Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Conundrum of Conspiracies

Nobody’s Opinion: Tonight, my husband and I watched the weekly episode of “Bones” and at the end of the program; in a very romantic setting…one of the characters proposes to his girlfriend. His girlfriend says “no.” No reason really, let’s just go have sex, she says.

Well, there’s another strike for the woman’s world of getting rid of the man.
And another stroke for marriage being thrown out altogether, after all, getting rid the words "mom and dad" in all books is also being used to destroy that terrible institution.

It was sad.

But, I got to thinking…what’s really seems beyond belief and absolutely frightening is how everyone in America, including some very wise and smart people, are being manipulated every single day on how they are to think.

And the one subject that really shows just how good they have manipulated the “independent” thinker is on conspiracy theories.

If you, like Rosie O’Donnell, happen to think that the chances that of those two buildings on 9/11 coming down in immaculate perfection, then you are really stupid, just like her.

Now, I’m not sticking up for Rosie, but having watched buildings being imploded all my life on local news, on movies, in real life…it sure was a perfect scene.

And as we all know, life isn’t like that.

So why shouldn't Rosie be allowed to say, “Hey, I find something wrong here?” A few days later we saw a tanker blow up in San Francisco and melt steel and concrete (and not too perfectly may I add)---Now do you see how this could happen, moron?

What Joyanna, you think that some events are being staged? You are paranoid, and know nothing.

AND…if you think that some historical events happen not by chance, but by the elite and powerful arranging events in order to move agenda’s then you are considered by everyone…from both the right and the left as really “stupid” basically and paranoid.

Basing your logic on the fact that historically speaking, leaders have lined up with other governments, and other people, all the time to further their own power.

What...that would never happen in the world now?

These same people that condemn your examination of all possibilities think nothing of NAFTA, and the superhighway that will bring in most of South America very soon.

Why, that’s just a myth…you’re silly, that won’t be built.

And this constant condemnation is pumped into you so much; you start to doubt your own mind. And pretty soon, you start believing that everything that happens is just a coincidence, no matter what. You are stupid, you don’t know. Forget what you see. Do not question.

And yet, just the fact that Sandy Berger can go into the National Archives and stuff damaging evidence about 9/11 in his socks, and very few get really upset about it, shows how brainwashed YOU have been.

Just the fact that a former President, can sell nuclear secrets to China and no one even mentions that fact on the major news…

Just the fact that his wife is expected to win the next President election even though NO one likes her…

And let’s also ignore that the Oklahoma bombing building held vast FBI records of the Clintons
And that the records of the building that Rosie O’Donnell says was brought down on 9/11 ALSO contained many valuable FBI records…

And that just last week, a Georgetown Library burnt down with records of all the houses in Georgetown, containing valuable records and no one says much. (I wonder just how many democrats live in Georgetown besides Hillary?) except that slaves portraits were lost, and hey, it just so HAPPENS that the fire hydrants around the library did not work.

Well...that's not so strange.

That news didn’t even upstage Larry bringing his baby home.

In 2000, in Los Alamos, a fire started by the government destroyed buildings and records

The list goes on and on.

Now we are hearing from the Clintons, the Obama’s, the leftest in Congress...the people who have been shaping their socialist/communists government for years.

They are bold about it. They brag about it. We have been brainwashed to CARE for Africa, for Bono, for Global warming, for the poor Arabs and Palestinians. We have been brainwashed to hate our President…and to think that white is black.

After all, the newspapers have printed so many articles on Africa and Aids, we almost can see the pictures in our sleep.

We are being told, once again, that we will HAVE to change our lives.

Let me repeat…we are being ordered to do what they say. Hillary, Gore, Edwards, in all their speeches they are telling you what’s coming.

We are lovingly told that we are going to have to make...sacrifices.

How stupid are we?

As Glenn Beck always says…there is one thing I know:

The corruption of almost all of our politicians is beyond even criminal. We’ve have had corruption to such unimaginable proportions, from the coup of LBJ killing Kennedy to become President, to the Clintons selling out America to China, that they make the burning of the library at Alexandria or Hitler’s burning of the Reichstag look pale in comparison.

They have mastered the media, the universities, and now, we are next.

Some people believe there is a group of men called the Illuminati, which have been planning a one world government for years. Clinton in fact was roommates with one.

Oh…wait, that was just a coincidence. Sorry, forgive my suspicious mind.

But there is one thing that might convince you. Go here…and see just how many committees this man is on. Then ask yourself.

Are you feeling stupid now?

Glenn Beck's show on how we should question Al Gore’s global warming tonight showed that it’s a good thing someone is thinking.

The question we need to all ask is…if it looks like a conspiracy theory, it just very well could be.

And it’s our right to say we will dishonor our founders no more, and speak our minds, and say…we DO see what you are doing…and we will not be silent.

Nobody's Perfect: Then again, Rosie is making my logic a tough sell.



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