Thursday, May 03, 2007

Watching the Donkeys

Nobody Flashes: Last night, President Bush, invited his very best buddy, Nancy Pelosi over to watch the Republican debate at the White House. Laura was in Las Vegas, visiting Elvis.

George: Wow, this is really good. These guys have actually done a little homework about Iraq. Romi wore the tie I gave him…Hey, did you noticed they skipped over Tom?...that was smooth.

Nancy: Well, we really can’t let him talk now can we? Listen to Chris! HA! He wants to change the constitution already! For Arnold! Haaaaaa…Chris is really good.

George: Nancy doesn’t look good…she looks spaced. She didn’t want any of this to happen at the library. We had to bribe her.

Nancy: What’s the matter with Tomie’s hair?

George: His wife does his hair. Hey, he just asked them him if it would be a good thing if Bill Clinton should be back in the White House….

Yeah. I know. I gave him that question. Speaking of that, did you see him on that morning cooking show of Oprah’s? He was cooking and saying that he liked to cook…ha….sure. That was really a great idea, getting that girl…promoting all the main liberals, and all our plans on her program…she can mix in stem-cell research, tell mom’s how to raise their kids, and go to ever school for the programs we’ve got set up…

I just can’t remember her name. She looks very Mexican, but she's not.

George: ….Speaking of questions, did you get the new plane you ordered yet?

Nancy: Well, they are fixing the office, it needs a bigger tub. I should get it next week and thanks for that…

George: It’s okay. I had the boys down at Langley working on it special. It will make Ron Brown’s old heap look like an old Cessna. I had them put an extra 50 seats in for your family too. If you want we can put in a playroom in the back for the kids…

Nancy: Okay, yeah, that would be nice, hey…now they have to talk about gays. HA! Chris is really good. You know, I really think he’s in love with Hillary. It’s kind of sad…

George: Yeah, the guy is really stupid. He does everything you say…

Nancy: Oh come on…he’s kind of cute!…Hey, did you take care of that problem at the Georgetown library? I would sure hate it if that stuff got out.

George: It’s been done. Look at McCain…he actually looks good…even if he does look like a squirrel. We had to hire the same guy who fixes up Brad Pitt to help him look better. I heard he was four hours in makeup…. McCain really came through for us on the borders; he and Ted actually are going out on the boat next weekend, with daddy and Bill. He really should stay out of the sun, but he doesn’t care.

Nancy: Here’s the question about Al Gore. Hey, did you know Al is actually going to replace some of his light bulbs!! What a scream! Tipper thinks he’s nuts.

George: So, are you going to join us at the Kentucky Derby? You know, the old gal (Queen Elizabeth) wanted to come over last year for it, but she has held off for Hillary’s sake...bless her heart. She is coming over for dinner…that’s always a trip.

Nancy: Yes, she read the speech we gave her to read at VT and she was so tired…she really just wanted to go to the races. I hear she is making Blair an ambassador. Releasing the movie before she came over was such a good idea.

George: Yeah, Blair will actually be making more money now. Boy…this is getting boring. How about we go for a ride? We can take ONE and go down to Florida real quick and pick up Jeb, before we go to the races…wanna go?

Nancy: No. I’ve got to get together with my speech writer at

George: Yeah, gee Nanc…you could go a little easier on me there.

Nancy: Now, what fun would that be George? You KNOW I can’t do that!

George: Yeah, I’ll remember that…you know what they say?

Nancy: No. what do they say?

If the phone don’t ring, you’ll know it’s me.

Nobody’s Perfect: Okay, I only watched the first ten minutes of the debate, and once Chris Mathews made the comment about how “wrong” the war was, that was enough for me. I’ll watch it again when I’ve had about three of my husbands muscle relaxers.

In the meantime, this picture was just too good to pass up having fun with.

Nobody Knows: Why they couldn’t have gotten a more objective commentator to ask the questions.

Nobody Cares: So far, I’m leaning toward Rudy. For two reasons: He was the only leader that did not run and hide on 9/11, and he refused money from the Saudi’s. (Oh, AND he went after the mafia.)

As far as his "social" issues go...remember, the founders decided not to tackle the slavery issue at the time of the revolution. Giuliani’s social positions take a back seat to our enemies and the borders, and he seems to be then only one who we can trust to lead….at least we can hope.

Having said that, I think the “elites” for a better name, are working for a Hillary/McCain ticket for the global takeover…McCain would lose. Anyway, that's just a nobody's opinion.



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