Saturday, June 02, 2007

There's More To This Than Meets the Eye

Something tells me that it all these poor creatures have something more in common than just loving to eat KFC for breakfast.

Nobody Knows; With half the world getting fatter and fatter, making huge profits for multi-national pharmaceutical companies selling fat pills that seem to actually make you fatter...

I got to in the world does an animal get as fat as us? I mean, we are told it's OUR fault...too many fries..but really...what's their excuse?

Just look at this lion. Even though this lady looks as trusting as can be...would you want to hear this roar in the middle of night on your camping trip to...your local zoo?

And what about that "Hog?" What reporter looked into just what in the WORLD was that hog eating? Radioactive dog food from China?

How about that catfish? Was it the fact that it was emotionally eating because it's a rough world down under the water dodging motor boats and drunken college kids that the binge eating of minnows just got out of hand? Dr. Phil couldn't help it, Richard Simmons gave up on it?

Somewhere I feel a conspricay theory: When the worms in my backyard start looking like pythons, and the rabbits start eating my trees...then...I'm looking for spaceships.

Or I'm going to call up Micheal J. Fox and say..."Well, what a FINE mess you got us into this time OLLIE!"


Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Four Stages of A Nobody's Life

Nobody’s Opinion: Here is the very simple vision of life that most people have, if they have truly been blessed.

You’re born, you have a wonderful time as a kid, you grow up, get lots of sex, get to drink beer, and then you die very quickly. If you’re lucky you don’t have to die with diapers on, and you leave lots of money behind that makes everyone happy.

Piece of cake.

This picture’s title was, “The Four Stages of Life.”

With me, it’s more the “Four Stages of Insanity.”

Some people, it seems to be after reading Denise Noe's recent interesting thoughts on MND called "Breadwinner or Stay at Home Parent?" think raising kids was easy, wonderful---
A job to DIE for.


Oh my God…I had NO idea that I was such a mess. Actually, compared to everyone else, I should have been committed.

It’s a wonder my kid is half way normal: certainly it’s not due to his mother.

But come on guys, you must be kidding me. No one remembers the “Aaaw…I am on the most important phone call of my life, and my kid just fell off his bike and his head is cut open and I’m NOT suppose to sound hysterical?”

Or…in my case, I would be RIGHT in the middle of recording a song for a client and my kid would burst into the room and say, “I can’t get the Nintendo to work!” and I would have to start all over--only to have him come back into the room five minutes later and say the same thing.

Or…how do I keep awake all night when two five-year-old boys decide they are going to explore the neighborhood when I fall asleep, and one has the internal circadian
rhythm of a horny night owl on speed? And I have to work the next day?

I have tried to forget the bad points of spending all day with children, day in and day out, day in and day out…with no breaks…(I was a single mom for fourteen years) and as we all know… the good stuff that comes out makes the bad days bearable.

BUT…having said that… I do remember losing the ability for at least four years of my life, of being able to have an adult conversation.

That complete embarrassment when you are finally in a room full of adults and you realize your brain has actually atrophied back to the age of four, and the pitch of your voice is an octave above high C, and you have been talking about whether Luke Skywalker really means to have sex with his sister, because he kissed her, and if incest in the Skywalker family would be a good thing?

You realize that your adult brain, hopefully is on ice and can be thawed later…you hope.

Kids are the reason for life. They are life.

But let’s NOT even talk about the millions of dishes you have to wash, the beds to make, the laundry to do, the endless boring, boring, boring conversations with other parents about how wonderful THEIR kids are at all the baseball games, when you want to tell them to “snap out of it” their kid is really stupid.

And how for the whole month of June, you have fed their kid three meals a day, and watched their son’s hand become glued to your son’s video controller which he is now STILL holding at YOUR house…

And this mother does not know your name, the name of your child, or the fact that their little Brian is STILL at your house asleep in your son’s bunk bed, so he could get up later and call her just to say, “I’ll be home tomorrow.”

And he doesn’t leave until tomorrow night, because the parents have gone fishing.

I remember every single Sunday, going to play five rounds of putt-putt to be followed by seven games of bowling at the same local places for twelve straight years…only to find out that my son…at 28 has no memory whatsoever of doing any of it.…no memory at all.

He thinks he got that fabulous bowling ring for bowling three perfect games of 300 in a row from some ancient bowling ancestor on his father’s side.

I also remember actually getting hooked on Bert and Ernie, and thinking they had more sense then most of the world, and began looking to them for philosophical inspiration.

I remember getting more excited about FINALLY getting to rest with a Dr. Seuss book, after working all day, than my kid did. Sometimes I would read the book over just for the sheer enjoyment of not having to worry about anything.

Then there was the time I sang “Rocky Raccoon” about 2,100 times driving to Florida from Missouri just because I was trying to entertain a one- year-old, who thought it was just about the coolest song ever written…all 59 verses of it. “Again.” “Again.” “Again.”

And diaper hell. Yes…I remember what it felt like to live in diaper hell. Right after birth, its okay…you’re just so happy they are alive! But give it some time.

My diaper hell was so bad I had visions of blowing up diaper pails with sticks of dynamite.

And I only had one kid.

God is merciful. God is wise. He knew if I had any more than that I would have completely lost it.

Some people are just natural parents. Cleaning, and cooking, and sitting around for hours watching endless TV is all so very great.

And the memories are priceless.

BUT…much of it is very, very, very, very, very, VERY repetitious

Boredom starts to look exciting.

Sitting around a playground on a sunny day, watching the little ones run and play to some might sound like a day right out of the perfect life.

And that’s great…if you have nothing else to do.

Babies take a lot of patience, care, nurturing, and completely unselfish sacrifice…
And they also require endless days of sometimes very boring tasks.

And if you have ANY kind of a brain…it WILL sometimes torture you.

Which is why it’s best done in pairs. God knew this.

I once heard some line somewhere in a movie…I think it was John Travolta that said it to a little kid… where he said, “It was daddy’s job was to make sure mommy didn’t go crazy.”

Let’s face it, being with little kids all day long is not exactly as stimulating as being able to solve an engineering problem with a work buddy, write a song, discuss politics with a professor at lunch…or even play golf with your buddies.

It’s not like working a full day, with adults, doing jobs you can pat yourself on the back for...

Because with kids…you sometimes don’t get to see the results of your “project” until they reach maturity, which lately, might not even come before YOU die.

Maybe my problem is that I don’t like beer. If I had liked the “beer” stage I would be just like all the happy campers who think child rising is the easiest thing on earth. Beer would have put my brain on a nice bearable float.

But it looks like pee...and you see lots of that raising kids.

If I ever get a grandchild, I’m taking up golf, mountain climbing, river rafting, tennis, and maybe wart-hog hunting.

The grand kidswill just have to keep up with me.

Well….I might be persuaded to read Harry Potter….or Peter Pan…

Climb a couple of trees…go to the zoo…


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Somebody Stepped On a Butterfly

Nobody’s Opinion: Remember in Jurassic Park, when the “scientists” explained the chaos effect to America? How a butterfly in one part of the world could flutter its wings and affect some other part of the world?

Well, I’ve decided that somewhere in Africa, some Nigerian guy must have stepped on a butterfly, which died a most awful death. The cosmic ripple caused by this butterfly’s untimely death, has caused the recent chaos effect that has arrived in my neighborhood.

I just don’t know how else to explain it.

Because of this butterfly, our local high schools are now training nurses, and we have also been told that we cannot rent or sell our house without a housing inspection, supplied by our local municipality. All because some guy in Africa was careless.

WAIT! What am I saying? It COULD have been a careless woman! Or a careless elephant! (Who no doubt about it, was female.)

Good thing I read about these events in my local paper…yes, we have choas.

Here in my little neighborhood, in the middle of America, we get what might be called your local friendly neighborhood “county” paper, called with much originality…”Journal.” It is actually owned by the Post-Dispatch, and goes to all of the counties around St. Louis, which means that it has a BIG democratic bias, but they don’t advertise that fact much. They want you to think it’s catering to your little local area, and they do this very well, by mentioning happenings in the “little” various municipalities.

People use to actually pay for this paper, but some years ago due to the low subscriptions, they just started putting it on your front lawn…you could donate if you like they said.

Somehow I never got the urge.

It is always asking local people to write articles, but so far, nothing I’ve written about the local news that I am always getting from this supreme work of community efforts has interested them in any way, which is understandable since my complaints are probably on most everyone else’s mind too.

But, nobodies (considered the roaches by the people on the city council) don’t get much air space, only the big bugs get on, or articles about bugs.

Somehow roaches don’t cause ripples on the cosmic scale…go figure.

That doesn’t mean I won’t keep trying. I think it’s because I have no knowledge how to write an inspiring article on how we should all switch to the nifty new light bulbs that look like something your brother got when he was seventeen at the local seedy porn store, but will probably cause much more damage to your brother due to the mercury leaking…

ANYWAY…(ripples also cause your mind to wander)

While once I use to be completely bored by this idiotic paper, which consists mostly of whole sections of how to barbeque shrimp, plant your bulbs, local movie times, and the many fabulous pictures of homes for sale, which are usually so overpriced it can serve as the comic section--- now I ignore it no longer because usually on the front page, smack in the middle, is THE most important news that they want you to know.

And this week, two very big issues were explained: “medical training programs” were now going to be offered to our local schools and our county was now going to require “re-occupancy” inspections.

Medical training to high school students who can not even add or subtract is scary enough, but it was the “re-occupancy” law due to the fact that we have now been placed in 14 “conservation districts” that alarmed me.

Mainly this means that they want to suck as much money as they can out of us, so they have re-evaluated all these 50- year-old houses up to the Beverley Hills models…which WE the good citizens must pay to “conserve” in order for THEM to be able to actually say these pretty dilapidate houses are worth taxing.

This means, that IF you wanted to sell or rent your house, you have to get the permission of your local state government. You see, the reason for this is that, “The inspectors want to keep neighborhoods stable and maintain property values.”

The inspection cost $80.00, and that does not include your “fixing” costs, which could be the price of another home.

Now, I could see this happening in some golf-gated senior resort in Florida, but to the people in MY neighborhood, having to spend thousands of dollars to fix up their houses while at the same time paying the exorbitant property tax rate hikes already hiked, (my property value alone went up $60,000 in just one month) due to of course to sixteen schools in the city which were just shut down completely, due to the ripple effect that the corrupt democratic “minorities” who ran those schools had been so deprived by years of racial discrimination that they decided the money sent to them to run the schools should be spent on nice homes, cars, and trips to Las Vegas, which they rightly deserved for years of suffering, (approved by the non-minority white democratic mayor) instead of to their kids, which of course meant that now the city kids can come to North county and take their pick of schools, which is usually MY neighborhood.

So now, MY neighborhood had to build 10 more schools just to hold all the kid being bused in from the city, but the city doesn’t have to pay for them, WE do, AND…because most of the kids can’t read or write due to their poor education, they will now be getting training to be nurses, BECAUSE they have to do something in a service economy, so taking care of the baby boomers, who will be put on Hillary new Universal Health care will be a good place for them all..

All because somebody in Africa stepped on a butterfly, now everyone in my little neighborhood in the middle of America will have to figure out two things: how to get the extra money for their tremendous taxes next year without starving, and how to stay away from hurting a butterfly.

God forbid someone in China will have to suffer at our sloppy carelessness.

Come to think of it, the same ripple affect is happening with all Americans (If they pass the immigration bill) who will have to pay for the welfare, education and medical expenses of everyone in Mexico.

Okay---- who shot the polar bear?

Nobody Cares: Since I couldn't find any picture of someone actually hurting a butterfly, I decided to use this picture just for all the guys on MND. Hey...your welcome.


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The MAIN Reason We Can't Let Hillary Win

Nobody Wins: Forget the fact that she is going to put all our babies into state sponsored brainwashing factories: forget the fact that she will appoint more and more of her lesbians feminists friends into powerful positions thereby neutering our babies for any hope of manhood: forget that Hillary will take America from socialism to communism in less than a year: forget that we will end up with the health care of Cuba…forget that the thought of eight years or more of Hillary just in itself, after having her around for more than a decade in our face would be torture: forget that her rhetoric is the beginnings of a Marxist communist revolution against the “rich,”…..

Remember this one fact. She is still married to Bill Clinton; they are attached to the same vision of world control. Bill Clinton was the most, and remains the most, treasonous politician in American history, and NO punishment would ever be enough for his crimes against America and its people.

Charles R. Smith sums it up quite nicely here. (In case Google blocks this site, go to NewsMax and look for his article called "China Acquires Missile Technology.")

In a much smaller comparison…suppose your “spouse” had arranged for your worst enemy to have you secretly, “hit, killed, shot, blown up…”

Wouldn’t you at least want to put a few marks on their car?

Not if you were dead.

But, it’s the jihadists we should be scared of? Why, your absolutely right. And guess who gave Iran, China, and North Korea, the weapons and confidence to threaten us now?

Bill Clinton.

And if we are attacked, and millions are hurt… they will all say it was the world’s hatred of George W. Bush that caused us to be attacked.

And Hillary will save us.

Pretty slick thinking. No wonder their campaign song was “Don’t Stop Thinking about Tomorrow.”

Even if Hillary was Mother Teresa reincarnated…giving the Presidency to a woman who knows that her husband has endangered the American people by giving the whole world our own technology with which to kill us all with...

Is not only Un-American and suicidal, but dishonors every single man that fought and died for America.

And that’s the MAIN reason for not giving them both back the power they so abhorrently abused.

Despite our current President disappointing us all, no matter what he does, it will never, ever match the crimes of Bill Clinton.

Now you know why I chose the picture.


Monday, May 28, 2007

Brzezinski Wants A Second Chance At Communism

Nobody’s Opinion: Tell you what---if you happen to see this guy walking down the street and he is coming toward you…my advice is to step aside.

Find a nice big tree to hide behind. Pretend your Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. DO NOT let him see you.

I just read his new book called, “Second Chance: Three Presidents and the Crisis of American Superpower,” where he not ONLY has the audacity to grade our last three Presidents like he is some sort of Yoda pointing out what they are doing wrong to hinder the global plans that he has been working on for so long with the behind the scene stealth super powers players....

But what he wants us, the American people to do, is so scary I would have settled for watching SAW III instead. And I told myself I would never go there.

If you EVER doubted that the reason the United States is going to the dogs, and that like I am starting to believe, there IS a well-planned organization wanting to take away America’s sovereignty in order to set up a global government, and that these people have been working at the very highest levels of our government for years

Then skip the latest book on Hillary and grab this one. It’s all the proof you might need.

Just looking at Zbigniew brings up visions of Lenin, Stalin, and his personal favorite…Mao. But even though he looks Russian, he says he was born in Poland. Nevertheless he grew up in Russia and is an expert.

No doubt he attended the Lenin School of “How to Run a Revolution” with Mao. (Who was hand picked and trained by the Russians at the University in Moscow to learn how to take over China, I didn't make that up.)

Brzezinski’s claim to fame was that he was Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor, and THAT should tell you something right there. It was his idea to weaponize and train those sweet future Taliban fighters against Russia in Afghanistan. He also serves on the Council on Foreign Relations, and started the Trilateral Group with Rockefeller. He worked for LBJ, graduated from Harvard, is in the Bilderbuerg Group, you know--he has all the usual credentials for a world globalist and if that’s not enough…

His son is Deputy Ass. Secretary of Defense for Europe and NATO. Mika his daughter works as a reporter for CBS.

And Zbigniew is a communist. Oh…he won’t say it in so many words…but, in the book he speaks highly of Marx, Mao, China, and thinks the people of the world are ready for a revolution! Just like the French, and the excellent communist revolution in China!

The world is primed!

So, how does he grade the past three Presidents? He loves Daddy Bush, who said “new world order” so many times; he was starting to sound like a broken record. Daddy Bush just didn’t pull the globalization of the world off though.

Clinton, was great too, he was a true globalist. But he made a lot of mistakes and didn’t get much further.

But it’s Bush Jr. that he really hates. He repeats the talking point over and over…which is; we are now hated in the world because of George W. Bush.

He says it wasn’t Reagan who defeated Russia, that’s wrong. And it wasn’t the United States that defeated the Germans, it was the Russians.

Still, after Russia was defeated, (not by Reagan) we had the CHANCE to take over the world…and we didn’t.

In this global vision of his, he thinks that we should merge with Europe, because if we don’t do this, China will take our place with the Saudi’s.

This hatred for Bush from the “Marxists Democrats” almost make you wonder if Bush, at least on this point, is for the preservation of America like he claims.

Brzezinski labeled Bush a neoconservative, which in democrat speak is MUCH worse than a communist---because you see, communists believe in equality. Neoconservatives want to take over the world militarily and in that respect AMERICA would keep its sovereignty.

And that's not on the new world order agenda.

In the commiecons vision (I don’t know what else to call them) America HAS to go, in order for the global government to finally take over the world.

This is why they keep ignoring the fact that WE were attacked on 9/11.

And to put it bluntly, the commiecons would prefer we be attacked again, because it would destroy us and pave the way for communism/global government.

But on the other hand, Bush is doing almost everything else the dems want.
So, who knows? They both want the globalist government, they’re just two different camps fighting for the top.

Anyway…Here’s what Zbigniew wants the American Citizens to do:

But here’s what he suggests:

1. A regular executive legislative consultative planning mechanism for foreign policy, supported by a combined staff.

2. Americans must recognize that their patterns of consumption will soon collide head on with increasingly impatient egalitarian aspirations. The indulgent self gratification at home conveys indifference to the persisting deprivations of much of the world.

3. By executive order, we must have a deliberate civic education (major propaganda) that stresses the notions of service to a higher cause than oneself. Therefore an adoption of an obligatory period of national service for every young adult. Perhaps involving a variety of congressionally approved domestic or foreign good works. (state service to the world)

4. The President should give speeches on the global state of the world.

He goes on to sum it up with : “Global leadership now must be accompanied by a social consciousness, a readiness to compromise regarding some aspects of one’s own sovereignty, a cultural appeal with more than just hedonistic content and a genuine respect for the diversity of human traditions and values.”

Can I puke now?

Okay Joyanna, you might say. That’s not going to happen, not here. We will never agree to sending our kids to foreign lands to pick up trash, and recycle.

NO? Yesterday, the lady who wanted to enter my home into a “contest” handed me her card…knows what it says?

The commission is to focus on the preservation and enhancement of the human environment in the City including the promotion of literacy, learning, respect and diversity in all aspects of community life. Beautification, the arts and the elimination of discrimination….Building a better community.”

This lady may not have been Brezinski’s sister, being as she was black, but she certainly by all other aspects was his comrade.

Obviously the revolution is already here.

It’s just a matter of which side is going to run it…the neocons’s, the Marxists, or the American people.

In the meantime, I plan to start telling Polish jokes at every chance. Once this is in place, that might just be a capitol offence.

For the Soldiers

Nobody's Opinion: Hey, I COULD write something really soppy on this memorial day. In fact I did, and erased it.

Shit, life is hard enough for you all. When I think about it I want to go and put muzzles on most of our politicians just thinking about it…and I’m over here.

Got any extras muzzles?

Anyway, I looked up some of my favorite stuff from the old dead guys: you know…the ones who have been around…done that?

Hopefully you will find something in these you can use…on the days when you just might need a little pick me up…or quote them to your favorite corporal.

So, here’s some nobody favorite quotes for this Memorial Day, with my own comments following....

George Washington:There is nothing so likely to produce peace as to be well prepared to meet an enemy.”--- (Shoes and clothes from Congress came just in time for spring.)

Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.”--- (Whenever possible, start the little kids out on Mario Brothers)

John Adams:The die was now cast; I had passed the Rubicon. Swim or sink, live or die, survive or perish with my country was my unalterable determination.” --- (Although, he probably told the King of England, when he met him as the first Ambassador to England, that it was actually his cousin Sam who said this.)

John Quincy Adams: “I consider an unjust war as the greatest of all human atrocities, but I esteem a just one as the highest of all human virtues.”--- (Say the word “love” in place of war, and you got the same outcome.)

Andrew Jackson: “One man with courage makes a majority.” (Or nobody says; One woman with a big mouth makes a mess. (Rosie))

Abraham Lincoln:Whatever you are, be a good one.”--- (Good old Abe, what a good idea, that’s why I don’t cook.)

If I am killed, I can die but once; but to live in constant dread of it, is to die over and over again.”--- (This guy had common sense not found today in our leaders, we should clone him.)

Ulysses S. Grant: “The art of war is simple enough. Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as you can. Strike him as hard as you can, and keep moving.”---(Patton thought he was the reincarnation of some Roman General…he was wrong, it was Grant.)

James Garfield: “A brave man is a man who dares to look the devil in the face and tell him he is a devil.” --- (I’m waiting to corner Bill Clinton, but I need a drink first.)

Benjamin Harrison:Great lives do not go out, they go on.” (John Wayne)

Harry S. Truman: “I’m going to fight hard. I’m going to give them hell.” (This was the understatement of the year.)

Dwight David Eisenhower:What counts is not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog.”--- (Spoken like a true married man.)

Fritz Greene Halleck
: “But to the hero when his sword has won the battle for the free, they voice sounds like a prophet’s word, and in its hollow tones are heard the thanks of millions yet to be.” (I have NO idea who this guy is; but I’ll drink to that too.)

D.W. Thompson;Ten good soldiers wisely led, will beat a hundred without a head.” (A saying that should be put in the Chicago Cubs clubhouse.)

Arab Proverb: “Throw your heart out in front of you and run ahead and catch it.” --- (If you can catch anyone actually doing this little trick, be sure to post it on My Space.”)

Frederick Langbridge: “Two men looked out of the prison bars; the one saw mud; the other saw stars.” (One guy was short, and had a lawyer.)

Martin Luther: “Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.”--- (You can’t be serious…apple seeds? Is this a metaphor?)

Tupper: "Confidence is conqueror of men; victorious both over them and in them; the iron will of one stout heart shall make a thousand quail; a feeble dwarf, dauntlessly resolved will turn the tide of battle, and rally to a noble strife the giants that had fled."

Tony Blair: “This is not a battle between the United States and terrorism, but between the free and democratic world and terrorism. We therefore here in Britain stand shoulder to shoulder with our American friends in this hour of tragedy and we, like them, will not rest until this evil is driven from our world.

And lastly…one more. I think of what Cinque said to John Quincy Adams in the movie Amistad…

He said “I call my ancestors for at this moment I am the whole reason they have existed at all.”

Remember that…guys (and girls) …YOU are the reason that our ancestors, our fathers, brothers, mothers, and hero’s…YOU are the reason they have lived and existed…you are the reason they fought for America…YOU ARE AMERICA.

Keep the faith...and God bless you all.

Go have a big steak on US…eat a lot! You are at the top of the list of what taxes should be going for…not Bill Clinton’s telephone bills.

If it was up to me, you’d all retire millionaires. But then again, it’s not up to me.

Remember that when you drink your next beer. This nobody loves you.