Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Al Gore: The Truth is Not Convenient

Nobody’s Opinion: We’ve got a tornado watch posted in St. Louis for the rest of the night and all tomorrow, so I said to myself:

“Go on, girl, get it over with. Tonight would be the perfect time to watch Al Gore’s documentary, “Inconvenient Truth.” After all, you can’t keep putting off forever.”

And like a six year old who doesn’t want to go to bed I answered back to myself: “Ah, do I HAVE to? Can’t I just do it some other time? ” It has sat on my recorder for months.

I also tell myself this same thing about root canals.

But, (I’ll copy Al Gore On this one) the frog has to jump into the boiling water sometime, so I did watch it…almost to the end. I jumped out just in time.

Before I tell you my thoughts on Al Gore’s crusade to save the earth and his legacy, I need to get some thoughts in my head about the man out.

When think of Al Gore, the first image that comes to mind is not only how strange looking his eyebrows are, (Like the devil came down and tattooed them on his head) but a video that I saw once on a news program visiting Monticello with Bill Clinton. Bill walked into a room with Gore and Al Gore said as plain as day, “And look here…who are these guys?”

He was looking at busts of Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington. Bill Clinton had to tell him who they were, and then they shot Bill shaking his head as he walked away.

You can bet they didn’t replay that video much. Too bad it was before You Tube.

And this is the man who is now going to save the world?

The other thought that I can’t quite explain, because I simply can’t find the book in any of my six closets, (my nobody library) is that I remember reading a book once, I THINK it was called “Spin Cycle” or something like that, that really stuck with me.

It was written by a man who had worked for the White House for years. I think he worked for the Clinton administration, but that’s not the point.

The point is that the man explained that there is an office in D.C., that every administration uses to “spin” the news. It sometimes employs up to 1500 people, (and that was long ago) working the “spin” machines on all the televisions. They sit in a room monitoring hundreds of TV’s. They will put people on (their spokes people) on the different television stations and time the statements to coordinate, literally up to the seconds, thereby getting the most effect for the President and the policies that they can.

This is planned, scripted, and carefully managed every single day. This little fact floored me, because I thought that the White House had NO influence at all on any of the talk shows, but on the contrary, it seems the stations are in direct line with this “office” that no party wants to talk about.

This book was written before FOX news, so I can't say about them.

Basically it’s propaganda control, and has been going on even since Nixon. Kind of like a command control center. Sometimes I wonder if Clinton still has control of it…but having told you this, after watching the Gore movie, it is so very obvious just how good the people in power have gotten at propaganda.

Inconvenient Truth was made to be played in every single school in the world. You feel like you’re in high school all over again.

And that’s what it’s meant to convey. YOU…are in school. Here’s the teacher. Here are the charts, you don’t know. Al is the expert. He uses almost grade school visuals.

He could have presented the whole concept more scientifically, but then he would have had to put actual scientists on…and that’s NOT the purpose of the film.

I’m not going to comment on all the things you’ve already read, but on the things that I thought should be mentioned more.

Like the fact that Al Gore in almost every scene is typing on a computer, on an APPLE computer, and using Google. Remember, he is on the board of Google.

Like the fact that it is just as much a political movie to promote Al Gore, as it is a “global warming” movie. James Carville says he is going to run, and the movie does seem to back that up. The whole movie is an Al Gore promotion on his life: he uses two moments that have nothing to do with global warming: his son’s death and his sister’s death: even thought he finds a way to intertwine both events with global warming.

Like the fact that he also finds a way to remind everyone that Bush is Evil, and he won the election, more than once we see these little “bits” of resentment.

Like the fact that the democrats are using a new trick to “convince” right-wingers that their hero’s actually agree with them. Al Gore used Mark Twain, Churchill, and even used the good old “My daddy was a farmer, and I worked on the farm” bit, hoping to bond with Middle America.

Because it’s Middle America that he plans to tax to death for all his global warming cures, but he doesn’t tell you that.

No, he never talks about money, until the end. He shows a simple picture of a balanced scale, one side with gold, one side with the earth. He knows he cannot say, “Oh by the way, we will need more money for this, out of your paycheck.”

Yes, he walks down the hall into the crowd like the rock star, and then in the end, comes down the long tunnel with a halo of light behind him, the visual green Jesus---Al.

And the most important fact is; he blames man for all these weather changes, but the only thing he can come up with that man does is car emissions. He goes to GREAT lengths to tell you the destruction of the earth, but he doesn’t go to great lengths to tell you just exactly HOW man has destroyed the earth, beyond the fact that there are too many of us.

Not very scientific. And to make himself appear very noble, he is personally going all over the world talking in city after city, in order to save it.

He doesn’t mention how much he gets paid to do all these lectures.

He does mention that atomic bombs could destroy the earth as we know it. But he doesn’t mention that atomic bombs would be MUCH quicker than car emissions or light bulbs.

Today, Dick Cheney has said that a nuclear attack from our enemies is our biggest worry. But Al Gore does not fear a nuclear attack from the Muslims radicals at all. Not at all.

Which is proof, after 9/11, that Al Gore is in the Ozone, breathing too much toxic power.

Uh...Earth to Al...Earth calling Al....

He’s too busy making money. And while he’s at it, resurrecting himself.

My advice is for Al to stay home from going all over the world, he has been up in a plane looking down at the Earth for so long, he starting to think he’s God second cousin.

He’s not; and someone should tell him that inconvenient truth.



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