Saturday, June 02, 2007

There's More To This Than Meets the Eye

Something tells me that it all these poor creatures have something more in common than just loving to eat KFC for breakfast.

Nobody Knows; With half the world getting fatter and fatter, making huge profits for multi-national pharmaceutical companies selling fat pills that seem to actually make you fatter...

I got to in the world does an animal get as fat as us? I mean, we are told it's OUR fault...too many fries..but really...what's their excuse?

Just look at this lion. Even though this lady looks as trusting as can be...would you want to hear this roar in the middle of night on your camping trip to...your local zoo?

And what about that "Hog?" What reporter looked into just what in the WORLD was that hog eating? Radioactive dog food from China?

How about that catfish? Was it the fact that it was emotionally eating because it's a rough world down under the water dodging motor boats and drunken college kids that the binge eating of minnows just got out of hand? Dr. Phil couldn't help it, Richard Simmons gave up on it?

Somewhere I feel a conspricay theory: When the worms in my backyard start looking like pythons, and the rabbits start eating my trees...then...I'm looking for spaceships.

Or I'm going to call up Micheal J. Fox and say..."Well, what a FINE mess you got us into this time OLLIE!"



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