Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Now For the GOOD News About Global Warming

Nobody Knows:It is lack of confidence more than anything else that kills a civilization. We can destroy ourselves by cynicism and disillusion just as effectively as by bombs.” Kenneth Clark

Who’s Kenneth Clark you might ask? Lord Kenneth Clark was born in 1903. He was educated at Oxford, and did a television series for the BBC many years ago called “Civilization.” He was anti-Marxist, anti-elitist, anti-monarchy, and even back in 1969, when the rest of the world was reading the “Whole Earth Catalog” in between tokes on their bongs, he was writing a book to go along with the series refuting the environmentalists…called, by the same name: Civilization.

My kind of guy.

He was one of our planet’s most educated intellectuals (back when Intellectuals were actually allowed to think for themselves) that reported the fact that “global warming” had happened all throughout history. And he reported this WAY before Al Will Gore and Dicrapio even thought of making their big bucks off of scaring everyone with the end of earth as we know it. Back in 1969 he called his second chapter, “The Great Thaw.”

There have been times in history of man when the earth seems suddenly to have grown warmer or more radio-active…the fact remains that three or four times in history man has made a leap forward that would have been unthinkable under ordinary evolutionary conditions.”-- Chapter two, “Civilization”

Too bad Kenneth isn’t alive today, because if he were, upon hearing that the earth was going into another warming period he would probably say—“Oh, that’s certainly GREAT news.”


1. First Global Warming: This happened in 3000 B.C., when quite suddenly, OH MY! Oh my! Civilization appeared! Not only in Egypt and Mesopotamia but in the Indus valley! FOOD could be grown. What? You thought Abraham did all that walking and wandering around during an ice age? Solomon’s Gardens were just a myth? That entire locus attack from Moses, which came up from the Nile fed on sand?
2. Second Global Warming: Late sixth Century B.C.: Not only did this global warming help the miracle of Greece and Ionia, where philosophy, science, art, poetry, all reached a point that wasn’t reached again for 2000 years …but India had a great spiritual enlightment. Without that warming period…the ideas of Western thought would never have flourished... (Only to go into the dark ages as the weather cooled) to be discovered again later.
3. The Third Global Warming, the year 1100:---this warm up affected the whole world.

Action, philosophy, organization, technology—there was an extraordinary outpouring of energy. Popes, emperors, kings, bishops, saints, scholars, philosophers, were all larger than life…the First Crusade.”

It was so warm that huge castles and thousands of churches were built in less time than it takes to build a World Trade Center Memorial today in New York City!

4. The Fourth Global Warming: 15th century: We ALL know what happened here. An outpouring of intellectual giants—Da Vinci, Michangelo, the seeds of capitalism, banking, astronomy, medicine, the beginning of the scientific method…every one was just busy, busy, busy.

So, if we can learn anything from history—whenever the earth has grown warmer, mankind has jump by leaps and bounds into furthering its journey into great inventions, new philosophies, technology, and certainly a great time to rejoice, along with your A.C.

Which means that this it NOT the time to be depressed. On the contrary, it’s a time to be very excited.

The nasty secret is; global warming has always been throughout mankind…a VERY, VERY good thing.

But, don’t tell that to Al Gore. He’s still in the dark ages.

Anyway, that’s what Sir Kenneth Clark said so many years ago, and it makes sense to me. Just thought you might like to know.


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