Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Nobody Stands in the Mushroom

Nobody’s Opinion: UPDATE: Just in case, anyone was wondering, I haven’t been writing for a while because…my computer got sick. It caught a virus right after I wrote an article about the Queen. Me---being the complete nitwit that I am---not thinking when the next day, as all my applications were disappearing into some huge empty black hole, that MAYBE somehow my poor computer had caught a “VIRUS.”

I immediately hooked up my OTHER computer, which of course, crashed and burned also, proving that humans never learn, and history is repeated.

After two solid weeks of talking to people in India, Best Buy, Geeks, Circuit City, Apple Computer guys, and even my cousin Kenny--- who has not forgiven me for my last crash….I found out that 52 very wise techies could not figure out just why my computer kept getting attacked each time I hooked up. Personally, I think I hit a nerve in some NSA office somewhere when I talked about the moon real estate, probably being sold by Arnold Schwarzenegger as we speak.

Who KNOWS what lurks in the halls of that vast complex of NSA “listeners”

I’m not even sure if this will make it to my own blog, let alone MND.

WHICH is probably why I had that nightmare last night: There I was, having to make a decision while standing in the middle of a downtown street…should I run with the crowd toward the mushroom cloud that looked all smoky? Or should I go toward the BIG mushroom cloud that was by my house?

Do I want to die at home, I thought in my dream, or take my chances walking around with the rest of the screaming idiots? Well…being as I was taught as a school child in Naples, Florida, during the Cuban Missile Crisis that one should always find a desk to get under, in my dream I ran for the nearest concrete slab. (Proving again the reason why governments want to get to little minds early.)

Of course, I realized pretty quick in my dream that if I could see that mushroom cloud so vividly, then no slab of concrete was going to protect me. I conveniently put an Art Museum in my dream right nearby, so that I could sit in it’s basement and go through all the priceless relics in the basement while waiting to die of radiation poisoning.

In my dream I gave myself a bearable death. Looking at King Tut, and talking to boring Art curators…beats sitting in a homeless shelter any day.

Then in my dream I realized…wait! I will not be able to get to my husband! He doesn’t have his PILLS that I bought on him!

So, the first thing I did when I woke up…yep, I called my husband and told him he would have to start carrying his “radiation” pills to work.

Funny thing about dreams, obviously I was trying to tell myself something. But why this old fear? Where did this come from? Because I haven’t been writing daily, I was taking a big breather from the news. I wasn’t even listening to the radio stations.

But, I DO remember seeing the lead characters on the hit TV series Bones…take radiation pills. Then there was the scene not too long ago in ‘24” where a nuclear bomb went off in Las Angeles. Somewhere I had heard that the head of the FBI said that he was certain that a nuclear devise would go off in either Washington DC or New York. And then, one night while I was fixing dinner…it was very calmly announced that President Bush had appointed a “WAR General.” Gee..what does THAT mean?

The Queen makes a visit, and endures the President, even though she really came to see the Kentucky Derby. Then, in less time than it takes to have a Parliamentary session, Tony Blair resigns, and hurries over to see President George Bush in almost nano-seconds. And let’s not forget that the Republican debates were no doubt held very near the wonderful new bunker that has been specially built for Congress and all their family.

Just in case.

No wonder I had the dream. Lot’s of our political officials are telling us daily, we will be attacked, especially if we attack Iran. It’s a temptation very hard to resist.

Today, my computer FINALLY resuscitated. I turned back on the news, and here’s the question. For years…our favorite TV programs and movies have put in “political” messages that the elite and powerful masterminds want us to get used to.

How many cop teams of black and white best buddies did we see? Then it was gay couples, and gay comedies, and women being able to kick the shit out of fifty men at once, three times her size. Yeah right. So now…will we be getting the subliminal messages in the TV shows that we are destined to be nuked?

And have you noticed how the local weather is getting scarier every day? All of a sudden a simple “thunderstorm” has the potential to kill you, and your offspring?

OR---do the producers and writers of these shows independently put these “messages” into the movies because of their own “opinions?”

What I’m asking is; are the issues of the day being put into our everyday TV programs (much like the years of portraying Archie Bunker as a stupid bigot.) to program us to accept the new global order? Is Hollywood actually WORKING with the FEDS?

Well, the answer to that seems pretty obvious to me. When Clint Eastwood makes a movie about WWII and sympathizes with the Japanese…it’s only a matter of time before we see Sandra Bullock portray the happy life of a devoted Muslim woman.

It seems my mind crashed with my computer. The good news is, I can only go up from here, pass the mushrooms.


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