Saturday, June 16, 2007

Here's to all the Dads...

Happy Father's Day!

May your children feel safe, forever in your protection.

May you plant rose bushes for your daughters, and give family rings to your sons.

And may you always be there..when the time comes, to tell them about your love for thier dreams, about your mistakes, about the tough rules of life that mom can't tell them.

May you be there to pick up that lost teenage girl when her date goes wrong...and come to her rescue when she really needs a big shoulder.

May your son grow up to be just like you. And may he forever hold you in his eyes, as a beam of what it's like to be a man, and know when to fight, and when to love.

And may you always know, no matter what, your children love you, even if they don't even know it.

They will. They will. They always will.


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