Saturday, August 08, 2009

What Does It Take For a Brother to Get A Beer?

Nobody's Absurdities No....I've lost count, 70...I think.
It's Saturday night, and I'm sorry to say, I have no favorite e-mails from the week..BUT...
There IS one incredible absurdity that must be recognized and pointed out, since so far, I seem to be the only one who has noticed it.
Last week, we were bombarded with the, "Black Henry Gates gets attacked by racist white cop Crowley, when all Henry was doing was breaking into his own home" story lines.
This week, we should have seen, "Black Kenneth Gladney got beat up by a black union thug, (who's name is not revealed) who didn't want a "ni---r" passing out the American flag" story.
We should have, but we didn't, because as everyone knows, it's no crime for a black man to call another black man "ni--er." Even if they bust their head open while doing it, it's still considered a term of endearment.
(Notice: If there is a white man on the scene at all, the news people mention every black person within twenty miles. If there is no white man around, nothing is said of color.)
The second crime was MUCH bigger than the first, because it was a black union man really beating up a poor black man, trying to kick his head in...but it didn't muster even a peep from Obama...not even "I've invited the two men to the White House for Zero Coke, under the new solar White House Panels to discuss how the Union Members and the people who don't want to die by my Universal Heath Care plans have to all get along."
My thought is that it was the flag that got poor Kenneth in trouble. It's not a flag that Obama is really fond of, as we know from his travels.
Either that, or he really doesn't like beer, which could be, because he didn't drink a beer in the Rose garden with Gates and Crowley. Go figure.
Why did Obama invite a black Harvard Professor and a white cop, to the white house to have a beer to discuss the age old problem of "blacks being racially discriminated against by white cops" but did not address the just as "serious" issue of union thugs beating up innocent people standing around handing out American flags?
I can't figure this one out.
Is it because Kenneth is a poor conservative black man, not a rich, white hating, black man?
Doesn't Obama CARE about poor black men?
The Harvard Professor did not have anything done to him at fact, I have no doubt, after seeing him on C-Span this morning, he will soon get his own show on CNN or MSNBC...I'll even bet you on that.
Whereas, poor black Kenneth Gladney, was beat up so ruthlessly by a black union thug, that he ended up in the hospital, will be heard from, no more. He was on TV with Fox, for his 15 seconds of fame, but the only thing he will be now blamed for is making Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri cancel her Townhall meetings because she is scared of "violence."
Whew! Got out of that one, right Claire?
Message: If you are black, do not be caught selling American Flags anywhere near a Democrat or a union man. If you dare even try to sell that flag, they WILL HIT YOU BACK HARDER!
What does it take for a brother to get a beer around here?
Obama shows that if you are a rich black man, especially one that is racist, you can come right on over, anytime, and fit right in. You will get a pint of Obama Beer, flown directly over from his hometown of Kenya...(It's true, they do have a beer named after him in Kenya...)
Absurd, but not surprising.

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