Thursday, June 21, 2007

Nurturing the Bear

Nobody's Opinion: Okay...I'm having a female nurturing moment. Somebody help me. If this isn't just about the cutest, most cuddly little bear ever...(who I hear is not not so cuddly and cute now---than I'm not a woman who crys at the showing of Bambi. I also STILL cannot figure out how to wrap the lettering around the picture, so Knute, is expressing pretty much how I feel at this moment. The question is: Will Knute remember this moment? Does he rememeber standing next to Dicraprio? Does he even care about global warming? Does it matter what happens in Detriot? (Wow, look, it's wraping all by itself!) How does China feel about having to pay France for it's drinking water? Can we send Michael Moore to the North Pole to protect the polar bears? Is he wondering why all of a sudden all the gas prices have gone down and no one is talking about it? Does he care that he is just about the most famous polar bear on the planet, and that some very caring liberal idiots wanted to kill him out of mercy? In fact, can we suggest all who want mercy killings to volenteer thier own lives first?

We promise to stuff them properly, and make cute little stuff human dolls. Although, I doubt if anyone would want to take a stuffed Al Gore Doll to bed with them. Anyway...if you didn't catch this cute little guy, enjoy.



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