Monday, April 30, 2007

The Rich, The Poor, The Dogs

Nobody’s Opinion; Turn on any news program lately and you’ll likely to come to the conclusion that the world is going to the dogs. Actually, that might not be a bad idea…

For instance: Just now I’m listening to Michael Savage who is outraged at some of our country’s universities building special foot baths for Muslims to wash their feet. I have to agree with him on this one. If we can’t say a Christian prayer, or even mentioned Jesus without the thought police (ACLU) coming down on us, then Islamic practices should not get special privileges that the Christians do not have.

And if we keep this up, we will have to get rid of our dogs, because Muslims don’t like them. Dogs will not be allowed on the streets because they OFFEND them.

God hope it never comes to that, but hey, someone has to warn America.

Today foot baths, tomorrow…your dog.

I love dogs, always have.

And here is ME with my two best friends, taken last Christmas.

Last night, I found out that the Queen of England loves dogs too…in fact, I think she loves dogs more than people.

I certainly can sympathize. I’ll take my dog’s company over about half of the world’s population at this moment in time. But then again, so would most dog lovers.

The Queen of England has about 16 Corgi’s, Labradors, Spaniels, and even Dorgi’s. (corgi’s and dachshunds mixed)

And so, here I am a nobody, finding out she has something in common with the Queen of England, go figure. How did I come to this?

I’ve been searching for a common thread between the rich and the poor, and I found it.

Last night my neighbor, Shirley and I, watched the newly released movie, “The Queen.” I was actually surprised to have liked the film---the acting was pretty good. It showed just how far removed from the lower classes royalty is. (Ditto OUR royalty over here.)

My neighbor Shirley is a dear lady. It’s got to very hard to put up with someone like me--- one who thinks the monarchy of England should have disappeared long, long ago. After all, the Royal Family cost the taxpayers 68 million dollars last year.

That’s a lot of dog food.

But, then there are privileges when you’re in the royal family, even if you are a dog. It seems in 2003, Princess Anne’s bull terrier took a chunk out of two unsuspecting kids, and THEN went and killed one of her mum’s favorite corgis. She did not suffer much in penalties, unlike the common folks.

I doubt the Queen has forgiven her.

One of her dog’s name was Pharos. I think King Tut would have been better.

Queen, Kings, Pharos…all had royal dogs. The Dalai Lama’s had Shiz Zu’s ---breed to warn the Lama of coming danger.

Queen Victoria had pomerianians after her husband died. And Michelangelo’s Pomeranian sat on a pillow and watched him paint the Sistine Chapel. Mozart wrote aria’s for his dog.

Dogs are great therapy for the lonely, rich or poor. And even though you’re the Queen, and it must get lonesome. I mean, just how many of your 17 castles can you fill with relatives and celebrities?

Anyway, as we watch our gas prices go into triple digits and the gulf between the rich and the poor widen, at least we will have ONE thing in common…the love of our dogs.

This is why we must not let the Muslims take over Western Civilization.

In fact, our love for dogs might just save Western civilization. We certainly need something to rally around…and it’s a good start.

Nobody’s Perfect; Mary Queen of Scott’s little Skye terrier was underneath her skirt when she was beheaded.

Really. If I was going to be beheaded I would certainly find my dogs a new home, but then again, I’m not royalty.

Nobody’s Knows: Why some people love dogs, and others love cats. Dog lovers have never been able to understand how anyone can want a cat over a dog. Cat lovers feel the same.

Nobody Cares; My dogs walk ME. They drag me around by grabbing the leash in their mouth and playing tug of war all the way around the block, saving me money on expensive exercise equipment. The dog whisperer would disown me. And you what? I could care less. Sometimes, you can learn the joy of life all over again, just by walking your dog.



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