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Nobody...Can Think Up a Title For This One

Nobody Absurdities: The picture pretty much expresses it...the comments on my Hedy Lamarr is an inventor piece.

Lions and Tigers and Bears...oh my!

The fight is on! Let the fun begin! Since there were so many answers to my last piece about Hedy Lamarr, and so many different “suppositions” about just what I was actually saying--- instead of continuing to rant on my other piece, I’d thought I’d give it a go here.

First and foremost, I want to thank, once again, Mike Lasalle. Not only have you graciously given this nobody an opportunity to write and practice every night; you have provided, with your own money, and sweat, and I'm sure many, many, countless hours of hard work…to make this site a great place for men to discuss their anger and pain, and the many injustices that occur in order to provide a place for them.

Not to mention all the other vast writings of those that write about politics and humor-- like Doug Powers, or the wonderful mind of Denise Noe...and Bob Parks...all the other many great writers that fill us all with such knowledge and enjoyment.

Thank you.

You are a good man, of high intelligence, and great compassion…a rare human being.

The men should thank you more.

To the Men…to insult this man who has generously giving all of you an opportunity, shows a lack of…well…I won’t say it. To call him a "feminist" just because he is siting a "point" in argument, is just plain silly.

I think the reason that Mike actually understood exactly what I had said, was because I’m sure he reads me every day…and he knows what my opinions are on the differences between men and women. I’m not for one or the other…just truth and common sense.

Actually, if anyone had read most of my stuff, you would know when I’m kidding, and when I’m serious. And Mike and I agree on this one subject…Elder George has a different point of view.

So what? ….once again, let me repeat…so what? What’s the problem? He’s siding with a woman? And another man who does not write on this site?

You can’t be serious.

Anyway, let’s take a look at the thoughts one by one;

Scottkirk: men/women have different strengths that complement one another…the (new genderless society) will try to prove otherwise.

Nobody Says: I’ll drink to that. The new “one size fits all” is insane. I hate it, you guys hate it…and we must all fight it. We’re all snowflakes.

GVrooman says: Ms Adams airly dismisses the people who have to work out the detail. Then he sites Edison’s famous quote of 1% inspiration, and uses it to show that Hedy therefore deserves only 1% of credit.

Nobody Says: I know a little something about the patent process myself, since I have three…I got them without a patent attorney, because I didn’t have the money for one. When my patent examiner called and said “he was really impressed” with my work, it really made this nobody’s day, because I had worked many months and put in hundreds of hours on my “idea.” If you have ever gone through the patent process before, you will know that there is a lot of work…researching the patent system, writing claims, and in the meantime you are working…looking for the right material, the right machines, the market, the inventor has to be involved with all processes of his or her “idea.”

I never said I “dismiss” the people that work on the detail. But, it’s much like building a house. Let's say you draw up the plans…then you hire a carpenter, a plumber, a landscaper…would you say they “invented” the house, or the man or woman who designed it? It’s still your baby. You are the conductor. Therefore whether you did the manual work or not, in the inventor’s world, you’re still the inventor. Like it or not, those are the rules.

Edison had lots of very capable engineers and designers taking sometimes one of his napkin drawings and going from just that. Nevertheless…he thought of the concept, like Hedy.

So Mike was right…the discussion here was on answering the question of whether Hedy should get credit. And in the inventing world, as you see from the banner of the Boeing building…she does. It’s not just me, or Mike, or Jack Lander who gives her credit, it’s her peers. I think I remember reading that she spent many, many hours with all the men secretly developing her idea. After all, a war was on, but I’d have to find that article.

Infidel said: (By the way, love the name) Joyanna wrote: “Lots of women are excellent inventors, and it’s only that they’ve come to accept the myth of male superiority in the area of inventing that holds them back.”

The truth is that most women are mechanically inept. Hedy got most of the men to do the work for her showing that she didn’t do anything on her own.

Nobody Says: First: That was actually a quote from Jack Lander…a man in the field of inventing. He is an engineer like you, with the difference being he has worked in the inventing field all his life. He is probably the most sought after advisor in the inventing field in America due to his monthly columns in the bible for American inventors, “Inventors Digest.”
Most women it’s true, are mechanically inept. But nowadays, quite a few men are joining them. This isn’t the 1950’s anymore, where every guy could fix the Ford in his garage. The cars have changed, and so have the guy’s interest.
Actually, I think Jack is right. Women have always been told that they can’t do it, never will, don’t try, so they give up sooner. Not to mention the child-bearing years do take at least 18 years out of your life. And that’s a long time.
BUT…that doesn’t mean that women can’t be taught, if they wanted to learn, and that’s the “point” being discussed here. Are women capable…given the right time and place, and attitude? I believe that some are. And now with all the divorces, women are being forced to learn at least basic things.

Notice to ALL MEN: Read my typing: Some women are…not all.
I’m getting tired of repeating myself here.

Now, here’s a personal look at it. For many years, whenever I went to “talk” to any businessman about..oh say…plastic prototyping, or manufacturing, folding machines…whatever…it happens every single time…I get dressed up nice, and it always seems that no matter what I said, the man I’m talking to wasn’t even listening due to two reasons…actually three:
1. He first thoughts were sexual…a pretty girl…mmmmm…must be stupid.
2. Oh…a blond…must be stupid.
3. Well…I can’t take her seriously, uh…what did you say?

The rest of what he was thinking is up to you to guess.

Now, once in a while, you can tell the real intelligent men…they don’t care if you are a frog, a Roswell alien, or playmate of the year…they get right to your conversation and idea.

Hedy Lamarr was considered in her time the most beautiful woman in the world. It was her misfortune to be born with a brain AND looks. I can’t imagine what she had to go through.

Since men NEVER, ever, ever, have that problem...they can not even relate to it.

Now, back to Hedy…her husband brought up the problem with the torpedoes. It was stumping the entire governmental body of engineers. And Hedy thought up the solution. You’re really stretching it to say that if not for her husband she wouldn’t have known about it, therefore she gets no credit for it.

What’s the point? If Tom Edison had not read his entire town library when he was eleven he wouldn’t have known about Telsa either, therefore he should get no credit for the light bulb?

Now, let’s get to this “guts” thing….that…well, that stinks.

Most of history, men have gone to work, women have stayed home. (Now, as we all know, due to divorces that is changing.) Most husbands want the woman to be there when he gets home. He wants the support. Right? Right. (I’m not saying that’s wrong.)

Now, lets say the woman has an invention…she has to work late into the night at her lab. Do you think she’d be married long?

So, it’s very unfair to say that she doesn’t have the guts. The reality is, a woman has to sacrifice a personal life entirely to go the distance, where a man usually doesn’t.

As far as sports goes, of course women can’t compete. And if you think I’m making that point, you’re being blinded by your own ignorance.

Infidel, I do believe you’ve never met your equal, but do you want to? (ha!)

INTERMISSION: Nobody gets a diet soda and some cracker jacks. The toy is not inside, darn it. Back to the next guy who is:

Thurston861: Man resorts to insulting Mike…calls him…oh my god…a girl dog. Is this guy on steroids? Did he lose his video game? Was the walk home too exhausting? Did the fast food place forget to give him his taco sauce?

MIKE: Mike of course, makes brilliant points; saying exactly the truth…I especially love when he points out, “On the other hand, it’s no use at all, even un-American, to deny an individual the credit for invention solely on the basis of their not being from the statistically correct gender.”

Nobody Says: Hey, now that’s one I can put up on my wall! Yes, it IS un-American!

Elder Goerge: I misspelled his name because he misspelled mine. (It’s okay Elder, I forgive you.)

He did not even read me again…because he did not notice the fact that I credited him with remembering Hedy’s hair color, where I did not. He is obviously a little confused when it comes to this inventing thing. He still insists her husband invented it, and questions Jack Lander’s knowledge…ha, ha!

Well, that’s okay. Jack Lander has 11 patents, and I’d bet my dollar he knows more about the subject then Elder George.

Nobody Says: Mr. Elder, I’d suggest you actually read this whole thing again. Sometimes it takes more than once to sink in.

Thurston861: Insults the editor again, complaining as bad as a elephant in heat that it’s actually a men’s PMS site and Mike is no longer is playing by the fact that the Marxists are taking over the world, and he has run out of drugs. Then he gets really nasty, and shows to the whole world the exact way NOT to act in any situation if you want to be considered to have an IQ above a tumbleweed blowing toward a fire.

Nobody Says: Actually, I write all the time about the Marxists taking over the world, Thruston666. It’s one of my favorite subjects. As far as you attacking Mike with such creative platitudes…you only show just how much you do not understand the subject…which Mike keeps pointing out to you. You are colored by your own mirror, which as I keep reading is cracking…into…little pieces.

Well, it’s getting late….and I must speed read the rest.

Lloyd Selberg…thanks for your support…I appreciate it. I agree…insane. It was nice to see some common sense in all of this.

You’re pretty much off about me being upset about Elder George. The whole thing on God was just a small humor piece…I basically took a typical afternoon at home with my husband, made him God, me Mrs. God, and went from there. I wrote it for the sheer fun of it! And it was! After the blog written by Mr. Elder, I thought all the arguing was pretty silly, and thought it was time to lighten up a bit. You forgot to mention amforatas’ many wonderful renditions of God with man…which were really great!

Hey, at least I made a man god! I could have made a women god as most “feminists” would have.

As far as me being insecure…one thing, I beg to differ sir. I,--- with not anything that I have done on my own, by shear accident, have discovered that I have a talent that was handed down to me over generations…a genetic “flaw” if you must.

Of course, as Jack Lander would know, it took some good men to push me into using it.

I am the seventh-great granddaughter of the original Henry Adams. And if you know anything or have ever read about the founding Adams, they all: John, John Quincy, Sam, Henry…wrote like mad. They read like fiends. And I have their “madness’ in me.

And as sure as the moon goes round the earth, I couldn’t get rid of it if I tried. And by some fluke, it came into a woman’s body---lions and tigers and bears…oh my!

I will be writing with hopefully more and more confidence every day until I die, lord willing. I’ve only just begun…to make a fool of myself.

Therefore, with the madness of such a genetic drive, I have no insecurity at all about writing. I have insecurity about a lot of things, but writing isn’t one of them.

Being able to find my car in the parking lots has me worried, though.

Sooner or later, with hard work and practice, I might make my ancestors proud.

What I do know, (see what Glenn Beck started?) I write about many things that no one else does. The mind is such an amazing thing…and life all around us is so full know! WONDER. There is so much to observe!

Einstein said, "There are 2 ways to live your life: As though nothing is a miracle. OR --As though everything is a miracle."

I love that...

I also have the ability to see “political” things that drive me crazy, just like the guys on this site start foaming at the mouth about “women” ….

Get me around the Clintons, and I want to chop down the nearest tree.

So, see, we all have our passions. It’s just that we must learn to control them.

John Adams said he thought a man should always state his “opinions.”

But, it’s important, like in any disagreement, that we don’t say things we will regret later.
It’s the smart thing to do, it’s the right thing to do…and when we don’t do it, we should apologize. Remember …

“Every action done in company ought to be with some sign of respect to those that are present.” ----Washington’s Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior.

No, it’s not 1776, but it’s never too late to learn.

And no matter how passionate or right your cause, if you can't be civil about it, no one will listen.



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