Sunday, June 03, 2007

JFK, Hillary's Man, and a Saint

Nobody Knows: I just heard on Drudge’s radio show that Hillary came out rough and tough against John Edwards during the democratic debates today about the REAL threat of terrorists, due of course to the events talked about all weekend…the planned plot of four terrorists to destroy New York's JFK airport.

I didn’t watch it, so I can only read the reports.

You sure couldn’t tell that they (Bill and Hillary) took the subject of terrorists seriously during the Billary eight years in office did you? They not only ignored every single terrorist attack, they have always sided with the Muslims on almost every issue. Bill Clinton even reprimanded the Christians for the Crusades.

Hillary also said: “Bill Clinton, my dear husband, (oh please) would be sent around the world as roving ambassador.”

He would rove alright.

The fact that she put in the words “my dear husband” means, she needs Bill Clinton BIG time to win the Presidency.

Bill Richardson said if he was elected he would Bill back to the Middle East.

So..just how many people does Bill Clinton HAVE running for this dog and pony show? Bubba Billy is certainly not putting all his eggs in one basket is he? He even has his own Republican boy Huckavee from Little Rock on the other side, just in case.

Huckavee wants the immigration act to go through, and its seems that only one Democrat raised their hand tonight when asked if they would make English the official language.

To our elite rulers of both parties it seems the less of the population that understands them, the better.

Hillary has to get all the single young women to come out and vote, so she HAD to sound tough. Unfortunately, many people are falling for her act.

But why did the terrorists pick JFK? Hillary herself could not have picked a more fortuitous and propitious time for this “terrorist” act to come out, in order to help her along with her recently falling image, because of her lone democratic stance on “terror.” This has been killing her ratings.

JFK, a catholic, son of prohibition rich criminal thug, voted in with the help of Mayor Daley and the Chicago mob, is the perfect poster boy for the most favorite Democrat that ever reined in office.

Remember…one of the terrorists claimed he picked the airport because JFK’s is so loved by America. “It’s like you can kill the man twice,” said Defreitos, who had worked in the cargo area for a decade.

Hey, I don’t know about you, but there are many of us that thought more of the son than the father, so his reasoning is way off kilter here, therefore the suspect.

More people would be upset about travel plans, then the name of the airport…get real.

If there was a Republican Rosie she might say that this was all “disinformation” set up to give Hillary a much needed BIG push in the polls…as it has certainly done---but then again, we always believe what we are told…who are WE to question, right?

Last Friday night, I was surprised to see on TV, some guy who was some kind of expert talking about how simply ridiculous it was to think that JFK had been killed by anyone except Oswald…and he continue to pontificate about all the lies in Oliver Stone’s movie, and how the Warren Commission was the truth…and anyone who thought otherwise was a complete idiot. It was time we all stop listening to “conspiracy theories” and accept the truth once and for all.

Yeah, and amnesty is not amnesty.

Maybe George W. Bush was teaching this guy how to talk to the American public.

Americans are starting to get REAL tired of being scolded like little kids.

So this nobody was wondering…why in the WORLD are we still hearing about this stuff…at a time like this? (This was before the JFK plot came out.) Hmmmmmmm

MAYBE it’s because in the last few weeks…E. Howard Hunt’s son, Saint John Hunt (I know…what a name.) is playing a tape on radio stations of his dad just before he died. (Remember Hunt was sent to jail for Watergate.)

And his father admits on the tape that basically LBJ killed JFK because, in his works “His lust to become President was almost maniacal.”

Maniacal lusting to become President seems to be the norm I’d say, but I’m just a forlorn nobody.

It brought back memories of a book I had read long ago called, “Blood, Money, and Power” Written by LBJ’s personal lawyer, (Barr McClellan) who also claims LBJ had him killed. At the time, I thought it was possibly, but the corruption reported in the book about our whole system of government, and was too much for me to stomach at the time, so I took it for a “who knows?”

But last night I heard that Richard C. Hoagland (one of my favorite wise men) is coming out with a book in which he agrees with “Saint” and says it even bigger than what his son thinks.

So…my reasoning is;

If Al Gore can run a world campaign scaring and intimidating everyone around with almost outrageous “propaganda” and clever pandering, in order to force all the governments and people in the world to fork over gazillions in environmental extortion taxes, then I don’t think a little “terrorists” disinformation plot to blow up the JFK terminals over the weekend to help give Hillary Clinton a boost in her ratings for President would be too far-fetched…

NOT that I don’t think Muslims want to kill…because I do.

It’s just that Hillary is still Senator in New York…and Teddy Kennedy still lives there, and the mob is still alive and well (in N.Y.) and she got elected in New York and all she did was show up a at few Tupperware parties.

What, are we all fools?

When we as citizens are being told how terrible we are by our elected politicians on a daily basis, why should we trust any of them?

Personally, I wish I could believe Hillary really cares about protecting the country, but actions speak louder than words, as have seen in the actions of George Bush.

Which makes you wonder…who is Hillary sleeping with?

It might not be Bill Clinton, but then again...he's a "dear man" for helping her out. And if made ambassador to the world, no doubt the Pope will annoint him the next saint.



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