Sunday, July 01, 2007

Bring Out The Light Saber

Nobody Flashes: Ever since Rupert Murdoch decided, that when he takes over the Wall Street Journal, he is going global--it seems FOX NEWS and it's pundits have gotten new marching orders; Rupert is all for immigration, and the merging of the three countries.

It's also why he is supporting Hillary Clinton, along with Warren Buffet. it's all about the money Rupert?

When Bill O'Reilly did a 180 degree turn about on immigration, I was shocked. When the Beltway Boys start attacking talk radio hosts as Darth Vaders, I was disgusted.

But, when today, on FOX news, a British reporter ACTUALLY blamed the recent terrorist attacks in England on America, and compared the conservatives here as bascially NO different than Al Qaida..and the interviewing reporter just nodded...

Then I say, it's time to bring out the light sabers. I'm getting mine out of the closet, if I can get my cat to move.



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