Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Decadent Dictators

Nobody Wins: The Muslims in the Middle East like to attack the West's decadence and tell me, how come their leaders, love to buy so many...decadent things?

Gaddafi's son, Saif-al-Islam has a million-dollar beautiful mansion in London, and who knows where else, and it's said by many that his dad is worth over 600 billion dollars.

And then there's Teodorin Obiang...the agricultural minister of Equatorial Guinea. His salary is $6,799 dollars a year. His little country is the third largest producer of oil in Africa.

He has a 35 million dollar mansion in Malibu, a 33 million dollar jet, and is building a super yacht worth 380 million dollars. Poor Teodorin is only worth, according to Forbes, $600 million dollars.

He needs to catch up. How about a house in the Hamptons?

What do dictators in the Middle East all have in common? Oil.

They take the majority of the profits...their people live on less than a dollar-a-day, and the US sends them billions every year for access to it.

Can anyone tell me WHY?

Condoleezza Rice once said that Teodorin Obiang was "a good friend."

I hate to say this: but we should wonder why we have so many billionaire and millionaires in our Congress. And also why they are willing to spend up to a billion of their own money just to get in a job that at its highest only pays, $400,000?

If Michael Moore wants some National Treasure, he needs to look no further than Pennsylvania Ave.



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