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What Do Paul McCartney and George Steinbrenner Have In Common? Hint...Not Paris Hilton.

Nobody’s Perfect: Reading through the daily comments on MND is always an eye opener: and now since the focus is back on track…and the track seems to be: How do men get back their rights and protect themselves against the formidable roadblocks put up against them in the courts? And how do they protect themselves against those cunning and fractious women out to grab every single cent while raising their kids to hate their dads?


Since changing the whole court system is going to take some time, not to mention the fact that the women are outnumbering men in opening businesses, graduating from college, and getting great jobs on Fox News---if Hillary is elected, there will be more women in Congress…it doesn’t look promising.

Well, I been reading, and watching... the answer is pretty clear. Maybe I missed it. I was hoping one of the more educated guys on the blog would suggest it…you know the guys with degrees. But no…

So, again…here comes that pesky woman nobody --- (me) who actually did this very simple thing after she got so bitterly burned in her first married. I told myself…like a Zina Gonzman
disguise so many years ago, (15 to be exact)…never again.

It’s pretty simple. It’s called a pre-nuptial agreement, and you can just about put anything you want into the thing. You can say that all future assets are yours to control, that if divorced you will have joint custody. And if divorced you will get the house, your guns, and your favorite big screen…whatever you think is fair to yourself. (If I did it over, I'd request a trip to a tropical island included...)

All you have to do is get the one you love to sign it.

If they love you…and it’s fair, and may I suggest you do make it so, they will do it in a heartbeat.

If they give you any slack…keep looking.

I’ve heard the argument from many that “No…even if there is a pre-nup Joyanna, it can be tossed out in some states.”

Well, that’s why you get a good lawyer…Donald Trump did. And it’s the one thing you CANNOT afford to not be able to afford. Make sure it’s a REALLY good document.

I can’t tell you how good it is to know that, even if I die, my house that I had free and clear before my second marriage because my grandfather had owned it, then my mother, and then me, ( first husband left me with nothing but bills.)….will go after my husband dies to my son, not his daughter from his first marriage.

Sounds selfish, but that’s tough. I also put in it that if divorced I am NOT liable for any outstanding bills of his…etc…you can put all kinds of neat stuff in it, in fact you should.

I’m pretty sure that most of humanity will feel that if you screwed up and picked the wrong choice the first time around…you are allowed that mistake. After all, how else are you going to learn?

But to NOT sign a pre-nuptial the second time is taking a big risk, I don’t care how much in love and how sure you are. Don't let those big....eyes seduce you.

Recently there were two men who took that risk…and these men should have known better: Paul McCartney and George Steinbrenner.

Paul, we’ve heard about. He jumped right into another marriage after his wife died, and that lady in four short years, got much more than she deserved…and tried to ruin his reputation on top of it. And as if to rub the wound deeper, she has his baby right before the breakup (to make SURE to get more money) and goes dancing on American television just to make him suffer, as if to say, “Oh, I’ve recovered already from that guy!”

Now if Paul had been Joe Blow, a man who had not been around the world, or unlike Paul, only had five relationships under his belt instead of having more women then probably any man alive (besides Elvis) …a man who has been at the top of his profession…who did NOT sign a pre-nupuial, then what does that say?

Dare I say it about the biggest crush of my pre-teenage years? He was pretty stupid.

George Steinbrenner, on the other hand DEALS in money. That’s his business. But here’s what he did. He owns a controlling interest in the Yankees, he grants his new son-in-law a financial take in his business and then his daughter divorces him. Now, he is stuck, sharing his fortune and hard work with another man he probably would like to strangle.

Although, any man who fires a coach five times (Billy Martin) and hires him back…certainly has a soft heart underneath his brains for big business, which is probably just what got him in trouble.

Still, that’s no excuse.

The message here, (quoted from an article in the June issue of Inc, Breakup Blues) “If you plan to give ownership stakes to your children, make sure they get preumps from their future spouses.”

How these two giants could make such a huge colossus mistake is beyond this nobody’s comprehension.

In this day and age, when one out of every two marriages ends in divorce, I would think a pre-nuptial is a lot cheaper than paying the pain, price, and heartache of getting screwed so badly in the court system that you end up paying the rest of your life.

I don’t know if there are websites for people who want to “personalize” their own legal pre-nuptials for a smaller fee than the normal fee charged...they have them for every other legal procedure.

But there should be…and I would suggest it should be advertised on this site. And if there isn’t…some guys could sure start a really good thing by starting a website providing that service..a service that would be good for men, women, and any future children…and bad for the lawyers.

Having a good pre-nuptial is like having good insurance. It’s the smart thing to do.

Nobody Knows; Having said that, if Sharia law is allowed into the United States as the Muslims plan, then you won’t need a pre-nup…just a good sword.



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