Wednesday, August 05, 2009

We Need Some Sam Adam's Woop-Ass

Nobody Knows: Today, many in our Congress are calling the protesters of the Obama Health Care system...mobs. I think we should remind them that if not for the first American mob, they wouldn't even have a job.

The Boston Tea Party, was our first bonifide mob, and oh what a wonderful mob it was! Our schools used to teach it as a brave event.

And oh my goodness,..did they dress up!

One night, our founders, and the people of Boston got so fed up with all the abuses by the King of England, that they threw millions of dollars worth of tea in the harbor in protest.

And what was wonderful, was that this mob was the King of England. If he hadn't have been such a jerk, these poor people would have just sat around and been happy.

If the American people had not fought the King of England, the whole world as we know it, would be a lot different.

For it's ONLY in freedom that people can invent, create, and work to solve the problems of mankind..America's many successful projects has literally lit up the world. All nations have electric, cars, planes, phones, Internets, and most of this if not all of this technology has come from us....and like a string of falling domino's...if not for the mobs of 1776, most of that would not have happened.

As history has shown...tyranny historically produces...nothing. Saudi Arabia is proof of that.

The Boston Tea party, was a proud tradition of our American History...and guess what Michelle and Obama?...the Boston Tea parties are going to keep coming...and if you want to know who manufactured the tea parties...look in the mirror and know...that you may have just made your biggest mistake.

And I am glad. In fact, go ahead Obama and do your Castro imitations, the more you spin, the more you sound ridiculous.

Like that video of you that someone found, where you tell how you are going to get rid of health care insurance...and then put up that the video had been altered.

Yeah. Right. Good one. You think we don't know the difference? And I thought you were smart, Barry. Keep this up! It's great!

America is finally understanding the words of communism, socialism, tyranny, and insanity. Our system is so full of corrupt and Mafia/gangsters that it is undeserving of it's people. They can no longer hide their corruption. It's in full view.

Free people of the world are BEGGING us to stand up to Obama and his bag of communists, you hear it in the voices of the ones who are allowed to speak.

How CAN we let them down?

Today, an American President ask citizens to snitch on those other citizens that did not agree with his new march to communism, just like Castro.

He wants a list, he wants to collect names, bank accounts, data, DNA, and everything he can to control the masses. He is on a mission to erase America forever..

Universal Health Care means he can and will kill many of us, and just like Hitler, he will stand on his mountain and you will not hear the screams, he will not either.

I suggest we start taking the 1776 flag to these meetings and talk about our history. Take anything that makes you proud of America, since he is not.

That drives them crazy. This it the time to go bug your Representatives.
Before they hide. And they will. They've already bought big jets to take off in if the going gets too tough.

I don't want an electric car. I don't want to be told how much water or food I can eat or drink. I don't want a black person who hates me to tell me that I can't have that cancer treatment. I don't want Obama to corrupt my grandchildren.
I don't want to wonder who is "spying" on me. I don't a government to tell me I HAVE to have vaccines I don't want, or need. I don't want an internet to start charging me for e-mail and watches my every word that I type.

I don't want to have to "volunteer" my time for the community.

And most of all...I don't want to live under a communist named Obama.

And trust me, you don't either.

What we need is some Sam Adams Wop-Ass. Enough...of this being obedient and quiet.

They work for us, and we must NEVER let them forget it. We need to start acting like the owners of our own country, instead of slaves of an rich elite arrogant Kings and Queens.

We need to bring out Sam Adams, and a big can of American Woop-ass.


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