Friday, May 23, 2008

Nobody Is Back--Almost

Nobody's Fool:

If you have been paying attention to the news, and saw this...the headlines could very well have read:

Obama: "Well, we have to set an example to other nations. We just can't expect to keep buying all those computors and using up all that electricity...what would that be saying to nations all over the world? We must provide an example."

Hillary: "Get rid of those e-mails!"

McCain: "Hey, who threw out that TV set! We must not litter anymore!"


I couldn't have picked a better time to suffer from the flu...I said I'd be back...but then, it hit me. I looked up from my pillow--noticed that the world was still almost absurd to infinity, and that only a fool would get up from their death flu bed and write about it.

I'm hoping for Memorial matter how I feel, if the soldiers can suffer 170 degrees of sand in a hot tank, I can certainly pay them some tribute, and get back to being my nobody opinionated self.

In the meantime, sorry to all my readers for not's just one of those things that women do now and then when they are not feeling well... But of course, if you are a man, you know that.

At least I didn't bring up a Kennedy assasination to make myself feel better.

Only a Clinton could pull that off---only a Clinton.