Monday, June 04, 2007

Cajoling Mass Comas

Nobody’s Opinion: Last weekend, I was watching Al Gore on C-Span endeavoring to convince a roomful of innumerable delicate minds fraught with perplexed eyebrows, who were waiting for the Master of Disaster to tell them how to “reason,” and he told them they could all learn by buying his new book on the subject.

Al Gore, the man who invented the Internet, discovered our environmental road to Armageddon, now claims to be the Master of Reason.

I don’t know how he lives with himself, because if he had any reason, he would shut up.

It was hard to watch him, because his left eyebrow gives me the creeps.

Nevertheless, the news I heard today about Rep. William “hide the money in the fridge!,” Jefferson finally being convicted of 16 counts of federal crimes and it reminded me of something Gore said in his speech.

He was informing, rather sardonically in fact, that while the globe was melting, our news media programs were filling our lives with news flashes of Paris Hilton, thereby insinuating that we are being purposely lulled into some kind of mass coma, by the vast right wing conspiracy, out to destroy the plant

Obviously, his people have been reading the conservative blogs; the liberal bloggers did not even notice this.

So that’s why I was surprised to hear that Jefferson was indicted at all. Why now?

Why now? (I repeat myself) Because this week is just probably one of the most important weeks happening in American history...over the fight of illegal immigration….before America turns into little Mexico City.

All our discussions should be on anger and outrage about our senators along with the President deciding to get rid once and for all the middle class and any hope of the American dream for REAL Americans, not to mention the millions who will be coming here wanting the American dream.

It should be on THAT instead of an outrage of just one big time crook, who was taking bribes in Africa, setting up companies all over the continent, and asking for 5 to 10 percent of the stock options from those companies to make him and his relative’s major fortunes.

That subject does not effect my grandchildren's right to survival.

Jefferson committed a crime of huge proportions (two YEARS ago) only to be re-elected to represent Louisiana and then be given a nice position in Nancy Peloesi’s offices of power--- assuring the fact that either: 1. Everyone is Louisiana has been eating poisoned food from China, or 2. No one has come back and the ones still there had no way to get to the voting polls, due to the fact that all the buses were destroyed in Katrina.

Now we find out that Jefferson has made a huge bundle in Africa.

I don’t know about you…but for the LONGEST time, I kept wondering just why in the Sam Hill everyone in Congress and the EU wants to “save” Africa. Billions of taxpayer’s money from the Western Nations has poured into that place for years, and the place seems to just get worse.

But today, the FBI made it abundantly clear why politicians are always making trips over there. They help “companies” set up infrastructures of oil, electric, sewer, etc. and in return, they personally get a nice big “kick-back.”

The Democrats are good at this…remember Haiti? Remember how the whole black caucus just about went nuts when it was taken over in a coup during the Clinton administration, and Carter and Powell had to go down and straighten things out?

Something tells me it was more than the “poverty” that upset them.

All over the nation, we have watched Black entrepreneurs with little or no education OR experience, running around the world setting up major tele-communications companies, TV stations, radio and cable conglomerates, backed by the democratic caucus. And these guys got BIG money for their troubles.

They have white bankers literally salivating at their feet wherever they make appearances. I know, I go to a lot of their book signings.

Since this nobody’s experience with “big business” is limited…I really can’t say how they are hiding this very common practice so well.

But I do recall Ron Brown, the man who used to take everyone who had "donated” to Bill Clinton’s pocket on business trips to China and Africa on Air Force One….

And then he ended up dead from a plane crash with a big hole in his head.

It just goes to show; sometimes they just have to sacrifice a soldier, like William Jefferson.

I don’t know about you, but I wonder, just how many other of our Congressmen are doing exactly the same thing that Jefferson was doing every time they go on their trips around the world.

Something tells me, we won’t miss watching the Soprano’s. Who knows what we would find in the fridge’s of our Congressmen?

I’d be afraid to ask, I think I'll go find something in my fridge and induce a nice coma.

Nobody Cares
: I once, like Rep. William Jefferson, found money in my fridge, in a grocery bag.

It was mine. I had lost it two years earlier, and I have NO idea how it got there, since it was about the size of a ten-pound ham.

It was I who was indicted because everyone in my family knows me. If you want something lost, I’m your huckleberry.

And since I was the dummy who suffered the trauma from it all (renewing license, calling Credit Cards...etc) they decided they’d let me off easy.

They only bring up the “story” once or twice a year, and wouldn’t dare bring it up this week, because they do NOT want to see me angry, the border issue is enough for now.



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