Thursday, April 19, 2007

He's Baaaack!

Nobody’s Opinion: There is good news: Bill Clinton is back to running for President again. He started his kickoff on Larry King tonight, and the words sliding from Slick Willy’s biting lips were: “Hillary just needs to get her sea legs.”

This means that Bill Clinton knows she is in bad shape. They both know she cannot be elected on her own, too many people dislike her, and she is, according to Dick Morris, losing her base.

Good news Joyanna you say?

Well, that of course depends on us, but yes in a way it is. According to Dick Morris today, her poll numbers are falling faster than a Global Warming New York City Thermometer in January minute.

One Clinton down, one to go---and he is NOT going down without a big fight.

Obama, by forcing Hillary to show her face so early, has exposed her for what she is; not much.

On camera, Hillary has the same effect as Richard Nixon in the famous Nixon/Kennedy debates, and when she finally comes around to debating Obama, she is going to look pretty pathetic next to him. Obviously this was good strategy on his part.

Hillary would prefer to be elected as she was in New York---a few parades, a few visits to old folks homes, then, First Woman President.

As it is, her image is so bad, she has had to at every turn, put movie stars on TV as women Presidents, promote “women” leaders at every turn, all to get us to maybe vote for her…just because.

But it’s a long way to 2008, and Hillary will be forced to show just how incompetent she is more and more.

So now, we will be seeing Bill everywhere, because as Larry King says, his approval ratings are, according to their polls, around 60%.

Larry King has always been the Clinton’s biggest promoter. I didn’t catch the entire interview, but some of the things I did hear were pretty scary.

For one, Bill Clinton thinks it would be a good idea to “Institutionalize” some kind of job for former Presidents. This means if Hillary becomes President she will invent by executive order a job for her husband, with pay, to represent us all over the world. Probably some kind of “World Ambassador.” She has already suggested that job for him. Being lawyers, they both want to make it officially on the books.

Never mind that this is completely unconstitutional. It’s almost like a monarchy. The Queen crowns the new World King. The U.S. will cease to exist.

Then Bill will go back to doing what he did all through his first Presidency: traveling on Air Force One all over the world, setting up his and her global village---their One World Socialist/communist government. He has already got this ball rolling in his “Global initiatives” programs.

Yes, Bill is right now busy setting up a whole slavocracy of “citizen public servants.” That sounds so much better than “comrades,” don’t you think?

I don’t know about you, but wanting to control the whole World is a lot more ambitious it seems to me, than trying to set up a democracy in Iraq. Being as the Clintons are masters at this game, and well organized with the media…they are always seen as benevolent humanists instead of what they really are.

Bill is working very hard to get back into the White House, which by the way, if Hillary is elected will probably get some really big renovations being as Bill recently made a crack at a party at Sumner Redstone’s house, saying that next to Sumner’s house the White House looked like public housing.

He has big plans for that baby. If it’s anything like his library, the White House will get a walk over the Potomac and another 300 rooms on the other side, where Hugh Hefner can set up resident.

Then Larry King…like a good boy, asked Bill about the other candidates. It seemed pretty clear that Bill would prefer John McCain, because of course, except for his stance on the war, John is just as pink as Hillary on every issue. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him running as her VP.

As a Republican, John McCain would be easy to beat, so Bill Clinton will be found praising John McCain at every chance.

Giuliani is just popular because of 9/1l, said Bill, but we don’t know all there is to know; more things will come out…which means in Clinton speak; expect pictures of Giuliani sucking the toes of a mule or something. They have “some” kind of scandal to hit him with and they are, like all good politicians, waiting for just the right moment, to push it into the media.

Of all the candidates, Rudy would beat Hillary, easily. Most of the Independents would vote for Rudy and enough people from both parties would join in to make him President.

That is, if the “new” voting machines can’t be hacked.

Funny, Larry didn’t even mention Obama. Wonder why?

Bill was in good form…he wanted us all to know he’s in great health, and ready to keep going strong for another decade or more. Yes, he is healthy enough to run the country again, AND the world…so, go ahead and elect Hillary, because he will be able to advise her on every move. He’s helping her out. He still loves her.

Time to gag.

Having said this: Remember. All the events leading up to 9/11 were due to Bill Clinton’s careful negligence. I say the word “careful”…because no one man could make so many obvious mistakes.

Sandy Burger’s actions in the National Archives are proof of that.

And anyone who has been paying attention to all the egregious actions of Bill since the moment he became President, means that Bill is not retired by any means. He has never left the national or global stage, and like the evil uncle in a Shakespearian play, wants back the White House.

While Rosie, Bill Maher, and all of Hollywood will be jumping on the conspiracy theory that George Bush had something to do with the falling of the towers…on the other end of their strings are the puppet masters, and it’s not Dick Cheney.

The trouble is; most of these people, due to their close relations with the Clintons themselves are actually looking in the wrong direction.

Recently we have been hearing about how all our jobs are going overseas, and NOT just from Lou Dobbs. The democrats are starting to use the theory that middle America is just now realizing after the fact, and blaming it on the Republicans.

But here are a few facts they won’t mentioned, some important events from 1993. Bill Clinton’s first years in office.

On November 23, 1993, the Senate approved the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) by a vote of 56 to 2. Remember, this was before the Newt Gingrich Republican takeover. It was a democratic Senate.
On November 17, 1993, the House of Representatives ratified NAFTA by a vote of 234 to 200. Again, the democrats.
The very next day, on Nov 18, the Clinton administration announced it would sell an $8 million supercomputer to China and lift a ban on the sale of components for China’s nuclear power plants. Bill Clinton was also responsible for China getting into the WTO, and favored nation status.
Yes, blame Bill Clinton FIRST…for your jobs leaving. Also, blame Bob Dole, his close buddy, who helped it out.

And as for Muslims hating us? On Nov 28, 1993, the Ayatollah Mohammed Yazdi declared the Unites States President Bill Clinton the “most hated person in the Muslim World.” This was because Bill Clinton met with the author of the “Satanic Verses.” wonder he’s so good.

Now, if I were the devil, and wanted to control the world…I would do everything I could to help an enemy of the Untied States to “attack” again, then come in and promise to “save” that country.

President George Bush has continually been called the Anti-Christ by all those that hate him. But the Bible has this one quote about the anti-Christ, which leaves the much hated George Bush at the end of the line for this job. In fact, he hasn’t a chance in hell.

Revelations 13: “And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him.” (the anti-Christ)

Now, does that sound like President George W. Bush?

Or does that sound like the man who is right at this very moment setting up his Global Citizenship plans for every person on the planet? A man who honored the author of the Satanic Verses---a man who is a smooth with lies as the Devil himself.

Hold out your hand good citizens, and get the mark of “global citizen.”

You can be a 666 or you can be a 1776. It’s your choice. But you’d better make it soon.

Nobody’s Perfect; Bill Clinton is not at all shy about promoting his global ambitions. He is using the words “global citizens” as much as possible, getting us all use to the fact that Americans no longer matter anymore.

This might not play too well in Iowa.

Nobody’s Knows; Why some of our most valiant warriors have already given up? That’s exactly what they want us to do. Hopefully, they will snap out of it.

Nobody Cares; Bill Clinton and Henry Kissinger have both made remarks that America is already “Not the big dog on the block.” Henry has said that we should be scared of China, who not only has more people, but who now, has us by the “national debt balls.”

And then I thought---if the colonists of early America could stand up to the vast English Navy…if George Washington could lose battle after battle and still remain steadfast.

This is NOT the time for America give into “global” anything. This “global” initiative is far more dangerous than the jihads, because the leaders of it, the Democrats lead by Bill and Hillary Clinton; plan to give up our country to the jihads. As President Bush has said…they will come here. This is exactly what Bill and Hillary would like in order to put in their final Phrase of the rest of their “global” Initiatives rule.

Wait for it---watch for it….because he’s baaaaaack…



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