Saturday, September 23, 2006

Women and the Seeds Of Science

Nobody’s Opinion; Not too long ago, the President of Harvard, Lawrence H. Summers, was forced to resign because he made the statement at some elite Harvard party that he thought from his observations, that women were not really as “adept” at science and math as men. He caused such uproar among insulted feminists that he finally resigned. He is now in the feminist hall of fame as “most hated man” of the year.

But then, Harvard long ago stopped promoting the actual pastime of “thinking.”

I was thinking maybe the reason he didn’t have enough women at Harvard interested in science and math was because of all the “quota’s” having to be filled.

But, that’s not the only reason. His comment was just simple common sense. Any of us can look around and see that women don’t seem to be as interested in these things as men. There are enough women interested in math…but when it comes to science the statistics show a lack of Masters degrees in the higher science fields for women across the boards. In fact, the gap is about as wide as a football field.

It’s not that women don’t have the brain power to understand these things; it’s much simpler than that.

Most of them are just not interested, they go into something else.

Unless you happen to be a daughter of a great physicist, or had a parent who took your natural proclivities and develop them from a child, the interest in science or math can sometimes, unfortunately, quickly fade.

And that goes for both boys and girls.

Look at Steve Irwin’s little girl…does anyone have any doubt that she will probably carry on where he left off? Little Bindy will be more careful, because women usually are. At least the smart ones are.

Now, unless you happen to live on another planet, the obvious differences between men and women are sometimes, it seems, hundred fold; at times we downright annoy the heck out of each other. It seems beyond our control.

These differences are even noticeable in little babies.

Heck---the differences in the sexes are noticeable even in turtles for God’s sake. (Now you know what kind of life I have led…sitting around having musings on the sex patterns of pet turtles.)

Having said that, it’s also obvious that when it comes to the process of learning, and being able to understand complex problems in mathematics, physics, or science; there is not all that much difference between us.

If you compare a girl who inherited, let’s say, a high IQ of 140 from her parents, to a boy with the same IQ--- she will just as likely compete equally. She will see things he doesn’t, and vice versa.

But the REAL “stuff” that makes Nobel Prize discoveries---creativity and imaginatio, these seemed to be handed out rarely, but also equally.

Creativity and imagination is often handed out to people with not so big IQ’s.

It’s just a jackpot if someone has both.

Still--it’s what the men do with this “stuff” that might give them the edge over woman, which is; they take risks---sometimes huge ones.

Tests have shown that in the 3-D spatial recognition, men’s brains are wired difference. Women on the other hand, do much better in languages, as parents of teenage daughter’s can tell you.

But that doesn’t mean that if a young girl grows up playing video games with her older brother that, the 3-D spatial function of her brain won’t develop as well as his.

Remember Clinton saying this week that the “Bushes” habit of not being great speakers, were probably due to their synapses functioning different then others? He’s probably right.

Therefore his brain is wired more like a female. (Well, he said it.)

Anyway, I have been thinking about this today. Does the environment have anything to do with a woman’s lack of development in science and math?

And I’ve come up with---

You bet---let’s take my poor excuse for a life to prove it.

As a little nobody squirt, the first thing I wanted to be when I grew up was a nun.

Nothing else could explain this wonder of nature all around me. (My “science vs. religion comes in another blog---bet you can’t wait.)

This ambition didn’t last too long, because I knew nuns usually said prayers with candles. I didn’t have any candles. I wasn’t allowed to play with matches.

I also didn’t have a “church.” I didn’t think the kids in the neighborhood would come into a dug-out sand bunker and say prayers for hours with me, because of course, I in my narcissistic state, was the only one connected to God, therefore the only one in the neighborhood that could save their poor souls.

Good thing I was only four.

Nevertheless, this very same thought process was the reason for Luther’s thesis on the door, and why our forefathers came to America. I was ahead of my time.

My second nobody ambition was that I decided I was going to be doctor. A respected doctor. (Notice the word, respected.)

I got this idea while walking through a toy store one day. I remember seeing one of those really cool models of the body. You know---the ones you could see through, open up, and actually take out all the organs?

I begged my mother with the promise, “I’ll clean the dishes every night for a month, and won’t talk.” Yes, she bought it for me.

Is there a kid on the earth that doesn’t know how to bribe a mother?

Anyway, I spent hours taking out the intestines and the heart: playing with them in the bathtub, taking them out, putting them back in, and wondering what did they do? Why? Why were the kidneys brown? Why was there only one liver? What if they were accidentally put back in wrong? Would the person die?

My mom had no answers, so I could only guess.

I remember the man’s penis was especially fascinating. It was just too weird. It looked like a soft boiled egg squashing two not quite perfectly round, but hard small tan pellets, with a small hole in the middle that someone had probably stuck a pin into.

Somehow I knew it was more valuable then the other organs, so I kept it in a small purse in the closet, and only bought it out to show my friends. And we would say…

“Look at this! Isn’t it strange?”

Anatomy Man often went to sleep without his penis intact at night. I was taking good care of it so no one would steal it.

And you guys think you had all the fun.

Barbie in comparation was so boring. Anatomy Man was the winner hands down.

Keeping up with my studies, one afternoon, I cut the white edges off of old photographs to make a whole human skeleton. It was about seven feet tall, and actually, it was not a bad replica, as I had a picture of one out of the encyclopedia and I copied it.

I hung it up in my bedroom door.

My god…what’s that?” said my mother. (Actually, she was talking about the hundreds of pictures lying all over the floor that had been cropped.)

It’s a human Skelton!”

Where did you learn how to make one look so real?”

Well, that’s how you start a girl to get interested in science. Don’t get mad when she happens to destroy your favorite item in the name of saving humanity someday.

In my mind I imagined being able to fix Anatomy Man one day, with surgery.
Then it hit me…the most fascinating part of the body was the brain! Oh, if I could only decipher and fix the brain! I could do even more for mankind than a nun!

You have no idea what a relief it was to have already planned your course in life; I was going to be a brain surgeon. (At five)

But I needed practice.

So…one day, my parents went fishing on the local pier. They told me I could go play on the beach.

Now, for those of you who have never heard of “red tide” it’s when there is a natural bacteria “red” poison that kills all the fish around the shore, and they wash up on the beach. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s a real mess.

And on this day there were hundreds upon hundreds of dead fish lying on the beach.

The doctor was in!

I ‘borrowed” a bucket, a pocket knife, and ran down to the beach to start my work. I cut the eyes out of about eighty fish, which I with great car, put in my bucket.

I was immensely proud of my hard work. It took me the whole afternoon. All that surgery…all those poor fish needed eye removal. I was going to take my bucket of eyes to school where I would certainly be the hit of the day.

Of course, that didn’t happen. What did happen is that I heard a loud…

What did YOU do?! Oh God!” and then---

I was made to sit in the back of the station wagon all the way home, with the window wide open. And then TORTURED, yes, I was tortured in true Abu Gra style because I was hosed off in the back yard for about thirty minutes before I was even allowed to sit on the front porch. I think I was actually left outside for at least three days.

My parents did not encourage my doctor ambitions after that.

Even though I continued to get through many “science” phases like astronomy, rock collecting, Thomas Edison inventing phase, it was all in vain.

The schools did not encourage my curiosity and neither did my parents anymore.

Their greatest ambition for me was to grow up and marry a pro-golfer so my dad would have a golfing buddy.

So yes, we all inherit certain genetic traits from our parents. Many a young girl has been interested in science or even math, but it takes a good soil to make it grow.

You can’t plant the bulb upside down.

And it’s in our earliest grades, one through six, that the seeds of science and math can be sown in children.

And to our country’s great misfortune, that's not happening.

Instead, it’s social programming for state control that takes the precedent over ALL subjects. In fact, the younger they can get the kids, the better.

The elites that have taken over the world just care about themselves. They can import scientists to work in America from other nations who actually have better schools.

They are more concerned with population control.

So, encourage you little girl if she shows any interest at all in the natural world around her. Don’t do it for the feminist, or that poor guy at Harvard, do it for her.

And if your little girl is hiding a “plastic penis” in a purse in her closet...

Tell her, its mine.

Nobody’s Perfect; Looking back, I can’t blame my parents for the world not having another docto. They were from a lower income bracket, and they worked hard just to make ends met. No, I blame our lame educational system much more than my parents.

When I asked them about that day, they said they had no clue I was collecting eyeballs.

Nobody Knows; Thomas Jefferson wanted to find the most gifted children (actually, men) from all the states, and then build a university for them to attend for free, and in exchange they would work for the betterment of our country.

These men and woman would be the tops in all fields.

We have something like it, it’s called Georgetown, and it works for the Council of Foreign Relations. It’s where Bill Clinton took all his foreign international relations classes. It’s the New World Order training ground.

Nobody Cares; Children in the future will be encouraged by their schools to give their time and inventions for FREE to mankind. This is what they are calling the new progressive revolutionary wealth. In other words…you will not be the one making money off that new cure for cancer…the multinational company will be.

Well, that’s real incentive for a young man or woman. No wonder they all want to be singers and sport stars.

Last Note; I was going to title this:

“If You Leave Women Out Of Science, You Might Not Find Your Penis” but there you go…being a woman, I was afraid to risk it.


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