Monday, May 28, 2007

Brzezinski Wants A Second Chance At Communism

Nobody’s Opinion: Tell you what---if you happen to see this guy walking down the street and he is coming toward you…my advice is to step aside.

Find a nice big tree to hide behind. Pretend your Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. DO NOT let him see you.

I just read his new book called, “Second Chance: Three Presidents and the Crisis of American Superpower,” where he not ONLY has the audacity to grade our last three Presidents like he is some sort of Yoda pointing out what they are doing wrong to hinder the global plans that he has been working on for so long with the behind the scene stealth super powers players....

But what he wants us, the American people to do, is so scary I would have settled for watching SAW III instead. And I told myself I would never go there.

If you EVER doubted that the reason the United States is going to the dogs, and that like I am starting to believe, there IS a well-planned organization wanting to take away America’s sovereignty in order to set up a global government, and that these people have been working at the very highest levels of our government for years

Then skip the latest book on Hillary and grab this one. It’s all the proof you might need.

Just looking at Zbigniew brings up visions of Lenin, Stalin, and his personal favorite…Mao. But even though he looks Russian, he says he was born in Poland. Nevertheless he grew up in Russia and is an expert.

No doubt he attended the Lenin School of “How to Run a Revolution” with Mao. (Who was hand picked and trained by the Russians at the University in Moscow to learn how to take over China, I didn't make that up.)

Brzezinski’s claim to fame was that he was Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor, and THAT should tell you something right there. It was his idea to weaponize and train those sweet future Taliban fighters against Russia in Afghanistan. He also serves on the Council on Foreign Relations, and started the Trilateral Group with Rockefeller. He worked for LBJ, graduated from Harvard, is in the Bilderbuerg Group, you know--he has all the usual credentials for a world globalist and if that’s not enough…

His son is Deputy Ass. Secretary of Defense for Europe and NATO. Mika his daughter works as a reporter for CBS.

And Zbigniew is a communist. Oh…he won’t say it in so many words…but, in the book he speaks highly of Marx, Mao, China, and thinks the people of the world are ready for a revolution! Just like the French, and the excellent communist revolution in China!

The world is primed!

So, how does he grade the past three Presidents? He loves Daddy Bush, who said “new world order” so many times; he was starting to sound like a broken record. Daddy Bush just didn’t pull the globalization of the world off though.

Clinton, was great too, he was a true globalist. But he made a lot of mistakes and didn’t get much further.

But it’s Bush Jr. that he really hates. He repeats the talking point over and over…which is; we are now hated in the world because of George W. Bush.

He says it wasn’t Reagan who defeated Russia, that’s wrong. And it wasn’t the United States that defeated the Germans, it was the Russians.

Still, after Russia was defeated, (not by Reagan) we had the CHANCE to take over the world…and we didn’t.

In this global vision of his, he thinks that we should merge with Europe, because if we don’t do this, China will take our place with the Saudi’s.

This hatred for Bush from the “Marxists Democrats” almost make you wonder if Bush, at least on this point, is for the preservation of America like he claims.

Brzezinski labeled Bush a neoconservative, which in democrat speak is MUCH worse than a communist---because you see, communists believe in equality. Neoconservatives want to take over the world militarily and in that respect AMERICA would keep its sovereignty.

And that's not on the new world order agenda.

In the commiecons vision (I don’t know what else to call them) America HAS to go, in order for the global government to finally take over the world.

This is why they keep ignoring the fact that WE were attacked on 9/11.

And to put it bluntly, the commiecons would prefer we be attacked again, because it would destroy us and pave the way for communism/global government.

But on the other hand, Bush is doing almost everything else the dems want.
So, who knows? They both want the globalist government, they’re just two different camps fighting for the top.

Anyway…Here’s what Zbigniew wants the American Citizens to do:

But here’s what he suggests:

1. A regular executive legislative consultative planning mechanism for foreign policy, supported by a combined staff.

2. Americans must recognize that their patterns of consumption will soon collide head on with increasingly impatient egalitarian aspirations. The indulgent self gratification at home conveys indifference to the persisting deprivations of much of the world.

3. By executive order, we must have a deliberate civic education (major propaganda) that stresses the notions of service to a higher cause than oneself. Therefore an adoption of an obligatory period of national service for every young adult. Perhaps involving a variety of congressionally approved domestic or foreign good works. (state service to the world)

4. The President should give speeches on the global state of the world.

He goes on to sum it up with : “Global leadership now must be accompanied by a social consciousness, a readiness to compromise regarding some aspects of one’s own sovereignty, a cultural appeal with more than just hedonistic content and a genuine respect for the diversity of human traditions and values.”

Can I puke now?

Okay Joyanna, you might say. That’s not going to happen, not here. We will never agree to sending our kids to foreign lands to pick up trash, and recycle.

NO? Yesterday, the lady who wanted to enter my home into a “contest” handed me her card…knows what it says?

The commission is to focus on the preservation and enhancement of the human environment in the City including the promotion of literacy, learning, respect and diversity in all aspects of community life. Beautification, the arts and the elimination of discrimination….Building a better community.”

This lady may not have been Brezinski’s sister, being as she was black, but she certainly by all other aspects was his comrade.

Obviously the revolution is already here.

It’s just a matter of which side is going to run it…the neocons’s, the Marxists, or the American people.

In the meantime, I plan to start telling Polish jokes at every chance. Once this is in place, that might just be a capitol offence.


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