Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The MAIN Reason We Can't Let Hillary Win

Nobody Wins: Forget the fact that she is going to put all our babies into state sponsored brainwashing factories: forget the fact that she will appoint more and more of her lesbians feminists friends into powerful positions thereby neutering our babies for any hope of manhood: forget that Hillary will take America from socialism to communism in less than a year: forget that we will end up with the health care of Cuba…forget that the thought of eight years or more of Hillary just in itself, after having her around for more than a decade in our face would be torture: forget that her rhetoric is the beginnings of a Marxist communist revolution against the “rich,”…..

Remember this one fact. She is still married to Bill Clinton; they are attached to the same vision of world control. Bill Clinton was the most, and remains the most, treasonous politician in American history, and NO punishment would ever be enough for his crimes against America and its people.

Charles R. Smith sums it up quite nicely here. (In case Google blocks this site, go to NewsMax and look for his article called "China Acquires Missile Technology.")

In a much smaller comparison…suppose your “spouse” had arranged for your worst enemy to have you secretly, “hit, killed, shot, blown up…”

Wouldn’t you at least want to put a few marks on their car?

Not if you were dead.

But, it’s the jihadists we should be scared of? Why, your absolutely right. And guess who gave Iran, China, and North Korea, the weapons and confidence to threaten us now?

Bill Clinton.

And if we are attacked, and millions are hurt… they will all say it was the world’s hatred of George W. Bush that caused us to be attacked.

And Hillary will save us.

Pretty slick thinking. No wonder their campaign song was “Don’t Stop Thinking about Tomorrow.”

Even if Hillary was Mother Teresa reincarnated…giving the Presidency to a woman who knows that her husband has endangered the American people by giving the whole world our own technology with which to kill us all with...

Is not only Un-American and suicidal, but dishonors every single man that fought and died for America.

And that’s the MAIN reason for not giving them both back the power they so abhorrently abused.

Despite our current President disappointing us all, no matter what he does, it will never, ever match the crimes of Bill Clinton.

Now you know why I chose the picture.



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