Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day! May Day!

Nobody’s Opinion: On May Day you would have thought that the big news of the day would have been the thousands of Mexicans marching in our cities once again, and demanding all Americans to step aside and give them back their country…instead, the main news of the day was President Bush’s veto of the Democrat’s stand on the Iraq war. OR, that the poor girl in Aruba has never been found. OR that Obama is catching up with Hillary.

OR that soon, a Washington Madame will reveal all the Republicans that used her girls.

All the stations made REAL sure that no camera shots of the Mexicans crowds were more than a few seconds long, or much attention was paid to them. (Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck being the exceptions)

There is no better way to hide the fact that America as a sovereign nation will, as one man put it, no longer exist in 25 years, than to divert all our attention to a war overseas.

And who knows? Maybe that’s part of the plan. Keep us there long enough in order to complete the merger of Mexico and America back home. Once that’s merger is done, we will bring our boys home. It’s the old magician’s trick.

We will be so happy the war is over; we won’t complain that we now have to ride bikes to work.

Now that we have open borders, and the admittance that al-Quada is already here in our mists ready to strike on command according to both Dick Cheney and George Tenet, what kind of logic is it that if we stop fighting in Iraq, then they will all come over here and get us--- if ---THEY ARE ALREADY HERE!?

What…are they all going to take a big Disney cruise to Mexico?

I don’t know about you, but on a day to day basis the logic gets more and more confusing.

Let’s face it…logic from anyone on any consistence basis is about as rare as a democrat actually not using sex scandals to get rid of their opponents.

Just today, O’Reilly was repeating the much repeated mantra of President Bush, that since 12 million illegals were already here, it is impossible to get them out. He said he would have liked to take Tancredo to a restaurant and ask him if the country could survive without this “cheap labor.” Tom was on his show.

You know, I don’t get it. If a restaurant can’t pay its waiters, at least ten dollars an hour, and still make a profit, then they shouldn’t be in business. A meal for two people can cost over sixty bucks, and that’s NOT including the tip. Its not like these places are supplying medical care…no, that’s from you and me.

It used to be high school kids did these jobs. Now, the illegals are taking away the vast majority of our adult labor jobs here, by bringing all wages down.

O’Reilly is a real stickler about breaking the law, but for some reason thinks no harm should be done to the poor people who broke the law to get here. They are here, our own government is to blame, so there’s nothing more to be done, but give them amnesty and then forgive them.

So Bill, this nobody asks you very seriously--- if we can’t make our own government enforce our own laws, then how in the heck are we going to get 12 million illegal immigrants to learn English, and pay back fines and taxes? What planet have you been on lately?

And how are we going to keep all their relatives out?

O’Reilly is not affected as much as the guy who will lose his job, because O’Reilly has a degree. Like Sheppard Smith, they live in areas where they see illegal’s doing all the “shit” work…if they all disappeared, then to these guys, the country would collapse. You almost can’t blame them…that’s what they see happening in their neighborhoods. They feel for these poor Mexicans who need to eat.

Hey Bill! There are millions of American citizens who need to eat too!

Yes, the argument is these people are an economic necessity.

This got me to thinking about another “economic” necessity that was argued venomously in the halls of Congress once before….slavery.

Slaves were once cheap labor too. After slavery was abolished…guess what? We survived.

And if we closed our borders, and started letting in only the people on the waiting lists, like Bill Gates has suggested, more of the intellectual immigrants that will stay and become citizens…and kicked the others out…would we survive?

Hell, with all our manufacturing jobs going overseas, what have we got to lose? Wages would go up again.

Why not just let them in to work the grape farms, then make them go home like Canada does? What’s the big problem here?

This sort of reminded me of the South’s argument, which they upheld for years, that since slavery was so much of our economic stability, to get rid of it, would be devastating for the South, the country would be destroyed. O’Reilly is making the very same argument. They are here, face it.

Somewhere before, in the halls of the Senate that same argument was made day after day before the civil war just erupted, because it was wrong.

Just as giving up our country to an invasion is wrong, and they know it.

But we can’t have a civil war if our boys are fighting somewhere else now can we?

For goodness sake, if our government has decided that the baby boomers due to too many abortions, did not have enough children to keep the government going, (and all their big contracts and money making lives) therefore we need to merge with Mexico just to have more bodies to tax (and keep their global visions of feeding and schooling the whole world) why don’t they just say so?

Instead of all this nonsense they give us day in and day out.

The day that millions of “illegal’s immigrants” do not get much press, is a day to worry, because that means that it’s not actually something they want you to be concerned about.

No, they’d rather you worry about who will replace Rosie O’Donnell.

Nobody’s Perfect; O’Reilly is not the first man to logically overlook an important injustice…Thomas Jefferson and George Washington needed their slaves to keep their big farms running for economic reasons also. Like Bill, they didn't want to give up their cheap labor either.

Nobody Knows: Why do we have to feed the world? Answer; because someone is going to make a lot of money off it, and it’s not us.

Nobody Cares; Actually, I did play some Spanish music today…I did a little dance to Zorba the Greek by Herb Alpert in my living room today in honor of…the Greeks.



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