Sunday, February 20, 2011

Trolling for Capitalists!

Nobody's Opinion: Not many history books talk about it, but the 1776 American Revolution was not just about the price of stamps, or not being represented in Parliament: in 1740, Boston had reached the crisis of an economic depression. The aristocrats had heaped up vast estates, by profiteering at the small farmers expense.
There was a scheme called the "Land Bank" which promised hard pressed farmers and town mechanics a Utopia of paper money backed by real estate. The promoters were inflationist's who propose to bring back prosperity by flooding the country with paper bills, and at the same time, to "humble the Merchants" by taking the control of currency out of their hands. (John C. Miller)
So here we are, 2011, and we have just seen two administrations do the very same thing, with billion dollar stimulus bailouts. Don't tell me that they are not encouraging a "revolution" because we see the signs of it all around us. Pitting the rich, against the poor. And when the cashless online society finally becomes reality, ALL of us will be at mercy of the banks. The main leaders of the world want a one world currency--- it's what they all are calling for. And the control of currency will be out of all our hands, if that happens.
Don't tell me they do NOT have this planned. Somewhere in tall buildings, Think Tanks are working this stuff out.
So, while you have to laugh at a man (my troll) who thinks Communism and Marxism.. two systems which have cause the most pain and suffering in the history of the world, are the answer -- the problem is: capitalism without checks and balances, as we are seeing now, can also cause damage. We shouldn't all be so naive to say it doesn't. It comes down to controlling the corruption of men.
(Good luck with that!)
The problems of capitalism makes it very easy for uneducated people to be manipulated back into communism when it runs into bumps.
Our founders KNEW that men were corrupt. So they wisely thought up, and hoped that every branch of the government would check the other. That's what we need in capitalism, because let's face it...we have none.
You have the referee in any sports game. You commit a foul, you get sent out of the game. And once upon a time, we had morals and the Ten Commandments to guide us. We do not have that in our capitalistic system anymore. Today, it's the bottom line and damn the torpedoes.
Our politicians now work for the biggest donors. Our justice systems work for the Presidents, and the President only. We've seen it time and time again.
Our executive branch has become a King...with Czars appointed to ignore the laws. How many undeclared wars have we fought on some President's whim?
Tell me--- if there was a citizens watchdog group made up of the common man, elected by each state, to over look the monopolies--- and corrupt politicians--- and dealers like Fannie and Freddie Mac, then the bunch from Wall Street would all be in jail now.
Who went to jail for the damage? Did Barney Frank serve time? How many huge companies have been allowed to merge, creating such powerful monopolies that soon there will be just ONE place for the poor to shop?
Comrade Wal-Mart.
Does the Supreme Court help us? No, they can pick and choose what case to take. A lot of good that does the common man.
Our politicians (many) are global brokers for the big international companies, who want to put strip malls in every country of the world. It's a nice thought...but it stifles creativity, and therefore, human progress. And now, they are selling off our cities and assets to the highest foreign bidders.
Who gave them that right? Certainly not the taxpayer.
Redistribution is not the answer. Russia was the perfect example of that. And I don't know about you, but I resent every dime some President send to a country that hates us.
Since the beginning, the inequality among all men has been hard to deal with. Some people are just better at making money, and when those people get enough power, they can hold millions of others from even making it to first base. I observed this from my many years at patent conventions.
The biggest problem with capitalism is monopolies. To keep prices low, you must have competition. Competition brings out the best in everyone. The elite have stifled it at every turn. Monopolies are now encouraged. And this is because we now have communistic and socialists infiltrating the halls of our government. Chirping "democracy" at every turn in order to disguise themselves.
When one man can control the market, you then have tyranny. Google, has become a tyrant we are finding out, in bed with our government--- as is General Electric.
No one else can make the light bulbs that we all love, and compete with General Electric... Congress has outlawed them---which gives GE the monopoly. Can you believe that this has happened? I don't care how damn cute that baby elephant is---it scares the hell out of me.
Congress should not be in bed with GE. For that matter, government workers should never become unionized, which puts all the votes in one party. The military isn't unionized, why should everyone else be? Yes, our government is really screwed up...our nation is becoming fascist.
But, here's the naked truth: for all its faults, the world would not survive without capitalism-- so far, it's the best system for developing our species that mankind has invented. We need MORE of it, not less.
But it needs improvement. We need to add independence referees to check it. Men not paid off by the very men who they guard. And that's the trouble, Every committee that is appointed to investigate crimes, is filled with the same people who committed the crimes. JFK and 9/11 are perfect examples Both committees--- filled with men to cover who covered up the truth.
So here's my nobody thought: Every night, underneath my mouse, is my favorite mouse pad. It has a quote on it by Thomas Edison.
"There is always a way to do it better....find it"
And I agree...there is a better way. Instead of sending the world back into communism, we should be foraging ahead to a new improved capitalistic system, free from government manipulations of monopolies who aim to push the common man down into the slavery of the few global elites. We need to get some checks and balances allow again the creativity of every individual mind who dares to dream, and to allow his or her dream to be protected, in freedom.
I'm not sure I got that last paragraph as succinctly as I wanted, but...I tried.
Feel free to put in your two the spirit of capitalism, the more ideas the better!
This nobody is now...trolling for capitalists.



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