Thursday, May 17, 2007

Put An Apple In Your Mouth, You've Just Been Roasted

Nobody’s Opinion: Globalization: Put an Apple in Your Mouth, You’ve Just Been Roasted.

"By embracing globalization, America would identify itself with a historical trend that was universal in scope, excluded no one, and set no limits on its potential benefits."

"Here and there, of course, some groups would be displaced, (the whole middle class of America) a few narrow interests would suffer, and hurtful shifts in employment and production might occur. But to enthusiasts of the new era, these growing pains were a passing phase subject to almost automatic self-correction. Globalization would generate an ultimate equilibrium, with the redistribution of benefits for the many offsetting the initial hardships of the few. "(America’s middle class.)

"Last but not least, globalization had a ready-made and powerful constituency not only among America’s business elite but also within the multinational corporate world that had grown rapidly during the waning decades of the Cold War. "---

Zbigniew Brzezinski, (Jimmy Carter’s old Marxist National Security Advisor) quote from “Second Chance”

A strong supporter of globalization.

While most of us today, cannot believe our eyes and ears, with the news that George Bush (I refuse to call him a President of America any more) announced his totalitarian ultimatum of the end of America.

I don’t care how many books he reads on George Washington, his dreams of being remembered as the great liberator of Iraq, will be small compared to what he will really be remembered for: the destruction of America.

Don’t kid your self---this is a great day for George. You could see it in his swagger. Daddy Bush passed NAFTA, Clinton took it further. Newt and Bob Dole helped. The New World Order and its world globalization plans have been implemented by rich elite leaders from BOTH parties for decades. As the CEO of General Electric once said….

“It’s MUCH better from a business point of view to deal with a dictatorship than a democracy or Republic. Decisions take too long. That's why I love doing business in China."

Millions of Americans have just been ignored, their lives and the lives of their children...destroyed---for the greed of a few.

George W. might as well have said; “So let it be written: so let it be done.”

God help us all on this sad day....


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