Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Nobody's Absurdities, No.42....Imprecate

Nobody's Opinion; Today as thousands gathered on the campus of Virginia Tech to mourn yesterday’s shooting victims, there was a rather impressive grand performance for our New World Order “diversity” programming.

You can always count on the Democrats to turn a funeral into a political party of pontificating pandering. I’ve haven’t seen them pass one up yet. Not only did they start off with a Muslim prayer (completely ignoring the majority of non-Muslims there) …they had some poet blond (sometimes blue) wanna-be lady named Nikki Giovanni at this “healing” rally for the student body and family of the poor souls blown away, by all accounts by an American hating foreigner, give a performance so progressively inspiring, that Bill Clinton himself probably got her the top billing.

She somehow went from the subject of the unfortunate and untimely death of the people just slaughtered, onto how less significant this event was as compared to a baby elephant mother being slaughtered, Africans being slaughtered, and Mexicans going without water…all the usual leftist/communist causes all over the planet that we are responsible for, and THEN ended it all by leading the poor students with the school’s sports cheers.

I mean, what could they all do? Not clap?

It’s an old entertainer trick. Get something you know everyone has to clap to, and then turn the clapping into applause for yourself. Pretty cheap.

You would have thought she had won the super bowl, the way she was celebrating her rousing performance.

Boy, I bet the fact that some poet liberal professor got her Andy Warhol claim to fame at the expense of their loved ones, really made the family of the slaughtered feel better.

She was such a hit; no doubt Maxine Waters will invite Nikki on her next taxpayer paid free of charge, Caribbean Easter vacation next year.

Esquire will now have to do a photo-op on American Poets. Underneath the picture will be the title “Poet of the Proud, the brave, and the Savior of the Hoseys.”

Personally, I think she should die her hair red, and add a few horns.


Ted Nugent, who obviously is more intelligent than all of the administrative staff of the Virginia Tech University, (not to mention 95% of Congress) mentioned the fact today that the whole campus at VT was a “Guns Free Zone.”

Oh…I guess that explains why none of the 3,000 fully armed police and 300 FBI could not go into the building and save some lives. It takes more than twenty-five minutes (the time it took for the boy to kill everyone) to call your lawyer and find out if you are ALLOWED to even carry a gun in a “GUNS FREE ZONE”

A “Guns Free Zone” is much like a “Drug Free Zone.” These signs are put up all in all the schools all over the country. The liberals think if they just put up a sign on their schools, then everyone that sees the sign will say:

Oh, I better not shoot up in the bathroom today.”

As we all know, signs do not mean a thing to someone who plans to shoot up a school, or sell drugs inside the halls.

My neighbor, who teaches at the local high school, says that between every class in the halls the kids pass their drugs right in front of the teachers. The teachers just pretend not to notice.

But, that has never stopped all the principles from putting up their silly idiot signs. They want the parents to think their kids are safe, and protected.

Why, there is a SIGN! Don’t you worry mom and dad! No drugs or guns here! We would know it!



And speaking of SIGNS…it seems that many people knew, like they did about the boys at Columbine, that Cho Seung-Hui was a bullet ready to burst. He set fire to his room, wrote fantasy plays of revenge, stalked girls, and didn’t even talk to his roommate.

Probably the very same things Bill Clinton did at Oxford.

Also, he was taking anti-depressives, which in some already depressive personality is like dozing fire with gasoline.

But who cares? Certainly it seems, not the higher paid administrators on campus. They all have big cars, big houses, and big pensions…they live in a dream world, where they know they will never be hold accountable as long as they don’t get involved. It’s the creed of the lawyers who advise them.

And the Democrat party makes sure they have the best lawyers around.

After all, they get used to the fact that they can never be fired for anything. Why put your neck out?

There is ONE thing that it seems, is never talked about. I would especially like to bring it up, because it’s a pet peeve of mine.

It seems this guy lived across the hall to this “girlfriend” named Emily Hilscher, the first person that he killed. Poor thing. She probably didn’t say “hi” to him sometime in the hall that day because she was busy.

That was all he needed.

The liberals, who promoted “free sex” and “woman’s rights” all during the sixties, somewhere during the Clinton era, decided that it would be an equal opportunity idea for all women and men to share the same dormitories, the same bathrooms, the same submarines.

This is one of the most insane things ever promoted by an administration. To put men and women, who are NOT married, into having to share bathrooms, and living quarters with strangers of the opposite sex, especially at the peak of hormonal human sexuality is a complete breakdown of society.

And have you noticed, there is not much talk about this at all, anywhere?

Tom Wolfe wrote an excellent book about this in, “I Am Charlotte Simmons,” a book I recommend for every parent that has a daughter going away to college.

Maybe this poor girl would still be alive today if she had not lived on the same floor.

If parents starting sending their kids to colleges that did NOT practice this insane habit, the universities would have to change.

No wonder the kids don’t learn anything. But how many college kids are going to want to get rid of it?

Yeah. My point exactly.

And lastly but not leastly is the MOST absurd reaction of all. (Besides Chris Mathews) The Europeans are blaming the whole affair on Charlton Heston.

Yes, the Italians, the French, the Germans, and the British, all say that we as Americans are violent because of our guns, and the NRA and Mr. Heston has caused it all.

This nobody thinks they have a lot of room to talk. We watched Paris burned, for a whole summer. Any soccer fan will split your head open with their beer can, and if not for the American protecting their very proper socialist’s butts for all these years, they would not even exist.

I say, we should tell them we agree, and bring all our troops with all their guns home and off their borders.

Let them get all get slingshots.

Nobody’s Perfect: Although I’ve seen some columns written today criticizing the way the college and the police handled the whole situation, I bet NOT one of anyone involved will receive any kind of reprimand.

After all, if they didn’t punish Sandy Berger, why punish these people?

All the poor parents, who want to sue them, will find out that all the local lawyers are already on the University payroll.

After all, the President of the University has the endorsement of the President of the United States of America. Why should he fear anything?

It’s just another taking taxpayers money making day.

Nobody Knows; We all watched for hours at Columbine….the police didn’t move. Same thing here. What if, these people that are actually hired for these kind of things, what if they actually were allowed to do their jobs? There is no need to change gun laws. There are plenty on the books already.

Why was there not an armed undercover man in this building?

With all the money these schools make, how much could it cost to put at least one undercover man with guns in every building? And have a button to press on every teacher’s desk in case of emergencies?

I bet you could even find an illegal alien to do it for practically nothing!

Oh, that’s too obvious.

And how come NOBODY has asked why, after the first shooting they didn’t block all the streets going in and out of the campus? Pretty simple. They could have set that up in fifteen minutes. They sure can dish out a lot of baloney.

“We just couldn’t get a hold of all the people coming in to classes!”

And how about that e-mail! Come on IN! Just watch out for the man who wants to kill you!

Nobody Cares: I just heard some bozo on the radio putting out the “Kudu’s” to all the excellent response to the shooting, how well all the agencies reacted to the crisis.

It doesn’t get any more absurd than that.



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