Monday, May 07, 2007

Nobody Knows: The Moon, The Queen, and The First Charter of Virginia

Nobody Knows: There are some things in life that never change; politicians, sports, the fact that most things ALWAYS break down on the weekend, and the proper description of property values in legal documents.

This can be VERY important.

Just ask Queen Elizabeth II. I wonder what she was thinking while she was being escorted through the historical remains of Jamestown? Was she thinking--looks like England? Why in the world did they dig THIS up? Or how much longer is this day going to be? Or--- will I dirty my gloves? Did my maid bring the extra pair?

Or...his pants are too short.

If I had been her, I would have been thinking, “What a shame. I could have been Queen of all this too, if not for that stupid King George.”

But it was really James, “By the Grace of God, King of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland” in 1606, that made a big mistake, while drawing up the First Charter of Virginia.

You see, he put something in the First Charter of Virginia that set the precedent which actually lead up to the American Revolution, a proclamation which gave John Adams (and the Boston colonists) all the ammunition they needed: the ending.

“Also We do, for Us, Our Heirs, and Successors, declare, by these presents, (basically the eastern half of the United States, which was not even theirs to give, but no matter here.) that all and every of the persons being Our subjects, which shall dwell and inhabit within every or any of the said several colonies and plantations, and every of their children, which shall happen to be born within any of the limits and precincts of the said several colonies and plantations, shall have and enjoy all liberties, franchises, and immunities, within any of our other dominions, to all intents and purposes, as if they had been abiding and born, within this Our Realm of England, or any of Our said dominions.”

You gotta love the English language.

Yes, that said all Americans get the same equal rights as their British comrades overseas. We all know that didn’t happen. Back then, the people got mad at being overtaxed without representation.

Now, we just get mad at things like the fact that Barry Bonds is going to beat Hank Aaron’s record, but with steroids.

What’s really fun about reading the First Charter of Virginia is the description of the land…they left nothing out; “They shall have all the lands, woods, soils, grounds, havens, ports, rivers, mines, minerals, marshes, waters, fishings, commodities, and herediataments, (they left out the sun somehow) …etc…” and then they added:

yielding therefore to Us, Our Heirs, and Successors, the fifth part only of all the same gold and silver, and the fifteenth part of all the same copper, so to be gotten or had…”

Well, there’s the workings of state capitalism at its best.

I don’t know why it struck me so funny…King James giving land away that he didn’t actually own. I mean--- where was HIS land deed?

I happen to think it’s funny that they can sell land on the moon. Lots of rich people have already forked out millions. Is there some kind of “First Charter of the Lunar” in our National Archives that we don’t know about? Is THAT why we are not hooking up with the Russians to go to the Moon...because we have already sold property there…so there would be a lot of pissed off rich people if the Russians have sold the same lots?

Makes you wonder.

I didn’t think it was so funny, when a lawyer I had once hired to make up some quick claim deeds for me, for some property that I had in Florida, made the mistake of leaving out two whole plots.

In Florida, that’s a lot.

I didn’t catch it, because the descriptions of the other plots were so long and meticulous, I just ASSUMED they were all there.

That’s what you get when you hire a lawyer from another state who wants to know when you will be moving to be next to him, because he thinks he’s James Bond. And when you go to strangle him, he disappears into Las Vegas.

For all I know, he was the guy blown up in the Parking lot last week next to the Elexsor.

So, what’s the main theme of this little rant you might ask?

Nobody Knows,
but I’ll take a stab.

Don’t go putting any “rights of man” into property deeds; nations should get out of the habit of just moving in and claiming property when they don’t own it in the first place:

And do not get cheap lawyers off the internet, you would have better luck buying property on the moon.



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