth of the world’s population could die we are told. And don’t forget you will not survive heart attacks and strokes, because they will be no more hospitals left after the Mexican invasion. The death rates will go up because the Mexicans are bringing tuberculosis, mumps, cock fights and lots of new drugs.

I’d say fear is an option here. I have never had the mumps and I here that it's not much fun for adults. More and more of our college students will be dying from tequila overdoses. As if beer wasn’t bad enough.

Flash---There is another insane Hitler in Iran.

Gee, good news for the President, because only in war time can he keep breaking all the laws of the constitution. So, when they say this is a WAR, they have legal reasons.

Big option here. It won’t be the Senates’ precious new illegal immigrants signing up to fight that war, no matter how many nice things President Bush might say about them.

Flash---The Mexicans cannot drive too well.

I am really getting afraid now. More people are killed in car accidents than any wars. Just my luck to by a car of ten Mexicans who will make it to the hospital before me.

Flash---The Mexicans want our country. It’s their right they say.

Fear is an option when you figure we could end up having another civil war. Only this time it will be the Mexicans and our government, against all the rest of us. And something tells me the Mexicans will not be throwing rocks.

Yeah, we saw the National Guard really kicking ass all weekend. They were loading, and unloading, thousands of welcome water bottles for the poor illegals making that hot trip.
The National Guard is now the new welcoming committee. Next week they'll be handing out social security cards.

The entertainment on TV was not exactly what I would call uplifting this weekend. They played “War of the Worlds” over and over on cable: that wonderful movie where aliens suck blood out of humans and devastate the whole earth. Only the main characters and one block in Brooklyn is spared.

Last month it was the bird flu movie where everyone dies. This month they give you NBC’s “10.5 Apocalypse;” where the whole earth is destroyed with volcano’s, earthquakes, sinkholes, and floods, while CNN keeps on reporting. The government in both these disaster films are always so organized and “caring”. Not anything like Kartina.

We have a series called “Invasion” on TV, where we are actually taken over by alien glowing stingrays, who become human hybrids and help us learn “diversity”. Next week another Stephen King nightmare called “Desperation.”

I ask you…are we not hooked?

On the Drudge Report we have Madonna hanging from a cross in her new concert, where she tells everyone that the beast is all of us being too materialist instead of spiritual like her.

Gee Madonna---guess you will let me in your concert for free. I’m pretty spiritual. I just hate being materialistic like you. You should worship me, instead of yourself. It’s ok, in my compassionate moment--- I forgive you.

Enough, enough! I’m sure they enjoyed blowing up George Washington’s face for the sequel to "10.5 Apolcalypse" tomorrow night. They really want you to forget that guy.

Still, there’s not enough fear yet for me not to go out tomorrow and enjoy my gorgeous (said with a Brooklyn accent) rose bushes. Let Al Gore and Clinton rant. Let the television and movie producers try to scare us.

Because there will be no option for fear if a nuclear devise is set off somewhere in the United States by al-Qaida.

I have no doubt that no matter how much “fear-mongering” is put out there by the vast media/government complex, it would not be just al-Qaida having to fear us after an attack, but the ones in our Congress who are selling us out.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.” Open borders will be your biggest nightmare.

Wow, I just scared myself. I need something, to calm myself…coffee or cookie?
I’m so upset--- I might need both.

Nobody’s Perfect; The producers of the 10.5 Apocalypse series based the whole devastation scenario on the wachy sceince that all the Teutonic plates on the earth are going to go back together in two days. That’s what they get for having Al Gore as an expert advisor.

Nobody Knows; They have just found an immense filed of oil in Colorado. It is estimated that it has 8 times as much oil as Saudi Arabia, 18 times as much oil as Iraq, and 22 times as much oil as Iran. That’s why Buffet is buying up coal, he knows that oil will stay underground forever, because our government owns the land, and the only people they will sell it to will be China.

Nobody Cares; Angelina Jolie is having a baby as we speak. Gee, you would think no other woman in the world has had a baby.

She has decided she doesn’t want her baby to be a citizen of America, but Africa. Frankly, Americans could care less where she has her baby, as long as they get to see the pictures in STAR.

The question is; when they get divorced, (Why am I so sure of this?) Brad won’t be able to bring his kid to America because he will be “kidnapping” the child. I wonder what the punishment is for kidnapping in Africa?