Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ken And Barbie...The Fight Continues

Nobody’s Opinion: Ken and Barbie, are at it again.

Alex Baldwin, the handsome movie actor looking for a set, put another notch in his claim to fame over the weekend by showing all of America just how loving and caring a father he was to his daughter.

He called her a “pig.” And what is even more amazing is that many men all over the country, who have themselves been in so much emotional pain from their own losses, are making all kinds of excuses for the man.

If you ARE a man, (or woman) and have called any of your children such a horrible name, with such vileness, even if you think the child deserves it, then you are setting the example for that child, not only to hate your guts for life, but to grow up and maybe even imitate your immaturity to their own child.

Tell me, if he is trying to win over her affection, is this going to help?

Hearing all the excuses made for the man, I’ve come to two conclusions:

1. Alex Baldwin cannot control his anger. (So much so that he is willing to fly a great distance and keep in full fledge rage, pity the stewardess.)…and….
2. We have a lot of adults out there calling their own kids names because they think it okay, the brats deserve it.

To this I say…hey, did they ask to be born? Did they ask to have YOU for a parent?

If you can’t communicate past a first-grade level vocabulary, then don’t become a parent.

Glenn Sacks, that lovable looking guy on MND, may go on with example after example of women faking rapes, lying, using the system for whatever reason, (and no doubt they may be true) but he has also shown a severe lack of judgment in sticking up for this narcissistic man who cannot believe that (according to many magazine polls) the most beautiful woman in the world actually left him.

He still hasn’t gotten over it.

And he also hasn’t gotten over the fact that his career ended when he suggested we should all go and kill Henry Hyde and his whole family.

May I remind everyone that this previous "angry rant" was NOT a released secret phone conversation.

Lots of Americans said on hearing it, “To hell with this guy, he’s nuts.” I was one of them. I never paid to see any more of his movies. Evidently, I was not the only one, because he hasn’t had star billing in any movie since his Henry Hyde raging rant.

You don’t see Kim Bessinger making a fool out of herself, making stupid political comments and getting little parts in idiotic movies.

The guy had the world. He blew it---and now he is blaming all his problems on her, instead of where the fault lies.

Frankly, it wasn’t just the word “pig” that alarmed me. It was all the rest of the veiled threats that scared the gehebees out of this nobody.

And I’m not eleven.

If I were Kim Basinger, I would have done exactly the same thing, even though admitting that a mother has to be pretty desperate to release such a thing.

The action speaks for itself.

With the release of this tape, she took the risk of ruining her own career, not that she has much of one left either, and put her child in the limelight where she wasn’t before.

It was a drastic measure, and one that perhaps was caused by maternal instinct. As most men know, Mother Nature can be fierce. By making his anger public, she hopes to protect her child, once and for all.

It seems Kim has done everything in her power to keep him away from the girl. And from that phone conversation, I can see why.

The man might think he loves his daughter, in his own mind. He might also think global warming is real, all rednecks should die, and he deserves to be President.

I’ve known men like that, and they snap, very easily.

In fact, we just witness one last week. He liked to threaten too. (VT)

I’d also like to make the very important point here that just because many men get beat up by women, the fact remains that men beat up women, all the time.

What, are we keeping some kind of existential score here?

Kim Basinger has always claimed that Alex is physically and mentally abusive. Yet, are we not suppose to believe her simply because there are men in the world who are suffering from abusive relationships who therefore come to the conclution that ALL women are lying?

Simply because our political and judicial system is being taken over by marxists? What's that got to do with this case? Nothing.

Kim since the divorce, has done little acting, and has been pretty quiet.

Not Alex. He will do anything to get back into the limelight, short of adopting in Africa.

Fame can be addicting, and Alex is enraged at his obvious crash from his celebrity star pedestal. Alex is not only furious at his wife, his child, and his country, he is enraged that he is getting older and showing it, another cruel fate.

If I were Kim, I would be scared to death of the man.

I see the release of that tape, as a last protection from a mother and child who probably truly feared for their lives.

Think I’m crazy?

Well, I don’t care, it’s just my opinion.

None of us really knows, but I tend to agree with Robert (MND) Reyes on this one.

Nobody’s Perfect: It is reported that Kim suffers from agoraphobia. So, what is Alex’s phobia? Pigs?

Nobody’s Knows; Even though Kim’s mother seems to side with Alex, it seems her father is sticking up for Kim. So, one wonders, is she close to her mother? We just saw with Anna Nicole’s statements on Larry King just how close she was to HER mother.

Nobody Cares
; Alex and Kim were married seven years. Ken and Barbie, have now divorced after 43 years, which is about the same time span really. One doll lifespan is about six of ours.

But unlike Alex and Kim, (where I favor Kim) in Ken and Barbie’s case, my heart goes out to Ken. That poor guy really didn’t deserve to be thrown out. Barbie is becoming a real hoe. Look for her in the upcoming Snoop-dog video, called, “Barb is my nappy, she makes me real happy.” I hope Ken finds another babe, he deserves it.



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