Saturday, June 09, 2007

Paris Hilton Reads Sun Tzu

Nobody Knows: this woman planning for war? Do you think that her recent moves at ignoring the laws, the judges, and making sure that all helicopters get shots of her hugging her parents before being sent off to jail is something she learned out of Sun Tzu?

And how about her poor little puppies, who she didn't even kiss goodbye?

Do you think she needs new glasses?

Has her stock in her perfume company just gone up? Or is she planning to take over her father's company some day and is just using her spare time for fun and traveling down the highway at 70-mph with no lights on?

Will Greta Van Sussagrin be able to figure out just what drug Paris was taking to "twitch" in the courtroom.

In fact...will she get room service in jail? And what man is going to define exactly what she needs to do to show "good behavior" in her case?

One thing is certain,---when the only thing any reporter on any American TV channel has been discussing is whether or not poor Paris was treated fairly by that mean, cruel judge, who would NOT have given such a hard sentence to an illegal...

This nobody can only hope they lock all the news reporters up in the jail with her, and they have a power outage.

THEN Paris would get to use all the knowledge that she is learning reading Sun Tzu, and actually give us a reason to admire her.

And the next time she gets out...I suggest we send her to Iraq....pronto.

Not to run the war...but to entertain the men with her vast knowledge of warfare, wearing a nice two piece.

In fact, I can't believe she hasn't thought of this option: ......or has she? Now that would be communty service that she could actually do.

I'm sure there is a Hilton in Bagdad...if not...there will be soon.



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