Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If Trunka Gave Advice to Gaddhafi

Nobody Knows what the conversation would be like if Gaddafi called up AFL-CIO

leader, Richard Trunka, and asked for advice:

Phone rings:

Trunka Hello...Trunka here.

Gaddhafi ello? Mr. Trunka, this is President Moummar Gadhafi.

Trunka Hey there your highness, I hear you got some trouble going on over there!

Gaddhafi Yes...you have heard? The rats are out in the streets. The media and the West is causing all this, they want to see me destroyed, but you know, I will die here before I give in to those scum. I have done what you do, Mr. Turnka, I doubled the salary of my guards. Those scums in the streets will be sorry that they were ever born. I have heard that you have trouble too where you are.

Trunka Yes, but our trouble is great! You know, they can't win, I've got Obama on my side.
They don't know who they are messing with...you don't mess with me...I can break them.

Gaddhafi Yes, break the rats...kill them. Hey, I am thinking of making a trip to the White House. I would like to pitch my tent on the White House lawn. I don't think Mr. Trump will let me pitch my tent on his property again. Just until this is over...you know. You must get me a meeting with Obama--- you talk to him every day, NO?

Trunka I'm not sure he would go for that, but hey...why don't you come to OHIO? You can meet him there with me. He's going to be practically living there in the next few years. Tell you what...you come over here and help me with these rat governors and I'll come over there and help you organize all the people that support you. You can pitch a bunch of tents right on the capitol's lawn. Bring as many tents as you like. I'll foot the bill.

Gaddhafi Well, you must cut off the internet, Turnka...have you done that yet?

Trunka Obama is working on it. Actually it's a much better plan, we will just get control of it. Google you know has been doing some amazing things over there for you guys...but Gad...you really should be a little bit more quiet about who you kill..you know, there are other ways to get rid of your enemies. You want me to send my guys?

Gaddhafi Hey, I have an executive order 134777 signed by George Bush. It is my, as you say, "Get out of jail free card." No one can touch me. Not even that dimwit Ki moon. He is a rat. The world is full of dirty filthy rats!

Trunka Yeah, we have big ones over here too.

Gaddhafi Let them all run to Europe where they belong, with the whores of Christ and Jews.

Trunka Hey Gad...you know, the AFL-CIO is now global. You should really think about letting us into Libya before you set those wells on fire. We are doing wonders in Palestine. Obama and I have plans that would blow your mind...you really need to get in on this...

Gaddhafi Just a minute (leans over and kisses his blond, full busted ...Ukrainian nurse, Galyna.) Uh...I am going now. Call me as soon as you can, and we will talk more. Remember, I only can have virgins.

Trunka Yeah, I'll get back to ya on that...and Gad...if you come, tell Galyna to bring her sister. CLICK.

Gaddhafi...grabs his nurse...Allah be praised....I am still here.



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