Sunday, May 20, 2007

Gene Simmons Salutes the Soldiers

Nobody’s Opinion: It’s about bloody time.

Daily we are bombarded with the idiotic, malicious, heinous, and hedonistic comments of our very rich American entertainment stars. You know their names. They run Hollywood. They all hate America. And the very few who don’t, keep their mouths shut for fear that they will not get much work.

You can count them on one hand.

But tonight, on A& E…Gene Simmons, (Who has his own show call Family Jewels on Sunday Nights.) did a whole show, to thank the veterans--- To thank our soldiers.

And he did it with great class.

He went into a veteran’s hospitals and shook the hands of soldiers: Old soldiers, men who had been there quite a while---Vietnam Vets, and a young man from Iraq. He looked them in the eye, and told them they were “heroes” and all of them were “better men then he.”

He took his daughter with him to show her what a “hero” looks like.

And then, he gave a concert for the soldiers--- not as the tongue lashing, crazy looking man with the white face, cross between a Marvel Comic Character and a vampire bass player of KISS, but as an American citizen. He played a concert for a group of soldiers, and sang all their songs with them---the Navy, the Army, and the Air Force…the Marines. It was great, it was uplifting…it was sorely needed.

Somewhere Bob Hope was smiling.

Of course, get a room full of our military people, and they WILL sing in the most god-awful keys…yell at the top of their lungs, jump, and most of all, they will make you love them all make you want to take them all home with you.

I know, I’ve been there, and done that…although on a smaller scale. It’s the greatest feeling.

And then he sang, “God Bless America,” with them all.

To see the faces on all these young men and women, and to see them laugh, it was so great…they were all excited and thrilled.

But I can tell you one thing for sure---not as much as he was.

Now…I know there are shows honoring the soldiers on TV. Many a night as I watch the news, I will see some heart-breaking story of someone who was just killed in Iraq, and the wives and babies they leave behind---mothers and fathers, barely able to speak…exploited by the news to twist your opinion against the war.

And then there are the “war” stories…the productions. Stories much like you would see in a movie theater. They teach us, and that’s important.

But tonight it was much more personal.

There was one scene where Gene got very emotional listening to a young man’s story about why he served. “For my family,” the boy said. He said. “I do it so they don’t have to worry back home--- to keep them safe.”

Yeah, I was crying too.

We see so much immoral behavior every single day from everywhere, and so much is being said against the war these days--it is so important to remind ourselves, each and every day, that Americans have raised the finest soldiers in the world. And THEY need us.

And we need more shows like this.

Not all musicians are like Gene Simmons.

In fact, I once wrote a letter to Michael McDonald (From the old Dobbie Brothers) because he did not sing “God Bless America” at his 4th of July Concert, which I attended one year some time ago in downtown St. Louis, under The Arch.

You gotta picture it…all the fireworks are exploding…you are waiting for it…I mean, Michael McDonald has one of the greatest male voices ever recorded …I was SURE it was going to be the very BEST…I couldn’t wait to hear his rendition.

It never came.

He could have sung ANYTHING with America in it….but he didn’t. He played some stupid song…he could not go against his conscious.

I was sooooo disappointed. It ruined my whole night. How could he NOT play our National Anthem on the Fourth? It was the biggest slap in the face to everyone there that night. I mean-, it was the Fourth of July for God’s sake…even if he had been a Muslim (for all I know he could be one) he had a professional obligation, a DUTY to play the National Anthem at the crescendo of the fireworks.

He never answered my simple question of “why not?”


The difference between Mike McDonald and Gene Simmons is clear. Intelligence, heart…and let me say it again. Intelligence.

One is a real man.

I used to go see Mike in little clubs around town when he was fifteen and poor.
And I still can’t figure out why famous stars just never figure out that ONLY in America could they have become rich and famous.

That’s also why; Gene Simmons career is going to keep growing, while Mike McDonald’s voice will only be heard at your local Wal-Mart, while you’re shopping for tennis shoes.

Sorry Mike. Having talent is not enough.

So, tonight, this nobody salutes Gene Simmons. A man who is a great “spouse” (he doesn’t believe in marriage for you guys on the site) a terrific father, has a very entertaining and terrific new show, and one hell of a smart businessman.

But most of all, Gene Simmons is a great American treasure.

Thanks Gene, this nobody is now of your biggest fans.

And for those reading this, be sure and catch “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” and especially this special show if you can.

Ozzy, eat your heart out.


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