Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sarah Palin: Take off Your Glass Slippers, and Roar

Nobody's Opinion: She calls herself a Commonsense Constitutional Conservative, a die-hard Republican, and a staunch flag-waving, patriotic American. She can hunt, fish, write, kill, skin and cook a moose, and work hard as a public servant every day with the utmost devotion to her beloved Alaska. She is an exceptional mother to her five children. She can charm you with her beautiful face and unabashed ability to look damn good in high heels.

Sarah Palin, is by all means, the quintessence of an American woman--the real deal. She also calls herself a conservative feminist...born from the fire of the frontier American woman who helped build this country--a woman, who at the tender age of eleven, knew she was destined for great things.

After you read her book, "America by Heart" you realize, Sarah Palin is all that you want her to be. Grounded, upbeat, positive, sweet, smart, and centered like a North Star (in her own words) to the good graces of her religion and her family.

Even if she never becomes our President, she has our thanks for just being herself and giving us her thoughts, prayers, and inspiration.

Having said that: Newt Gingrich could have written this book, because, besides the few personal stories of her relations with her children, it's mostly a book about America, and very short on what she would do if she COULD, to get America back on course.

In other words, it left something to be desired for those of us who want her to fight for it...the Presidency that is: a bit more than she has.

We have all seen just how good Newt Gingrich can talk the American dream...but most of us realized he is a part of the globalization, social engineering, Washington entrenched Rhino's that have made a mess of the country. Will Sarah keep herself true to her own inner gut, or will she take the same course of the elite Republicans that have had the most power in the last decade? Will she break from them?

We don't know. She talks highly of them all: McCain, the Bushes, and Romney. But maybe that's just a strategy.

We need to hear some "ideas" on what she would do to put us on the right course. I'd like to see a little more Chris Christie in Palin..but I don't think we will.

Like Obama, Sarah came at us out of nowhere, almost it seems to SAVE the Republican Party at the last minute, because that's exactly what she did. She was hand-picked to make the race close. I don't believe anything in politics is a coincidence. It seems by anyone who is used to this game, they ran John McCain to lose, and then introduced Sarah to the nation, to run in 2012.

And that's the question here: Sarah Palin, while she likes the tea party people, doesn't say much about them in this book. She also doesn't think much of the "birth certificate problem" either, which right away, makes me want to say.."Uh..isn't THAT in our Constitution Sarah? You CARE about the Constitution don't you?"

Will she insist on Obama's showing a legitimate background check before he runs again?

Nope-- don't expect it.

And this is when you realize...Sarah is...a really good politician. She's not showing her hand, she is in the game to bluff, or hold em', or fold em', and she will stay nebulous, as all good 'politicians' do..always honing in on us her almost perfect image.

I believe, she wants very badly to be President. There have to be some pretty big players helping her out, because let's face it---we are not seeing Mitt Romney getting the press, or running around the world, or getting prime time on Fox News, or getting his own TV show.

She has the glass slipper..from silent powerful backers...whoever they are.

In her book, Sarah picks some favorite American hero's to emulate. Martin Luther King, John Adams, John McCain, and a man who has been ignored for much too long-- Booker T. Washington. Just the fact that she mentioned this black hero, who most others do not even talk about, makes me have faith that, if she becomes President, she will do ...all the right things.

So, can she win? According to the latest polls, Trump fared far better in a three-way contest involving Obama, Trump, and Palin:

While Obama received 51 percent to Palin's 40 percent in a head-to-head matchup, with Trump in the race Obama dipped to 48 percent, Palin plunged to 21 percent, and Trump received 20 percent.

And with the country over 70 trillion dollars in debt, (counting future debts) and falling off the edge...Sarah has a liability: she is not exactly strong on the financial side....not like Trump.

Palin might have the big guys behind her...but she still has to convince some of us that she's not just there to remind us where we have been...but where she is going to take us...her vision.

Sure, we all love America, and our great soldiers, our rich history, and our great American moral integrity...but this isn't a romantic movie. This is real life, and while your mommy told you love was all you need.. sooner or later, you figure out. ---you can't eat love. Survival comes first.

And America is in a deep survival mode right now.

This nobody thinks Sarah needs to be a lot more like the great grizzly momma bears she talks about in her book:-women like Elizabeth the First, Golda Meir, and Margaret Thatcher.

So, take off your glass slippers Sarah...try being a little bit less of a politician, and a little bit more of a dangerous mama bear..this Nobody is waiting.



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