Saturday, September 05, 2009

Marco Polo---If He Only Knew

Nobody Flashes:
One of the Major differences between men and read it here first.
Sometimes you just have to take a break from the world, and go listen to music, play with the dog, go sit at a mall and make fun of the people, watch C-Span all day (between cleaning the house) and yell at the TV, and then at midnight have a tapioca pudding at midnight and break your diet---which I did.
Of all the funny e-mails I got this week, I especially enjoyed this one.
READ POSTER NOW: Marco Polo...if he only knew.
I can remember my son playing Marco Polo in his 18' round above-ground-pool with all his favorite buddies for hours upon hours....when he was five.
And I also remember my son and the very same idiotic friends, playing Marco Polo in this VERY SAME POOL...ten years later.
As a mother, I cannot tell you what it felt like to witness this. Therefore, I believe, with all my heart, that if this event, had been an actaul robber he too would have yelled "polo" because he just couldn't resist being a kid for one moment.
So, next time you are at a Townhall meeting, and it gets a bit steamy, I suggest that if you are a man you yell out....MARCO!
Someone will surely yell POLO! Saving someone's finger from being bite off!
You'll be the hero of the day!
Oh, and by the way, I have given this a lot of thought. (50 seconds) Whoever answers you...will be a man.
And I didn't even have to get a psychosocial degree from Harvard to make that prediction. Put it on the list of "things that men will do that women won't."
Have a great Holiday Weekend!


Friday, September 04, 2009

Nobody Does NOT Wants A Vaccine

Nobody Knows: Tonight I was sitting at a stoplight, when I glanced over to my right to see a local Walgreens. Walgreens is the biggest drug store in Missouri, and they are just about on every single corner.

I always said if I ever bought a stock, it would be in Walgreens.

Not too long ago, Walgreens set up "nurse" stations, where you could walk in and get antibiotics, and lots of other wonderful stuff usually perscribed by doctors. I just supposed this was for all those wonderful people who simply cannot or do not have insurance, freeing up the illegals from overwhelming the emergency wards.

So, okay.

As I looked over, I saw a sign posted out right on the curb of the street in front of the store...FLU VACCINES HERE (a bit pushy I thought) while at the same time listening to the top leading story on the radio, which was that the cervical vaccine is doing very well preventing cancer on young women.

Right. Those nine-year-olds are really doing well.

The government has been talking about the chicken flu, the bird flu, the swine flu, the whatever flu...constantly, for the last three years, acting as if the flu is more dangerous than the house of Muslims you have on your street.

I'm getting tired of it. In fact, it's ridiculous.

Most of us know this flu scam is another scare tactic, just like the "global warming" junk, and my personal favorite....tea partiers are really Nazi's in disguise. Sarce tactics that are losing their scare power.

I happend to drop by David Icke's site tonight when I got home, and I must say, after watching this video, it's obvious that this swine flu propaganda is going to be used for something...whether it's to force Universal Health Care on the last of us, or mandatory evacuations, or whatever...

Many people believe that the shot is actually man made, it's not the flu that will kill you, but the vaccine.

And while many people STILL trust our government, I, for one, am not taking any chances. From what I've seen over the last decade...I wouldn't put it pass them to invent a virus to be used to promote some vast agenda that they have all decided would be better for the "planet."

We've have been hearing these nutjobs in our Congress far too long...just listen to them on a daily you trust any of them?

I just thought I'd share this very interesting video. If you'd like more thoughts to ponder...go to his site and read up on it. And if you think that it's unimaginable that a elite group of people would want to "cull" the population with a man made deadly virus...

As my grandmother would say: better to be safe than sorry. And it's this case, might be better to be safe than dead.

What's the worst that can happen if you don't get a shot?

Your body will build anti-bodies....or you will die. I'll take my changes with Mother Nature.

I just love the options, don't you?


Thursday, September 03, 2009

Frank, Pelosi, and Rangel: Abducted AGAIN!

Nobody Flashes;
If you think that the communistic takeover of the greatest freedom loving county in the history of the world is news...then you haven't heard about THIS!
Miyuki Hatoyama, the wife of Yukio Hatoyama, the new premier of Japan, told the world "While my body was asleep, I think my soul rode on a triangular-shaped UFO and went to Venus. It was a very beautiful place and it was really...
GREEN"....VENUS? (Where's Carl Segan when you need him? Get him out of the freezer...the world has been invaded.)
She said this in her book, "Very Strange Things I've Encountered."
And even though she insists it was just a dream...many believe that she actually did take that trip because, for the first time, these pictures were smuggled out of the Royal Palace in Japan. A gardener saw these very strange creatures walking around the grounds while he was trying to feed the peacocks, so he pulled out his cell phone.
I don't know about you, but I think this is proof that MS Hatoyama didn't just make up this stupid dream to promote the "green environmental" New World Order I think these animals are really from this planet.
I'd recognized Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, and Charles Rangel anywhere in the universe.
But let's not spoiled it for her. (Nobody Makes this Stuff Up)


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Ashes of Problem Presidents

Nobody Wins: Give Me Your Young, Your Impressionable, and Be Good Parents and Leave Us alone…and Your Child Will Be Given This Cuddly Obama Teddy Bear!

I got these two pictures out of a catalog of gifts that I got in the mail today. Any other time in history, I would have laughed at ‘ashes’ jar. Yeah.

So, does this mean that all liberal teachers deep down do NOT love the problem child? I’m just saying. And is the problem child the “smart” kid who sees through them?

Yeah, like I said---any other time in history.

Effects-based operations have a completeness direct attacks never can, because they treat targets as systems and reach far deeper and wider for leverage and information.”
--Joshua Cooper Ramo-The Age of the Unthinkable

Soon, President Obama will make his first “video address” to the nation’s youth in their schools…telling them that he wants their little minds to focus on “service.” At the same time, he will be getting all the teachers used to taking direct instructions from the President himself, saving time and money for the “cause.”

The high school students have been doing mandatory “community service” for years, but now, they want the little ones. The communist do it, the Muslims do it, but it’s never been done in America before.

Will we hear an outcry? I SURE HOPE so.

Actually, I think it’s the “flood the gate” concept of making us so overwhelmed with too many attacks at once. Health care needs to be taken off the front burner; Obama is just jerking our chains.

The war strategy for “taking over a nation” using the “effects-based” attack by making all children slaves for the state, are just about in place. And wasn’t it clever how they did it?

When Al Gore was so intent on putting computers in every single classroom, we all were told how great it was for the kids! Gore got the phone company to put the “computers for schools” tax right on everyone’s phone bill. I paid an extra ten dollars a month, how about you? But--it was for the “children.” A good thing we all thought.

We also thought it was for “educational” purposes. And now we find out, that every classroom has a “monitor” and every little guy and gal can get their mandatory daily brainwashing from the President himself. And every student will have a database, that will coincide with their “medical and DNA” data base in Washington.

Holy Moses!

And the teachers will remain silent, even if they think it’s a bit too much, because most of them are women, many of them single parents, who know they can never be fired and will have free medical care, free college tuition, and nice pensions, and they also know there is absolutely no where else in the private sector where they can get such wonderful deal.

You think they are going to protest communism? Not in a million years.

The children will now put their diaries on their own personal “site.”

Didn’t you know that the kids are all encourage to do this? For years teachers have been making kids keep a written diary, and encouraging them to talk about their private lives, especially problems with their parents.

I found this out one year, when I went to a teacher’s conference. My son was keeping a daily “diary” (all the kids were forced to) but I was NOT allowed to see it. She was concerned because my father had just died and my son was upset about it.

You bet I was outraged at this news, and concerned. I wanted to see what he had written, (he was only eight) but no, she couldn’t show it to me. I was furious, but what could I do? What if my son needed something he couldn’t tell me? Any decent human would have done the right thing…told the parent.

But this information was for the school ONLY.

This was about fifteen years ago. Can you imagine what stuff they have on all these kids now? And just what Orwellian thing do they do with this “private” information?

Of course---they use it as a tool to put the child in the spot the state wants. Little pawns to place in the proper holes.

The reason, any person who is NOT shocked at this Orwellian dance of brainwashing is simply because, our public schools have, at least in my lifetime, grown progressively more like prisons than learning centers. They are schools that are viciously guarded by mostly dim-witted women with visions of power and glory, who have been trained and brainwashed in this very system that they perpetuate with blind obedient.

In the book The Age of the Unthinkable, Joshua Ramo goes into the military concept that it’s better to make “systems’ of a nation a target, (as in propaganda in the schools or disabling the electrical system) ---as apposed to direct bombing attacks.

So, this day has been long anticipated.

I’m not saying there aren’t good teachers, and schools left. BUT…on the whole, I’d say their days are numbered.

Our schools will be nothing more that state-run Obama learning centers. In fact, I’m glad Obama took this step. Maybe people will now wake up and want to save their children.

Nobody suggest we start with insisting that all teachers quietly put all Obama's future speeches in a big jar of ashes...and place them on their desk with the words written: "Ashes of Problem Presidents."

Glenn Beck is going to be doing something on this soon: please watch.


Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Nobody Cares About Two Famous Ladies

Nobody Cares: Two very famous ladies were caught talking yesterday....
Michelle: You know Hillary, we all have have to sacrifice---great changes are coming. I think you see that now, Obama is going to get at least some kind of health care passed...I know you wanted it to be you...and Teddy wanted it to be him...but it was better left to Obama...I know you see that now.
Hillary: Yes...yes...I do.
Michelle: And in a few days, for the first time in America's history, the FIRST African American President will take those young minds into the future of our country...some day, we will be as great as Cuba. He is going to speak to all the children across the country via video...the teachers will be there to get them all on the right track...the track that we have all waited country...united in one goal...the goal of sacrificing your service to the government...yes these children must learn that sacrifice is coming..they are the future.
Hillary: know...Cuba just ran out of toilet paper...
Michelle: I know, the teachers are ready for that to happen in our schools. You know...the kids don't need toilet we have sent fliers to all the schools to post in all the girl's restrooms...all they will have to do is stand in line if they need to dry themselves after they pee.
Hillary: Well, I can see the older girls doing it, but the little two-year-olds might have trouble...
Michelle: Trust me...they are NOT going to want to disappoint Obama, they will learn fast enough. Obama plans to make these speeches a permanent part of our public education system.
No Hillary, you have studied children all your life, and it's time now to just let Obama implement all your great ideas. I know, you might feel slighted for not getting the credit, but that's what makes you the great public servant that you are. Anyway, you'll have to excuse me...I have to get ready for tonight...we're having Gadafi over for dinner...but that's a state secret. Oh, don't bother to come, we can handle it....
Oh...and one more thing before I forget...could you please return the truck of furniture that you took? Obama wants it back, although I don't know why.
Hillary: I gave it all to Charlie.
Michelle: Charlie Rangel?
Hillary: Yeah..that another "thing" he didn't report on his taxes. Better him than me. Anything else?
Michelle: Yeah, get me a cup of tea before you go. And please, don't look me in the eyes, you know how I hate that.
Hillary: Okay.
And the picture was snapped...what goes around, comes around.
(Nobody makes this stuff up.)


Monday, August 31, 2009

Nobody Not BORN Jewish is Perfect..

Nobody's Perfect: Right now, when the little, tiny, itsy, nation of Israel is at it's most precarious position in it's horrific history since the Holocaust, Madonna has decided to do a few concerts there and donate the proceeds to fight the crazy jihad's everywhere who want the complete destruction of the Jews and America...
No she didn't.
She is going to keep whatever she reaps for herself, because there is ONE thing you can say about Madonna, when it comes to promoting herself, no one does it better, and in that respect, she has been just about perfect. And I mean that...sincerely.
Except when she opens her mouth about politics and says ridiculous things, which she does more and more as she ages. Madonna alone has not only resurrected blond jokes, but put them in the Koran forever. She has also almost single-handily put a whole new perspective on bras.
Nevertheless: She says her name is Esther, and she is now Jewish...and because she outlived Michael Jackson...she got to go to the holy wall where only the most devote of Jews can pray. And she gets to meet with Prime Minister Netamyahu, and why this makes the news, is beyond any one's guess.
Maybe she found out that she is actually one of the great offenders of the great ALLAH, and has a big red mark on her forehead, and therefore, calling herself Esther might be a thin disguise, and just another way to protect herself.
She may not have been born Jewish, but Esther, feels Jewish. She WANTS to be did Sammy Davis.
Hey,..."If I were a rich, la, la, la, la la la la.....
All day long I'd pity pity bumm..." don't have to be rich to pity pity bum. I can vouch for that!
Okay...I'm still recovering from Ted Kennedy's VERY quick death from the brain tumor...
I was GOING to nominate Arnold this week for continuing to watch his state get burnt to the ground...but, I felt sorry for his wife, so Madonna gets the "Nobody's Perfect When You're Not BORN Jewish" award this week.
I'm sure she appreciates it.
Shalom Esther...go in peace and bras.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

The $6,000 Tip

Nobody Opinion:

Why do the rich spend millions for stuff that the normal person would never in a million years pay a dime for?

Because (as Dick Morris would say) they can.

I have to say, I've been trying for the longest time not to reveal my sources...but after this weekend, seeing Bill, Al, Hillary, and Obama in the same room together, I realize that now is the time to go ahead and let go of my own selfishness, and introduce everyone to one of my FAVORITE sites on the internet.

I love this spot. It's a shopping site for the billionaire club, and since I did NOT win that 333 million in Mega-Millions last week, you can be sure I really enjoy this site. It has all kinds of unbelievable cars, jewelry, the latest in tech stuff, and..well it just plain informative.

For instance. Here we see a simple meal. But some Russian lady in Tuscan paid $15,000 dollars for this. (I know)---but that's not the best part.

The best part is that she was so happy with the service, that she wanted to give the waiter a tip of $6,000 dollars which she happily pulled right out of her purse. Anyway, this is just one of the "signs" that when Michael Moore says that Capitalism is rings very true with many people around the world.

It seems capitalism ruled by drug lords is more likely the problem, but that's another blog.

Class envy will never die...just find another way to have a great time!

Now, having said can thank me, and also answer the question: Would Bill Gates have paid $15,000 for that little bit of...whatever?

If you said yes, then you might want to think again. If the money has not been earned by you, it's so easy to throw it away....(Bill Gates will walk out to his car to get a coupon.)

Which is why I suggest we just get rid of all politicians, and hire Thomas Sowell to run the world.

And since Thomas Sowell is much too smart to ever even imagine such a silly notion, in the meantime, give this site a visit once in a while...and enjoy!