Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Somebody Stepped On a Butterfly

Nobody’s Opinion: Remember in Jurassic Park, when the “scientists” explained the chaos effect to America? How a butterfly in one part of the world could flutter its wings and affect some other part of the world?

Well, I’ve decided that somewhere in Africa, some Nigerian guy must have stepped on a butterfly, which died a most awful death. The cosmic ripple caused by this butterfly’s untimely death, has caused the recent chaos effect that has arrived in my neighborhood.

I just don’t know how else to explain it.

Because of this butterfly, our local high schools are now training nurses, and we have also been told that we cannot rent or sell our house without a housing inspection, supplied by our local municipality. All because some guy in Africa was careless.

WAIT! What am I saying? It COULD have been a careless woman! Or a careless elephant! (Who no doubt about it, was female.)

Good thing I read about these events in my local paper…yes, we have choas.

Here in my little neighborhood, in the middle of America, we get what might be called your local friendly neighborhood “county” paper, called with much originality…”Journal.” It is actually owned by the Post-Dispatch, and goes to all of the counties around St. Louis, which means that it has a BIG democratic bias, but they don’t advertise that fact much. They want you to think it’s catering to your little local area, and they do this very well, by mentioning happenings in the “little” various municipalities.

People use to actually pay for this paper, but some years ago due to the low subscriptions, they just started putting it on your front lawn…you could donate if you like they said.

Somehow I never got the urge.

It is always asking local people to write articles, but so far, nothing I’ve written about the local news that I am always getting from this supreme work of community efforts has interested them in any way, which is understandable since my complaints are probably on most everyone else’s mind too.

But, nobodies (considered the roaches by the people on the city council) don’t get much air space, only the big bugs get on, or articles about bugs.

Somehow roaches don’t cause ripples on the cosmic scale…go figure.

That doesn’t mean I won’t keep trying. I think it’s because I have no knowledge how to write an inspiring article on how we should all switch to the nifty new light bulbs that look like something your brother got when he was seventeen at the local seedy porn store, but will probably cause much more damage to your brother due to the mercury leaking…

ANYWAY…(ripples also cause your mind to wander)

While once I use to be completely bored by this idiotic paper, which consists mostly of whole sections of how to barbeque shrimp, plant your bulbs, local movie times, and the many fabulous pictures of homes for sale, which are usually so overpriced it can serve as the comic section--- now I ignore it no longer because usually on the front page, smack in the middle, is THE most important news that they want you to know.

And this week, two very big issues were explained: “medical training programs” were now going to be offered to our local schools and our county was now going to require “re-occupancy” inspections.

Medical training to high school students who can not even add or subtract is scary enough, but it was the “re-occupancy” law due to the fact that we have now been placed in 14 “conservation districts” that alarmed me.

Mainly this means that they want to suck as much money as they can out of us, so they have re-evaluated all these 50- year-old houses up to the Beverley Hills models…which WE the good citizens must pay to “conserve” in order for THEM to be able to actually say these pretty dilapidate houses are worth taxing.

This means, that IF you wanted to sell or rent your house, you have to get the permission of your local state government. You see, the reason for this is that, “The inspectors want to keep neighborhoods stable and maintain property values.”

The inspection cost $80.00, and that does not include your “fixing” costs, which could be the price of another home.

Now, I could see this happening in some golf-gated senior resort in Florida, but to the people in MY neighborhood, having to spend thousands of dollars to fix up their houses while at the same time paying the exorbitant property tax rate hikes already hiked, (my property value alone went up $60,000 in just one month) due to of course to sixteen schools in the city which were just shut down completely, due to the ripple effect that the corrupt democratic “minorities” who ran those schools had been so deprived by years of racial discrimination that they decided the money sent to them to run the schools should be spent on nice homes, cars, and trips to Las Vegas, which they rightly deserved for years of suffering, (approved by the non-minority white democratic mayor) instead of to their kids, which of course meant that now the city kids can come to North county and take their pick of schools, which is usually MY neighborhood.

So now, MY neighborhood had to build 10 more schools just to hold all the kid being bused in from the city, but the city doesn’t have to pay for them, WE do, AND…because most of the kids can’t read or write due to their poor education, they will now be getting training to be nurses, BECAUSE they have to do something in a service economy, so taking care of the baby boomers, who will be put on Hillary new Universal Health care will be a good place for them all..

All because somebody in Africa stepped on a butterfly, now everyone in my little neighborhood in the middle of America will have to figure out two things: how to get the extra money for their tremendous taxes next year without starving, and how to stay away from hurting a butterfly.

God forbid someone in China will have to suffer at our sloppy carelessness.

Come to think of it, the same ripple affect is happening with all Americans (If they pass the immigration bill) who will have to pay for the welfare, education and medical expenses of everyone in Mexico.

Okay---- who shot the polar bear?

Nobody Cares: Since I couldn't find any picture of someone actually hurting a butterfly, I decided to use this picture just for all the guys on MND. Hey...your welcome.



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